Holy shit boys by IndianaJones in whatever

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It might've been automatically set to restricted due to magnora7's inactivity on the sub. There was an announcement about this 3 years ago, but I'm not sure what the exact criteria are.

Several notorious free speech advocates are missing by Vulptex in conspiracy

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Hi again. I've just been inactive because I've kind of lost interest in SaidIt.

Would you beat the shit out of reddit powermods just to get you're account back by Sensitivead in AskSaidIt

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I've never been suspended on reddit, but I wouldn't care that much if I were because I rarely post there anymore.

What are some examples of distinctions that exist in written English but not spoken English? Do you also know of any examples in other languages? by cqtz in AskSaidIt

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I guess Magic vs Magik is one you'll see Wickins use sometimes. Christians make a distinction in meaning between god and God that isn't clear in spoken language.

Those are the kinds of examples I was looking for! Another example involving capitalization that I found online was conservative "resistant to change" and Conservative "part of the Conservative party".

What prompted me to ask this question was probably things like emoticons :), internet slang like "h8", and jokes involving homophones. I'm kind of obsessed with this kind of stuff for some reason.

I've heard of your examples about Chinese before. I think the Chinese writing system is interesting because there are few other modern writing systems like it. There are some interesting looking characters like 串 "string/chain of objects" and 凹 "concave". I like looking up the origins of Chinese characters the same way I like looking up the origins of words in other languages (I use Wiktionary, and I don't know how accurate it is).

Another thing I find interesting is false friends between Japanese and Chinese. One I've heard of is 勉強 "to study" (Japanese) / "reluctantly" (Chinese).

What are some examples of distinctions that exist in written English but not spoken English? Do you also know of any examples in other languages? by cqtz in AskSaidIt

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I've looked at too much content related to them so it was the second example I thought of. I do wish I could've come up with a better example.

Poll on r/polls, redditors are mostly disagreeing with the r/TiA ban. by incorgnito in TumblrInAction

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If it did get removed, it's not anymore. The results are 2.6k Yes (36.5%) and 4.5k No (63.5%). I remember it was locked at one point before being unlocked.

Feeling *actual depression* from the loss of r/TiA by Pure_Aeternus in TumblrInAction

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Perhaps u/Pure_Aeternus can ask d3rr on Reddit to see if he can retrieve his messages easily.

I wanted to post about camas reddit search, but it looks like /u/Pure_Aeternus knows about it already. :)

I actually remember you for a post you made in /r/subredditcancer a long time ago about telling whether a post has been removed. I still use that trick today because I don't like switching to new reddit. Nowadays I hang out on rdrama too.

Feeling *actual depression* from the loss of r/TiA by Pure_Aeternus in TumblrInAction

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There was a reddit html archiver by /u/d3rr that uses data from Pushshift. I've never used it before though.

By the way, hi RedPillDessert. I recognize your name from Reddit.

Rest in peace r/TumblrInAction by lunarstrain in TumblrInAction

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Communities.win, I think

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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It seems to be restricted.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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That's so gay, I got monkeypox.

Good for Jay-Day for abandoning LGB/T.

Based on this comment, I assume that AmericanMuskrat dislikes the LGBT.

the gay/lesbian community has been hijacked by your type

The gay/lesbian community has been hijacked by homophobes? I guess this makes sense if you say that it's been hijacked by trans people who say not wanting to date them is wrong?

You do realize almost 95% of trans people are your type, right? Straight men destroying themselves with a lesbian fetish and straight women destroying themselves with their gay fetish towards gay guys?

AmericanMuskrat is a homophobe with a gay/lesbian fetish? That was what I assumed you meant at first, but now I realize "your type" means "straight people" (does it?).

It's the army of straight girls like your niece who mutilate their bodies and "identify" as gay guys and remove their breasts.

These people make up over 90% of the trans community. Yes, your type.

AmericanMuskrat's niece is transgender? Again, I'm not really sure why you're bringing him and his relatives into this. "Your type" still just refers to straight people, right?

And no, you havent presented some revelation that gays/lesbians already dont know: that you're all a minimum of 10% gay, which is why you're called "bisexual-heterosexuals...bi-hets".

I'm not involved in LGB/T discourse, so the terminology here is new to me. Is this referring to the "accessory gays" in his comment? I'm not really sure where the "10%" comes from.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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This conversation is confusing me.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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I used to wonder how long the sub could last with how few active users it appeared to have. A lot of users here on SaidIt are anti-LGB, so it seemed that it would be hard for them to grow their userbase.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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I don't hear about that many sub bans on SaidIt in general.

Someone is impersonating me on Twitter, Elon Musk help! by Vulptex in whatever

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I think it's just some random person with the same name. Most of their posts are about roleplaying. If it were an impersonator, I think they'd tweet more about cabals/free speech/politics/the matrix.

By the way, someone linked to your SaidIt post on rdrama.net.

Approach Zero is a math-aware search engine by TheRealPanzer in Internet

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That's cool. It looks like it currently only indexes Math StackExchange and Art of Problem Solving.

Merry Christmas saidit! by magnora7 in whatever

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Merry Christmas!

The New York Times published an article about the website Sanctioned Suicide by cqtz in whatever

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About s/reclassified by [deleted] in reclassified

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The only mod /u/LiterarilyHonkler deleted their account, so this sub no longer has any mods.

The New York Times published an article about the website Sanctioned Suicide by cqtz in whatever

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(This is a repost because /s/SanctionedSuicide is not on /s/all)

I don't use the site, but I used to browse the subreddit (/r/SanctionedSuicide) because it was one of those subs that was inevitably going to be banned. The content wasn't that interesting (complaints about life, vague posts about suicide methods, and the occasional survey or news article), but it was quite open (at least in terms of the rules/moderation) compared to other subreddits. All I can say is that I kind of miss it and am glad that there's a site continuing its legacy. I am not familiar with the site and thus can't comment much further about it.

I find it upsetting that the site has been excluded from the Wayback Machine. A while ago, I had the idea of trying to save all the threads on there in case the site gets shut down. I didn't go very far (I wasn't sure how to do it, and I'm not familiar with ArchiveTeam), and today, this happens. I don't even know if it's temporary or permanent.

Edit (2021-12-16): It seems that the admin Marquis has left. The new admin "RainAndSadness" has temporarily made the forum private. I do not have an account and thus can not view any announcements for the time being.

On an unrelated note, the site bans users for being "pro-life". This is quite different from the subreddit, where "pro-lifers" were allowed by the mods despite being disliked by much of the userbase. (At least, that's what I remember. It was over 3 years ago.)

Censorship on Odysee using false DMCA copyright claims by Drewski in censorship

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I found this alternative Odysee frontend just about a week ago, and apparently you can still watch the video there (I don't know if that's intended).

Edit: This particular video also happens to be a copy of a video that's not censored on Odysee.

A possible theory about how the left has been able to dominate cultural, social and academic sectors by Nasser in debatealtright

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I have nothing against Popper, but sorry if you feel this way. :(

It's ok to talk about your problems. It feels bad to be told that you're "just an attention seeker", like your problems all don't matter. I feel like that can only make you feel more lonely and isolated, which is sometimes the exact opposite of what you need.

/r/The_Cabal banned for promoting hate by cqtz in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The only thing I recently posted was a link to this post. Before that, I occasionally commented about user suspensions, shadowbans, the ban wave in June 2020, etc.

/r/The_Cabal banned for promoting hate by cqtz in MeanwhileOnReddit

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/u/Vulptex RIP your sub

Ruqqus purges Dissent, no longer a safe haven. by YJaewedwqewq in debatealtright

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Yes, there were signs all along the way. Even back in April 2020, they banned users (jasonkhanlar and some others) for doxxing when they posted the name on Bardfinn's reddit profile. Over the next year, they banned multiple users for unclear rules. They had a lack of communication with the userbase and preferred to post on the Discord. I guess it was clear they cared a lot less about free speech than they claimed to.

The silver lining to me is seeing people move to https://votal.net/ because it's decentralized and the best path forward for all of this "contentious" speech.

I agree. I'm not too familiar with how Lemmy works, but it looks like Votal isn't linked to any other instances yet. Maybe it will in the future.

I've also seen users moving to discussions.app.

Ruqqus purges Dissent, no longer a safe haven. by YJaewedwqewq in debatealtright

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I'm mostly disappointed that they weren't being honest about their intentions until making the announcement. (And even then, the announcement has a lot of "corpo-PR speak" as some users have pointed out.) They should've made the announcement before making the rule change, not after banning ~40 guilds under the pretense of getting rid of "illegal speech".

At least they've finally made it clear that they aren't focusing on free speech anymore. I'd prefer a censored platform that doesn't pretend to be free speech to a platform that markets itself as "free speech" but censors whatever it wants.

Reddit admins removed many of my old subreddits out of personal spite by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I was wrong about that. But since Hesychasm is still active it shouldn't have gone down.


The subreddit was removed (purged) because mod activity doesn't count (only creator activity counts)

From my original comment

They had almost 3 years to ban it. And they coincidentally choose this time? It seems more likely to me that they were going through my mod list.

Maybe. It's pretty obvious that the admins dislike you.

Reddit admins removed many of my old subreddits out of personal spite by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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as is the fact that subs I was no longer a mod on weren't affected

I found some subreddits you still mod that haven't been removed yet: /r/needagoodmod and /r/uAwwFoxes. I'm not really sure how the admins chose which subreddits to remove first.

If the admins did give /r/FoxesInSnow to Iangator, I'd say that it's suspicious. However, since they didn't, I don't think the first 2 events are particularly suspicious because /r/FoxesInSnow seemed to meet the criteria, and /r/retcons was inactive. I don't think it's that similar to the cases where they banned subreddits and users for made-up reasons or replaced mod teams with their own approved powermods.

By the way, I got a response from Hesychazm.

To summarize:

Hesychazm is the only remaining mod and said that you preferred to move everything to /r/EverythingFoxes. Someone (I'm guessing it's Iangator) messaged the subreddit asking if Hesychazm wanted to turn it over, but Hesychazm thought he was a bot after looking at his post history and asked if he wanted to turn it into a porn subreddit. Iangator got mad at that statement and "threw a huge tantrum". Hesychazm "blocked the sub" (made it private?) and modded their alt account in an attempt to ward the admins off.

Hesychazm doesn't have the time and energy to keep the sub up (focusing on real life), so they're considering handing over the subreddit to someone else (possibly the person currently running /r/EverythingFoxes).

Edit: I nearly forgot that the subreddit was renamed. Hesychazm knows about that.

Reddit admins removed many of my old subreddits out of personal spite by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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My reddit account hasn't been banned yet, so I guess I'll try asking both Iangator and Hesychazm about /r/FoxesInSnow.

The subreddit was removed (purged) because mod activity doesn't count (only creator activity counts), no posts seem to have been made there after 2020-06-15 (I'm going to ask Hesychazm if they've posted there before the cutoff date. I don't think it was Iangator because he couldn't have acquired the subreddit before June 28th, which was after the cutoff date), and it doesn't have enough posts.

Edit: It's almost 100% confirmed now because they banned one of them right before Iangator's request too: https://www.reddit.com/r/retcons

I'm not saying that they aren't coming after you, but considering that they've been banning subreddits for being unmoderated left and right in the last few months (I can't think of any examples right now other than /r/Tora_CSS, which was banned a month after /r/retcons was), I wouldn't say this is "proof" that they're targeting you.

The spamming in /r/DefaultModsSucks seems suspicious, but I'm not sure what it means.

/r/MGTOW banned by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Regrouping/other locations or links/archives:

There are some locations in the sidebar of /s/MGTOW (most of which are down/gone) or here.

Other links I've seen:

Meanwhile, /r/MGTOWBan on reddit is trying to ban more subs.

Trying something out by cqtz in sub

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Ah, so only 10% of your output is flawless? Not perfect, of course, but that's still pretty good.

Oh, I clearly didn't mean it that way haha.

How are you at gardening?

I don't do much gardening myself.

Trying something out by cqtz in sub

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I'm not nearly as good as Vulptex describes me. His image of me is probably 10x better than me in reality.

Trying something out by cqtz in sub

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Without the CSS, one of the boxes in the post would look something like this:



This user was permanently banned 1 month ago by one of the SaidIt admins

Ban reason goes here, maybe with a link like this.

  • 488 post karma

  • 1,249 comment karma

The outer blockquote is styled into the outer box (the one with the thick outline). It's also an inline-block so the boxes can be shown side by side. The inner blockquote is the white/dark gray (depending on whether you're using day mode or night mode) part inside the box.

In the above example, the Banned (in italics) is styled into a red box. The "1 month ago" text (that links to #timestamp) is styled to have the same color as the surrounding text. The horizontal rule is styled to be a dotted line.

In the examples with a large red box containing the "ban message", the box is another blockquote.

Currently, the styling only applies to the post itself (meaning any other post on this sub with the exact same markdown won't have it). It's like that because I didn't really know a way to distinguish something that should be formatted from something that shouldn't be formatted. (On reddit, I think they sometimes use headers as a way of indicating that something should be styled.)

This probably took her like 1 second to learn and execute a perfect result with zero issues.

No one masters anything instantaneously. Reddit/SaidIt's quirky CSS takes some acclimation time and experience to learn, much less gain expertise.

Yeah. I spent quite a bit of time trying to style things on reddit (I think I started in 2017, before I had an account).

SuperMarioLogan is getting terminated tomorrow!!!!!! by Vulptex in censorship

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This is actually starting to freak me out. How do you follow all the exact same things I do?

I don't actually watch SML and didn't even know about it until I saw your post. I decided to comment because I became somewhat interested in this "data hoarding" thing (even though I don't do it myself) a while ago due to everything disappearing. (Can't seem to have anything nowadays without all these unexpected shutdowns and deletions.)

Anyway, there's a YT channel reuploading everything. At least for now, I wouldn't count on it sticking around for much longer.

Yeah, if it becomes well-known enough, I expect it to be targeted too.

SuperMarioLogan is getting terminated tomorrow!!!!!! by Vulptex in censorship

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That's sad.

I heard from their new channel that they'll be remaking their old videos (that's a lot of videos), but I found some archives on archive.org: SuperMarioLogan, SuperLuigiLogan, and SuperBowserLogan.

diogenesjunior permanently banned - Ruqqus by Drewski in SocialMedia

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I asked him on reddit about it, and he said he never called anyone. However, he did find emails of ruqqus users from github and send some unsolicited emails. Later on, he apparently spoofed his email and told users that they were banned.

An admin of the site commented more on it here.

His name was J a s o n C a r s w e l l.. He was cast into the desert for 7 days and nights.. by [deleted] in whatever

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Here's the comment M7 made when he suspended him.

Reddit Neoliberals think I'm a "Fascist" by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Oh, ok. I just think languages are cool, so I get excited seeing foreign languages in the wild.

I'm also an adult male native English speaker who lives in an English speaking country. That's about the worst possible circumstance to be in for learning other languages

Yeah, it does seem so. In non-English-speaking countries, it's common to learn English because of its widespread use and because of how advantageous it is. In English-speaking countries, you already know English.

(You don't have to learn other languages if you're not interested or if they seem too hard. That's perfectly fine.)

Reddit Neoliberals think I'm a "Fascist" by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Ah, ok. I was asking because I think that language learning is a cool hobby. It's just one that takes a lot of dedication. (And me, myself, not having enough dedication to actually spend effort on learning to read, write, and speak a language, am also only learning a few words in other languages. I still think languages are cool though.)

If you like languages, I once found something cool online. They're sample problems from some "Linguistics Olympiad" thing (they're basically just puzzles). I've only tried a few of them, and many were too hard for me, but yeah, it's just for fun.

Reddit Neoliberals think I'm a "Fascist" by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is unrelated to this comment, but are you learning Hebrew? I think you've mentioned that you're not Jewish, but yet you're posting a lot of comments in Hebrew.

Reddit Neoliberals think I'm a "Fascist" by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Thanks for the compliments. Maybe I am a "natural" at some things, but I don't become "good" at something in just a few days. I usually need some experience/practice too. Example: I wasn't nearly as good at drawing ~6 years ago. But over time, I improved because I liked it, did it often, and sort of found new techniques for it. I also looked at how others did it to try to learn from them. (Also, I think you're still overestimating my abilities. I don't think I'm "2 times more capable" than you are.)

I think that you mentioned having some childhood brilliance in another comment. What were you interested in as a child, and are you still interested in these things today?

Even if I dedicate my whole life to one specific endeavor I'll never be capable of half as much as you

The way I think about it is: If you know for sure that you'll never be as good as someone else, and you can't change that, should you really be that upset about it? After all, being upset about it won't change anything, right? If it turns out that "forcing it through practice and learning" can actually help you break the ceiling, that's great. If it doesn't, at least you're still better than you used to be, right?

Maybe the best option is to stop talking or doing anything, because nothing good ever seems to come from me.

I don't think that's the best way to act. I find that when I think that (I sometimes notice how talented others are and start thinking about how I'll never be as good as them, so I do nothing, and I get these thoughts again later), I don't really feel better. I find that trying to do something (i.e. "making progress", even when it's nothing compared to others) makes me feel better though. I'm not sure if it will be the same for you. You were working on a few projects earlier this year, right?

Please don't let me bug you though

Honestly, it's true that I don't know how to reply to comments like these because they're rather general. I don't know much about talent, skill, and things like that. I like talking about specific interests though.

Reddit Neoliberals think I'm a "Fascist" by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I don't think that I'm the person you think I am lol. I think it's because when you're online, you don't have to show everything to the world. You don't have to talk about any decisions you regret, how you regularly feel, etc. If you've been working on something for years and failed 5 times, you still only have to show the final form of the product (this isn't about me, but I think it can apply to anyone). I think that's why I seem "perfect" to you when I'm not.

Reddit Neoliberals think I'm a "Fascist" by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The almost perfect. The best example I've found by far is /u/cqtz, who does everything perfectly at a savant level, even things she has barely any experience with. There are a few other users across ruqqus and reddit but I don't think they're on this site.

No, I'm not actually perfect. I have some issues with procrastination, lack of motivation, laziness, etc. And even for the things I like, I wouldn't say I'm "good" or "great" at doing many of those things. It's probably just that I became interested in something and learned some surface level knowledge about it. If there's something I'm good at, I've probably had quite a bit of experience with it.

Get the old Light and laugh icon back. The new one look bad. by Akali in AskSaidIt

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I like the clearer icons. I just don't like that they're grey by default (like what bobbobbybob said).

Animated vote icons? by enefi in SaidIt

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I actually liked it better when the unvoted "fun" icon was colorful and the background color changed more dramatically upon voting. I just think that SaidIt looks rather colorless as compared to before.

Toying with vote icons by enefi in SaidIt

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By the eye shapes, you mean rotate them a bit so they point more at a nose area or something else?

Yeah, kind of. I just thought that the eyes looked more like this rather than this in the original icon.

Toying with vote icons by enefi in SaidIt

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I like them, but I think that the bulb in the second icon should be lit up. I would also prefer for the eye shapes to be adjusted to look like the original, but it's fine this way too.

Trying something out by cqtz in sub

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This post is a great idea, among many.

I also kind of want to see them make the list of banned accounts and subs public.

I formatted the post using CSS, so I won't be able to do this outside this sub.

Hello! by [deleted] in Introductions

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Yes, The_Donald was banned after Tencent invested in them (to be specific, reddit banned /r/The_Donald about a year after the investment, and Discord banned The_Donald about 2 years after the investment). However, I don't think you can necessarily tell if China was actually involved in the bans if you were to judge by the given articles alone.

Hello! by [deleted] in Introductions

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The last 2 links mentioned nothing about China or an order from Beijing. The first and second links did not mention The_Donald.

Hello! by [deleted] in Introductions

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If you ever wondered why Discord and Reddit banned r/theDonald... that's why; they got an order from Bejing.

Source? Or is it just speculation?

Wayback Machine is now dropping right wing sites - the book burning is well underway. Hail your new fascist information overlords. by bobbobbybob in politics

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Usually when it says that a URL is excluded from the Wayback Machine, it means that the site owner wanted to exclude the site or there was a takedown request. I'm not sure what happened for this particular site though.

Please ban /s/Fascism by fschmidt in SaidIt

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Do moderators usually get notified (Edit: other than through the mod log) when their subs get taken off of /s/all?

If they don't: Hey /u/Markimus, /u/disidentHR, and /u/rightm, I just wanted to let you know that /s/Fascism has been taken off of /s/all. See this post.

Hello? (・_・)ノ by enefi in Introductions

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Magnora told me he began working on Saidit after leaving Reddit and Ruqqus

I thought that he began working on SaidIt way before Ruqqus was a thing though. Wasn't SaidIt started in 2017 while Ruqqus was started much later (not sure when, but the first post was made in 2019)?

He said he wanted a site that wasn't left-biased like Reddit, or right-biased like Ruqqus

I think that the right-biased site you're thinking about is Voat (RIP).


Hi, the name came from the fact of avoiding the two extremes of reddit and voat

- magnora7, on "antiextremes"

My major problem with the site is that there's no political content

I think you meant "non-political".

By the way, when did you become an admin?