The era of divide and conquer is coming to an end by magnora7 in whatever

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I really hope this reflects the greater mentality.

Don't fall for demoralization, king! by Aureus in politics

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Hoping that the future sees people working together more instead of tearing each other apart.

Someone described the mentality of people roped in by the media as being "I'm allowed to hurt someone AND feel good about it." I'm glad people are finally realizing this and seeing that bad actions are monstrous no matter to whom it's done.

What fake news? by useless_aether in propaganda

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Laughable. Every day it gets easier to believe that this isn't just an attack on white people, but rather an effort to cause a violent outburst from that part of the population.

The one I thing that gives me hope is, after viewing news videos on YouTube about cops being evil and white people being evil, the majority of people from all races in the comments condemn their message. On such a censored website, people still despise the pushed narrative.

Maybe we can right back against this thing that's trying to turn neighbor against neighbor.

Getting mugged? Just say no. by Chipit in memes

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I always see you being upset on Chipit's posts. What's the issue between you two? Or, rather, your issue with them?

Child Electrocuted After Touching Low Hanging Power Line by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Fuck, the way she throws her head back is haunting as hell. Hope I never end up going out that way.

Ice cube tweets "anti-Semitic" photo: "FUCK THE NEW NORMAL UNTIL THEY FIX THE OLD NORMAL!" by Jesus in news

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I would argue that we should continue trying to attribute proper definitions to these terms, instead of giving up and letting people brand it whatever definition they want.

Anti-Semitism is a hate towards anyone who speaks a Semitic language because of their culture, like Jews or Arabs. Stop letting people corrupt its definition.

PORNHUB has Fallen by Jesus in funny

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This is completely false. Recheck your sources before criticizing things, because then it makes everyone involved seem like they're purposefully ignorant. Non-ebony videos are completely available on their site, from the home page on a fresh account.

Ice cube tweets "anti-Semitic" photo: "FUCK THE NEW NORMAL UNTIL THEY FIX THE OLD NORMAL!" by Jesus in news

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Is this even anti-Semitic? It's factual that there are a few elites dominating the masses. The fact that they're Jews is something the comments pointed out.

Military Training by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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Made me laugh, thanks for the chuckle

Here’s James Woods from Twitter yesterday: “This much is certain after all this rioting: in two weeks we’re either going to have a shitload of sick Democrats, or we’re going to realize COVID-19 was not what Democrats said it was.” by Chipit in quotes

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Yeah, I agree, seeing people constantly play into this Us vs. Them mentality is stupid.

At best, the two party system is a misguided attempt to balance power in America. At worst, it's meant to keep people divided so the people at the top, who are hardly affected by any laws or policies either of the parties decide on, can continue living in luxury.

We're all being fed the same information, for some reason we just decided to brand ourselves differently.

If we take up the premise that many world events are steered by a powerful group of psychopaths, then this is the best modality of action available to us all by Jac0b777 in conspiracy

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Thank you for the post. Lately, with the most recent events I've been ignoring my natural sensibilities for more primal reactions to other's actions, and I hadn't really even noticed until I read this. The wake-up call is appreciated.

Even though we're few, those with this kind of thinking, that of being able to see reality and others' perspectives in a rational light, will be able to make a difference.

How not to throw a molotov cocktail. by Canbot in videos

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Imagine not being smart enough to be a revolutionary.

Predator Drone spotted circling over Minneapolis at 20K feet. Took off from Grand Forks Air Force Base. #MinneapolisProtests #dronesurveillance by [deleted] in PoliceMisconduct

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Yeah, we live in the drone age. There's gonna be military surveillance on troublesome events that could turn out really, really bad if left alone.

This blood-thirsty cop literally looks like a Call of Duty NPC. by [deleted] in politics

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Dumbass letting his emotions get the better of him in a relatively tame environment. When you have that kind of unprofessionalism and unpredictability getting through screening, there's a problem with your department.

Mike Tyson's Deleted Tweet by [deleted] in whatever

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Interesting and fair take. There is a massive racism problem in this country from all sides, but only some of those sides are acting on it, which causes an unbalance which only divides people more.

How I work out, versus how you losers work out. by [deleted] in funny

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Good to see someone else with a right bend as intense as mine.

Former Employees of Elon Musk to Start Rolling out a “Tesla Killer” by MarkoVidrih in news

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I will be floored if they manage to sell their own cars at a price lower than Tesla's. The technology's here, it's just goddamn expensive.

Kid Falls Out of Stroller, Gets Crushed by Car, Mother Doesn't Realize It by Oneda in WatchPeopleDie

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Boggles my mind that people can just pass by a dead toddler on the road and fail to even offer a verbal reaction like "what the fuck". How uncaring or desensitized do you have to be? Or maybe they just figured it'll interrupt their day.

Politicians are... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Carswell, bro, I understand you wanna get these ideas out here, but this isn't even a meme. It's a quote.

Memes, at least in modern usage, should try to be short and entertaining, and use an intriguing or funny image, not a PowerPoint backdrop.

Collect your thoughts some more and try posting in other subs for a change.

High ranking CJNG member +1 executed on dirt road with a high caliber weapon by HopeThatHalps in WatchPeopleDie

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Maybe I'm asking for a bit much but they could have at least aimed for the head. It certainly didn't seem like they were expecting them to live after the first hit.

At least it's not Funkytown.

Man injected with Bill Gates’s newest Vaccine suddenly thinks Internet Explorer is the best by [deleted] in funny

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You must be fun at parties.

Rival gang member gets tounge cut out and fingers cut off by [deleted] in WatchPeopleDie

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Christ, watching the fingers hanging by a string and them trying to wrench them off is one of the hardest things I've watched in a while.