Saidit, what if we showed who voted on everything? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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Sounds great. I've been wondering who the hell is voting for that MartinTimothyesque bullshit.

However, Froglich hates that idea.

Edit: I have changed my mind. Does anyone know what the Reddit rationale was being leaving vote counts anonymous. I'd be concerned about a future big brother crackdown where voting info could be used as evidence against someone.

Here's some historical situations that may be similar in nature to a future event.

  • Red scare McCarthy-era. People were targeted as anarchist, or socialist, or people who might vote for "socialist proposals"
  • The 9/11 Muslim hysteria where thousands of Muslims were rounded up and jailed for as many as 6 months without probable cause, or any evidence
  • There was a hunt for anonymous a while back, so dissident programmer types may draw additional scrutiny.

The last 2 were within the past two decades in the US, so that's not ancient history. Who knows what other events occurred in other countries.

Up-votes may actually be more risky than actual comments. My guess is that up-votes would be manipulated as metadata. Prosecutors can create broad assumptions about intent, and there's no way to easily clarify that intent, or refute it. They'll use one-sided gotcha questions like, "have you quit beating your wife yet, yes or no?". That can catch people off guard and sunk their defense.

I'm going to have to agree with OldManCorley on this one. There are unforseen risks that could easily outweigh the short-term benefits.

Intentional sabotage cannot be ignored forever. Certain agent provacatuers do need to be addressed. Other groups have already taken the lead on this, and dealt accordingly.

One idea I had was to create one of those bots that chime in with "and my axe", etc. A custom version could be created to haunt the posts of certain repeat offenders.

Something like:

"Free speech is not a core value, when it is apples solely to statements that an individual approves. Free speech is a value when it is defended for those who use their voice to make statements that that one despises. Saidit supports free speech in all forms.

Unfortunately, certain groups or individuals have been posting comments that we cannot find any factual evidence to support. Attempts have been made to contact these individuals, but without success.

These voices have not been silenced in the interest of our commitment to free speech as a value. Saidit does not condone or endorse messages or the message history of {agent provacatuer XYZIJK}.

Please use your own critical judgment when considering messages from XYZIJK; AND MY AXE!!!.

-There I SaidIt!

Just a thought. What does the group think?

One last point of consideration. Dissent voices should be carful considered.
Good call OldManCorley. You changed my mind.

Hey Froglich. You suck.

Edit 2:. I didn't read the updated comment before the previous edit. I agree with major that ignoring bullshit is the best way to deal with most commenting issues. Organizational sabotage is an entirely different issue.

Also, if implemented, can we call the 'my axe' response "the moat/sewer of debate" or "sewer of the pyramid" or "sewer of disgrace". Free speech Bot, or "free speech defender", or sumpting.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Spouts His Insane Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theory in Measles Hot Zone by Orangutan in conspiracy

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The Pacific Northwest is in the grips of a measles outbreak that has already sickened 52 people in Washington and four in Oregon, nearly all of them children. Health officials say the spread of the highly contagious disease—which had been all but eradicated in the United States—is being fueled by parents, sometimes with the approval of their doctors, who refuse to immunize their children.

Measles is not a deadly disease. It's very similar to chicken pox. Do you know of anyone who has died of chickenpox? Me either.

It actually boosts your immune system for your entire lifespan. I would have no problem contracting measles of given the chance.

Having a 2 week fever would suck. But with plenty of vitamin A, I would be fine and immune boosted for life.

Should we make the /subscribed page the main home page? by magnora7 in SaidItSurveys

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Access to information should be a human right (IMHO).

Including subs that aren't subscribed to is a great way to broaden proles horizons. It's like a news paper. You don't have to read any article, but you can't know what you're missing without a headline.

Censorship by omission is the most common method of spreading info. Reddit is guilty of this heinous crime. This should be discouraged.

I like the current system, but maybe it is time for a change.

I would propose some TBD ratio similar to:

  • Subscribed 67%
  • World news / Current Events 13%
  • TIL/Science/ 20%
  • Conspiracy 5%.

I understand the desire for total immersion in ones interests. However, this can lead to group-think and isolationism. This should be discouraged.

Academic and intellectual communitarianism should be encouraged. Expand the communities horizons. They are plenty of fascinating wonders that we'll never experienced unless other enlightened individuals make the effort to share them, and there's a platform for exposure.

What do you folks think???

Does anyone else have any suggestions. :-)

Reddit Nominated for Mockingbird Award by PecosinRat in 911truth

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Let's not forget the influence of the Atlantic Council.

Atlantic Council Infiltrator Jessica Ashooh - Director of Policy - Reddit, Inc..

Formerly of the Atlantic Council.

Saidit, what if we showed who voted on everything? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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Looks like a shill sleeper cell.

This place seems cool, but I dont really think this is a suitable free speech alternative to reddit. by notabugtest in SaidIt

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Are you complaining, because if the lack of porn?

Pressure mounts on Facebook and Google to stop anti-vax conspiracy theories - Repetition of information, even if false, can often be mistaken for accuracy. by The_In-Betweener in ConspiracyHeadlines

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Do you think they saw this headline?.


‘Repetition of information, even if false, can often be mistaken for accuracy.’.

This is the fundamental strategy of the vaccine program.

"Vaccines are safe, and effective."
"Vaccines are safe, and effective."

"Vaccines are safe, and effective."
"Vaccines are safe, and effective."
"Vaccines are safe, and effective."

The world is waking up. The public is winning the information war.

Israel openly admits to running propaganda operations on US college campuses. If Russia or Iran did this it would be WWIII. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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They also train American police officers alongside the IDF.
IIRC, they practice training against the Palestinian populace.

This training is then brought back to the US, and used against the American public.

The Most Dangerous 9/11 Truth by [deleted] in 911truth

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For the sake of argument, let's assume that the footage is fake, or doctored, or whatever; as claimed. This video is trivial.

The important facts remain unchanged:

  • WTC 1 & 2 buildings were still blown up.
  • Building 7 collapsed.
  • Building 6 robbed and burned.
  • Wtc 1 thru 4 burned.
  • Insurance fraud successful
  • SEC crime evidence destroyed
  • Afganistan invaded million murdered, country plundered, heroin business booming.
  • Israelis danced.
  • Heroic rescuers murdered.
  • Heroic rescuers poisoned, abandoned, forgotten; murdered.
  • Muslims vilified.
  • Military congressional industrial complex joyful.
  • Yinon Plan implemented.
  • Iraq invaded, millions murdered, vaults robbed, country plundered.
  • Libya, Syria, etc. Shattered. Millions displaced and murdered.
  • Europe flooded with refugees.
  • Anthrax murders.
  • Patriot act passed.
  • Whistleblowers murdered.
  • Civil rights trampled.
  • Airport security state ongoing.
  • Domestic spying on going.
  • Would-be heroes (soldiers) made murderers, traumatized, families ruined, abandoned, forgotten, suicide=murdered.
  • *Justice *.

Captain_Disgrace. This video cannot possiblly reveal anything of any consequence. It is utterly meaningless, and deserves to be ignored.

David Horowitz: ‘White Privilege’ Is a Racist Idea by SundogsPlace in SundogsPlace

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I couldn't agree more. Let's try to separate the media hype from this discussion. I'm sure that we all agree that The MSM is exceedingly devisive. So, their tactic is actually working against us.

I am confident that if you knew me that we would be friends, as I'm equally certain that you are a well intentioned individual.

To address the concept of "privilege" we should analyse measurable metrics like:

  • Household income.
  • Education level.
  • Net family wealth
  • Poverty rate
  • Environmental pollution in the community.
  • Available funding for schools, roads, infrastructure.
  • etc.

These are the actual facts that are intentionally overlooked in the media.

Poverty exists within certain populations of all ethnic groups.

Can anyone name an ethnic group that has effectively displaced the white population in the US, or Europe? I agree that the standards of living for all populations had declined in the US. However, minority economic declines have been even more severe.

The actual root of this "privilege" discussion: The rich have gone on strike in the West.

They are taxed less than ever, and this is the predictable result. They are not job creators. In the current form they are wealth extractors (think automation).

Here's a historically relevant fact:

The term "free market" in classical economics meant, "commodity items should sell for slightly above the cost to manufacturer, as in almost "free" "market". Imagine if your cell phone bill only included the cost of service plus 10%. That would be free market. Utilities are similar examples.

This is the Adam Smith meaning of the term "free market", and in those times the economy flourished. He described it as social capitalism. This is the real socialism. Not the bullshit label placed on the Soviet dictators.

The meaning of the word had been hijacked to mean, "charge as much as can possibly be sustained to maximize personal gain; society be damned!".

50 years of this corrupted (propagandized) version of the"free market" has landed is here.

This debate about "privilege" is inextricably rooted in economics. There's an ethnic component (slavery, conquest of northern Mexico {Cali, Ariz, new, Mex, genocide on the indigenous people, etc} to today's economics.

Let's fight the power. To do that we have to be honest with ourselves, and try to understand the perspectives of our common allies.

Does this seem reasonable? ;-).

[Meta] Not a whisper has been spoken about this but Reddit Inc. is about to strike a 150 million dollar deal (potentially 300 million) with a Chinese censorship powerhouse... prepare for HEAVY censorship. This is a very serious privacy matter you ALL need to be aware of! : conspiracy by useless_aether in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'm way less concerned about the Chinese owning a portion of Reddit, than I am of US control through the Atlantic Council.

It's already been hollowed out by the neoliberal sellouts.
They already sold American jobs to China. Let them sell China a major neoliberal propaganda outlet.

Name some countries that China has invaded in the last 200 years. Maybe it'll do the world some good and prevent war plans with the Chinese. While they're at it; sell some shares with Iran, and Syria.

I propose a stock stock buyback from Israeli investors...

Canadians Pay Most For Wireless Data, 70 Times More Than In India by [deleted] in canada

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Vigte's sick of this shit!

“Nearly 25% of mothers go back to work within two weeks of giving birth. To give you a sense of where human mothers fall on the legal protection hierarchy, it’s illegal to separate a dog from her newborn pups before 8 weeks in several states.” The law protects dogs more than human women. by Orangutan in whatever

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I feel like this supports the American economic eugenics theory. Low income parents are disadvantaged, and their children suffer from a reduction in breastfeeding.

Noble Coppers Taze Random Guy’s Dick and Balls For Not Using Turn Signal by useless_aether in PoliceMisconduct

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The police state is here. :-( — Feb 13, 2019 — New Rule: Sub moderator logs are now publicly available by magnora7 in SaidIt

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It's simple, women love Centrist Men. by JasonCarswell in memes

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Chad's planning on using the shocker on some busted Elvira's.

He's also has two of his own fingers jammed into his own pants.

Things are going to get nasty.

r/news censored story of renowned Uighur musician Abdurehim Heyit who was killed in a Chinese detention camp. OP confronted the mods, mods openly say they're catering to new Chinese owners, and OP posts a picture of this exchange that is now on the front page by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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That is an interesting point...

They could be eager pleasers reacting quickly in an effort to drum up additional investment. The reaction time is interesting.

This place seems cool, but I dont really think this is a suitable free speech alternative to reddit. by notabugtest in SaidIt

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The bartender analogy is brilliant. Did you just come up with that?