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Wow quite a lot of feedback, thanks.

We are definitely going to pursue decentralizing our servers, and IPFS may play a role in that. However IPFS only allows static files, so we were thinking a static html frame in IPFS that then inside it loads information passed around in a blockchain-like or torrentl-like manner, similar to how bitchute.com uses webRTS to transmit the video data. We are thinking of trying to adapt that system to carry all our dynamic data that can't be updated on IPFS (like the postgreSQL database that is continuously changing). This is definitely something we're looking in to.

Posts are the main posts. Comments are in reply to the posts or in reply to each other.

Conspiracy and conspiracyundone are just two different subs made by different people.

If you want to make a TFH sub, go for it! Your account has to be aged 2 weeks in order to create one though, as you noted.

If you haven't, I recommend you check this out, as it may answer any additional questions you have: https://saidit.net/s/SaidIt/comments/37r/welcome_to_saiditnet/

Thanks again for all the thoughts.

IOS/Android Application... by VeritasQuaesitor in magnora7

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Yeah it has really crimped the whole process. We're going to try out iOS soon! Glad you like saidit, welcome