Rob Schneider Drops A Bombshell On The Corrupt Mainstream Media: ‘People Whose Jobs Are To Defend Free Speech Have Become The Ones Attacking It’ by scrubking in politics

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The main proof of this to me -

almost zero journalists defend assange and snowden

They are 2 of the greatest journalists of our time. and the only ones to have risked their lives.

Most “journalists” are marxist puppets parroting idiotic talking points fed by their masters

8 Troubling Examples Of Toxic Femininity by Aimee_Chanellor in funny

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1- False allegations of rape after regretting sex

2- Lesbians are number 1 per capita for domestic violence. (are they more violent or does this show that men are pressured to not report when women abuse them)

3- Society- especially female journalists - giving a pass to female teachers who rape students.

4- It’s mainly women who slut shame other women.

5- Abandoning children and child abuse is a female toxicity.

6- Lying about the wage gap.

7- Constantly using men to get what they want instead of applying themselves.

8- falsely calling western societies “rape cultures for women”. The only rape culture that is condoned is inside prisons for men. Male rapists of women will be attacked and killed instantly inside prisons. Women know it is never condoned in the west and use this lie to politically push for more handouts.

I’m sure there are more

Self-Driving Cars Will Stop For Police, Roll Windows Down, Unlock Doors by [deleted] in technology

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In the UK there was recently a cop with a fetish for murdering and abducting women.

This would be a great help.

Face of Accused Colorado Mass Shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, finally revealed by format in news

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How many Syrian terrorists did Obama let in?

CryptoTab Browser - Lightweight, fast, and ready to mine! Mine Bitcoin by simple browsing ! use this browser right now by officialgamingclub in cryptocurrency

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Sounds fake / impossible.

only asics can mine bitcoin

'Racism Is a Feature of Capitalism' Claims Labour MP Zarah Sultana by scrubking in WorldNews

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Is every far left Labour MP selected via non-white/BAME only racist shortlists instead of merit these days?

See Meghan Markle's Email to the Palace about Kate Middleton Crying by format in news

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Meghan wanted the Palace to respond to everyday infantile nonsense?

An Essay by a Woman Moving from the Left to the Right. Like every other person doing this, she did not move to the right because she was influenced by right-wing propaganda, but rather she was repulsed by problems on the left that weren’t being addressed or even acknowledged. by Chipit in politics

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Really interesting story. Borat maligning Americans as racist even though they were trying to stop him singing racist songs....

Instagram and Facebook just nuked thousands of conservative accounts for now reason, put them all on a 30 day ban by Orangutan in conspiracy

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Election meddling to coddle their favored candidate?

Instagram and Facebook just nuked thousands of conservative accounts for now reason, put them all on a 30 day ban by Orangutan in conspiracy

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Facebook Instagram still has no problem with pedophiles on their website though?

Using the word "censorship" in /r/news comments gets the comment shadow banned. by cm18 in censorship

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Reddit is like the cult of scientology now. antisocial persons get sent off to a camp in Utah and cannot be mentioned again.

Aaron Swartz meme (was removed by mods) by zyxzevn in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I think there should be MORE blame on the admins and shareholders of reddit.

For example - you say 'mods' so people will think it is a random user.... The reality is these mods are heavily bullied and brigaded by the admin-condoned-SS (against "Hate Subs") if they point out reddit is a dystopian shadow of its former self.

AHS will post illegal CP, brigade, dox and post illegal comments all in an attempt to get the 'mods' removed. AHS is the only subreddit that the admins allow to do this....

Just another hate sub that is allowed to exist because it's about men. The same is true of hate subs that are about white people. The main demographic on this sub is female incels and self-hating men. by Chipit in WatchRedditDie

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Amazing that women can sit around - do the minority of society’s work and complain non- stop about receiving the vast majority of government spending.

All while living longer and retiring earlier.

Odd that they still complain that men don’t want to marry them though...

Saudi Arabia detains three royal family members by RedditHasDied in WorldNews

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It seems like royals who were previously in front of MBS have been arrested?

How many NYPD cops does it take to arrest an unarmed man? by Vigte in whatever

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Don’t forget the one needed to drop a bag of cocaine on him.

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