Bernie Sanders: Does the DNC have the guts to stand up to the Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare industry? by newguy in politics

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Wonder what takes more guts, a group standing up to those industries or a person standing up to the DNC when the presidential nomination is taken from you? Guess we will never know.

Best way to get dog piss off of carpet? by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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This is what I use for carpet, you can do this on other floor surfaces but modify soaking time.

If you don't know where the spot is, you can use a black light to find it. It will fluoresce in the dark. If it's still wet, blot up as much as you can with paper towels. You are going to need a lot of paper towels, and not the really cheap ones. Once you do that, or if it's dry, saturate the stain with an enzyme cleaner. There are a few to chose from, (I like Natures Miracle) and you can get it from pet stores or amazon, just make sure it says enzyme cleaner. It's pricey, if you have several spots you are better off buying it by the gallon which will run $25-33. Let the enzyme cleaner soak the spot for at least 10 minutes, then blot all the liquid up with paper towels. Then let it air dry. Once should work but if it's an old stain or really pungent you can repeat the enzyme cleaner.

Post 1 most trustworthy media source you loved by Snow in news

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Media monarchy with James Evan Pilato. It's more like a news aggregator with critical commentary, he does a live discord stream daily (though he is off this week, I think) which is a pay service but you can go as little as a buck a month, or it's free recorded version is available on podcast or his site. He streams music too, and he works with Corbett for a weekly 10 minute or so run down on news events. Livechat in discord is fun on his stream, though dark and sarcastic.

Blizzard's Hong Kong Screw-Up Is Officially an International Incident by magnora7 in WorldNews

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Is it irony that the article uses reddit to illustrate the gaming community's frustration with censorship? It mentions that the Chinese company Tencent has some ownership of Blizzard, but fails to mention Tencent's large investment in reddit (something like 150 million).

Yale Study: Wild Mosquitoes Retained Genes Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes by i_cansmellthat in science

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Maybe we shouldn't fuck with things and release them en masse into civilization....guess I will jump back into this research this week. I needed motivation anyway.

The Mountain Goats - Lion’s Teeth by i_cansmellthat in music

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The lyrics seem like a metaphor for a whistle blower, or the truth teller that no one wants to listen to.

They want you to focus on Epstein whilst they pass the TAPS act and mental higene laws, Epstein is probably in Tel Aviv by Jesus in conspiracy

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Do you think the focus is drawn away purposely from the Epstein document dump as well? I can't determine if the suicide timed well for less attention to the documents, or if the document dump was to keep researching individuals occupied and away from other issues. Friday was all "Epstein docs" and Saturday was "Clinton's killed Epstein" on the internet, now there isn't much chatter about those documents.

On a side note, it would be fun to develop an internet quiz that determines one's mental hygiene. Scale from 1-10, 10 being too conforming to the point of psychopathy and 1 being schizophrenic heroin mule...

Broken link restored: Epstein and alleged corpse not the same--compare ears and nose. New link in comment. by FormosaOolong in conspiracy

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There is this thread from reddit that talks about his head size being too large in perspective to those around him, which suggests it is photoshopped. Of course, this could be misdirection as well. But, if this is an actual photo taken and being shared around the internet, his head is disproportionate to the rest of the pic.

"Domestic terrorism" seems to be a hot phrase in the headlines today. by i_cansmellthat in conspiracy

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Sheesh. Why doesn't the US control the armaments it sells to anybody around the world? US is number one in world gun sales.

"Ok, now crouch down and pretend to cry. Ok, just like that, perfect.” by Jesus in conspiracy

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Look at the kid's eyes, he is bored. Not scared, not defiant, he is waiting for a reward promised if he just behaves for an hour or so.

And do they state when it was taken? It's fucking hot right now, it's been fucking hot for 2 weeks, and that is not "fucking hot" attire. (Source: currently in Arizona, 1.5 hours from the border, it's fucking hot)

"The dumbing down of America is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites, lowest common denominator programming... but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance." -Carl Sagan by magnora7 in quotes

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30 second sound bite is generous, more like 5-7 these days.

I read this somewhere around 2005, and something that stuck with me is that he said to pay attention to the advertisements in the things you read. Those advertising in said things are very likely to interest you, algorithms in early stages so to speak. He was essentially saying that hey, those selling something have figured you out, and by reading "xyz" you must be interested in "abc." Heavy paraphrasing on my part... his work has stayed with me a long time.

Replies! I need more Replies! by Snow in AskSaidIt

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I've got 20 minutes, replies to comments or posts? Just so you know, I'm a little tipsy and sunburnt, so maybe not quality stuff on my part. But willing to help :)

What kind of stuff do you want on the sub?

Actor Who Accused Spielberg, Colbert Of Pedophilia Found Dead by magnora7 in corruption

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Greg Carlwood posted this yesterday concerning the death of Tracy Twyman. She had recorded a video for a few friends, and it was released after her death. The video mentions THC and a friend of Carlwood's and this is his response to it.

She was supposedly in touch with Kappy because they both were investigating some of the same things.

Here is a link to some info on her, and some of the things she and Kappy were working on. It also links the video THC responds to (I didn't want to post it directly because I haven't watched it, and Carlwood was pretty shook up about it and her death). No mention of how she died in the little searching I've done.

US Customs just seized a ship owned by JPMorgan after authorities found $1 billion worth of drugs on it by magnora7 in corruption

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New incentive to open a checking account, free coke for new customers.

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. by [deleted] in quotes

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Sadly, no.

I wish lizard people could be proven true, then there would be a viable enemy. That is, unless I am a lizard person and don't know it, or the lizard people are here for the benefit of humanity and are just misunderstood. Sunday night thoughts.../s

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. by [deleted] in quotes

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Feel the same here. He recently did a "Higherside Chats" interview and I really like some of what he said, but still have some misgivings. I believe he used to work for the BBC, which raises my eyebrows a bit.

Saidit is now the second-largest reddit alternative in the world after voat by Orangutan in whatever

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A toast to u/magnora and u/d3rr: may your down time be low, your traffic be high, and all input insightful. If not for you, we would be searching for meaningful content on reddit, voat, and the others. It is better here, and for that we thank you. Cheers.

This world is in desperate need for more Black Metal featuring a theremin by [deleted] in claims

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More theramin? I kind of inherited a theramin, played around with it and even have a dvd called " Mastering the theramin," (never watched it). Black metal may drown it out but since I personally like it I would vote hell yeah, the world needs more theramin.

War in reverse (Kurt Vonnegut, bit long for a quote but, whatever) by i_cansmellthat in quotes

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Hope your copy of Sirens found you.

War in reverse (Kurt Vonnegut, bit long for a quote but, whatever) by i_cansmellthat in quotes

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Just found a copy of Cat's Cradle at this used bookstore I like, it is a limited edition British release from '65. Was looking for a copy to reread it, lots of synchro stuff around ice-9 popping up for some reason. Great book.

Came across a small thing, thought I would throw it out here by i_cansmellthat in Collusion

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If I remember correctly, Oxitec was genetically modifying the mosquitoes to render them sterile, but other companies (there are a few) were injecting them with a bacteria (Wolbachia). Only males were to be released with the infected bacteria, and their offspring would be sterile due to the bacteria. This was the method slated for the US.

(Time magazine article)[]

Problem is, the companies seem to be able to guarantee a male release of 99.97% max, meaning .03% released would be female. If those females mutate to adjust to the bacteria, could it pose problems if a female mosquito carrying other pathogens bites a person? No one really knows.

I haven't researched this much in the last 6 months or so, I hit a wall in finding any new info other than slated releases. Oxitec did try to stop the company using the wolbachia due to the lack of a pure male population release, but I think they lost. I couldn't find any info on actual releases, I should revisit this.

Happy 4/20 friends! by d3rr in whatever

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Happy 4/20 friends! by d3rr in whatever

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mm kay...

What are you guys are listening to right now? by JWPH in AskSaidIt

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More a Legend than a Band by the Flatlanders. Early 70's country with a musical saw, the original was released on 8 track, flopped, then it was re-released in the 90's. Bhagavan Decree and Dallas are quite good, and did I mention the musical saw?

Napping Not Allowed: Ban on Sleeping in Cars Could Allow Police to Seize Car Occupants Vehicles and Carry Out Warrantless Searches by dcjogger in news

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I'll show them, I will sleep in my driverless car while it burns that sweet, sweet petroleum. /s

Excellent post.

What are we even doing? by magnora7 in CriticalThoughts

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Yea I didn't figure that out early in life either, and I still catch reverting back to "I don't have a choice" mode, though not often. It's freeing really, no excuses for why you land where you find yourself (in most cases).

What are we even doing? by magnora7 in CriticalThoughts

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And I mean that, you are a free to choose as you wish, and that's one of the craziest things about this whole existence. We have all these choices we didn't even realize we had, because we never took the time to stop playing the mini-games we were fixated on, and just step back and re-evaluate things as a whole.

A couple of weeks ago, my nephew was complaining about his friend to me. He is 11, and while with a group of friends he had shot a video of one of them acting loud and crazy, like most 11 year old boys act. He had posted the vid on his youtube channel with his friends permission, but the next day his friend was adamant he take it down. His complaint to me was, "He is making me take it down." My reaction was close to anger at him, I told him no one can make you do anything. Leave it up, take it down, don't wear pants today, whatever. You always have a choice, some choices have consequences. Take it down because you choose to, not because you are forced to. I feel like what you said there echoed our conversation (in a way) in that many people feel they have to do something this way or that, when in fact they have way more control than they think.

Great write up, thought about it quite a bit since first reading it.

Federal vaccine court quietly pays out BILLIONS by Tom_Bombadil in Health

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Billions funded by a tax on each vaccine, so essentially US taxpayers are paying those billions, not the companies manufacturing the vaccine. Make loads of money, no liability....can't lose (unless one actually cares about other people). Even if you choose a side on this issue, seems like both sides could agree that the producer should assume some liability.

Movie night with the bois! (And grills!) by Zombi in horror

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Great idea. My availability sucks but will participate when I can.

S. 729: A bill to prohibit the use of funds to Federal agencies to establish a panel, task force, advisory committee, or other effort to challenge the scientific consensus on climate change, and for other purposes. (Bill that is currently on the senate calendar) by i_cansmellthat in Collusion

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Yes, I understand this proposed bill is prohibiting funds, not speech or study. But doesn't science seek truth, and in so shouldn't a scientific claim seek information from all sides, especially when policy is being decided on a new frontier? By excluding funded study, they are excluding research that could produce possible solutions. Instead they are taking a side and shutting opposing views out. No matter where one stands in the debate, this bill doesn't seek truth.

Hi, I am a 13 year Reddit veteran seeking asylum on Saidit by friend in Introductions

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Asylum granted.

I've no power here, by the way.

But welcome, glad you are here!

Saidit just hit 5000 user accounts! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This is so good to see! Content here is better, users are civil, no pages with post after post of agenda heavy propaganda. I'm glad saidit is here and doing so well!

Has anyone lost faith in humanity? (Vent) by Jesus-Christ in ChattyKathys

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Faith, belief, and truth are tricky things. Add a dose of ego and you get self righteous, narrow minded behavior. I think it's a problem to label people though, a narrow minded person has the capacity to change and grow. I can personally attest to this, the last 18 months has kicked my ass but for the better, I think. Maybe approaching these thoughts from a faith (or lack of faith) perspective is not helpful to you, thinking in terms of hopeful optimism may suit you better.

Such as Moral Principles for example, at the end of the day this is used as a measurement to determine the good nature of somebody. But does any of it really even matter?

Yep it does. But one can only apply these qualities to oneself. You have your own internal code, and while that code may be changeable, when you violate it you will lose sleep. Living by your own code brings you peace.

Regardless of what we choose to do with our lives, how we treat others and what we believe in - sooner or later we will die, and that will be that. All the friends, bad memories, good memories, achievements - gone.

Reasonably true, but.....Think of this existence as a knitted blanket, you are a stitch as are all other living things. If you get pulled, the blanket may unravel, it may have a blemish, it may not be noticeable on one side. But you and others are united in existence to form the blanket. It may or may not make you important, but you are part of something. Does it matter what that something is? In this existence, the truth of our existence may not ever make itself known in a factually proven manner. Going forward with that knowledge in a positive way could be seen as noble.

I don't know, but I don't think anyone has cornered the market on truth. God, atheists, buddha, who knows. Maybe we all are fucked, but you can try to do the best with what you've got. If you fail today, try harder tomorrow. You can grow. I find a lot of peace knowing that I can't change anyone else, that's not my job. But trying to live positively can have a positive effect on others.

Rambling response, I hope it makes sense.

What's inspiration behind your username? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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I have an insanely strong sense of smell, it's irritating really. If you went out drinking I can probably name most of what you drank a few hours later. Suppose my alt should be "my_eyesare-shit," I meant to register a something different here and just never did it.

What is your unique or obscure hobby? by Starlight_Fire in AskSaidIt

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I got one last spring as a birthday present, I had commented that I really like them in passing. Probably not the best gift to give as they do require daily attention, but I dug in and read up and so far I haven't killed it!

I have two now, and two starting from clippings. Would like to try a jade tree if these do well over the next month or so.

Milk Music - Illegal and Free (2013) by d3rr in music

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Nice guitar, I like how it slows toward the end. Been into garage punk the last few days, this fits in, I think.

Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Barnett, after a judge ordered her to reopen an unsafe jail with near-lethal carbon monoxide and exposed wiring. by magnora7 in news

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This is someone worthy of an elected position. She calls out factual reasons without grandstanding and puts her own conscience before duties to her job. Sad that integrity is so rare.

What is your unique or obscure hobby? by Starlight_Fire in AskSaidIt

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I've been trying to cultivate bonsai trees from clippings, still new to it but I've got 2 started and in pots. It doesn't take much time really (though they aren't tolerant of neglect), but it will be a couple years before they look like actual trees.

Just got banned from /r/australia for saying maybe unlimited immigration isn't the best idea, then banned from /r/darkenlightenment because I argued an elephant is less intelligent than a man by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Man, when elephants take over the world you're in deep shit. Elephants never forget. /s

Seriously though, reddit is now a circlejerk of programmed thinking. Yet someone (or group, corporation, etc) pulled a brilliant move by convincing the users they are so smart, much smarter than questioning dissenters. I wonder if I would get banned on r/dogs if I say cats are smarter than dogs.

Alzheimer’s A Transmissible Disease - Crossbow Communications by useless_aether in Health

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About ten years or so ago, it was found that heat sterilization didn't kill prions, therefore it could still be present on surgical instruments after heat sterilization. There is a combination of chemical and heat that is termed "somewhat effective," that is how most facilities sterilize now I think, there is radiation sterilization too (don't know if it is used commonly). Last I read, prions were somewhat an anomaly in that they are not technically alive.

Kurt Vonnegut's fictional substance "Ice 9" is used as a model to show how prions unfold and seed other cells.

Isn't it weird that Trump hasn't done a thing to help 40M Americans in poverty, 29M without health insurance, 500K living on the streets, or entire cities without clean water... but suddenly he cares so much about humanitarian aid to #Venezuela that he's willing to start a war? by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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We should put together news footage clips of countries being invaded for "humanitarian reasons" with the song "milkshake," probably a copyright nightmare but might be effective.

Large Scale Releases of Mosquitoes With an Engineered Genetic Mutation That Guarantees Sterile Offspring in Italy - Mosquitoes and mosquito larvae are at the bottom of the food chain for many species of insects & fish, postulate the driving force is Agenda 21 planned population reduction & genocide by OutlawKelly in conspiracy

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Italy isn't the only country releasing genetically modified mosquitoes. There are several, though the modification differs in some of the releases.

Africa Fun fact: Uganda is one of the countries slated for a release, and it borders ebola ridden Democratic Republic of Congo. Not transmittable through mosquitoes, but seems a bit risky to bring a mutated species into the fray.

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Be Released In 20 States Not sure of the status, some states were fighting this. Info on release was hard to find when I searched it a couple months ago. Was approved by our own Environmental Poison Agency.

They were being released in the Cayman's, but the Cayman government halted the release late last year.

There are probably more, those are the ones I saved when looking through this a couple months ago.

Oh, and to throw a big conspiracy wrench into all of it: Anti-GMO Mosquito Activist in DC to Deliver Petition to EPA Found Floating Dead in Hotel Pool.

2019-02-19 = Birthdate of the new religion... TRUTHERISM! - It's official. by JasonCarswell in Religion

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Don't know much about Ronin rules, but would "We will acknowledge our own mistakes and use them as a way to grow" apply? Truth is a journey, not a destination....something something.

There is a trap once something is declared absolute truth in that you stop seeking answers and stand still, closed off from new info. Hope that makes sense, my thoughts are scattered at the moment.

You may soon have to give your DNA to the state and pay $250 for the privilege (Arizona) by i_cansmellthat in news

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"Arizona could soon be one of the first states to maintain a massive statewide DNA database.

And if the proposed legislation passes, many people — from parent school volunteers and teachers to real estate agents and foster parents — will have no choice but to give up their DNA.

Under Senate Bill 1475, DNA must be collected from anyone who has to be fingerprinted by the state for a job, to volunteer in certain positions or for a myriad of other reasons.

The bill would even authorize the medical examiner's office to take DNA from any bodies that come into their possession.

The Department of Public Safety would maintain the collected DNA alongside the person's name, social security number, date of birth and last known address.

Any DNA in the database could be accessed and used by law enforcement in a criminal investigation. It could also be shared with other government agencies across the country for licensing, death registration, to identify a missing person or to determine someone's real name.

It could also be provided to someone conducting "legitimate research."

A $250 fee could be collected from a person who submits biological samples, according to the bill. It's not clear who would foot the cost for the dead."

Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention by Voracious_Observer in science

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On November 22, 2016, a Citizens Petition under Section 21 of TSCA was presented to the U.S. EPA requesting that they exercise its authority to prohibit the purposeful addition of fluoridation chemicals to U.S. water supplies. We made this request on the grounds that a large body of animal, cellular, and human research shows that fluoride is neurotoxic at doses within the range now seen in fluoridated communities.

James Corbett did an interview last year with Dr. Paul Connett from this organization. I haven't kept up with this, but it looks like a trial date has been set for August 2019.

New voices at the patients’ bedside: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple by i_cansmellthat in Health

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The article states these are HIPAA (protected private info, strictly enforced) compliant, but I'd bet it wouldn't take much effort to find the weakness and haul the manufacturer into court. I really hope they bring this crap in, change through litigation works sometimes.

Saidit, what if we showed who voted on everything? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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Woah...that's a long list.

Bayer gets to advertise in the super bowl, yet cannabis is rejected. Getting real sick of this shit. by i_cansmellthat in VigtesSickofThisShit

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Guess I'll be complaining about "big pot" in about 20 years or so. Funny, but yeah the cycle just keeps on going.

Can you imagine what the USA would be like if the government worked for the people, rather than the companies?

No, and that's sad. Technically, they do work for us though (at least that is what we've been led to believe, should probably fact check that one). We the people need to remember that.

Has anyone ever started a petition to fire the representatives that seem to favor corporate interests? I guess this would have to be done on a state/regional basis. Do petitions even work anymore? Guess I just outlined what I'm reading tonight.

Awesome! - but I think we need a downvote, and here's why by codywohlers in SaidIt

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And the long term outcome is a daycare website where admins remove features and mods add rules in a continued attempt to "encourage people" (see reddit) :)

Reddit summed up in two words: "daycare website" Nice.

Awesome! - but I think we need a downvote, and here's why by codywohlers in SaidIt

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I don't know....being ignored sends a very strong message. While an insightful post may get buried and therefore ignored from time to time, hate filled rancid posts that are ignored will go away and not be plastered on the front page.

Not downvoting forces you to engage in meaningful debate or it shows ambivalence. Maybe that can help divide and conquer techniques falter a bit. If you don't feed the stray cats in your neighborhood, they will look elsewhere for food.

Not saying you are wrong, just some thoughts.

Good Life Quotes: Top 10 Quotes For Living A Good Life by prakhar in TodayILearned

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“Putting things off is the biggest waste of life: it snatches away each day as it comes, and denies us the present by promising the future. The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today. You are arranging what lies in Fortune’s control, and abandoning what lies in yours. What are you looking at? To what goal are you straining? The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.” – Seneca

Positive list, nice.

Snow by Entropick in VigtesSickofThisShit

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Hmm....if you are running for the purpose of cardio, you could shovel driveways. It would be helpful to others, a gesture of good will, and will raise your heart rate. It's a win for everyone.

If you are running for the purpose of escape, then you are in a pickle. You will leave tracks anywhere you go, giving away your path of escape and the type of shoes you are wearing (as well as the size). Plus you will be slow. Snowshoes, maybe?

"Tragedy And Hope" is the site of Richard Grove, truther and educator, featured around the web, including on recent Corbett Report interviews. Stuck in traffic Grove missed death on 9/11 to become a whistleblower. Check out his free Critical Thinking Trifecta course and resources. by JasonCarswell in 911truth

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His work is solid and well sourced, learned a lot from his "Peace Revolution" podcast and haven't made it through half of the episodes.

H.R. 115: Protecting Diplomats from Surveillance Through Consumer Devices Act by i_cansmellthat in VigtesSickofThisShit

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As far as what we can do about's a "trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube" scenario now. Any type of surveillance shouldn't be there in the first place. But, as long as the population continues to use apps and agree to location enabling, it may be beyond fixing. Making rules after the fact will exclude some person or entity, and with so much collusion between lawmakers and corporations I think privacy will now always be exploited. Stop using smartphones is all I've got at the moment.

On a tangent, I strongly feel "we the people" need to watch what congress is doing more closely. Proposed laws and resolutions are posted, and while some are lengthy maybe it's worth the time to read and interpret them for ourselves instead of relying on media to do it for us. Forming a group to do this may work, as no one has the time to read everything.

H.R. 115: Protecting Diplomats from Surveillance Through Consumer Devices Act by i_cansmellthat in VigtesSickofThisShit

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This bill was introduced 1/3/19, passed the house 1/10/19. Still has to pass the senate.

But, really? A bill to protect diplomats from surveillance through devices, but no legislation to protect citizens from big brother (at least I couldn't find any, please post if it exists). Congress sucks.

"One of the saddest lessons of history..." (Carl Sagan) by i_cansmellthat in quotes

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I always got the feeling he wasn't trying to sell "the truth," he was pushing people to question, which is the very essence of science. True science won't stop and accept an absolute certainty, because it always is questioning itself.

And yes, he was a TV personality and while one shouldn't buy what tv is selling, I just never felt that he was disingenuous. But I could be wrong.

"One of the saddest lessons of history..." (Carl Sagan) by i_cansmellthat in quotes

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TIL Sagan gets a lot of hate.

I am everyone by Dr_Funkenstein in SaidIt

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So, it's possible that you are me.

"Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy." — Howard W. Newton by magnora7 in quotes

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I think when approaching a statement which you feel is not factual, the goal should be to enlighten and not to invalidate. No one likes to be told their opinion or statement is wrong, they then feel the need to defend. State things in a way that doesn't attack the person/statement, and isn't being said to inflate one's own ego. And be open to the fact that you might be wrong.

65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math by dcjogger in news

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By the time the average American student enters the 8th grade, he/she has had 9,360 hours of "education." We would be a nation of geniuses if the goal of schooling was education.

Here is a full list of all 40 currently-serving US congresspeople who have dual citizenship with Israel by magnora7 in Collusion

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They should, but they seem to find the best loopholes.

College writing seminar will tell profs to not grade based on quality of writing in order to fight 'white language supremacy' by SundogsPlace in SundogsPlace

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Next....the grammar nazi trials in Nuremberg. All those that have used the FTFY tag will be thoroughly investigated.

Here is a full list of all 40 currently-serving US congresspeople who have dual citizenship with Israel by magnora7 in Collusion

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Maybe that is the reason so much American tax money is given to Israel, a citizen of Israel potentially benefits from an influx of money, and they are citizens.

How is it that an elected official that decides legislation does not have to disclose any dual citizenship? Not only are members of congress not required to disclose dual citizenship, they are protected from FOIA inquiries to protect their privacy.

The BBC has published an article titled “How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon” about the Kremlin’s latest addition to its horrifying deadly hybrid warfare arsenal: comedy. by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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Site is down at the moment....

Based on the title, we should all be more serious, lest we be grouped with the nefarious funny Russians. /s

Breakfast the British Way by ruperttaylor in Foodfun

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Good read!

Enjoy your links, just the right length with lots of curious details.

Is this a fair use of our tax dollars? by magnora7 in finance

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Need food or housing? I guess you're screwed, someone needs a bonus for a beach house.

Would defense contracts be included in those numbers?


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Here is the pdf of the Global Compact on Migration. So far I've read a bit past the preamble and that's all kittens and rainbows and a lot of nothing, with agenda 2030 mentioned more than a few times. The objective and commitment section feels like data collection on a global scale, at a glance. Interesting.

Record count reported for mysterious paralyzing illness by SundogsPlace in SundogsPlace

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Something I don't get....In the US the oral polio vaccine hasn't been the standard since 2000 or so, now the injection is the norm. The oral vaccine is used frequently in other countries though, due to the cheaper cost and ease of use. The virus can be shed in fecal matter when the oral vaccine is used (off the top of my head, I read a bit into this a couple weeks ago so if I'm wrong please correct me). Now there are outbreaks of vaccine derived polio in some of these countries, and they are continuing this route of vaccination despite the fact cholera is present. Wouldn't cholera spread the virus at a much higher frequency?

It just seems common sense not to introduce it in an area with cholera, but what I know comes from doing some internet searches. Curious if anyone else knows more?

Deerhunter - Death in Midsummer by i_cansmellthat in music

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Nice song, has a little Dylan mixed with Mountain Goats. "I could be your boyfriend or I could be your shame," what a great lyric.

I don't know much about this band, sounds worth checking out more.

Record count reported for mysterious paralyzing illness by SundogsPlace in SundogsPlace

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This looks like polio, but in the little blurbs I've read about this health officials aren't supposed to call it that. Acute flaccid myelitis is sudden onset of paralysis and weakness, which is what polio essentially is. Both are caused by enteroviruses, though polio was taken out of that category and then put back in later with it's own subclass (it is confusing in how this is worded on a couple sites, but I haven't dug deep). Maybe I'm slow, but don't viruses mutate and if so, could this be a mutated version of polio? Not an expert in this field, but this should be clearly stated somewhere and it doesn't seem to be.

MSM Is Getting Weirder, More Frantic, And More Desperate By The Day by magnora7 in propaganda

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The only thing keeping the many from rising like lions against the few to create a new world which benefits everyone is the establishment propaganda machine, and right now it is wildly off balance. Shove hard, and don’t stop shoving until it falls.

After reading this article, I was wondering just how each of us can shove. There's a link to this in the article which may be a good starting point to learn how to push back.

SaidIt Promotional Ideas by JasonCarswell in SaidIt

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"Mommy, what's a wage slave?"

Do you prefer nightmode or daymode? by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Nightmode here. It feels like the anti-reddit.

Marriott discloses massive data breach affecting up to 500 million guests by Mnemonic in privacy

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Was talking to a friend whose company had a data breach last year. He says his PR dept. waited until a Friday to make a press release, as did Marriott (at least I think, it's behind a paywall so I didn't read it). He says it's becoming more common to do so, less people paying attention.

AP Exclusive: First gene-edited babies claimed in China by i_cansmellthat in WorldNews

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That's a great visual. I've encouraged (made) a few of my friends/family read this quote, it works way better this way.

AP Exclusive: First gene-edited babies claimed in China by i_cansmellthat in WorldNews

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Huxley was right.

AP Exclusive: First gene-edited babies claimed in China by i_cansmellthat in WorldNews

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And don't forget good old Monsanto is playing around with crispr too....

Let's compile a list of ways to fuck up our existence....crispr, solar radiation management, carbon capture and storage, the food supply and corporate greed, modified mosquitoes being released....just a few. Shouldn't these ideas be thought out a bit more before being implemented?