Offset gets close to a female fan for a selfie while out shopping [photos] by AziBase in Entertainment

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Part of the reason that the USA is a police state now is because Americans believe that they are exempt from tyranny and freedom doesn't benefit them.

Americans don't care if coffee is illegal if they don't drink coffee.

Americans don't mind unconstitutional NSA surveillance if Americans think that only Muslims and negroes are being wiretapped.

DJ I Rock Jesus Monday Night Praise Party 4 26 2021 by christnmusicreleases in music

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Americans scream that fur must be banned to protect the environment, but plastic coats are made from oil.

Superstonk is SUS: an Investigation into Manipulation, Undercover Operatives, and the Recent Moderator Drama (Post 1/3) : GME by carn0ld03 in conspiracy

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If the elites want everyone to be herded to the cities then why are the globalists pushing Americans to move to small farm towns to escape urban lockdowns?

Young Misha vs Karpov With Subtitles by [deleted] in funny

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Saying that you love peace and then turning around and screaming that Biden is a coward for ending the Afghan war sounds hypocritical.

Those who say that they love freedom sound fake when patriots scream that the Gestapo should be allowed to shoot unarmed Americans in the back.

You don't really love freedom if you scream that you must have an ID to vote, but you shouldn't need an ID to buy a gun.

Patriots don't love freedom if Nazis ridicule Commies for banning natural gas while screaming solar power must be outlawed.

Owen Benjamin Animation The Leprechaun by Questionable in funny

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Americans have completely lost their minds.

The very same Americans who say that they love freedom then around and say the USA needs more tyranny.

The same Americans who say that they hate welfare scream the US needs more food stamps.

The same Americans who say China underestimated virus deaths then turn around and scream the US government exaggerated virus deaths in the US.