Debate stirs as Democrats call for HIV disclosure laws to be changed by Vigte in politics

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one contender used a recent debate to argue that current criminal penalties for not revealing a person's HIV status are ‘unfair’.

"Unfair"? You probably gave them the disease and thus a death sentence. How is it unfair to have to disclose that before sex?

Nevada wildlife officials warn hunters about 'zombie' deer (Vigte: don't dismiss this because of the title...) by Vigte in news

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I first heard about this here (Hotlinking of vid not allowed, gonna have to head over to youtube - don't worry I timestamped it).

It's a chronic wasting illness, induced by a specific protein that eats the brain of deer, elk and moose, currently passing around the US and Canada.

If it sounds familiar, that's because it's basically the same thing as BSE/"Mad Cow Disease" which causes Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans.

Some states have banned sale/transit of certain animal parts - and it appears uncertain whether or not this variation can affect humans.

The disease causes them to become lazy and wither away and die - but it also inhibits their fear of humans - basically, if they come up to you, don't touch them.

5 Books That Explain Why It Seems the World Is So Messed Up - Mark Manson by Vigte in books

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If you aren’t freaking out about something, then… well, then I’m freaking out that you’re not freaking out. Tell the rest of us: what’s your secret? Because the rest of us are pretty sure the world is going to hell in a flaming handbasket. And not only do we not know why, but we don’t know what to do.

Guy should come to saidit to figure it out... :p

Now, I haven't read any of these books, but I think I'll look into some of them. Anyone who has read any of them, feel free to chime in please!

Democracy for Realists by Christopher Achens and Larry Bartels

Democracy for Realists is an eye-opening and sober look at the data on democracy and what makes it effective/ineffective. Hint: people are stupid. Or as my favorite Winston Churchill quotes goes: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

The Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan Haidt and Gregory Lukianoff

Its Explanation for the World Being Fucked: I expected this book to be another, “Let’s all shit on social media together,” party, but it’s not. Social media, of course, does get its own chapter. But most of the book is focused on cultural shifts that have happened over the past couple generations.

Who Owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier

In Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier, one of the internet’s earliest engineers, argues with passion and seemingly endless wit that pretty much all of our problems boil down to one thing: for some reason, at some point, we all decided that information should be free.

The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols

“We are supposed to “agree to disagree,” a phrase now used indiscriminately as little more than a conversational fire extinguisher. And if we insist that not everything is a matter of opinion, that some things are right and others are wrong … well, then we’re just being jerks, apparently.”

Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam

The problem is that modern society requires community engagement to function well. When everyone is just off doing their own thing, a lot of institutions and social necessities begin to fall apart. And it’s in this way that Putnam’s reams of research is startling. It’s not just bowling leagues that are disappearing. Churches, parent-teacher associations, political activists, neighborhood watches, bridge clubs, veterans organizations. You name a community, and it’s likely disappearing.

Chinese Facial Recognition Tech Rolls Out On Kazakh Buses (Vigte: The virus... it's spreading!) by Vigte in WorldNews

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I find it highly suspect this goes straight to Kazakhstan... what with its "Illuminati City" and what not.

China - like the United States, is a test case - a nation re-purposed into a development sector, to be wiped clean when everything they need from it, is complete.

Nevada wildlife officials warn hunters about 'zombie' deer (Vigte: don't dismiss this because of the title...) by Vigte in news

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Nevada is still trying to keep them out, the spread is in Utah, Wyoming, Kansas and Colorado.

Not sure if it is affecting other animals - could just be routine culling that you saw.

Tegridy Burger Grand Opening - South Park - "Let Them Eat Goo" - s23e04 by Vigte in Health

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At first I thought he was dying from the vegan diet, but then I realised he was just really high, lmao.

Man saved SECONDS before train wrecks his SUV (Vigte: Now that's a real cop!) by Vigte in whatever

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Most police are human garbage who take the job for the badge and the gun - but this guy, gives me a small sliver of hope.

Forget Gen Z. This Is Generation Surveillance. (Vigte: they don't even try to hide it...) by Vigte in politics

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What does it mean to have an unforgettable childhood — or an unforgettable life?

Good question.

“First memories, forever.” That’s the promise of Babeyes, a product unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. The idea is simple: Attach the Babeyes camera to your newborn or infant, and it will gather footage of the world from a baby’s point of view.

Oh my fuck...

But if a baby body camera feels like it’s a step too far now, will that always be the case?

Not if you fucks get your way, that's for sure...

From being the early test subjects of “sharenting”—the modern parental propensity for putting every moment of their child’s life on social media — to having smartphone apps that follow their every movement, Generation Z is the first to come of age in a world of total surveillance. Every generation that follows will inevitably know what it feels like to be constantly watched. Fundamentally, they will be linked by a logic of their era that they have no choice but to accept: Every aspect of their lives must be documented and tracked.

Every aspect of their lives must be documented and tracked. That phrase disturbs me greatly.

In 2014, Kate Crawford, co-director and co-founder of the A.I. Now Institute at New York University, dissected what she called “surveillant anxiety.”

That anxiety, Crawford wrote, manifested itself in the consumer realm by way of the then-nascent “normcore” trend, a nondescript style of clothing. Normcore was the opposite of distinct, it was a bland fashion of sameness. Normcore, Crawford argued, was symptomatic of always being watched, “an indication of how the cultural idea of disappearing has become cool at the very historical moment when it has become almost impossible because of big data and widespread surveillance.”

So no one is actually happy with it, that makes sense... too bad you didn't pick up on that, Mrs Smarty Pants McThinkTankface.

Half a decade later, there’s every reason to still be anxious. Our post-Snowden fears have been buttressed by fresh news that corporations mine our intimate data, too, not just governments. But the way Gen Z has chosen to deal with it is reflective of the surveillant world in which they were raised. Instead of trying to disappear, they have become, like Sharpe, hypervisible.

"I gots nothing to hide!!!" Fuck that "logic".

Gen Z knows they are shedding data. But they can’t choose to turn off the tap. Instead, the system dictates they must instead open the floodgates. You need to be seen: to board a flight, go to a concert, and even apply for a job. And, of course, to get rich. In the surveillant society, you only exist if you’re visible.

Fuck that and fuck you too medium, for thinking it's inevitable and MUST happen. Fuck you.

Forget Gen Z. This Is Generation Surveillance. (Vigte: they don't even try to hide it...) by Vigte in politics

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Relax your cheeks, sweetheart.

Why do you care? (And why focus on that at the beginning? I wonder...)

People where hiding their personal affairs from public before and they will hide them now.

The article would argue otherwise, did you read it?

Look at Instagram for example: its all fake. Those people literally create a fake image of themselves. Just like everyone does it "IRL".

The difference being that people actually interested in knowing your secrets, would have the ability to know them.

As you have said it already: no one actually likes it.

Yet it continues, thus my anger.

"The X-Files season 11 episode 2: "This (Vigte: get it before it's gone!) by Vigte in conspiracy

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Interesting - I hope not. There were some posts on reddit conspiracy today about November 3rd Seattle operation... so... shit.

"The X-Files season 11 episode 2: "This (Vigte: get it before it's gone!) by Vigte in conspiracy

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Definitely not saying "this is it for sure", just saying, it's one of the more reasonable possibilities.

I absolutely agree about bluebeam and "forced alien cooperation" though, they've seeded that particular idea literally everywhere...

[Extinction 🌏🥀✊🏾 The World is Watching ✊🥀🌍 Rebellion] MEET POLICE (anti-hippy parody) (Vigte: need a laugh?) by Vigte in news

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FFS... wow... guess pointing out the idiocy and hypocrisy of the protestors is forbidden.

"The X-Files season 11 episode 2: "This (Vigte: get it before it's gone!) by Vigte in conspiracy

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Clips of the new seasons generally don't last long online - but I think it's automated removal and thus the "filming on the TV" saves this clip perhaps?


Most people seem to prefer this scene from earlier last season - but as shown (in the show), even that was a red-herring

Their true plan was escape. The show never specifies what will "crush all life" - but other scenes convince me it's a meteor. Earlier in season 10 they explain how the aliens no longer want earth "due to global warming"... so unless the "burning to the ground" is them doing it out of spite, it has to be a comet - or a solar flare... right?

Anyone else watched all of this show and have some thoughts?

The Genetic Legacy of the Spanish Inquisition - The Atlantic by Vigte in history

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Very interesting...

After reading this article and considering the whole "kicked out of x number of countries" - they certainly would have gone just about everywhere to escape... it makes sense.

As you said - it could also relate to the whole "it always seems like it's the jews" thing. It is, but it isn't...

"Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted" (More inside) by Vigte in quotes

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Thelema, not something needed nor prescribed for being a Luciferian (unless, as many a case on saidit, Luciferianism is just slang for some 'big baddies inc.' used by TV-evangelists)

Yeah I suppose I misspoke when I said that, but it was late and I was practically passing out.

This phrase is also often misunderstood as saying "lol you can do anything" for some weird reason.

Probably because the people who believe that is what it means, are the loudest/most noticed edgelord asshats - rather than quieter, wiser, older members.

This contrarily to false/popular belief means a great burden is given to you by this knowledge, you can't blame anyone nor anything but yourself, how you live is what you are.

Which is why he says, as he dies:

Since it's often thought that thinking about yourself is wrong, not many realize from within that 'charity' shouldn't be a word, just a part of the cycle we can life and to realize that you do need to think about yourself.

You can't save everyone, if you don't first save yourself...

(aka lawless egde lords)

You mean like Altair was at the beginning lol, well written game script, I wasn't aware of what I was seeing when I played it many years ago. Fun to go back to old games and movies and check them out with new eyes.

"Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted" (More inside) by Vigte in quotes

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A powerful (and in my opinion, likely true (as in: realistic, not that: "I agree")) interpretation of the "Do as thou wilt" Luciferian (Edit: Crowlean/Thelemite) philosophy.

Again, I'm not saying I agree, but it is powerful - and can be understood as the motivation for certain actions that appear unthinkable.

The “Neuropolitics” Consultants Who Hack Voters’ Brains - MIT Technology Review by Vigte in politics

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Maria Pocovi slides her laptop over to me with the webcam switched on. My face stares back at me, overlaid with a grid of white lines that map the contours of my expression. Next to it is a shaded window that tracks six “core emotions”: happiness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, and sadness. Each time my expression shifts, a measurement bar next to each emotion fluctuates, as if my feelings were an audio signal.

All I could think of was this

But to ambitious data scientists like Pocovi, who has worked with major political parties in Latin America in recent elections, Cambridge Analytica, which shut down in May, was behind the curve.

Thus why we were allowed to learn about it.

Political insiders say campaigns are buying into this prospect in increasing numbers, even if they’re reluctant to acknowledge it. “It’s rare that a campaign would admit to using neuromarketing techniques—though it’s quite likely the well-funded campaigns are,”

No kidding...

Mexico City neurophysiologist Jaime Romano Micha, whose former firm, Neuropolitka, was one of the top providers of brain-based services to political campaigns.

New rabbit hole...

Of course, you can’t stick electrodes on every person watching TV and browsing Facebook. But you don’t need to.

Yay. "Science".

Pocovi’s approach at Emotion Research Lab requires only a video player and a front-facing webcam. When volunteers enroll in her political focus groups online, she sends them videos of an ad spot or a candidate that they can watch on their laptop or phone. As they digest the content, she tracks their eye movements and subtle shifts in their facial expressions.

Crowd sourcing... yep... (side board: all these people want to talk about "herd immunity" and shit when talking about vaccines, but society is going to be ruined by technological research conducted on a few thousand willing dupes of likely low IQ who get paid like $100 probably, objectively far more fucking dangerous than some old ass disease and reliant on the same arguement...)

Pocovi says her facial analysis software can detect and measure “six universal emotions, 101 secondary emotions, and eight moods,”

So my guess is somewhere there's a program that can analyze them all, because as before: why are we hearing about it?

Some critics of Ekman’s system, such as neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett, have argued that facial expressions don’t necessarily correlate with emotional states. Still, a variety of studies have shown at least some correspondence. In a 2014 study at Ohio State University, cognitive scientists defined 21 “distinct emotions,” based on the consistent ways most of us move our facial muscles.

Not much to say there... included for completeness

Several onetime devotees of brain-scan analysis are also pursuing simpler and cheaper techniques these days. Before the 2008 financial crisis, Ohme says, international clients were more willing to fly five guys from Poland out to perform on-site brain studies. After the recession, though, that business mostly dried up.

That prompted Ohme to develop a different strategy, one untethered to time, space, or EEG electrodes. His updated approach stems from that used in unconscious-­bias studies by social psychologist Anthony Greenwald, who became a mentor when Ohme visited the US on a Fulbright scholarship. Ohme says his smartphone-based test—which he calls iCode—reveals covert political leanings that would never surface in traditional questionnaires or focus groups.

AHHH Fulbright. Now we're getting somewhere.

What’s interesting, Ohme says, isn’t how people respond to the questions per se, but how much they dither first. “When we measure the hesitation level, we can see that some answers are positive but with hesitation, and some are positive and instantaneous,” he says. “We measure how much you deviated [from baseline]. This deviation is key.”

It's not about measuring what makes you the same/normal (facial motion, as per the beginning of the article) - but measuring what makes you DEVIATE from that norm.

Ohme declines to discuss his current political clients in much detail, citing confidentiality agreements. But he volunteers that in an iCode survey of nearly 900 people, he predicted Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat before the election.

Ohme claims to have helped other candidates in similar straits. One of his tests revealed that while a certain European client had a good-sized base of supporters, many weren’t motivated to get out and vote because they assumed their candidate would win. Armed with this knowledge, the campaign made a renewed push to get its loyal base to the polls. The client ended up winning in a squeaker.

I wonder who that was... (no seriously, I'm not up on Euro-elections).

“We are susceptible in multiple ways, and not aware of our susceptibility,” Schreiber says. “The fact that attitudes can be manipulated in ways we’re not aware of has a lot of implications for political discourse.” If campaigns are nudging voters toward their candidate without voters’ knowledge, political discussions that were once exchanges of reasoned views will become knee-jerk skirmishes veering ever further from the democratic ideal. “I don’t think it’s time to run in panic,” Schreiber says, “but I don’t think we can be sanguine about it.”


Ohme insists that voters can inoculate themselves against neuroconsultants’ tactics if they’re savvy enough. “I measure hesitation. I can change your mind only if you hesitate. If you are a firm believer, I cannot change anything,” he says. “If you’re scared to be manipulated, learn. The more you learn, the more firm and stable your attitudes are, and the more difficult it is for someone to convince you otherwise.”

Interesting advice - and interesting how he likens it to "innoculating" yourself, makes me feel better about my rant above.

The video was of a laughing baby, and I felt the corners of my mouth quirking up. After, the computer asked me how I’d felt while watching. “Happy,” I clicked. I’m a mom, right? I love babies. Yet when my emotion analysis arrived, it showed almost no trace of happiness on my face.

Thinking about the results, I realized the emotion software was right. I hadn’t really been happy at all. I had taken the test late at night, and I had been exhausted. The computer had seen me in a way I wasn’t used to seeing myself. I thought of something Dan Hill, the former advisor to the Mexican president’s campaign, had told me. “The biggest lies in life,” he’d said, “are the ones we tell ourselves.”


Hope you enjoyed.

[Extinction 🌏🥀✊🏾 The World is Watching ✊🥀🌍 Rebellion] MEET POLICE (anti-hippy parody) (Vigte: need a laugh?) by Vigte in news

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"Let's change the world!!"

"Okay! How?"

"Like this..."

The Genetic Legacy of the Spanish Inquisition - The Atlantic by Vigte in history

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In 1492, best known as the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Spain also decided to expel all practicing Jews from its kingdom. Jews who did not leave—and were not murdered—were forced to become Catholics. Along with those who converted during earlier pogroms, they became known as conversos. As Spain expanded its empire in the Americas, conversos made their way to the colonies too.

Give me a fucking break, it's almost as if... they knew?

Scientist Behind The Navy's "UFO Patents" Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor by Vigte in technology

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It's probably a PsyOp to scare the crap out of Russia, and China.

That's my thought too - dead ends/honey pots to trap spies or make them waste their time...

(and) If the UFOs were (as some had guessed) Chinese/Russian tech etc, we would all be speaking Mandarin or something by now...

Very difficult to make a call on the UFO subject...

F-Reddit. What were you censored for saying on Reddit, and what event was the final straw before leaving? by Tom_Bombadil in censorship

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I was sick of that shit, but then I realised: fuck Reddit.

F-Reddit. What were you censored for saying on Reddit, and what event was the final straw before leaving? by Tom_Bombadil in censorship

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For telling people Q was bullshit - combined with confronting the mods for deleting two posts for "not having submission statement" - when they both had them...

TheRobotsAreCoooooming | Venus in Silicon by Vigte in technology

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Dude's video editing skills are off the friggin' charts.

We are being DDOSed again, and cloudflare is catching most of it so the site is still usable. We are tweaking the settings of our DDOS protection to make it load faster by magnora7 in SaidIt

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a quarter-million requests per hour as of 2 hours ago.

Does that mean the ranking of the site might go up

(I know, I know - probably not, but it's fun to imagine)

Reddit is dying. It’s rank has fallen from 13th this summer to 18th today. Conservative censorship and mediamatters/Shareblue shilling are destroying the site. by Orangutan in SaidIt

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Bans userbase

"Why are we losing traffic?"


World of Warcraft's Team Lead Joins #BOYCOTTBLIZZARD by Vigte in Gaming

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Update 1

Update 2: "Blizzard Employees Staged a Walkout to Protest Ban of Pro-Hong Kong Gamer"

Update 3

Other companies walking into this shit storm include: Vans, Apple (for pulling the Taiwanese flag from the emoji library secretly), NBA has taken action to mitigate the damage

Why I hate living in my tiny house by Vigte in whatever

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As with most articles, the most truth comes in the last line:

Being able to pay for an adequate amount of housing—not huge, but larger than a tiny house or apartment—shouldn’t be so far out of reach.

Saidit is back online after a few days of attacks by magnora7 in SaidIt

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M̸̢̢͕̫̭̩̞̜̘̱̤̎̋͌͑̄̇͋͒̃͑͆̉̚͘͝a̴̛͚̹̔͌̊̿̈́̌̾̌̍̕͝͠͠y̷̠͋͂b̸͈̬͇̻̪̐̒͂͊̈́͌̎̓̾̾̕e̸̢̧̟̭̦̣͓̲̞̲̳̙̾̏̉͋̿͐̈́̂̐̆͝͠͝ͅ ̵̠̙͓̯͓͕̺͈̝͎̏̓̉̐̃̑͌̈́́̾̕̚ͅi̸̡̩̊ẗ̵̟̮̹͙͇̼͙̺̝́̒̍̄͗̌̇̉̈̐͗̕̕͘ ̸͎͙̜̪̣͎̙̓̄̓͝ẘ̸̨̘͓͓̋̽̃a̶̧̹̲̹̫̻̺͇͔͆̈́̿̍̎̎̊̃̓͑̕͝s̷͔̜͓̞̱̱̭̜͉͇͈̙͔̋͛̒̀͜ͅ ̴̡̧̢͓͍̲̭͉̈́̾a̸̱̔͗̒͌́̄ ̶̧̮̼̼̈́b̶̨̛͉͈̹̙̗̐̔̇̊͊̔͑̾͐̚͝ļ̷̠̭͚̞̳̗͎͔̮̳̝͍͚͗̒̅́́͛͘ė̴̢̩̬͖͙̯͋͆̾͋̄͘̚͝ş̸̼̝͍̬̦̦͔̖̼̭́ͅs̴̨̢̜̹̰̥̪̝̜̱̑͗̃ͅi̷͌͊͊͜ͅņ̷͕̮̲̼͇̱̫̜̤̥̞̬̿͊́̀͑͑̋́̿͒͋͜͠͝͠ĝ̴̥̝̿̈͌́̾̊͋̾̄̋͌͗̆̚ ̵̧̢̘̹͈̣̙̜̫̝̗̣̳͈̆̓́̀̆̾͆̏̈́̍̽̚i̵̛͓̿̏͑̿̏̈ṋ̸̭͎̭̖̗̠͕͍̤̳̜̪̀̋͋̀͒̒̾͑͛͋̀͜ ̸̥̪̲͓̥͕̲̘̩̝͈͌͝d̵̝̩̠͖̱̯̥͎̬̦̱͕̐̓̈́̑̾͂̚̕͜͜͝͝ͅî̵̢͖͛s̴̢̛̠̠͇̜̖͎̃̑͂̍͘͜͜͠g̵͓͓̗͊̈́̌̎̒̍́̿͑̈́̋̊͠u̴̢̦͉͍̣̝͉͛͛̈́̋̀͑̍̊́̿̽͒̒i̴̇̊͊̈͑̊̈́̚ͅs̵̛̤̬̖̓̀̅̑͋̍̎͗̐̾͗̉͂e̸̢̠̗͍̮͕͉͇͕͔͌̅̒̄̓̿͐̐̿̾̔͘͜͠.̸̗̤̦̘͉͇̈́̄̐͝

Tinder Swipe Night (predictive programming) by Vigte in conspiracy

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Strange video of some kind of interactive game by tinder or something a youtube friend of mine uploaded.

Some kind of end of the world predictive programming or something?

Reminds me a bit of the Bandersnatch/Blackmirror thing.


If You've Never Seen "Happy Tree Friends" Give It a Try by hennaojisan in funny

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Oh my God yes, I loved laughing my ass off as a teenager to those...

If you want to go deep look up "Retarded Animal Babies" on Newgrounds, kind of a flash rip-off, but priceless all the same.

Edit: #5 is by far my favourite.

The Illuminati is Real: A Video Essay by Vigte in conspiracy

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Pretty good... pretty long, but full of new things I hadn't heard before!

Guy is so straight forward it's hilarious at times.

The Milky Way Has Giant Bubbles at Its Center (Vigte: Filaments, bubbles and blackholes, oh my...) by Vigte in space

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More than 100 filaments have been detected since Yusef-Zadeh’s first encounter in the early 1980s.

The menagerie of filaments is clustered around the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. “They haven’t been found elsewhere,” says Yusef-Zadeh

New observations of the galactic center have revealed a pair of giant bubbles at the center of the Milky Way that give off radio emissions, according to recent research published in Nature. The bubbles stretch outward from the black hole and extend into space in opposite directions. The filaments that Yusef-Zadeh discovered all those years ago are encased within.

These bubbles are big. Top to bottom, the cosmic hourglass measures 1,400 light-years

The discovery suggests that the sinuous filaments arose as part of a larger structure. “We’ve long thought that this was the case, but we haven’t been able to image the proof,”

The bubbles look like a carefully spun, delicate work of interstellar art. But they are the aftermath of a violent, cosmic cataclysm that unfolded millions of years ago.

Well that's a fairly unscientific assumption... slightly disappointed in the close-mindedness, but whatever...

“Something happened, in a very short period of time, a few million years ago at the center of the galaxy,”

Mmhm and with the previous statement, it appeared you were claiming to know ALLLL about.

Camilo and other astronomers are considering a couple of explanations. A flurry of dying stars at the center of the galaxy might have infused the medium with enormous amounts of energy as they exploded. Or it could be that the black hole experienced a flare-up, as black holes around the universe have been known to do. Sometimes, black holes consume nearby stellar material so quickly that they end up regurgitating some of it. The result is two luminous jets of radiation that can outshine entire galaxies. Our supermassive black hole is in a quiet chapter of its life, but astronomers suspect that it has previously experienced this active phase.

Ah, here we go... their thoughts.

The ancient explosion inflated the bubbles and, as they expanded, excited the electrons that, together with nearby magnetic fields, produce radio emissions we can detect all the way from here.

Uh huh....

The heart of the galaxy is home to other bubbles, recorded in other wavelengths. The Fermi bubbles, named for the 20th-century scientist who studied high-energy physics, are even larger, stretching about 25,000 light-years above and below the galactic center. Astronomers discovered them nearly a decade ago with a space telescope designed to detect gamma rays. And they’re still trying to understand them. Camilo speculates that perhaps the Fermi bubbles might be the dumping grounds of eons of many cosmic explosions—a larger, older version of the radio-emitting bubbles his team found.

So all-in-all, they have no conclusive theory - let alone a solid grasp. Got it.

Neat discovery - I wonder what it really is. Article is kind of annoying how they forcibly inject their pseudo-religious presuppositions of sciencism/absolute-chaos into it though.

Marina Abramovic Comes Home, and Comes Clean by Vigte in whatever

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Plans for a permanent institute devoted to performance art have been abandoned. A plan to convert a former theater in the Hudson Valley collapsed two years ago, and supporters learned that more than $1 million in donations had already been spent and would not been refunded. (As The New York Post put it, “The artist is present, but the cash is gone.”)

But Ms. Abramovic said she was optimistic that *a home might be found for her archive, perhaps in Athens. * “This I really would like to find a home,” she said.

After that, she said, she needed a break, perhaps in India or at a Tibetan monastery. “I really need to have distance from my own public in order to create,” she said.

Yet at a packed, crack-of-dawn news conference on the day of the opening, Ms. Abramovic seemed as indefatigable as ever. She coolly handled Serbian-language questions from reporters on topics as varied as Balkan folk songs, her views on feminism and her self-care routines (this last from the Serbian edition of Hello!, the celebrity gossip magazine).

When asked if she felt her own celebrity ever came into conflict with her artistic goals — a topic that could have touched a nerve — Ms. Abramovic seemed unperturbed. Pausing only to flash an ironic smile, she switched to English and fired back with a line from Woody Allen: “Today, I’m a star; tomorrow, I’m a black hole.”

The Cleaner Through Jan. 20 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia; Marina Abramovic Attacked by Aspiring Artist in Florence Sept. 24, 2018 Review: Marina Abramovic’s ‘Walk Through Walls,’ a Memoir of Masochism and Pretension Nov. 1, 2016

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Marina Abramovic Comes Home, and Comes Clean by Vigte in whatever

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All kinds of goodies in here!

Since the article is paywalled, here is the raw copy/paste with everything interesting bolded:

Edit: I just hit control+A and then control+C and paste it in a notepad. Stupid paywalls, they don't even work right lol.

Marina Abramovic Comes Home, and Comes Clean

The artist received a lavish welcome when she returned to Belgrade, Serbia, the city of her birth, for her first exhibition there in nearly 50 years.

ImageMarina Abramovic at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia, where a major retrospective of her work has just opened.Marina Abramovic at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia, where a major retrospective of her work has just opened.CreditCreditMarko Risovic for The New York Times

By Andrew Dickson

Sept. 25, 2019

BELGRADE, Serbia — It was looking doubtful whether Marina Abramovic would manage to eat lunch. She had barely taken her seat in the restaurant before being interrupted by an emotional admirer who dashed over for a selfie. Moments after presenting the main dish, the waiter came back seeking an autograph. Then a message arrived that a fan had delivered 44 bottles of brandy to her assistant’s apartment — one for each year since Ms. Abramovic last staged an exhibition in Belgrade, the city of her birth.

Ms. Abramovic looked triumphant. “And I don’t even drink!” she said.

The artist’s return to Belgrade after nearly a half-century has been an event. Across the city, there are billboards advertising the retrospective of Ms. Abramovic’s work that opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art, showing the artist astride a white stallion (a still from her 2001 video work “The Hero”). On Saturday, the day the show opened, her face was on the front page of nearly every national newspaper in Serbia. When you turned on the TV news, there she was again, being picked over by pundits with a zest that locals generally reserve for soccer and stories about political corruption.

ImageAn installation used for the performance “Balkan Baroque” is part of the exhibition in Belgrade. An installation used for the performance “Balkan Baroque” is part of the exhibition in Belgrade.CreditMarina Abramovic; via Sean Kelly Gallery/(ARS), New York; Marko Risovic for The New York Times

Though she conceded that the fuss made eating in public a challenge, Ms. Abramovic seemed to be relishing it. “Being in Belgrade again, all the emotions rush at you,” she said. “I’m trying not to be emotional, but I am not succeeding very well.”

The exhibition, titled “The Cleaner,” is a homecoming in a number of ways. The largest survey show of Ms. Abramovic’s work yet mounted, it features more than 120 pieces dating from the mid-1960s. Having opened in 2017 at Stockholm’s Moderna Museet, it has made a stately progress through Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and Poland before arriving in Serbia, its final stop.

En route, it has given rise to both respectful reviews and just enough scandal to keep things lively. In March, Roman Catholic protesters in Poland picketed the exhibition, disgusted by what they regarded as satanic imagery (a charge Ms. Abramovic has wearily denied). More than half a million people have seen it so far.

In Belgrade, the show feels like a reminder of an era when Ms. Abramovic generated headlines with the vital ferocity of her art, rather than, say, puzzling feuds with Jay-Z. Visitors enter to the rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire, a looped 1971 sound piece. Once inside, the building echoes with her guttural moans and cries, issuing from ghostly black-and-white films of early performance pieces.

Image The retrospective also includes a recording of Ms. Abramovic’s 1976 performance piece “Freeing the Voice.”CreditMarina Abramovic; via Sean Kelly Gallery/(ARS), New York; Marko Risovic for The New York Times

The museum’s entire permanent collection has been put into storage to make space for the exhibition, and a team of local “reperformers” has been hired to bring the artist’s past selves back to life.

(Vigte: What does that even mean?)

On opening night, a young woman perched on a chair near the foyer, yelling “Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful,” in tribute to Ms. Abramovic’s 1975 piece of that title. Upstairs, two performers — one male, the other female — sat rigidly back to back, their long hair braided together (Vigte: Two into One occult stuff?), in a re-enactment of the 17-hour 1977 work she made with her longtime collaborator and partner Ulay, “Relation in Time.”

Perhaps fortunately, no attempt has been made to restage the artist’s most notorious performance from her Belgrade years, “Rhythm 5,” a work from 1974 in which she first tried to push her own bodily endurance to breaking point. For this piece, the artist lay inside a burning wooden star, and, so local legend has it, almost asphyxiated herself.

Image Marina Abramovic performing “Rhythm 5” in 1974.CreditMarina Abramovic; via Sean Kelly Gallery/(ARS), New York; Nebojsa Cankovi

“A friend of ours had to pull her out,” recalled Jerko Denegri, a Serbian critic who attended many of Ms Abramovic’s early performances. “Not many people understood what she or other artists at that time were doing with this type of art.”

Ms. Abramovic explained that she had decided to call the show “The Cleaner” for a variety of reasons. Partly it underscored the obsessive cleansing rituals that often surface in her work; it was also a way of tying up loose ends. “I really love the idea of cleaning the past, cleaning the memory,” she said. “It’s a physical and mental metaphor, but also a spiritual one.”

Born in Belgrade in 1946, Ms. Abramovic spent her first 29 years in the city, which was then the capital of Yugoslavia. Though she has described her childhood as “desolate,” growing up in the shadow of parents who were decorated war heroes and high up in the country’s communist government, Ms. Abramovic found art a way to rebel. After studying painting in Zagreb, she joined the punky, provocative group of artists who congregated at Belgrade’s Student Art Center.

One of her first conceptual pieces — sadly unrealized — involved sending up a fleet of jets from the Yugoslavian Air Force to fly in formations of her own devising. (“They called my father — he was a general at the time — and said, ‘She is completely crazy, do you know how much it will cost?,’” she recalled.)

(Vigte: Who wants to bet it was a thelema sigil or pentagram or some garbage?)

Later, another artist, Era Milivojevic, decided to wrap Ms. Abramovic in packing tape while she was lying on a table in a gallery, something that seems to have given her the inspiration to move away from the sound art and sculpture she had been making and use her body instead.

Image “Being in Belgrade again, all the emotions rush at you,” Ms. Abramovic said.CreditMarina Abramovic; via Sean Kelly Gallery/(ARS), New York; Marko Risovic for The New York Times

According to Mr. Denegri, the critic, these early efforts with wildly experimental performance art in Eastern Europe sowed the seeds for what Ms. Abramovic would go on to do. “The scene in Yugoslavia was so dynamic and international,” he said. “Her upbringing, her education here, sets the track for her entire life.”

(Vigte: Sounds like brainwashing, grooming, etc)

Yet Ms. Abramovic always had an eye on broader horizons, and, in 1975, she decamped to Amsterdam. In the years since, her career has taken her to Australia, Brazil, China Japan and a panoply of other countries — as well as to New York, the site of her greatest artistic coup, “The Artist is Present” and her current base. (Sometimes.) She has returned to the Balkans for only fleeting visits, she said, adding, “For a long time, I wasn’t welcome.”

For Serbia, coaxing Ms. Abramovic back — something that took the intervention of the country’s prime minister — is a way of signaling a fresh start. The Museum of Contemporary Art, where the exhibition is being held, was closed for renovation for over a decade, an embarrassment for a country that prides itself on its cultural past. But since the museum reopened in 2017, there is a sense that Belgrade is rediscovering its artistic mojo, aided by an expanding gallery scene and the October Salon biennial, which last year hosted work by Yoko Ono, Cindy Sherman, Olafur Eliasson and Anselm Kiefer. Image “Rhythm 10,” a work by Ms. Abramovic involving 10 knives from 1973.CreditMarina Abramovic; via Sean Kelly Gallery/(ARS), New York

“Marina’s show will change everything,” Slobodan Nakarada, the museum’s acting director, said.

His goal is to attract 150,000 visitors in the next four months — more than the museum had in the whole of 2018. He said he hoped that many would be young Serbians, who have had little opportunity to see work by the country’s most famous living artist. “It took us 44 years to get her back home,” Mr. Nakarada said. “We have to make the most of it.”

Ms. Abramovic said she had mixed feelings about returning: While she regarded the show as a “homecoming,” she also felt as nomadic as ever. And although the exhibition is a career retrospective, she insisted that it was not a valediction. “I will die working,” she said, several times.

Image An installation of the work “Count on Us.”CreditMarina Abramovic; via Sean Kelly Gallery/(ARS), New York; Marko Risovic for The New York Times

Next month, she is to fly to Los Angeles to begin rehearsals for “Seven Deaths,” a long-deferred opera inspired by the career of Maria Callas that is scheduled to premiere in Munich in April. In September 2020, another major exhibition will follow at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

‘Nerd,’ ‘Nonsmoker,’ ‘Wrongdoer’: How Might A.I. Label You? by Vigte in technology

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The only truly unbiased statement in the entire article (naturally) comes right at the end.

The fundamental truth is that A.I. learns from humans — and humans are biased creatures. “The way we classify images is a product of our worldview,” he said. “Any kind of classification system is always going to reflect the values of the person doing the classifying.”

Not a free speech platform: Facebook declares it’s a ‘publisher’ & can censor whomever it wants, walking into legal trap by salvia_d in conspiracy

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A thing of beauty.

When the tech companies collectively refused to even acknowledge the existence of this question - they were safe.

Now that one has turned and answered, it fucks over the remainder!

Either they become a "public forum" - and thus cannot censor - or they declare as a publisher and have to double and triple check EVERY SINGLE WORD posted to their site (and if I am not mistaken, are legally liable for said content). Can you imagine the number of employees required, 24/7/365 to edit EVERYTHING posted to facebook? They are going to go bankrupt just trying to keep that up...

They lost, by answering the question.


Shaved pooch: my plant by Entropick in Marijuana

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"Six Paper Joint" with Julian by Vigte in Marijuana

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Didn't know this sub was a thing... now you're all doomed.

Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy as part of a $10 billion agreement to settle opioid lawsuits by Vigte in news

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Extra video

Good fucking riddance but they would be getting off way too easy. Lucky some states aren't having it.

Channel: Jaimie Mantzel by Vigte in Survival

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I found this guy on reddit a while ago - he used to be an engineer or something until he built a giant robot - but before finishing it completely, he decided to buy a small island and live a survival lifestyle. Really great channel.

His video on "whisper dishes" was cool!

My 100 Mil Award BROKE! (Vigte: Pewdiepie says he was "advised" to donate to ADL - and if he "had done his research about "this charity" "I would never have done it" - says he may revoke the donation?) by Vigte in Internet

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What do you suppose he learned about the ADL to change his mind?

Anything? Everything?

Rumor has it that he's going to donate the proceeds to the Goyim Defense League.

Ahhh now you're just pulling my leg, lol

Knowing when... by Vigte in Survival

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This is the video that spurred me to make this sub. It's not actually my area of expertise and so I'm hoping you guys use this space, because I don't really have much to share on this subject.

In this case however, I think it's the MOST important question and the most overlooked, when dealing with survival situations and thus I've (tried) stickied it as a starting point.

Welcome all, I hope you all both find and share some useful things in this sub! (I'm surprised it wasn't already made...)

Channel: Survival prepping for normal people by Vigte in Survival

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I really like this guys survival channel - he's one of the few youtubers I honestly feel has "no agenda" when it comes to his content.

My 100 Mil Award BROKE! (Vigte: Pewdiepie says he was "advised" to donate to ADL - and if he "had done his research about "this charity" "I would never have done it" - says he may revoke the donation?) by Vigte in Internet

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It's only the first 2 minutes, 20 seconds that he addressed the ADL donation. Rest is just, whatever, daily stuff

A few (possibly?) "yuge" statements...

  • 0:30 "I made the mistake of picking a charity I was advised [sic], instead of picking a charity I am personally passionate about"

  • 0:52 "I uploaded the video and people could tell something was off"

  • 1:11 "If it was to clear my name I would have done it years ago"

  • 1:33 "I knew it wasn't perfect, but I also didn't know a lot of things that surfaced throughout the whole thing, about this charity"

  • 1:45 "These are things I would have known myself if I had just taken the time"

  • 1:56 "It doesn't feel genuine for me to proceed with the donation at this point"

So he's:

  • Undoing the donation
  • Learned about ADL
  • Admits he usually does "conspiracy research".
  • Admits he was "adviced" [sic] to donate to that particular "charity".

9-11 key clips to save. by swordofdamocles42 in conspiracy

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I completely agree about 99% of "truth channels" being a waste of time. Check into Quantum of Conscience audiobook on his channel, it will help you a TON to cut through the bullshit! I can't recommend it enough.

If you check into Josh Reeves you'll also learn about a (not so) "secret society" that is the cause of that. For what it's worth - I've been subbed to Reeves for a long time and if anyone qualifies as a "suppressed but not censored because small-fry" channel, it's him, by a million miles. Dude could literally destroy the Earth with what he knows, if he had piles of money.

He has a pair of films called The Secret Right that explores the (extremely rarely talked about) group.

I obviously missed a few other good ones like truthstream and older (dead) people like Mae Brussell - but the list was already too long.

9-11 key clips to save. by swordofdamocles42 in conspiracy

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In somewhat of an order...

The two channels I have consistently respected for a long time, despite any failings/quirks/etc that may annoy me, those are superficial, when searching for truth:

This is Bill's second last episode - and the last episode he discussed research (thus, is his "last show") and may be one of the key pieces in combining his work into modern understanding.

Channels I've been following a while:

Some newer channels I'm still not 100% or have some small issues with that don't prevent me from finding good stuff inside:

I think it would be good to compile a list of reasons NOT to watch certain "popular" "alternative" channels, but that's far more work than assembling this list.


If I had to choose from this list, those I trust 100%? None. But I trust Reeves around 99% and Cooper 99.99% (even with Reeves expose about his death). Alien Scientist is around 95% but I believe he's severely misguided/wasting his effort/time.


Bit longer than I intended, sorry, but I hope you find something you like.

9-11 key clips to save. by swordofdamocles42 in conspiracy

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Quantum of Conscience channel is somewhere in my top 5, everyone should subscribe and listen to his audiobook... it will change your life.

CIA document says that they may have found a gate to the Akashic Records. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Itzhak Bentov

I am indeed, in a synchronistic kind of way. I had been researching toroidal energy fields back in July and found this site. From there I found his concept art of the formation of the universe and this video representing said process.

He proposed the black hole/end of time, while hole/beginning of time hypothesis and subsequently died in the deadliest aviation accident to have occurred in the United States

Here's a medium sized summary

I had forgotten about him and this until you brought it up, thanks for reminding me!

Am I being shadow banned? by Vigte in Internet

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I really wish I knew, which I why I have to assume this is somehow my own dumbass fault, lol.

Am I being shadow banned? by Vigte in Internet

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Yeah if you had read the post you would know it has nothing to do with that or saidit - seeing as how you didn't, I can only infer your sole goal is to be as abrasive as possible.

Upon that side-tangent however; I'm noticing the people complaining about the titles, aren't really much of a conversational loss.

Am I being shadow banned? by Vigte in Internet

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Update: I tried the ipad/totally unrelated account (on the same wifi - as a primary test, given it failed, I now have to find a different connection to test on - probably tomorrow).

The comment appeared visibly for between 52 seconds and 3 minutes.

The only conclusion I can come to is that either: A) the channel owner is deleting the comments (which makes sense since they were obviously READING and hearting the comments at the same time I was posting) (which would be VERY odd since I am only suggesting something, which if I want to get conspiratorial - why would he be talking about 5 sided stargates and deleting my comments about six-sides?) or youtube is manually reviewing/removing based on my IP? (since it can't be based on device or "linked" G accounts).

Edit (for transparency): Self-upvoting "funny" to get this update "above" the post below.

Remarkable New Evidence for Human Activity in North America 130,000 Years Ago by Tom_Bombadil in AncientHistory

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I was wondering why the link to the article was already viewed (purple) for me...

Turns out, it's one of the ones I used in my unreleased Ice-Age/Younger Dryas film.

Damnit Tom, now I want to finish it...

As for the article: I haven't heard a PEEP about it since they were uncovered - a relatively decent video regarding it (that I also used in the unreleased film) can be found here

Another interesting and close by find is here

Am I being shadow banned? by Vigte in Internet

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That was what I was thinking (some what) - in that it appeared "IP specific". I'm about to test it by posting a comment from gf's ipad on her account on some rando video and seeing if it goes away too.

I thought at first it had to do with me having linked a few of my g-accounts, but after making the new one and trying with that (which isn't linked to the others) - it survived for a few hours then was taken down too.

Like, if it was automated it would have recognized "Boris Best" as from the same IP and just auto done it, but because it survived long enough to get upvotes, I wonder if it's being done manually (again, not by Florida Maquis, as he wouldn't have been able to pre-emptively ban my "A." account).

This kind of reminds me what happened when I tried signing up for twitter. I used my main email (the one associated with the youtube channel I posted my vid to) - sign up - sign in and ALREADY banned. This was twitters response. (Notice the time stamps from when I signed up and when they replied about me being banned. 3 minutes different.)

I haven't done anything to offend Florida Maquis - and unless he's banned accounts I never even use... then I don't know how this is happening.

Going to try your advice while I fiddle on the ipad now.

Am I being shadow banned? by Vigte in Internet

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Sorry for having to repost this multiple times - I deleted the old ones. I had issues with the video uploads, but that was on me (video editing skills at 3am are not so good (or really, any time of the day I suppose, lol)) - unrelated to this:

Not sure why the video this post links to isn't showing up above, here's an embed

THREE accounts, including one brand new one made to test this hypothesis - THREE comments from three accounts, magically don't show up the second you sign out of the commenting account.

I show the first TWO in the video - and posted a third to try and inform the user. That comment received 3 up votes before apparently disappearing also. It WAS appearing upon sign out - but when I woke up this morning: no dice. Link to the imgur from the video

The last comment I made I know was seen was this over here which the host addressed in the next show (thus I know he saw it).

Not sure what's going on - as I said in the video description, someone will probably explain what is going on, how this all works and I will feel stupid and find out it's all my fault, but until then - this is seriously vexing.

Edit: I JUST uploaded that second imgur and now trying to open it is giving me "400 Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request."

What the actual fuck is going on here.

LIVE: Hong Kong Coverage (Vigte: live as of posting, will last ???, hopefully through-out the day). by Vigte in WorldNews

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Quality is pretty crushed - I wouldn't be surprised if the internet was being throttled somewhat over there.

Advanced ape skull find changes human origin ideas (Vigte: This illustrates my problem with the modern methodology and dissemination of "science") by Vigte in history

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Okay then, problem solved.

Advanced ape skull find changes human origin ideas (Vigte: This illustrates my problem with the modern methodology and dissemination of "science") by Vigte in history

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you're now also a hippocrate.


As I also told you before, you're free to ignore my posts if you don't like my style. This is the third time you've come into threads to complain about my titles, rather than discuss the topic at hand.

Did you ever stop to consider that perhaps as per your (original) advice, I tried to take more time adding more substance to my posts, rather than rely solely on the editorialized titling?

No, of course you didn't. You see the extra-work put into recent posts as me being a "hippocrate" (it's hypocrite). You simply want to derail my threads and sling mud because you don't like my opinion and/or writing style.

At the same time I realized you were (partly) correct and I could put more effort into my posts (by, as per my time-preferences - posting when I have the time to post things fully), I also realized I don't need to rationalize my titles to you - nor do I need to have any kind of set-in-stone rules for how I do it.

If u/Magnora7 takes issue with it, then I'll stop. Otherwise I'll have to request you stop this. If you can't handle that, I'll just block you. How's that?


push your post comments to the front page.

If that's why I'm doing it, I must not be very good at it. You must be mis-seeing the front page if you're seeing my name up there lol - I haven't been up there in a while.

8 Mysterious Facts about Gunung Padang Pyramid. Geologically dated to be +20,000 years old. Indonesian Govt was offered $1 Billion for 60% ownership, after advanced technology was discovered in 2014. Excavation has not resumed since. by Tom_Bombadil in AncientHistory

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It was this particular site that started my questioning of the whole "Hancockian-Atlantis" vector the "research" community appears to be headed down.

While I personally have no evidence against this site - there are some things that stand out to me - especially when I consider my own thesis about why this is happening.

Long story short: instead of a "blue beam from space" - I think we may very well see a "Green beam from earth" - that is to say, the faking of ancient sites/artifacts/lineages to enact a political power-play.

Such a thing might explain how complaints like these, are actually occuring:

I tried to be pretty thorough before writing my critique of your work at Gunung Padang. I sought out every morsel of information I could find that you had released on the net. I watched a number of videos where you were interviewed, or where you toured the site with visiting alternative scholars, like Andrew Collins, Robert Schoch, and Semir Osmanagic of Bosnian “Pyramid” fame. I surveyed a wide sample of media reports and articles about your findings, both credulous and skeptical. Now, you say we should not make judgments or criticisms until your findings have been formally published—but your reservations do not seem to apply to the Atlantis True Believers who have been merrily building great towers of speculation on exactly the same data as I had access to. In effect, you have handed control of the Gunung Padang narrative over to the lunatic fringe, while telling those of us with any professional expertise to shut up and wait for the data. There’s something wrong with that picture.

As much as I am part of the "lunatic fringe" (and a target of and still a non-believer in - the mainstream science apparatus) being handed the site, I agree with their assessment... something is wrong here.

Indonesian government geologist Danny Natawidjaja says that his team’s work in 2011 drilled into the hill and found rocks, organic material, and possible cement that had radiocarbon dates back to 22,000 BCE. The dated organic samples were not associated with artifacts and therefore are dependent on the hypothesis that the entire hill is an artificial construction.

We all know symbols matter to those in charge.

So why is "Hancock" the first to put his name to paper (ie: resigning his social status to start change and inspire others to "sign up") - Dr Richard Firestone (and his fiery-stone... he was the one who proposed the comet theory...) - and Danny Hilman... and his... hill.

Tenuous, perhaps... but I still notice this shit and I know the enemy isn't stupid, as much as it seems at times.

Why fake an alien invasion - when you can falsely claim to be "Atlantean" - show people your (tax-payer purchased) "space ships" and "magic medicines"... and you can fire up ANY political power move YOU WANT. ANYTHING.

You want to attack China using greenbeam as the set-up? Easy. You want to get people to give up all tech by lying and saying it's what sank atlantis (or some equally stupid shit)? Easy. You want people to bow down and worship you? Easy.

Why eliminate most of the population, when they are your "cash cows"... literally. Let the cows fight over the slowly depleted resources, it won't touch you in the ivory tower, right? Time and time again, they show a propensity for NOT wanting to get their own hands dirty.

That's why I say fuck aliens, fuck blue beam - it's THIS shit - this archeology shit, that's what the real plan is. Just as I said they will make a conspiracy theorist of as many people as possible, so they can use the outrage to over-throw the old world order - they will equally use this "new-archaeology" to overthrow previous history and rewrite it (to their benefit, obviously).

Tread carefully.