Reddit shill thread turns into red-pill extravaganza by Vigte in conspiracy

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Essentially, what (I can only assume) was intended to blue-pill the normies, ended up producing a lot of "hmmms" and "I never noticed that" - along with a barrage of "Don't be evil" mockery of their former motto and "No wonder chrome takes up so much of my RAM, damn you satan!"

I took the opportunity to throw some more red-pills into the thread at users who seemed to be on the fence about it - and actually received some upvotes. Atheists were bashing religion and getting downvoted into oblivion, people saying "Hail satan" were getting mocked. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Every person we manage to wake up - is not just one more person for us, it's also one less for them.

We are the zombie apocalypse and we are growing.

Take heart friends, the battle is not over yet.

[Reddit] TheBanout2018: "Yesterday, we recieved this message from the admins" by noah in conspiracy

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There was a jpg posted on r/conspiracy... let me see... seems to not be there anymore. Go figure.

Edit: Here

Google Knows Where You’ve Been, but Does It Know Who You Are? by Vigte in technology

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A really good article exploring the usage of the data google collects (and even goes so far as to imply they've been lying).

In August, The Associated Press published an investigation into how Google handles the data it collects, following a curious discovery by a graduate researcher at U.C. Berkeley. For years, the company has allowed users to control their “location history,” which stores a detailed record of where they’ve been, based primarily on their activity in Google Maps. This, the researcher suggested — and The A.P. confirmed — did not work as advertised.


We’re often aware that Google is logging our whereabouts.


The overwhelming volume of this information demonstrates just how deep, and inescapable, our relationships with the company have become. And it can be sneakily transformative. To see months of your own search history repeated back to you in list form is to suffer a strange mixture of your most mundane and anxious — and largely forgotten — moments.

Patt leaves his on. “For me, it’s the story of my entire teenage years,” he said. Where I saw a surveillance file, he saw a biography. Google was the author of both, but for now at least it was interested in neither.

For now... until you piss someone off. Then it's fair game time.

A Multi-Messenger Era For Solar Astronomy – The Revolution Of DKIST And Parker Solar Probe - NSO - National Solar Observatory (Linked to Sunspot, NM) by Vigte in conspiracy

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NSF’s DKI Solar Telescope, Parker, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe and the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter will work together to help scientists unravel the mystery of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration.

From the article.

This article on their official website says:

Recently, the NSO has been focusing their efforts on the gargantuan task of finishing construction on the DKSIT telescope,

There was also an interesting comment from two weeks ago here, on tripadvisor

Reviewed 2 weeks ago

In transition but still interesting:

Management of the site is in transition. Only one telescope was open to the public IF you catch the employee there, which we were fortunate enough to do. Visitor center has some interesting exhibits. Amazing view of the whole valley below is worth the short walk.