It's good to be here by EndlessSunflowers in SaidIt

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I agree, great vibe here. Being on reddit is like trying to walk barefoot across the kitchen after you break a glass.

39+ houses catch fire as overpressurized gas lines cause explosions across Massachusetts -- Unclear if due to operator error or a computer hack by magnora7 in news

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Looks like the hurricane is getting all the press. We used to eye roll category 1 or 2 hurricanes, didn't we? Not making light of the storm surge, it's a big deal but this has gotten a lot of hype.

Whether the explosion was caused by hacking or user error, wouldn't the public usually be clamoring for accountability? Columbia Gas is the provider, and they are a subsidiary of NiSource, which is one of the largest utility providers in the nation with 3.5 million gas customers, according to wikipedia. Maybe news providers don't want to call them out too loudly?