TRAs were angry when r/gendercritical existed. Now they're mad s/gendercritical exists. It's almost like banning subs doesn't delete people from existence by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I think maybe they expected us to either give up or resort to the same kind of drastic measures they resort to so they can point at us and go "see, we told you they were evil and violent!". Instead we just started calmly reforming in other places.

It's the same thing happening with JK Rowling. She calmly and respectfully states her opinions and even actual facts, and TRAs respond with pure anger. They don't know how to deal with calm and thoughtful opposition.

JK Rowling just spoke again. She's fighting back by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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She isn't just fighting back, from what I've seen she's doing so very eloquently. The contrast with people on the other side, who like you say are constantly attacking her, is clear for all to see. She doesn't sink to the level of spewing hatred and personal attacks. Her tweets are rational, well thought out and make it clear she speaks out because she cares, not because she hates. The exact opposite of what they try to paint her as.

A clown world. by 1donteven in GenderCritical

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Isn't that supposed to be the ideal? Being hired purely on merit, without any other quality you happen to be born with mattering?

Meanwhile transbians continue to take over reddit. Now they're starting to talk about their girlcocks on r/AreTheStraightsOK , despite nobody bringing them into the conversation. by throwaway_6969420420 in itsafetish

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That last comment though. They're always complaining about how many lesbians don't want to have sex with them, and now all of a sudden most lesbians just love transwomen? Are we talking about some sort of Schrödinger's lesbian here?

Tim’s commandeering female centric subreddits and turning them into trans subreddits. by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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Same thing in r/girlgamers before I left. It was obvious from the rules that transwomen were welcomed. All the posts with stuff like "trans setups" should have probably made it clear as well. Yet they still made posts going "am I welcome here?" So unnecessary. You're already accepted in the sub, so just contribute like any other person there.

Moving to France doesn't make you French by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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"Suck my baguette, bigot!"

You can't force anyone to view you a certain way. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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possibly making their mental health worse by lying to them

Not just their mental health, their physical health as well. I saw this one transwoman talk about bleeding from the anus and calling it menstruation. If this person dies from what might be colon cancer, everyone who supported this has blood on their hands.

I shaved my head, I'm not a woman anymore! by Beth-BR in GenderCritical

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Becouse being a woman means only caring about your clothes and make up?

Based on the stuff "non binary" people talk about, I'd say it's them that only care about clothes and make up. Just the other day someone shared a video of this woman identifying as agender who talked about wearing loose clothes like that was supposed to mean something. It's just a comfortable clothing choice?

Anti-porn hub campaigner has pet killed in campaign of harassment by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Turning to violence when you don't like something, that will surely show people that you're the one who's in the right here.

Sarcasm aside, I don't think there's an equivalent for the antipornography subreddit on here yet, is there? Maybe we could make one?

“Some of the [trans]women pointed out that this is also true for cisgender women who struggle with fertility — yet, their inability to menstruate and to conceive a child doesn’t call their womanhood into question.” by Literallyawoman in GenderCritical

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"On clueless things cisgender women say (but shouldn’t)"

So we're both stupid AND our language should be policed? And only three paragraphs before this, they were talking about how they empathized with us. Sure.

Explanation of non-binary that's not sexist? by bradjohnsonishere2 in GenderCritical

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A while ago I went over to the non-binary subreddit to find an answer to that exact question. The vast majority of the posts were about how they should present themselves so that people would recognize them as non-binary and stuff like that.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's fine to have a community where people can talk about dressing/having hairstyles/doing make up in a way that's creative and doesn't make you look like a stereotype, I simply don't get why it has to framed the way they do it. And that sub definitely has not given me an answer.

Trans identifying man claims that his penis has "started smelling like lady bits" after taking hormones by gendercritfem in itsafetish

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Keep in mind that several of the trans women claiming their genitals started smelling like "lady bits" have described this smell as "fishy", which is a sign of trouble for someone with actual "lady bits".

Once again shows they don't know anything about female bodies, yet we are supposed to see their words as proof that they are actual women.

Bruce Jenner. by Aquadog in GenderCritical

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If I'm not mistaken, a Fields medal had gone to a woman for the very first time not too long before Jenner won woman of the year. That wasn't impressive enough either, apparently.

Tim’s commandeering female centric subreddits and turning them into trans subreddits. by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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Everyone goes along with it too. I remember a post on that sub where a transwoman was talking about refusing to play any male characters in a certain game even if switching would benefit the team. The commenters were supportive of this, while I'm 100% certain they would have shred a "cis" man to pieces over deciding he refused to play any female characters.

Remember when liberal feminists hated Twilight because it romanticizes abuse? by WhyDoesHeDoThat in GenderCritical

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Reminds me of that X-men billboard a couple of years ago. Sure, you already know beforehand that there's going to be violence in a movie like that, but why put up a massive billboard of a woman being strangled? If violence continues to be portrayed that casually all around us, society as a whole is just going to be numb to it. We're already down that path and it scares me to be honest.

It couldn't possibly be a fetish, the more rational explanation is that you have a ghostly vagina haunting you, just a regular girly thing you know teehee by kahlua in itsafetish

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Isn't this yet another term they've appropriated? As far as I know the word phantom in this context is only used for amputees, with the explanation being that the brain is still wired to be able to sense a certain limb, and when it's gone it takes a while to adapt so for the brain it feels like the limb is still there. How would you be able to have a phantom anything if you never had the limb/organ/whatever in the first place?

Tim’s commandeering female centric subreddits and turning them into trans subreddits. by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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Yeah that is a problem too. Last time I went over there I noticed a few people still bravely trying to post interesting content, only to go vastly underappreciated. I just gave up after that. No need to see pretty much the same post about 50 times over.

I'd love it if we could build a good community for female gamers on saidit. Like r/girlgamers used to/was supposed to be.

TERF apparently doesn't know what HRT or SRS do by theachan in GenderCynical

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Then surprise us.

(MtF) Seeing hot/pretty girls is almost physically painful now that my egg has cracked by LoganBlade in itsafetish

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Once again proof that it's not about actually being or wanting to be a woman, but about being someone they feel attracted to.

Difference between LGB and TQ: gay people just want to be able to exist in private, TQ wants to be accommodated and centred at all times and for everyone to tiptoe around them. by RedditHatesLesbians in GenderCritical

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That last sentence though. They really need to draw parallells with every other group in existence, don't they?

I know disabled people in real life. The accommodations that are so rarely made for them have absolutely nothing in common with pronouns and stuff like that. So insulting.

"Survivors Must Fight For Trans Women Too" (as an aforementioned survivor, this made me so angry!) by greenish in GenderCritical

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Sixteen percent (likely more) of trans women have experienced domestic violence in the last year alongside 7.5% of cisgender women.

Clear bias. If you can recognize that the percentage for transwomen might be too low, you should recognize the same for everyone else.

These factors are evidenced in the vitriolic campaign against trans women, where the existence of trans men and non binary people has been all but forgotten.

Have they even quoted a transman or a non binary person themselves, though?

Celebrate Pride Month - get your breasts hacked off at a discount by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I've read about the consequences of getting your breasts removed. Doesn't sound at all like celebrating to me.

Margaret Atwood is a fucking disappointment by FuriousPenguin in GenderCritical

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Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't there a very easily refutable mistake in her tweet? I mean, how would biological sex ever translate into a bell curve? Even taking intersex people into consideration, the vast majority of people are very clearly identifiable as either male or female, which would result in the exact opposite of a bell curve. And even if you believe in gender, how would that fit on the bell curve? Most people are "cis", so that would be the middle part I guess, but what makes up the two parts on the sides?

Askreddit TIM admits that he "was a heterosexual man" pre-transition, gets no sensation from having his surgically created hole fucked, but is aroused by "the idea of being penetrated". by gendercritfem in itsafetish

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I know you posted this here for the fetish part, but what really stood out to me was this part:

I recommend the Wikipedia page if you want to know specifics

And then they tell us to read books and do our research properly.

Found a Tim spreading vaginal stretching and hymen myths to young girls on r/feemagers by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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Sadly lots of people don't know much about biology when it comes to these myths around hymens and vaginas. Otherwise there wouldn't be petitions attempting to ban "virginity testing".

Marie Claire: J.K. Rowling's Under-the-Radar Book Series Gives a Clear Picture of Her Beliefs by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I have not read the series so I can't really comment on most of it since I feel like I'm missing a lot of context here. There are two points that stand out in the article, though.

The first being that apparently, if I understood it correctly, it's somehow weird that an actually disabled man (who never chose to be disabled) might be offended by the fact that someone else actively wants to be disabled? Sure, an actual disorder is involved and that deserves empathy, but the visceral and (more importantly) realistic reaction of Strike deserves that same empathy.

Secondly, it's this:

"If the root of Rowling’s books is the constant miracle of overcoming considerable odds with love and courage to negotiate hatred," explains writer and transgender woman Charlotte Clymer, "trans people, who leave our homes every day into a world full of discrimination and violence against our bodies and souls, are the closest thing this world has to magic."

Rowling is being accused of not being inclusive enough, but how is this inclusive? For lots of people this is a reality, but screw them, it's only trans people that are "the closest to magic".

Why is GC against sex work (prostitution, pornography)? by Genderbender in GCdebatesQT

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I could give a long explanation about all the details that I'm personally against it, but the beginning and end of it is actually pretty short and sweet:

Consent has been an important topic the last couple of years, and one I've thought about a lot myself. Eventually there was only one question left to answer. Can consent be bought?

The answer for me is no.

Bosses tell female employees to be ‘sexier’ for work video meetings, study suggests by greenish in GenderCritical

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If you need to work from home because there is an actual pandemic going on and you're just sitting there being concerned with just how sexy your female employees are, I think it's safe to say that your priorities aren't really in order and you probably shouldn't be the boss of anything.

Row Ignited as The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Refuses Gender 'Pronoun Bullies' | Women Are Human by EndTheTransPandemic in GenderCritical

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None of the people harassing her seem to realize that their own reputation and livelihood is hanging by a thread as well. The moment they do something that is considered the current faux pas, they'll be hounded like this too. And let's be honest, this is a likely scenario because we're all human and no one can properly keep up with all these ever changing rules. So when this inevitably happens to one of them they've got themselves to blame, since they helped normalize this behaviour in the first place.

Apparently TIMs never have male privilege even if they come out very late in life..... by bradjohnsonishere2 in GenderCritical

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Jenner has no male privilege? How many women can cause someone's death, win woman of the year the same year, and then also have people excusing the sexist and homophobic things you say?

People are now even erasing history for Jenner. But no privilege is involved here at all, right?

"Individuals with a cervix" is not that far off from "babymakers" as a term for natal women by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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But remember: we're the ones reducing women to their genitals/reproductive system.

r/detrans has been banned by endthewoo in GenderCritical

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I lurked in LGBdroptheT every now and then, that sub really did not qualify as a hate sub. There were plenty of people over there that didn't even outright disagree with the T, they just thought since it's about gender and not sexuality that the two should be kept separate.

Found this thread full of sources on issues that only affect women. Feel free to use it whenever you're accused of having "cis privilege". by firebird in GenderCritical

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A "TLDR" list of quick to reference issues (note that these are just some of the ones mentioned on the thread, as there were so, so many):

• Sex selective abortions • Sex selective/female infanticide • Female genital mutilation (FGM) • Girls sold as brides • Period huts • Teen pregnancy • Period stigma • Not being able to afford menstrual products • Breast ironing/flattening • Unplanned pregnancies • Few countries have proper abortion rights • Miscarriages • Inappropriate gynecologists / obstetric violence • Sex selective IVF procedures for gay couples • Workplace maternity discrimination • Breastfeeding stigma • Foot binding • Women in prison can’t afford menstrual products • PMS / PMDD • Post-natal depression and baby blues • Racial discrimination during child birth • Ectopic pregnancies • Menopause + stigma • Ovarian issues (e.g. PCOS) • Uterine fibroids • Tampon tax • Higher risk of autoimmune disease • Underdiagnosed autism / ADHD • Illnesses mistaken for periods • Femicide • Endometriosis (common but often undiagnosed) • Harmful widowhood rites • Being denied elective sterilization • The husband stitch • Prolapse • Vaginismus • World built for male bodies • Hyperemesis gravidarum • Uterine adhesion • Animals were granted protection 20 years before women in the UK

Meanwhile transbians continue to take over reddit. Now they're starting to talk about their girlcocks on r/AreTheStraightsOK , despite nobody bringing them into the conversation. by throwaway_6969420420 in itsafetish

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Good point, and it fits with some of their other tactics. Just so nasty that anyone would even go to such lengths simply to get laid.

Pornhub Exposed as #Traffickinghub by firebird in antipornography

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We should go after both, this isn't some either or scenario. Pornhub creates both a demand and a platform for trafficking, on top of the many other problems it causes, so yeah, we should definitely get rid of it. Society would be much better off.

Difference between LGB and TQ: gay people just want to be able to exist in private, TQ wants to be accommodated and centred at all times and for everyone to tiptoe around them. by RedditHatesLesbians in GenderCritical

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This is so difficult for me to wrap my head around. I don't think I've ever used "it" for an animal either. Just seems wrong.

looking for support. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I've lived with crippling depression and anxiety, and I can tell you that you were right when you said this:

i can tell that i am deteriorating mentally and physically staying like this.

And I know that with how you're feeling right now, it can seem like the most logical thing to stay like this until you feel better before crawling your way out of that deep hole again. It won't work like that. Start working on your own (mental and physical) health again. Build up your life again.

Start really small, take small steps forward. You mentioned living in filth: you could start with that. Clean up a bit each day, until you're living better again. I know it sounds incredibly dumb and too simple to work, but it helped me get out of a very dark place.

And like someone else already mentioned: visit a doctor. A decent one. I don't know where you live, but in some places healthcare for mental illness is at least partly supported. Maybe look into that first.

If that's really not an option, these days there are other resources. Organizations you could call, or even chat with online.

Finally, I'll leave you with this quote that gave me some insight, so who knows, maybe it'll help you too:

Change your thinking: you don’t have to solve your entire life all at once. Instead, try to think about adding more good things to your life. Add them one by one. And slowly, the amount of good things will grow.

TRA Twitter thread that 2+2=5 by PassionateIntensity in GenderCritical

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I came across that thread as well yesterday, my favourite response was this one person who tried to give an example of 2+2=5 but ended up giving an example of 2.5+2.5=5.

Finally made a twitter account to support jk by Cat13 in GenderCritical

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Yeah I'm sure that's what really goes on during conversion therapy. They just sit gay people down and have a nice chat with them about accepting themselves.

/s, obviously.

I got banned from r/Arethestraightsokay for saying that lesbians dont like dick by lmaonope333 in censorship

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From your responses on this thread I'm getting the distinct impression that you don't have the slightest clue what pleases women sexually.

Little hint: there doesn't need to be a penis or any penetration involved for us to orgasm. So no, lesbians don't need dick.

GC: If biological sex is just about roles in reproduction, does that mean someone doesn't have a biological sex and isn't a man or a woman if they don't reproduce? And that in the times they do things that don't lead to reproduction, they have no biological sex? by Nohope in GCdebatesQT

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Short answer: no, that's not what it means.

Long answer: your reproductive role is just what part your body would play in the event that you would choose to procreate and in the absence of anything causing infertility. Someone who does not reproduce and/or is infertile still has a body that falls into one of the two categories, and thus is still of the sex of a certain reproductive role, even if that role is technically never filled.

You can take me as an example. I'm a childfree woman. I'll never reproduce, but my body is still specifically built for the female reproductive role, which means I am of the female sex.

Numbers. I'm looking for numbers and data. I've actually started arguing IRL and they want numbers for proof. by Oof_Too_Humid in GenderCritical

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I'm going to link to some articles that might be of interest. Hope there's something among it that might help!

Articles about percentage of desisters:

Article about the amount of mastectomies in one center:

Percentage of mastectomies for TIFs:

Prison related numbers:

AGP numbers:

Study stating that the autism/transgender overlap is higher in TIFs:

There's lots I couldn't find data on, though. Or there was data, but only from sources that were biased in some way. I did find articles that referenced the fact that there's a lot not yet researched, things that aren't known yet...

Poem I wrote about my experience with detransitioning as a teenager. Hope this is okay here, I don't know where else to post it, and I hope it makes someone feel less alone. by DetransLesbian in GenderCritical

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The others have already covered it, but I'll say it again.

This has such a strong message, such a powerful and emotional impact. You managed to get your experience across in a way that I won't forget. So if you feel up for it, you could consider sharing it in other places. LGBdroptheT might like it too, for example. Send it to causes and people who are sympathetic, maybe they could give you a bigger platform, reach more people that could use a message like this.

Your voice in this is very important.

A friend of mine posted a conplete misrepresentation of radical feminism by InvisibleWoman in GenderCritical

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Good point on the inadvertent racism. Did anyone else comment on that part of the post? Because plenty of times these things go unchallenged here as well, so I understand that there are women saying they don't feel welcome in our community. Then they leave to start their own communities, making this one poorer as a result because eventually you get only one perspective remaining and nobody ever learns anything new.

A friend of mine posted a conplete misrepresentation of radical feminism by InvisibleWoman in GenderCritical

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I'm sure what I'm about to say is not going to be making me very popular, but I've seen some comments when it comes to race that wouldn't look at all out of place in a community like, say, TIA. So I'd say she isn't entirely wrong.

I agree that the rest misses the mark, though.

HEE HEE totally normal right gals? Note the wall of anime children by [deleted] in itsafetish

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The colour scheme makes it the ultimate representation of womanhood, duh

The Homophobia Horseshoe by shufflepofty in GenderCritical

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Thinking in black and white is easy, that's probably what's so attractive about this world view. If the terms male and female are only about what reproductive role you could potentially fulfill, you could be anyone aside from that, and that leaves a lot of gray. So people try to get the boxes back so they can push people into them again. All neat and easy again.

The only exception here seems to be the "non binary" people, who do recognize shades of gray, but seem to think they're the only ones in that area.

List of people retroactively declared trans by firebird in GenderCritical

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Kurt Cobain? Really?

You can't be a man, wear a dress and escape this apparently.

I shaved my head, I'm not a woman anymore! by Beth-BR in GenderCritical

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She also wrote Nimona, which I loved. I'm so disappointed right now.

Now if this were a TiF LARPing, I'd be impressed by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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This is just my interpretation so take it with as much salt as you like, but from the way they wrote the article I think they do not see him as a woman, and the pronouns were just a way to try and seem 'politically correct' enough to escape too much backlash.

Just look at the article, he's never referred to as a woman or even a trans woman, they use 'trans person' instead. Then they 'deadname' him, and his new name is framed as if it were a nickname.

Preffered pronouns for me, but not for thee by artetolife in therearetwogenders

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If this is real, I very much doubt this Sam is "a very lovely person in most areas". If you're this controlling, quick to lose your temper and have so little regard for someone you call your friend, that has to show in other ways.

What is the most ridiculous "sexuality" you've ever heard? by [deleted] in therearetwogenders

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Sapiosexuals, I think they're called. How on Earth do some people think they're special because they want to be with someone they can have intelligent conversations with?

where TIM OP now thinks their 5 year old is trans by MadLass in GenderCritical

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I think this is a way to archive links and not link directly: (this could be the wrong one though, I've only archived a thread once before and that one got deleted in the reddit purge)

Pornhub Exposed as #Traffickinghub by firebird in antipornography

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I encourage you to actually watch this video and the others on the same channel. These people really do their research, and what they're saying is far from unsubstantiated lies.

And thanks for your concern, but I don't need any help. I don't watch porn so there really isn't anything for me to feel bad about.

A Rant: I feel I can't trust any political entity, media platform by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's charities now too. Just today I wanted to donate to one, but figured I should check all the information just to be sure.

Good thing I did, since not only do they support this movement, they also somehow seemed to think that people can identify as intersex.

Needless to say I'll be looking elsewhere to spend my money.

Pornhub Exposed as #Traffickinghub by firebird in antipornography

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If you'd like me to "stop" with "unsubstantiated lies", it would help if you would give some actual solid arguments as to why these are lies and/or bullshit and why we should keep pornhub around. So far you have given me none, but you have used ad hominem attacks, which are fallacies, not arguments.

Male Criminals Currently Being Housed or Seeking Placement in Women’s Prison by ANIKAHirsch in itsafetish

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Given the content of the post, I thought it might be best to archive this so an online copy of it will always exist.

Here's the link, should you be interested:

TRAs are brigading r/periods. The sub is not having it! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The post was made by a woman though. A woman who felt the need to police other women on how they speak on their own issues, but not men.

So, have y'all heard of neuro/autismgender? :) by BiHorror in therearetwogenders

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Let me guess, these are also the people who think self-diagnosing these things is just fine and there doesn't need to be a professional involved at all.

Potentially both: Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the Woman of the Year award in 2015 by Glamour, who do you believe should have won it instead? by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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On a different thread someone suggested Malala Yousafzai, which I agree with. I suggested Maryam Mirzakhani in response, maybe she would qualify better for 2014 (I don't know where the cut-off is for Glamour), but regardless, she didn't get it then either, which I still think is a shame.

Unsent letter, peak trans? by inneedofspace in GenderCritical

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Those people you talk about are also the people who don't understand why medical gatekeeping might be necessary. And the same people who see no issue with tricking and/or bullying people into sex. It's clear boundaries in general are hard for them to grasp. If you combine that with misogyny, this is exactly what you get.

TIMs triggered by Rowling and it makes the top of msn news by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Right? It makes no sense, because this is a word that should be important to them as it gives them language to describe things that actually harm them, and they have rendered it meaningless. TRAs don't even seem to care about that.

MTF and FTM is pseudoscience and does not make sense? by crimsondavison in GenderCritical

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Well, there are people who genuinely believe that the medical field is very close to being able to change people's sex. And believing things is more important than thinking rationally and trying to figure out what the best course of action is for everyone involved, so to me it isn't that weird that it's phrased the way it is.

"Individuals with a cervix" is not that far off from "babymakers" as a term for natal women by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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With a fetish for being treated like human beings worthy of respect... So kinky you can't talk about it without being called names!

QT/Trans/TRA - What reciprocal courtesy or labor do you extend to GC who will honor your pronouns? (but everyone can comment) by divingrightintowork in GCdebatesQT

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Thought that was a compromise as well, but I've since learned that there are people who will consider "they" offensive if you use it instead of their preferred pronouns.

GC: Do you believe women who voluntarily prostitute themselves should go to jail or be charged? by Genderbender in GCdebatesQT

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Gender Critical feminists are the only group so far who I heard criticized Cardi B.

Maybe the only ones you heard, but not the only ones in general. Over on Twitter I've seen plenty of people criticizing it. The amount of dislikes on the video is too high to be just GC people.

It's just that the second someone criticizes it, they are called conservative and racist, or when they're men, they're automatically considered misogynists.

The Trans Journalists Association's Style Guide: For those desperate to police themselves! by firebird in GenderCritical

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A few highlights:

Don’t ask for or publish a person’s criminal history unless it’s completely relevant. Be aware that trans people are disproportionately criminalized and policed. If the person you’re reporting on has a criminal record, reporting that information could have consequences for that person. For instance, it could make it harder for an individual to find work. Reporting on that criminal record also perpetuates stereotypes about trans people. If that history is not relevant to the story, you should not report it. If it is, you should consult with the individual about whether they are comfortable with that information being published. Before proceeding, discuss the potential negative impact publishing such information could have on them. You may need to find a different source or give the source anonymity if you cannot proceed with the story without publishing their criminal history. Publishing such information is rarely in the public interest. Consider killing a story if you have no alternatives.

Need to publish a trans person's criminal history because it's relevant to the story? Well, better kill the story instead. That's not censoring at all, what do you mean?

report carefully on anti-trans hate Like anti–gay rights groups or climate science deniers, anti–trans rights groups and individuals push a fringe, radical agenda. Leading medical and psychology organizations like the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association affirm trans people exist; these organizations also state that trans people need access to gender-affirming care, gender-appropriate public resources, and jobs where they can be themselves. Giving anti–trans groups a platform isn’t being unbiased, but rather giving fringe ideology outsized influence. When reporting on these groups or quoting people with this ideology, take care to fact-check their claims within the article. Do not spread disinformation.

Instead of spreading misinformation, consider saying things like "biological sex is a spectrum", "there isn't that much of a difference between a clitoris and a penis" and "transwomen menstruate too".

avoid giving a platform to TERFs or so-called “gender critical feminists”
Some anti-trans rights groups and individuals use the euphemism “gender critical feminism” to describe their hateful ideology. They are also sometimes called “trans exclusionary radical feminists” or TERFs. This ideology should not be elevated in the press. When reporting on fringe groups and hate groups, instead of calling them TERFs or gender critical feminists, use language like transphobic, anti-trans, etc. Avoid referring to anyone as a feminist when they are spreading anti-trans hate.

Don't refer to the people advocating for women's rights and equal treatment as feminists, please. That's just self-evident.

She Didn’t Want a Pelvic Exam. She Received One Anyway. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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She found that doctors often argued that patients implicitly consented to being enlisted in medical teaching when visiting a teaching hospital, or that consent for one gynecological procedure encompassed consent for any additional, related exams.

This is nonsense. I'm not American, and where I live I've met plenty of doctors who made it a point to get everyone's consent before students got involved. Sometimes to the point that it got difficult to actually have patients the students could train with because the patients either said no or the doctors themselves already decided that bringing in students for certain patients wasn't a good idea. I have yet to meet a student who made an issue out of this, the culture is mostly even one where patients who volunteer are thanked afterwards. And everyone is aware that when a patient doesn't want you there, you get kicked out of the room.

I'm still very much aware that not every doctor over here is like that, and some show horrible disrespect towards their patients rights and wishes, but I just wanted to show that it's absolute nonsense to act like "this is just the way things go and have to go".

A friend of mine posted a conplete misrepresentation of radical feminism by InvisibleWoman in GenderCritical

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All we can probably do is keep moving forward, keep trying. Attempt to build bridges to make our community stronger again.

For what it's worth, this post was good in that regard. You explained your perspective even though you were angry. And I certainly appreciate the sentiment of wanting to be allies, not enemies.

Living in harmony with trans people. Is it possible? What are some compromises which would allow us to keep our spaces? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I do think it's possible, but with the way people are behaving these days imposing their will on others I don't think it's very likely to actually happen. This sort of thing requires some mutual respect, empathy, understanding.

This is especially important when it comes to our spaces, I think. Maybe this could be solved by having multiple spaces available. A female space, a male space, a neutral space, a transgender space. More, if that's what it takes to have some peace. Of course this wouldn't be possible everywhere and anytime, but I think this would at least be an improvement over the current situation.

Some decent rules and at least some gatekeeping seem necessary to me as well. Now anyone can just "identify" into any group for any reason, which is bad for both us AND trans people. This would theoretically be the easiest problem to tackle since we should be on the same side on this, but with the current "all gatekeeping and exclusivity is automatically bad!" this has also become a difficult task.