"This announcement from Reddit Admins scares the bejesus out of me." by Orangutan in conspiracy

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This is how you act when you're headed for an IPO, which is apparently the "only responsible choice" https://variety.com/2017/digital/news/reddit-ipo-1202613811/

Saidit features you might not know about by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Nice one. Also don't hesitate to vote things as funny if they're funny. "Downvote" is removed entirely, voting things as funny increases their score and helps them to rise in sorts like hot and top.

Social Media Giants Holding Secret Meeting to Discuss Upcoming Elections by d3rr in politics

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Tech is fully in bed with the government. Beware folks.

Minor suggestions for new users by cmdrrockawesome in SaidIt

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Yeah we're using an opt-out model rather than an opt-in model at signup. /u/magnora7 maybe we should explain this here? https://saidit.net/r/SaidIt/comments/j1/the_saiditnet_terms_and_content_policy/

What's the worst-designed software you've had the displeasure of using? by pitterpatterwater in AskSaidIt

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I feel like this was true 10 years ago, so I guess not much has changed with it.

@ all redditfugees: saidit could seriously do with a bit of support ! by expat in SaidIt

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Admin here. Thanks for the support! We're hosting with a smaller well known web host, are not dependent on any cloud services, and can easily relocate/rehost the site if need be.