San Francisco Declares State of Emergency For Monkeypox by StillLessons in news

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San Francisco is one of the most disgusting puss-filled infestations you'll ever find.

And it also has Monkeypox.

Israeli woman, 30, reveals how Biden's Secret Service agent brutally beat her in unprovoked attack and slams them for 'covering it up' by [deleted] in news

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Oh. My. God.

Biden Secret Service is...


Press the button by BravoVictor in funny

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The other line I've loved hearing is, "Well, if woman are going to be FORCED to give birth, then men should be FORCED to support their child!"

You mean like how the law requiring men provide child support already works?

NYPD Source: Weiner Laptop Has Enough Evidence “to Put Hillary ... Away for Life” - The New American by cottoneyejoe in news

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Sounds like the lamest remake of The Ring.

I got banned from a sub for posting *nuance* on the transgender issue. Nuance, and expressing opinions that go beyond the simple tribal ones, is apparently as bad to reddit mods and admins as going whole hog with the wrong tribe is. by SychoShine509 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Who is going to control them to prevent them from having such a "right" to say their "facts"? Isn't that censorship too? Censorship is censorship no matter who it serves.

Stopping existing pro-left censorship should be enough. Their beliefs are so insane and so in contradiction to science and basic common sense that any contact with the truth destroys it. That's why the left is so desperate to censor everyone attacking the alphabet people. It's the only way for their message to survive.

Seriously, this sounds like the "chooses to be gay" nonsense/bullshit again.

It's hardly bullshit. The left obviously believes sexual orientation is a choice. That's why they call it pride. You don't have "pride" in an innate quality. You don't have pride in have two feet or brown hair. You have pride in an accomplishment that you chose to do. That's why they need to brainwash kids into chosing to be sexually degenerate. Libs of TikTok have tons of videos of these scumbags saying, in their own words, exactly that, and how they're trying to corrupt and groom kids.

And science shows us our brains are malleable, especially at a young age. So you can corrupt kids when they're young, they'll be broken for the rest of their lives, which is why molested kids usually never grow up to have normal sexual lives or relationships.

Shunning and ostracizing the mentally ill is sick.

Then what's the solution? Allow pedophiles, groomers and degenerates to molest and defile kids and censor everyone trying to stop them?

I will try my darndest to subvert attempts to do so.

Ok groomer. We're done. There's no saving you. When the country's in flames, and you're all alone, remember you fought your darndest to make it happen.

Pro-Abortion Terrorists Firebomb Buffalo Pro-Life Pregnancy Center by Drewski in news

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"If we can't kill our babies, then we'll try and kill yours."

Democrats are literally Satanic scum.

I got banned from a sub for posting *nuance* on the transgender issue. Nuance, and expressing opinions that go beyond the simple tribal ones, is apparently as bad to reddit mods and admins as going whole hog with the wrong tribe is. by SychoShine509 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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You weren't banned for your opinion. You were banned for that unreadable wall of text and tons of run on sentences.

But no, trannies do not have a "right" to make up their own facts, or dictate to biologists what is a man and a woman.

Gender is not an affectation you can slip on like a pair of underwear.

These people have a horrible mental illness and deserve to be helped if they're willing to be helped, or to be shunned and ostracized if they're unwilling, so they're mental illness doesn't harm others.

A Name You Can Trust by [deleted] in pics

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Wigga please!

Geotracking isn't accurate... by BravoVictor in politics

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I'm not familiar with the exact tech they used. You're right about cell tower signal strength throwing off accuracy. However, I know most cell phones use both cell tower triangulation and GPS to estimate location, since there's a neat math trick you can use with Gaussian distributions where you can take two low quality signals and merge them into a higher quality signal.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Getting Sand In Your Vagina by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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“The vagina is like a self cleaning oven”

You shouldn't put you cat in either of them.

Fuck the MIC. by AcceleratedWallops in politics

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Since Sanders just voted for the $40 billion giveaway to the war industry, that's pretty solid proof he's just another rank-and-file corporate Democrat, and the "socialist" thing was just a gimmick he used to get votes.

To be fair, that's why most politicians claim to be socialists. The richest people in "socialist" countries are usually the politicians.

Fuck the MIC. by AcceleratedWallops in politics

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  1. Russia's already "won" in the sense that they're well on their way to annexing the areas populated by ethnic Russias, who we've been trying to exterminate.
  2. Giving Ukraine $40 billion won't actually go to Ukraine, much less "help the US be safer" or "stop WW3". Most of the money is graft going to US weapons manufacturers, and the actual weapons are flooding the black market or just getting destroyed by Russia as soon as they make it to Ukraine.

It's not the Cold War any longer. This is no longer a US vs USSR fight. This is now a DC-swamp vs the rest of the world fight.

Fuck the MIC. by AcceleratedWallops in politics

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Because it's all a gimmick he does to get votes. He doesn't actually give a shit about the people who vote for him. He only cares about the people who own him.

Fuck the MIC. by AcceleratedWallops in politics

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He just voted to give $40 billion to MIC, along with every other Democrat...

Fuck Bernie Sanders, hypocritical piece of shit.

Right-Wing Christian Activist: Masturbation Is Gay Because “You’re Having Sex With Yourself” by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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It's a man having sex with a man.

He's technically correct.

Zelensky signs bill allowing Ukraine to confiscate assets of Russia supporters by [deleted] in news

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Yeah, Zelensky's definitely not losing control.

Banning opposition political parties, nationalizing all media outlets, and literally stealing from everyone who doesn't support you is what the "good guy" does right before he wins...

If I were an ethnic Russian living in Kharkiv, I'd be desperately hoping the Russian army takes the city. Because the alternative is living as a slave under a Zelensky dictatorship.

Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June. That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit. by [deleted] in technology

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Yeah, I believe Google's policy has been to auto-deactivate the "less secure clients", e.g. the normal username/password authentication every user normally uses through the web UI, for scripts ever 6 months. I've run into that myself for some script automation I've written and it's really fucking annoying. Especially because the alternative, setting up Google API tokens, is a massive fucking PITA and is horribly documented and poorly supported.

Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June. That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit. by [deleted] in technology

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Imagine being so dumb as to think your data is safe with Google...

They don't give a shit about their user's "data security". They sell their user's data to the highest bidder. Google's just trying to use that as a pretext to edge out their competitors because they're taking away ad revenue from users who would otherwise have to use the Gmail web UI.

I began plans to ditch Gmail after all the internal leaks post 2020 election showing they were going to start censoring and meddling in their users political lives, and then I finally ditched Gmail last year for Protonmail, which has pretty good feature parity and was able to import all my Google data. They do have a small monthly subscription fee, but I'm willing to pay that if it means they won't sell my data and will Google some competition.

Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” by Orangutan in politics

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Do you have any idea how many people those could have hurt if Saddam had started throwing them at people?

All the gold won't be hurting anyone else, so siree!

Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.” by Orangutan in politics

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Democrats in the audience, who called him a war criminal just 10 years ago: "Hahahahahahaha. Oh you little scamp!"

At first I thought the headline was a Babylon Bee article. But it's fucking real.

They say a gaffe is when a politician accidentally says the truth.

So many posts about Republican neofascism by [deleted] in politics

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being systematically replaced by non-whites and that non-whites should be attacked because of this.

But that's just it. The left fully acknowledges that Replacement Theory is true. The US government's been pursing the policy since the 60s. And the left celebrates it. But then they attack their political opponents when they mention that the left celebrates it, not because anyone's pushing to attack minorities. Carlson has never said, "kill minorities" or even anything remotely like it. He only mentions what the left says, and that's his crime. Exposing the left's racism.

Campaign finance reform has been necessary so that the richest people cannot merely buy themselves government seats.

Agree to disagree. In any case, allowing Ted Cruz to collect an extra $10k in donations is not going to worsen our system. Democrats out-spend Republicans. Both Hillary and Biden campaigns outspent Trump. Democrats even outspent Ted Cruz.

If money allowed politicians to simply buy elections, every political seat would be held by Democrats. But /r/politics wants us to think big ol mean Ted Cruz is the villain here? It's deflection.

the Parkland father and others concerned about the numerous mass shootings in the US blame DeSantis and Republicans because they are the ones pushing the far right fascist propaganda that inspires young people,

And that's why he's such a brainwashed idiot. 10x more blacks die each day in US cities, each day, thanks to Democrat policies and gun violence. And even more black-on-white crime is committed. That's why they have to push this shootings, because otherwise people would start to realize the problem with crime in the US is fueled by Democrats, not Republicans. Nothing DeSantis has every said or done would lead anyone to suspect he's for "fascist" policies, whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders tells his supporters that Republicans want to murder everyone, and then pretends to be surprised when one of his dipshit supporters actually goes out and tries to gun down Republicans. Isn't it interesting how no Democrat is every responsible for their words or actions, but every Republican everywhere is responsible for anything bad happening anywhere regardless of their words or actions?

It sounds like you're a woke troll, so we're done here, and I respectfully recommend you stay on Reddit. We don't need your toxic bullshit here. If you're not, then I apologize.

Israeli defense minister warns Tel Aviv may soon lose control of occupied Palestine by [deleted] in WorldNews

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On the plus side, just imagine how wonderfully diverse Israel will become when the Arab majority comes into power?

If NPR and MSNBC have taught me anything, all of Israel's problems will go away!

So many posts about Republican neofascism by [deleted] in politics

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Schumer: Fox News Is Spreading the 'Poison' of the Replacement Theory

Heh, I've always loved the left's schizophrenic reaction to replacement theory. Sometimes you can even see them switch between views in the same paragraph.

"I hate white people. We need to eradicate them. Ha! Look at this demographics map comparing 2008 to 2018! 10% fewer white people! Yay! Open borders! No immigration from Europe! Oh wait, <insert random conservative> is talking about replacement theory? Racists! That theory's been debooonked! Only klansmen and Tucker Carlson talk about it...probably. I don't listen to Carlson so I'm only guessing, but probably."

Ted Cruz just convinced the Supreme Court to make it easier to bribe lawmakers

That's an odd interesting spin. The law prevented a politician from using donations to pay back their own loan above a certain amount They're recupping money they already had, it's not just an open call to throw hoards of cash at a politician. One of the liberal justices even agreed with Cruz that the regulation was illegal.

Parkland father blames Ron DeSantis, other Republicans for Buffalo shooting

Haha. Why would DeSantis kill all those wonderful people hundreds of miles away? WHY LORD WHY?!?!?!

Propaganda war going hot early. Looks like Democrats are already certain DeSantis will be the Republican's 2024 Presidential nominee.

California panel unanimously rejects proposal for plant to turn ocean water into drinking water by BravoVictor in news

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If this is the case then what is stopping this committee from approving it?

For the exact reason they cite. They care more about marine life, in any form, than human life. That's been Democrat's ethos for years.

NPC.exe is downloading an update, please wait... by BravoVictor in politics

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"Suspected in phone terrorism" can be everyone.

Due process doesn't mean "laws you like" or "laws with no ambiguity". Due process means there's a documented legal process to subjecting someone to the will of the state while respecting rights that that state has previously said it will respect. Just because you dislike Russia's laws doesn't mean it doesn't have due process. The US has almost identical laws. If you're suspected of terrorism in any sense that someone in power judges it, you can be disappeared by the government. That was the whole controversy around Guantanamo Bay, because DC liked to use it as a legal black hole where they could hold political prisoners and suspected "terrorists" indefinitely.

Voted for Trump? Obama had the FBI wire-tap his campaign, in an attempt to defeat his party's political rival. Even after Trump won, the FBI started investigating and arresting his supporters in 2017 and tried to find some reason to arrest Trump while he was in office, ironically trying to blame his success on Russia despite no evidence. Now, 6 years later, they're finally admitting the only person who paid for research from Russia was a member of Hillary's campaign.

General and biased news sites:

Thanks, I'll check those out.

California panel unanimously rejects proposal for plant to turn ocean water into drinking water by BravoVictor in news

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But that's just nonsense. Most of the "marine life" they're referring to are microbes. What do you think happens when your toilet water gets treated? All "marine life" in it gets killed. They're not sucking up whales and dolphins.

You're right about the high cost, but that's true of virtually all desalination plants. However, that's still cheaper than trucking in water from hundreds of miles away.

NPC.exe is downloading an update, please wait... by BravoVictor in politics

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Inappropriate comparison.

How so? Putin isn't rounding up anyone without due process (except for sponsors of state terrorism, but then again the US does the exact same thing now thanks to the "Patriot Act"). Russia has a very robust court system. People are arrested for breaking the law that their politicians create for political reasons. You think the US works differently? The comparison is quite appropriate.

We live in different dimensions. You're wining about "mah fecebook doesn't allow free speech", while we never had it at the first place.

You're mostly right. Pre-social media, only the rich and powerful had any true free speech. But that's just it. The hoi polloi actually did start to have it for a little bit, somewhere between 2005 to 2015. The emergence of social media through the Internet allowed people to actually have free speech on a mass scale and bypass the large media outlets.

Then the unthinkable happened. All these stupid people didn't vote for who they were supposed to vote for in 2016. The candidates were supposed to be Hillary vs Jeb, and Hillary was supposed to be corronated queen because that's who their betters told them to vote for. But instead all these fucking idiots voted for Trump because most Democrats and Republicans both hated their establishment class of politicians. We almost got a Trump vs Bernie election, but corruption in the DNC ensured he'd never win the primary.

So to stop that from ever happening again, and make sure people vote for who they're "supposed" to vote for, we went back to the pre-social media days where only the "proper" people had free speech on social media and where the official DC political narrative was allowed. And the conventional media outlets stopped pretending to be objective and went full shill. That's why you even had NPR lying and saying the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was "Russian disinformation" so they weren't even going to report on it, when now the FBI has confirmed it's legit.

Take a sip of reality, read some russian media (not only RT, it's propaganda) about actual things, with names, cases, places, dates.

I do. If you don't try and listen to both sides, you'll definitely be lost. It's all propaganda. They clearly have their own propaganda angle, but some legit truths slip through now and then, both good and bad for Russia.

Which ones do you recommend?

Hercules by [deleted] in memes

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I have a cat. Can confirm.

Does not compute by send_nasty_stuff in memes

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Ah, but since logic is also racist, they can ignore it, thus they are immune to your logic!

NPC.exe is downloading an update, please wait... by BravoVictor in politics

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Yeah, in the US you can be jailed for violating "sanctions" against Russia. In the past, you could also be jailed for speaking out against wars. Those laws are still on the books, but I don't think they've actually been used since WWII.

Democrats are moving to criminalize free speech in general too, thus their Orwellian "disinformation board" to literally tell you what to believe. Do you love seeing the creation of that? Does it remind you of your homeland? If Putin rolled out a "ministry of truth", we'd be mocking it as something only a comic book villain would do, but Biden does it and all the puppets in the media cheer.

That's the difference between the US and Russia. Why jail someone when you can simply ensure virtually no one can hear what they have to say? In the US's digital world, where 99% of the public gets all their news from a handful of websites all run by one of 4 mega corps, that's super easy. If Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook ban you, no one's going to hear you, no matter how much you shout from your "blog" or on a street corner.

Governments jail their political opponents so people don't hear what they have to say. The US is no exception, but they've more efficient about it. Jails are expensive, but Internet bans are essentially free. Russia wishes they were as good at propaganda as we are. Americans are struggling to afford food and housing, but the media's convinced them that a war on the other side of the planet in the country they've never heard of is their actual biggest problem that we should be spending billions of dollars on.

Ironically, in Ukraine, the "democratic" country we're told to support, free speech has been banned, all political parties in the parliament opposing Zelensky have been outlawed, and all the country's tv stations have been nationalized. Sounds like something we're told Putin would do, not a "fighter for democracy"...

NPC.exe is downloading an update, please wait... by BravoVictor in politics

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Because it's their own business.

I don't know what you meant buy this. The yard owner's business? The Afghanis business?

Yeah, obviously both of those are true, but I think you missed my point. In the US, we're largely brainwashed and told what causes to support by the government. And the government has told us to support Ukraine, so many do, whereas the government has told us to ignore Afghanistan, so we do.

I don't give a single fuck about US political system, reps/dem shit and their supporters.

You should give a fuck about the US political system, because it wants to become the world's political system whether you want it to or not.

NPC.exe is downloading an update, please wait... by BravoVictor in politics

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Yep, Russia is literally killing a trillion people in Ukraine. I heard it on CNN, so it must be true.

Meanwhile, the UN estimated a million people died in Iraq as a result of the US invasion. And millions more are now starving to death in Afghanistan due to US sanctions, not including the tens of thousands killed during the 20 year long invasion and war.

Yet you'll never see a "I stand with Afghanistan" flag anywhere in the US.

No politician in DC gives a shit about any Ukrainian. Democrats are just using them as a puppet in a proxy war against Russia, because they still blame them for Trump winning in 2016.

Activism, Uncensored: Abortion Protests Spark "Coast to Coast" Conflict by BravoVictor in politics

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I've never liked the term "coast-to-coast" to describe these political fights. It's more like "coast and coast". Outside of LA, DC and NYC, the rest of the country is pretty quiet.

Biden Wanted $33B More For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Raised it to $40B. Who Benefits? by BravoVictor in politics

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What has happened to the internet? by ChillGuy in Introductions

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I'm not sure what the word for it is, but I think the big problem with Reddit is that it's largely the most mentally stunted and deficient people who become moderators, and then those people, with their toxic culture and mental problems, make everything else cancerous. Smart, intelligent, well-balanced people don't typically waste their time moderating online communities because they're usually busy doing things like raising a family, running a business, learning a new skill or exercising. Things most Redditors know little about.

Unfortunately, like Plato once said, those who refuse to participate in politics, or in this case forum moderation, end up being governed by their inferiors. So now the lunatics are running the asylum.

What has happened to the internet? by ChillGuy in Introductions

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don't be evil

They didn't drop their motto. They just tweaked it.

Biden Wanted $33B More For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Raised it to $40B. Who Benefits? by BravoVictor in politics

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China is likely next, depending if the group vying for WWIII takes control. They'll probably cross red lines on Taiwan hoping for China to respond.

I doubt it, not now that China has a larger economy than the US. The time to instigate a war with China was 20 years ago, not now that the US economy is tanking, while China's economy is growing.

The neo-cons will bluster and threaten, might even apply some low-grade economic warfare like sanctions, but that's all they'll do against China. They coupled themselves too closely to China. They can't directly bully China anymore.

I live in PA and so I follow politics and news in the state pretty closely. PA's Montgomery county, just outside of Philadelphia, was one of the first huge hotspots of Covid in early 2020, because it's a big center for corporate pharmaceutical companies whose executives and businessmen travel to China a lot, specifically Wuhan.

They can't attack China directly, either militarily or economically in any meaningful way. They have too much cash invested over there. That's also why both India and China feel emboldened to ditch the petro-dollar and tacitly support Russia. They see the sun setting on the US empire, and they want off that sinking ship to carve out their own economic spheres of influence.

More human remains found at Lake Mead days after body found in barrel by Zapped in news

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Wow. Sure are a lot of people sealing themselves in barrels and then jumping in the reservoir.

Weird hobby.

Kathy Barnette: We need to STOP growing the federal government! Who’s with me? 🙋🏾‍♀️ by AXXA in politics

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I can't tell if she's genuine or just pandering and grifting. I think she ran for a House seat last time, but I haven't really heard much about her.

Even if she's a fraud, I'll vote for her before I vote for that carpet bagging piece of shit "Dr Oz". Trump must have lost his mind to have endorsed him. At least Barnette is pretending to care.

PJW is no longer alt-light by [deleted] in videos

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Uh-oh. PJW doesn't realize who his masters are. Expect to get hammered.

Social Media by Questionable in conspiracy

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That is interesting. Tell me more about Social Media.'s gone. by [deleted] in memes

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Although if you still have other assets, great time to buy. Bought me some cheap Bitcoin too.

Stephen Colbert cancels upcoming tapings of The Late Show while dealing with a 'recurrence' of COVID-19... two weeks after first testing positive by [deleted] in news

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Sadly, for the nation, he's expected to make a full recovery.

Deletionpedia - rescuing articles from Wikipedia's deletionism by [deleted] in Internet

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It's millions of files of plaintext, each multipled hundreds of thousands of times by continual edits. That adds up, even with compression.

You're right in that storage space is relatively cheap, and with the right funding and infrastructure, it could be done, but Wikipedia isn't Youtube. It doesn't have multi-million dollar venture capital funding and hoards of advertisers waiting to give them money. It's mostly a volunteer operation being run by left-wing partisans who have to make every penny count. That's why they run that banner ad begging for money every other month.

Case in point, Imgur doesn't store images forever. It deletes them after a while. Youtube keeps things around indefinitely, but they're basically Google, and they're using that content to drive revenue, so they can afford it.

I told you so. by BravoVictor in politics

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His one against Stormy Daniels was good. First guy in history to get a refund from a prostitute...

Thomas say Supreme Court won't be 'bullied,' amid protests on pending decision on abortion case by [deleted] in politics

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white liberals harass black judge at his home because he won't let them kill their kids

Also white liberals: "America is a hateful racist country!"

I mean...I guess they're right. But not for the reason they think.

Are calls to violence allowed on saidit? by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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Reddit's not the only site that bans threats of violence. Literally every US based site does that because US law requires they do that.

SOCKS IS BANNED. by JasonCarswell in news

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Even free speech sites have to enforce the law, and calls for violence are against US law.

Deletionpedia - rescuing articles from Wikipedia's deletionism by [deleted] in Internet

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That would be very expensive to maintain. That's what Wikipedia was original built to do, but maintaining that much version history just took up too much space, so they were forced to do maintenance deletions.

How Democrats Con You Into Voting On Abortion Crisis They Created! (18:33) ~ The Jimmy Dore Show by JasonCarswell in politics

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I think Dore's off about this.

They do sensationalize abortion to an absurd amount, but the Democrats don't control SCOTUS, as much as they'd love to politicize it and use is as a second legislature.

That's why they always lie about the conservatives on the court, and claim allowing states to rule on the matter is them "forcing" blue states to do anything. The Dem leadership knows most Democrats are fucking idiots and won't actually research future rulings, much less Roe v Wade itself. A lot of Democrats think Roe legalized abortion in all cases, when it didn't.

The CIA's role in arming Afghanistan's drug lords and how Britain protects the biggest heroin crops. (Daily Mail 2007) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The CIA ultimately needs people who care more about money and fighting the Taliban than improving Afghanistan or Europe, and who better than drug lords and Britain's own globohomo shills.

All that matters is DC obtaining control. Everything else, about who's a bad guy and who's a terrorist, is PR and optics.

Ukraine Alone Makes Biden The Worst US President In A Long Time by Drewski in politics

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Biden is a traitor. His party investigated Trump for allegedly colluding with Russia as a diversion, and now this piece of shit actively colludes with a country where his son was acting as a go-between to launder money, and now Biden's writing them a check for billions.

It's no wonder he's pushing for these high-profile visits of Democrats to Ukraine. If Ukraine falls, all his dirty laundry is going to be exposed.

In a just world, Biden would be arrested, tried, and executed for treason. At best, he's a puppet. At worst, he's literally trying to destroy the US.

Pediatrician's plea to parents: Do NOT make your own baby formula by [deleted] in news

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If only there was some God-given way that women could feed their infants...

Deep in my bones by BravoVictor in politics

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Sometimes. Sometimes it even works. However, if they take hormone treatments, that often makes them infertile.

Nazis at Azovstal offer to exchange civilians for food and medicine by BravoVictor in WorldNews

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I'm not calling them Nazis. Our Congress and media are.

Granted, that was before this fact became inconvenient, then they began memory holing everything so they could rationalize giving them billions in weapons.

If even NBC is admitting it, and they're basically a mouthpiece for the CIA, who employ lots of ex-CIA officials, then it's definitely not just "Russia disinformation".

US Intel Assisted In Sinking Russian Flagship Vessel: Officials Claim Bombshell Escalation by zyxzevn in WarWatch

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Not surprised. Hitting any Russia warship, much less the flagship, seemed a bit unbelievable for Ukraine's incompetent military. But with the US pulling the strings, telling them exactly where our spy satellites say their ships are? I can believe that.

NOT A JOKE: Los Angeles DA George Gascón will not pursue felony charges against the man who attacked Dave Chappelle by [deleted] in news

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At least the guy got the shit kicked out of him.

Nazis at Azovstal offer to exchange civilians for food and medicine by BravoVictor in WorldNews

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The Supreme Court "Leak" is Designed to Galvanize the Dems and Reduce Midterm Losses by cottoneyejoe in conspiracy

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I've heard that theory and I just don't buy it. The decision would have come out in a month or so, and the Dem's reaction would have been the same. There was nothing to be gained by leaking it, other than to hope the outcry from the left pressures at least one justice to change their mind in a split 5/4 decision before the decision is official.

By leaking it, the clerk's legal career is definitely over, and he might also end up in jail. Even a dipshit lefty wouldn't do that just to give some empty suit running for re-election a poll bump.

Why would the Supreme Court strike down the holiest of rulings to liberals right now?

In one word? Science.

This issue came before the court because the left challenged a Mississippi law that says the point of viability, before which abortion cannot be legally obstructed under Roe v Wade, is now 15 weeks instead of the original 20 weeks.

Many leftists have never read the original Roe vs Wade opinion and don't even know what it says. They think it prevents abortion from being banned, which it explicitly does not. It only restricts it prior to the point of viability, when a fetus can survive outside of the womb with the aid of medical science. That was essentially the court's litmus test for determining when human life began legally, and therefore when the laws against murder and apply to the fetus. The ruling satisfied no one, but it was the best they could come up with in the 70s.

The only hitch is medical science has improved a lot since the 70s. Now, the point of viability is much earlier, so Mississippi went and made it official.

So the court had to either:

  1. ignore science and rule against Mississippi
  2. rule in favor of Mississippi and restrict abortion nationwide by acknowledging the new 15 week threshold
  3. completely overturn Roe v Wade on the grounds that the ruling makes no sense in its core, and let states handle it

It looks like a majority of the justices wisely chose the third option.

The left is freaking out because, quite simply, they're idiots, and don't actually understand the law or what is is they're protesting. The court's ruling is the best-case option for them, because it allows the "pro-choice" crowd to effectively have all the abortions they want in states they control, while allowing pro-life states to end a practice they view as murder.

In other words, for the left, nothing really has changed for them. Life has only gotten better for the right, and that's what they're so angry about. Someone somewhere is doing something they don't like, and that offends the leftist ego that knows no bounds.


[–]BravoVictor 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

You'd be surprised how many Redditors think Roe v Wade made abortion legal everywhere, or that the Mississippi case SCOTUS was considering wanted to ban all abortion.

Assuming SCOTUS does rescind Roe, it will actually be the most pro-choice action the court could have logically taken.

The Mississippi law this case was based on just wanted to redefine the point of viability at 15 weeks. Why's this important? Because Roe v Wade only bans abortion before the point of viability. But that decision was made back in the 70s. Medical science has come a long way since then. Now, a fetus is viable outside the womb much earlier, which is what the Mississippi law was written to update.

So the court had three basic ways to rule:

  1. Rule against the Mississippi law and ignore all the science that says a fetus can now survive outside the womb far earlier than 20 weeks. As much as the left would love to uphold the status quo, even they can't ignore science forever.
  2. Uphold the Mississippi law and redefine the point of viability nation wide as 15 weeks, effectively restricting abortion nation wide, even in blue states. The left would have fewer abortions, even in far left states where abortions are effectively state subsidized. Can't have that.
  3. Completely overturn Roe v Wade, and let states decide for themselves. The left will whine and moan and act like the world is ending, but this is the best possible solution, not just for them, but for everyone. It essentially maintains the status quo for blue states, so purple haired toxic feminists can keep on having all the "free" abortions they want, while it also unshackles red states so they can enact laws to end what they see as the murder of children in their states.

This is looking like a surprisingly good ruling. Abortion is obviously a controversial topic. Whatever choice society makes to address it should be done through representative means, not through 9 un-elected justices. What a majority of those justices did was to return that difficult decision to the people in a way that causes the least amount of disruption.


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What else are you expecting on hot button political issues where the opinions are mutually exclusive and there is zero middle ground?

The left sees abortion as both life saving healthcare and way to untether human biology from responsibility so sex can become a commodity.

The right see abortion as literal murder.

The left will never settle for just a little life saving healthcare or a little commodity sex.

The right will never settle for just a little murder.

There is no middle ground. Inevitably, tempers flair as each side sees the other as a monster standing in the way of correcting an injustice.

I'd agree with you insofar that I just don't have the energy for all the toxic negativity, even if I do believe liberals are horribly immoral and especially hypocritical on the topic of abortion. But hey, the Internet is where people vent.

Any Reddit Alternarives that are NOT memes and actually have discussion? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I hear Saidit's pretty good.