Changes to Reddit Privacy settings detested by userbase, 27% upvoted by d3rr in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I love how most upvoted comment is negative, from a guy who plans on implementing an addon to reverse reddit's bs and also he got banned from the sub :D

Please, for the love of fuck, use something other than Cloudflare for DDoS protection by marmorsymphata in SaidIt

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CF does it on a large scale (many servers around world) and I am pretty sure they have much, much more bandwidth and faster hw to fend off majority of attacks easily. On the other side is saidit - I think they have some cheap hosting/server, so you can't really expect to build their own infrastructure which isn't cheap at all (I am not that knowledgeable, but my guess would be few servers, some heavy duty switches/routers and tons of manhours to make it work, and then someone would have to watch over it constantly).

VR Mind Control Is HERE! And It Works! by enefi in Gaming

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It's pretty basic and slow, but it seems to work and doesn't cost ungodly amount of money.

The Complete List of Alternatives to All Google Products | TechSpot by DeWhoDeWho in DecentralizeAllThings

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Was looking for an alternative to more mainstream translators/dictionaries and that might be somewhat usable. Only downside is, the database is not under free license, so I don't really have a motivation to contribute translations (small projects often die and in this case, all translations would be lost).

Rant: Why you should never ever use NixOS by Panzerfaust in Linux

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I don't know, it seems to me that the author isn't really on board with FP (Haskell), so why is he using NixOS? It looks like he picked a wrong tool for him and/or the job. While I know some Haskell (probably between beginner and intermediate level), I wouldn't use NixOS on anything important (e.g. my machine which I use for a day job).

Slax is a small and fast Linux operating system with modular approach by Panzerfaust in Linux

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Isn't Slax no longer maintained?

Trust In Media Hits Record Low, Most People Now Think Journalists Are Lying To Push Ideology by Tarrock in politics

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Also available on a more free alternative to YouTube:

Blocked Add-ons by Panzerfaust in Browsers

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There is a lot of "catch all" items. I wonder what item represents addons blocked because of "hate speech", because I don't see Dissenter anywhere.

Simple Pyramid of Debate Wallpaper 4k [OC] by enefi in SaidIt

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Made in Blender + Sverchok, took around 4 hours (wasted over half an hour because of the stupid buggy Vertex Color node not working properly and throwing unhelpful errors). It was a blazing fast render (despite some reflections and high resolution, but very simple geometry), just over 2 minutes.

A First Look At Manjaro Sway Edition by enefi in Linux

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I remember I somewhere saw that Wayland (or sway?) has some issues with NVidia cards. Has anyone heard about that? Also gaming used to be a problem, not sure how much the project progressed.

Why hasn’t Jack Dorsey been arrested for lying under oath about Twitter’s censorship policies? – by EvilNick in SaidIt

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You have no evidence of pollitical bias.

Just read or watch, and then read what's on wikipedia. Another example of a wiki page with strong bias is Nazism - they (left) didn't like that people were pointing out striking similarities to far-left/progressivism, so they removed offending parts and I believe even redefined some terms. It's still available on archive sites for comparison. If that isn't political/ideological bias then I don't know what is. Even the founder of wikipedia was disgusted with how the site turned out (I think he left and now he's working on an alternative to wikipedia, something which is supposed to be more objective and not so easily manipulated by wikipedia <-> msm circlejerk).

Why hasn’t Jack Dorsey been arrested for lying under oath about Twitter’s censorship policies? – by EvilNick in SaidIt

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website is well-known for spreading disinformation

and a source is You realize that description fits wikipedia too (e.g. gamergate). Just checked the first linked article what were the basis for Google to ban the site, and its snopes, another politically biased entity. I stopped wasting my time at that point.

OpenAI DALL·E: Fighter Jet For The Mind! ✈️ by enefi in technology

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It's unbelievable that from a short description it's able to generate pretty good images. 😯

What Linux distro do you use and why? by burnt_match in Linux

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I am currently using Manjaro on a desktop for over a year and I was/am pleasantly surprised - I expected it to break more often while in reality it breaks less than Ubuntu did. I used Ubuntu on a desktop for I think 4 years, but old versions of software, GPU drivers and tangled web of dozens of PPAs pushed me to try Manjaro on a new pc. I have to say, it's pretty good for dev (mostly web) and gaming. AUR is great, like 98% of all software I wanted to install is either in Manjaro repos or AUR.

I am running CentOS on a home server, for I think 5 years and I was satisfied with it (previously ran Debian for over 10 years, but for me its releases weren't supported for long enough time). Since CentOS got killed, I'll have to migrate to something else - I'll probably wait how Rocky turns out.

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass. by enefi in quotes

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Maybe it's from Bruce Lee? I don't know, I saw very similar quote from Buffett I think and in the pic there isn't any author, so I left it out from the title. I hope that's okay.

Andrew Torba on Gab: "We are going to make the legacy media irrelevant. \ Visits this week: 46 million \ Page views this week: 80 million \ Sign ups in the last 48 hours: 1 million" by TheAmeliaMay in SocialMedia

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I don't think I agree with

eventually they'll turned nazi

but yeah, everything else is pretty spot on.

I left Gab after Torba had a fit on Twitter about porn (non stop posting for hours, constantly insulting, even Gab users), how it should be censored everywhere. That's not what I imagine under free speech, I want less content banned/illegal, not more. Sure, if you don't want porn on your platform, just say it's too hard to manage and not worth the risk, you don't have to alienate half your user-base and make yourself look like a nut. He made a few enemies which managed to troll him on Gab so well, he have banned them even though they didn't break ToS. IIRC Gab had issues with free speech when it came to other religions, I believe they banned a few people (muslims?) because of that.

Parler accuses Amazon of breaking antitrust law in suspending hosting services. by [deleted] in corruption

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dissenter is based off chromium, which is just a free open source framework. It doesnt mean its based off chrome

Yep, it's based on open-source parts of Chrome (= Chromium). I am not that familiar with Chrome-based browsers, but I was under the impression they follow Chrome very closely (each release is based on Chromium and they add [reapply] their custom parts).

youre not actually supporting chrome or google since its not harvesting your data

That's true, but you are still supporting Google indirectly (and I admit to a lesser degree than running vanilla Chrome) - you are using a browser with Google's core, you are using their rendering and JS engine (and probably more) thus maintaining their grasp of market share. This is giving Google more power over the internet (dictating standards [like trashing new svg], aggressively pushing their new tech [like their spying amp or DRMs]).

So yes, running an alt. Chromium browser is slightly better than running Chrome, but it's incomparable to an ideal scenario of having one or more fully open-source browsers (each with their own code) whose owners/maintainers don't try to limit/censor users' of these browsers and operate in the spirit of open-source.

Banned From Mastodon? #MeToo by enefi in censorship

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TLDR: He got kicked from main (?) Mastodon instance after in one of his latest videos he said that Trump is not a white supremacist (which I believe is factually correct).

"My Expectations were SHATTERED!" - GPD Win 3 by enefi in Gaming

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Pretty neat device. Too bad they only support Windows.

Parler accuses Amazon of breaking antitrust law in suspending hosting services. by [deleted] in corruption

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But which browser? It's either Firefox (which has major issues too) or some Chrome-based browser like Brave or Dissenter. You would still be supporting Google or Mozilla.

Well, that is unless you want to go with some slow and incomplete "alternative" (majority of people use sites heavy on JS with new CSS), I don't see much of a choice.

Mozilla No Longer Supports A Free Internet by enefi in censorship

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They have been "woke" for some time, but now they are planning on censoring content of their browser (at least that how I read the article): We need more than deplatforming. They have shown a bias in curating censoring which extensions you are allowed to install and use into FF (e.g. the Gab extension; not only they kicked it from store, they also revoked the dev account for signing the package, so the extension cannot be installed and kept enabled between Firefox restarts; essentially killing the extension for normal users).

Mozilla No Longer Supports A Free Internet by enefi in censorship

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I have been using FF for like 15 years now. I don't understand their decisions at all. It started as the most customizable and open browser, but now, it's hardly recognizable. They killed so many useful extensions when they "upgraded" to electrolysis. Extensions can no longer be installed (and kept enabled) unless they are approved by Mozilla (even if they are not installed from their store). And they are ramping up anti-freedom rhetoric past few years (maybe more, it's possible I was just not paying much attention). Yeah, I should start trying alternatives :/.

BEST IN SHOW! - Fan Showdown S2E4 by enefi in 3dPrinting

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Pretty good series. I found some of his other projects interesting as well (e.g. water cooling an air cooler).

Why CD Projekt Red launched Cyberpunk 2077 broken and buggy, lied to gamers by enefi in Gaming

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Don't get me wrong, I quite like CP2077 (despite the bugs and major instability on Linux). But the hype, promises, launch and other problems surrounding this game should be talked about. I hope CDPR is taking steps to fix all their issues (with the game and in the company), I hope they will learn from their numerous mistakes.

Google bans Parler app after users flock to it to avoid censorship by Drewski in censorship

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Unfortunately it was to be expected. I remember Gab getting axed from app stores, even Mastodon clients who didn't block Gab had a serious problem. Nice double standard there with Web browsers.

Same thing with browser extensions which are actually more controlled than Android apps. An Android app can at least be installed from a 3rd party app store (e.g. F-Driod) or totally manually after a user enables it in settings, but extensions in FF and Chrome cannot (if it's not cryptographically signed by Mozilla/Google then it will be disabled on a next launch of a browser regardless how the extension was installed, there is no off switch to disable this).

Hitler reacts to functional programming by enefi in ProgrammerHumor

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I personally happen to like pure FP (much more composable, testable and reusable compared to OOP in my opinion). But yeah, there are other ways. I was recently reading about Scala 3 and there was a bunch of new interesting things I quite missed few years back when I was writing in Scala, e.g. export clauses and context functions.

10 Video Games BANNED in ENTIRE Countries by enefi in Gaming

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even though I ain't a gamer

I can see why - the video is somewhere between s/gaming and s/censorship (or tiny s/freespeech). I have to say, some of the cases were to be expected (China), some were to me a bit funny (Fallout's brahmins), and some look arbitrary and inconsistent (push from high places or competition?).

Age of Empires II's Intro Cinematic by BillionDollarEgg3 in Gaming

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What a legend. I remember playing that game as a child, but I don't recall the trailer. Man, 3D rendering and animation have moved a long way since than.

Sterilisation by zyxzevn in VaccineSkepticism

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Maybe I misread that, but isn't PEG for quite some time being used in vape juices/cartridges?

"Top 30 UPCOMING Games Announced Last Year" - Are you looking forward to any of them? by enefi in Gaming

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Quite a few that I find promising. Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Pragmata, Scarlet Nexus, Evil West.

Not sure about those comics ones. Trailers might look great, but a lot of comic stuff (series, movies and games) lately is hit and miss. Similarly Mass Effect, I finished I think 2 and 3, but Andromeda was really bad, played only a few hours.

Too bad some are console exclusives, the previous God of War looked really good, seemed to be fun to play.

Hello? (・_・)ノ by enefi in Introductions

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I'm a 3D animator preparing some projects. Perhaps down the road you might be interested in participating in some of these.

I am just a hobbyist learning Blender. I have done only some very basic animations, pretty sure I should continue learning modelling :D. I should probably focus on the classic way of modelling, but about a month ago I started experimenting with Sverchok (Blender addon) and while probably not very practical, I quite enjoy working in it (wrote a bit about it on ruqqus).

Wanted to do a mascot. But I've pretty much given up on trying to help improve SaidIt in that realm.

Oh, may I ask for the reason you have given up?

Checked your subs and subscribed to a few. Yeah, I know the feeling, I tried growing a few hobby/niche guilds (subs) on ruqqus and very rarely saw interaction from others. I know I personally should comment more, but since I am not a native speaker, it takes me a lot of time to put together even shorter pieces of text. Maybe I am just terrible in written word in general. :D

Hello? (・_・)ノ by enefi in Introductions

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Thank you for sharing, didn't know about this page. Started reading and wow, it's quite detailed, that must have took a lot of time to put together.

Hello? (・_・)ノ by enefi in Introductions

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Eh? Have no idea what you mean 😳

Hello? (・_・)ノ by enefi in Introductions

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You don't seem to be the usual "got banned from Reddit for saying gas the jews" type

Yeah, I haven't been banned from Reddit nor Ruqqus. I just didn't like admins' actions and the direction of those platforms, I felt like I should try something else. I sometimes enjoy reading conspiracy stuff or dark/edgy memes, but I guess it isn't in my nature to troll or post too offensive stuff.

You seem like the kind of guy who actually contributes

I don't usually write/post that much. I was a little bit more active on Ruqqus, creating some fanart 1 2 and was developing a userscript (something like browser extension) named RuqES similar to Reddit's RES (a bit simpler). It started with me missing an expando button and infinite scroll, but since than I added a lot of features, I didn't even use all of them :D.

posting Chinese vacuum pump ads (true story)


Your English is actually pretty good, so don't worry about that.

I am glad it's understandable. I wasn't sure if it isn't a bit long, but it looks like at least few people read it, so I call it a success. :D

Didn't know about the Magnora history. To the Ruqqus bias, it has become a bit complicated, because admins seem to push against more extreme right - e.g. they virtually quarantined many their subs with first version of categories, only after public backlash admins were forced to modify categories, undo hiding of those guilds (subs). You simply can't do such things when the slogan of your platform is "without censorship".

I ain't noticed the graphics, since they're small on my screen

Yep, it depends on scaling from OS and zoom in browser. It's too small for me on 100% (browser) zoom, so I am usually using 133%.

but somebody (u/JasonCarswell ?) should make them into SVGs, so they can work at any size.

If nobody else is interested, I could try to vectorize it. I have some limited experience with Inkscape (not a pro, but I did few simpler logos). I wanted to learn grease pencil (2D drawing tool) in Blender, but I think currently svg export is broken, so I am using Inkscape for vector graphics now.

like how Mexican Spanish has words in {curly brackets} all over the place

Maybe missing translation files, or in incorrect version, or new strings were added but not translated to all languages? I think internationalization (translations) are done on the backend (the server part), I am more of a front end guy and also don't like python that much, probably won't be able to help with this.

I was asking about the mascot because I really enjoyed making those ruqqies (the ruqqus mascot). Working on something I can share later (even if it isn't very good) gives me motivation to learn/practice in Blender (it's just a hobby).

My major problem with the site is that there's no political content. There are non-political subs, but they're mostly dead. If you want to revive them: make sure to post there. People mostly come here because they're banned from somewhere else, and want to talk politics, which really drowns out everything else.

Yeah, that's a common theme on platforms like saidit. On Ruqqus I really missed multireddits, I like when I can categorize subs as I want, e.g. hobbies and politics apart. It seems multireddits on saidit are implemented, will have to try them later :). I am planning on posting at least videos I find interesting (mostly gaming, tech, sometimes programming and math).

Have a good time!

Thanks, so far I like it here :).

Over 432,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say by Trulytimes in politics

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But ... I thought Trump was anti-China, why would China pay for articles casting doubt on vote counting when pro-China candidate won?