Financier Paul Tudor Jones Explained Why He Buys Bitcoin by MarkoVidrih in news

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Cowards make wonderful slaves.

Jetliner hits and kills person as it lands at Austin airport by magnora7 in news

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The politicians are telling you what they expect from you if you dare to pay attention and wake up. What they desire is the ultimate enslavement of all of humanity.

It’s long past the time to wake up and stop living life afraid. It’s all about control no matter who is elected. The illusion of choice has changed nothing over the past century and it’s not going to in the future.

Sen. Rand Paul: Coronavirus reaction — Is your government embracing tyranny? by [deleted] in politics

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Fear is one of the most powerful tools the elites have at their disposal. Using the mainstream media, politicians and others who want world domination can inject fear into the public at the drop of a hat, making them easy to manipulate and control.

Aristotle once said: “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” Fear is a powerful weapon, and it’s been used globally for the past few months. People have shown that the instant the media tells them to live a life scared in their homes, they will comply in order to “stay safe.” Whether the virus is real or not, is not the point.

The elitists must keep the public in a constant state of panic in order to control them. Unafraid and compassionate people are impossible to control.

Ivanka Trump slammed for 'breach of protocol' but backed up by surprising ally by bradlux in news

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Americans only think protesting is wrong when white people do it and police brutality is only wrong if negroes are the victims.

Germany: Watch Shia mourners smash chests for Imam Ali by [deleted] in news

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The very same Americans who scream Americans should be placed under house arrest to stop the flu then turn around and insist streets should be closed so people would be forced to walk and have fresh air and sunshine that kills germs.