"We're closing our sub. Farewell." - [x-post r/WatchRedditDie] by OnlineBackupArchive in WatchRedditDie

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yeah essentially I just help keep the lights on

powermod drama and the cliques and stuff is really really stupid

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yeah that's the thing about reddit's API in general (and by extension saidit's), it's really easy to create your own apps and scripts

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I think the voting is the big issue with saidit that makes writing code for it difficult, since there's like 5 vote directions instead of the 3, but yeah. It'd probably take a little bit to adapt.

Saidit's level of discourse seems to be back by RuckFeddit in SaidIt

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this is already the case somewhat. there are rules for moderators but if you don't want to follow them you can get off /s/all. using the quarantine function has much larger implications and is way more restrictive than removal from /s/all.

Reddit is flooding Saidit with hardcore pornography by Honestanonymous in SaidIt

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are the karma-based ratelimits disabled here? something like the RATELIMIT error should stop them normally if they didn't have per-sub karma, no?

Reddit is flooding Saidit with hardcore pornography by Honestanonymous in SaidIt

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it's definitely IP2 related

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I thought I replied to this but apparently I didn't. Whoops!

Hi justcool393, good to see you here too! Looking forward to s/drama taking off on this site, thanks for modding it!


Really appreciated your bot contributions on Reddit, and hope to see them ported to SaidIt if you get the time and inclination :)

I definitely will if I have the time.

Since you're like, bot-coding extraordinaire ... I know one of my other mods has been struggling to figure out AutoModerator on this site. Specifically, how to get it to make scheduled posts, that's a feature that seems to be lacking. Would you happen to know anything about it?


(ccing /u/magnora7 on this) the AutoModerator scheduler is a completely separate script app that would run on the /u/automoderator account. there's an integrated version that exists, but it's not been used at reddit, nor is it public. on reddit's side of things, it's being phased out in favor of the scheduled posts feature.

iirc, it's this script: https://github.com/Deimos/ScheduleBot

It uses praw, so a version of praw that uses /s/ instead of /r/ would have to be written (probably just changing a lot of /r/ to /s/).

What makes this better than r/? by stallfedcalf in SaidIt

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Does it have censorship

In the strictest sense, of course. The content policy is here.

BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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I have a few points to respond to with this

  1. what qualifies as "Big Tech?" I assume most people would agree Facebook and Twitter are included, but reddit? Discord? saidit? some random person's forum? what about a wordpress blog? sites and services rise and die all the time, etc, so what about these?

  2. why should someone be compelled to host your speech? we are provided with a platform to speak our mind, but just like in real life, if someone's causing trouble and I have the right to tell people to leave, it's my right to tell them to do so. I'd be more convinced if a site like saidit, which has over 250,000 posts and 1,000,000 comments so far couldn't be hosted for $50/month. there are also plenty of free web hosts if you're into that, or you can host off your computer directly.

  3. content moderation can be pretty difficult to do at scale and it isn't a solved problem. you have people posting outright spam which, which is a cat and mouse game of itself (for example reddit has better spam filters than Facebook or Twitter, and reddit's spam filters are notoriously fickle and annoying to deal with at times. but you also have outside agents from whereever. even just enforcing the bare minimum of rules is downright impossible in many instances. how could something like this be enforced fairly, especially when it comes to political speech?

BREAKING: Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweets For First Time - The Donald - America First by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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side note related to the users in the thread:

why do people actually want Section 230 removed? like... that'd make every site owner liable for anyone some idiot says on there. if some guy threatens to shoot up a place or something on <your favorite website here that has a commenting feature>, the site owner shouldn't be liable for that stuff.

removing section 230 protections would basically require either

a) multitudes of whole websites to shut down completely, especially those in which controversial viewpoints are discussed, which is way more egregious censorship than Twitter trendbanning some people.

b) every piece of content to be humanly moderated and the operator would have to be absolutely perfect at it. as an example, I don't want saidit taken offline because someone posted or commented something libelous or someone issued a threat of violence or something.

I think Twitter can be eyerollworthy at the times I choose to visit but I don't want this to happen. because the day that Twitter is declared a "publisher" is the day that Trump and pretty much everyone that has any bit of controversy at all are kicked off.

Admins are you even going to help try to stem the issue of vote manipulation, it just seems like you don't really care. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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reddit limits account creation to 1 account/10 minutes per IP address. iirc there are some ways using the public code to get more info about voting for a specific post or comment, but most of the "bad votes" are thrown out automatically by reddit's code

(cc /u/d3rr)

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Thank you! :)

How do you expect us to be a community if we can't discuss things? by [deleted] in SaidIt

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that's more notabug.io's thing, which saidit participates in. I don't know what other "peers" that are out there (if there even are others) but there probably are NSFW things out there.