Western Global Airlines N545JN - A CIA cargo plane that made an emergency landing at Harare, Zimbabwe. Ground staff got curious about the blood stains on the side and when they investigated they discovered that as well as 67 tonnes of banknotes it had a body on board. by WikiSpooks in conspiracy

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OK, I'll probably put this account on ice, having taken a first step to prevent the site being misrepresented here :-)

Solitude can help people look at things from new perspectives. I think TPTB intimidate people into the different identity groups not just as a way to stop people from rebelling against the status quo, but also as a way to keep them away from deeper spiritual experiences. by HibikiBlack in C_S_T

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Charles Eisenstein writes in "Ascent of Humanity" that "boredom" and "entertainment" are modern concepts that had to be invented; humans used, like other animals, to be quite content to quietly reflect on the world around them.