Masonic JewYorkTimes Editor Calls American Flags ‘Disturbing’ by RuckusChan in news

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What is a Semite bjam27 , you mean they are against the Christian European people of Malta? the natives of Syria, the Black Negroe Tigrayan people of do know these people are 'semites' do you not??

Leaked IRS Data Show America's Super-Rich Pay "True Tax" Of 3.4% by scrubking in corruption

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Yeah Bezos amazon looking for a 10 Billion Dollar Bailout for a shitty sub orbital rocket

Rapper Wigger talking Hunter Biden used "Nigga" multiple times in casual conversation, text messages n sheeeeeeiiit show by RuckusChan in politics

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streisand effect??...narcotics abuse vids going viral and then bigtech banning anyone that mentiond it?

The Devil We Know- a documentary on Dupont knowingly poisoning their workers and the public with C-8, a teflon toxin present in 99 percent of humans. Emails show Dupont officials knew it caused birth defects and cancers for decades and covered it up by infiltrating the EPA. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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An old elite demonic criminal family for sure...I wonder why they never had an 'accident'...It has a long name something like like Petrofluorooctanoic CF3CO3F2CF2CF2IO acid but most know it as C8

Why are Jews parasitic? by fschmidt in nonmorons

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I seen this site a few months back while I dont agree with everything on this site, its interesting and calls out the trashy attitude of American feminists.

"I feel like a f**king failure. I feel like a loser" Kim Kardashian cries over the end of her third marriage (video) by AziBase in Entertainment

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This place is starting to feel like Gossip Mainstream media porno Shithole reddit with all its hollyweird gossip on the front pages. Why is this woman and this family always on news sites? she's a disgusting diseased herpes ridden coal burning mudshark that got famous by sticking a porno of a famous rapper on one of those smut merchant download websites, most of the girls in the family fuck either rappers or bakka-ball players and have had more men than they had hot meals. They are rich but behave like prostitute gutter trash marrying into the cRapper bakkaball elite while America itself collapses into Babylon. The father Robert George Kardashian helped O. J. Simpson getting away with killing a women and murdering a male Jew, the other dude William Bruce Jenner chopped off its own stick started wearing a dress and called him / herself / itself a 'she'. One of the male Kardashian sons started fucking some female Black Rapper or dancer but I think the 'relationship' collapsed after some weird incest lesbian thing or more rapper were brought in to animal fuck more of the kardashians, I know more about this shit family than I ever wanted to know but I had not heard about them for years after quitting reddit and youtube and moving to saidit and bitchute and other sites. Maybe there is some weird media satanic elite baphomet club that makes these people go on magazines every day ...I dont get it, they have no value as people that contribute anything to America...but I have no idea why this shit family are on every fucking women's gossip magazine on every mainstream news website, they seem to represent American sewage culture.

Saidit nearing Ruqqus in Global Alexa Rank by [deleted] in SaiditAlternatives

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Welcome back Saidit. But what happened? by zyxzevn in AskSaidIt

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Why does it keep linking back to that perverted spam bot shithole reddit?

Why won't the USA cull the Pitbull and just fry them, eat them all with noodles and bread like the Chinese, Polynesian, Polish, Native American, Swiss, Vietnamese and South Koreans do? by RuckusChan in Dogs

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I like Dogs though just not the worthless breeds, I especially think working dogs like sniffer dogs, the small little ratting terrier, the retrieving dogs, guide dogs for the blind, shepherd sheep dogs etc are useful

Why did Hitler support Turkey and sign German–Turkish Treaty were they Anti-Christian and Satanic? by RuckusChan in Poland

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The German economy went into a full on collapse after the Great War, Weimar was Babylon Culture almost anything goes. Where they into the Occult? Germany trips to the Himalayas to find some lost germanic race and ridiculous Qing dynasty treaties, post WW1 Germany didnt just attack Russia or North Africa, also German troops to France, invade Yugoslavia and Greece, the Battle of Britain, attacking US ships in the Atlantic, the Spanish Civil War, battles as far as Asia and South America, attacking their own fellow Christians and supporting Turks.

Resident Evil Village monster design ripped from movie director by JoyFreak in Gaming

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Looks like a mix of some Transformers-Mecha shit and a Zombie, these are concepts which pre-date both franchises? Mecha goes back to the 1800s, Artificial people or Mechanical people or Robots themselves again a few hundred years, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, maybe even Biblical times with the Book of Ezekiel, zombies might be around in human folklore for thousands of years. So they are trying to Copyright Orcs, Zombies, Goblins, Robo/Machine shit and such things now??

I have seen Aircraft heads and helicopter-cartoon heads in open source creative commons fan art for years, I've seen propeller headed things in Transformer toys designs, in Managa and Anime and Western comics for many decades. The RE concept seems to use 3 Chainsaws and not an actual Aircraft helicopter type propeller-head which

The zombie itself is not copyrighted

The designs share similarity but they are not the same

I dont think he has much to stand on regards being 'ripped off' as he accuses

Yes, Biden Is Swindling Americans: White House Staffer Lets the Cat Out of the Bag by scrubking in politics

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Ooops caught again