I just got banned on Reddit.... Looking forward to making new friends here! by prometheus in whatever

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US housing starts fall 0.8 pct., a 2nd straight monthly drop by dcjogger in news

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This seems to be from 2017... how is that NEWs?

The best April fool's prank of all time. by Tom_Bombadil in funny

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When my mother was a child, on one April Fools Day, a local radio station announced that a local nature-spot—Blue Hills—was a dormant volcano and it had erupted. They got fired.

IOS/Android Application... by VeritasQuaesitor in magnora7

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Unbelievable. Fuckin’ Google. I thought I heard you say that you were going to try and get it released on IOS/AppStore first? Anyway, thanks for the reply, and good luck! Love the website!

Nestle says slavery reporting requirements could cost customers by magnora7 in corruption

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If simply investigating the presence of slavery in the supply-chain of ultra-wealthy, multi-national corporations is this bad for business, maybe it’s time they/we rethink the way we conduct business?

Welcome to Saidit.net! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Hi! Glad to be here!!