Reddit Falls Out of Top 20 Sites Worldwide by useless_aether in news

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It's been falling since after the 2016 election. Which to me just shows how many political agendas were being pushed through it.

PSA: Our site culture is dropping. by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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Thanks wizzwizz.

I appreciate you all who are being real and honest and well-spoken, and responding to the real core of what your debate "opponent" is saying when you get in a disagreement.

I've already seen some great debates happening on saidit where all the different sides of an argument were being stated very clearly and articulately, and it's amazing how much I can quickly learn! This is what saidit is for.

Sometimes we'll get steamed when we disagree with someone, but only engaging with the highest-quality arguments makes the culture of mud-slinging just naturally die out from people simply ignoring it because we know it's not worth our time.

It's a subtle thing to truly grasp, but I see lots and lots of people on saidit who "get it" and I'm proud of the community we've all built so far.