/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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Oh wow I was sure the sub was hacked. Why would you shut it down just because of a simple disagreement, with mainly one person? I read those posts and I've no idea how they warrant this "drama". Hope the mods calm down and allow things to go back to normal.

J K Rowling has tweeted the Boxer Ceiling archive by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I've seen so many of my "role models" in the past couple of years succumbing to the woke mind virus. And so much of the media and entertainment that I enjoyed during my formative years got taken away from me. It's just how I feel. That's why, as a massive potterhead growing up, I can't even put into words how reassuring it is to see JK Rowling having come to the same conclusions as I have, and that she's not giving in. Honestly, it's keeping me sane. There was no pressure for her to do what she does. She could've chosen the simple path of pretending to see the emperor's new clothes. It really shows her integrity, and her awareness.

When I hear Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe make empty statements about "compassion", about "being inclusive", I only hear "I'm scared. Please love me!" Fear is at the heart of all this, it's what's enabling the gender cult. People like JKR motivate me to be less fearful in life, too!

Asking 958 Cisgender People if They Would Date a Trans Person by jay-day in LGBDropTheT

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If they were actually smart about it, they'd lie and pretend the vast majority of people would actually date trans people, in the hope of creating (or better: maintaining) the peer pressure on everyone to reexamine their "preferences".

Girl ‘driven out of school for questioning trans ideology’ by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Thanks! Yes, it definitely gives me hope :) funnily enough, according to wikipedia I'm just one year away from being Gen Z, depending on which definition is the correct one.. but anyway, I always like to be proven wrong with my doomsday predictions!

Girl ‘driven out of school for questioning trans ideology’ by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I said it multiple times in the past and I'll say it again like the 30 year old geriatric gay man that I am: my/our biggest worry are the Zoomers who have been conditioned to become little religious fundamentalists without realizing it. It's generation "black&white", generation merciless. No compromises, no nuance. Everyone's policing everyone else's behaviour. They're a breeding ground for fascism and "just violence". And they're all gonna grow up soon and even surpass the current TRA extremism. At least that's my personal fear. What happened to this girl in this school is basically a spontaneous struggle session and everyone's alarm bells should start ringing like crazy.

I probably sound like the crazy man yelling "the end is nigh" at a street corner but damn, witnessing everyone around me succumb to a mind virus in the last decade (at max) is seriously depressing. It's scary to experience crowd madness up close.

Neither GC, radfems nor droptheT are particularly "young" movements demographics wise. If we can't get through to the TikTok generation like the "just be nice"-ologists, then all progress we see today that is being made in favor of reason will be for naught once gen Z and gen Alpha with their new and improved versions of homophobia and racism take the stage.

Crazy woman creates "LGBTQIA+" Church of Prismatic Light because Oklahoma lawmakers are trying to protect children from transition by lunarstrain in LGBDropTheT

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The whole gender identity thing was always a substitute for the concept of a soul in my mind. The movement comes off as a pseudo-religion; LGBTQ+ is literally "The Community"; TikTok teachers preach their doctrine like missionaries, and every school day has become sunday school. TRAs have their prayers/mantras ("TWAW"), they label and excommunicate the heretics ("transphobes";"TERFs"). They are science deniers and push for alternative biology like creationists ("there are no male/female bodies, there are only bodies"). They have their holy scripture and their tenets (queer theory; gender-bread man). They have their prophets and saints (Marsha P. Johnson), and they have a devil to hate (JK Rowling, amongst others).

It's only fitting if they start an official religion. Scary shit.

Pride is coming up, what's the most innocuous LGB quote I could have that wouldn't get me immediately kicked out? by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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No. 1, 2 and 3 probably won't be interpreted as an exclusive LGB/gender critical slogan. No. 4 might get you the attention of some TRAs and they'll try to lecture you. No. 5 will get you lynched 😬

I'm not good at subtle slogans.. maybe just a huge "LGB", which hints at the exclusion of the T. Or a shirt with the labrys on the front, and the picture of a crossed out banana or another phallic symbol on the back... or the image of the labrys tearing it apart. Or.. "I'm a L and I don't like tea"... I dunno, I'm trying to be funny here

In general, I think it's a good idea to play around with the "same sex" label. It will surely get TRAs mad, but they can't really show that because the general LGB populace has no idea that trans activism is a war on "sex" and our terms. If you can provoke a few gender identitarian rants with a simple mention of same sex attraction, it might peak some oblivious LGBs there!

Extreme Homophobia on Ovarit (the norm) by stunaep in LGBDropTheT

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I think the general consensus on here is that we do not agree with the homophobia in radical feminism, which in itself is not a key component of RF, nor is it a widespread opinion among RFs from my experience. That's shown by the many RF allies on here and in other places. Also, despite of what the people you linked to have to say, it's not the radical feminists right now that are advocating for the medicalization of GNC children, of which many are LGB. It's still the TRAs who actively damage us. I don't know if JKR for example considers herself RF, but she does hang out with them, and she's definitely not homophobic. There's more that unites LGBdroptheT and RF, than there are things that divide us imo.

If this wasn't the case, I'd be worried, too. But in the grand scheme of things, we're allies in our goal to resist gender identity ideology. If angry women use Ovarit to vent - I guess it's their right, and it doesn't affect us. And we have to be honest with ourselves: many of the most fervent TRAs are LGB. If you're a (straight) gender critical feminist online, and your only experiences with gay people is Stonewall, Owen Jones, David Paisley and Katy Montgomerie hurling the most heinous misogynistic trash at you - then you might develop a certain level of wariness regarding "the gays". Add to that everyone's favorite crazy "enby" Ezra Miller who regularly attacks women violently without real repercussions, and I can see it feeding homophobic sentiments. I don't say it's a good thing, I don't say it's the right conclusion, but I can relate to their anger. I'm angry, too.

We've discussed it many times on here: one of the many fears we LGB people have when it comes to gender ideology is that it'll lead to more homophobia in society. Statistics don't lie, the number of our supporters are dwindling. But that's happening all across society, and certainly not just on Ovarit. Gender Ideology and self-proclaimed LGBT activism/organizations are at fault. And I'm more interested in fighting these sources of the new homophobia at the moment.

I hope that the reasonable radfems can see the bigger picture and are in the majority. Homophobia divides us. But being overly concerned and focused on a homophobic subset of radfems (who are not leading the discussion) will divide us, too.

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. What’s your thoughts on his view on ‘free speech’ and will this allow open homophobia from the TQ crowd? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Mainly short-term euphoria because of the collective meltdown of the authoritarian left, and their unabashed display of hypocrisy regarding social media platforms and free speech. But let's not kid ourselves. "We" (LGBdroptheT, Gender Criticals, Radfems and everything inbetween) and the "new heralds of free speech" (Musk, Chappelle.. or even Trump for some) aren't "on the same side". Remember, for the rest of the world, we're ALL just The Community™. And our perceived infighting is met with indifference at best, but mostly incomprehension and amusement. We're all those crazy Feminists™, the Gays™. JKR is disliked on both sides of the aisle. They don't understand the diametrically opposed positions of "Terfs" and "TRAs". Chappelle defended Rowling by ultimately misinterpreting her entire stance. "Gender is real" goes against everything we say, yet the majority claps.

The best we can hope for is for Twitter to stop the estimated 50% bots on the platform, and the problem of the countless sock puppet accounts of the no-life TRAs. Also, I hope for a fair treatment of all opinions when it comes to the algorithm. Why is it that a TRA response with 2 likes under a JK Rowling/LGB Alliance/GC tweet is listed higher than a supporting tweet with 2000 likes? I'd like to know the logic.

Maybe we can hope for LGB Alliance to get their checkmark. There will not be much change for us otherwise. We'll still be the target of misinformation and bullying.

And I DREAD the upcoming "Musk derangement syndrome". You just know it's gonna happen. Nobody will leave Twitter, no. They'll all stay and tweet for years to come about this billionaire who is destroying their lives. Social media is a blight on society, sure; but it was THEIR blight to use for their advantage. Now that this is (seemingly) changing, we're going to witness in real time how private social media platforms are going to get blamed for everything bad in the world. We'll see politics getting involved. I wouldn't be surprised if the near future, social media will be turned into a public asset because of its "newly discovered" importance and undoubted influence on society. But not without new "hate speech" laws, of course...

WTF? Is that conversion therapy? by Rage-Xion in LGBDropTheT

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I'm delighted to see rational people in the comment section. Also, current like/dislike ratio is 394 likes to 431 dislikes. Love to see it.

EDIT: now it's 554 TRAs vs 1800 normal people :)

Eldena Doubleca5t: "dear lesbians, transwomen have never tried to force you to sleep with them, you're just being irrational" by jay-day in LGBDropTheT

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"You are being irrational. Nobody calls you transphobic for not wanting to sleep with trans women... but you have to accept that you're neither speaking for lesbians, nor are you lesbian. You also don't have a sexual orientation at all, just a genital preference. Oh, and you're not allowed to be rude about it, like.. by saying terfy shit like "no" or something. Understood? Good. Now shut up."

Go home Stonewall, you're drunk by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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What exactly is it that asexual people want or need that is currently not provided by society, and that is compatible with the needs of homosexual people in order to justify lumping us all together? What rights do they lack? Same sex attracted people want spaces to their own: little "homo-normative" parallel universes in the form of bars, dating apps/sites, forums and real world meeting places. We LGBs want sexual freedom. Again, what do asexuals want? A "sexless" space? I mean, they share this need with another demographic... they are called "children". Admittedly, we could do more to protect children from early sexualization and creepy adults. But the point is, if you're asexual, you're in no way discriminated against, nor do you have special needs that aren't already satisfied or considered by the majority. Go form platonic relationships with other adults. If you can't do that, the problem isn't your non-sexuality.

A think a friend of mine is trying to convince me that trans people are "fine" by juo in LGBDropTheT

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I believe there is more to a friendship than just one thing you both like, or one aspect of your characters you both share. And I generally find it a desirable goal nowadays for people to again be able to remain friends even though their opinions regarding some topics are polar opposites. I genuinely hope this is that kind of friendship for you.

But just based on your text, without any background information or knowing you and your friend, it seems like you two are "tolerating" each other. Which sounds straining, to be honest. You have to decide if the basis of your friendship is solid enough to warrant this back and forth. She's obviously not seeing the world the way you do. That's normal but when it comes to a cultish believe like trans ideology, I'd find it hard to even talk about everyday stuff. Because in the end, she believes in gender identity, sexist stereotypes, compelled speech, homosexuals=genital fetishists, male lesbians and so on and so on. At least, that comes with it, even if she doesn't realize that. She must be a damn good friend otherwise for you to put up with this.

I think, the least she could do is to stop the "love-bombing" the moment you do something that she deems "right". That's conditioning. It's belittling and a constant reminder that regardless of every nice things she says, she's always thinking you're doing something wrong. Doesn't hat remind you of all the other "well-meaning" homophobes we've encountered in our lives? "Love the sinner, hate the sin". That's how she sounds like.

Maybe talk about that with her. Make it clear that if she values your friendship, she has to accept that she's believing in something that you do not believe in, and vice versa. No more attempts to convert you. She has to respect that. You're probably not sending her Magdalen Berns videos daily, either. Or start with that to make a point lol

No more tomboys, only males by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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"Advice to the mother should include using the child's preferred gender pronouns (...) and reassuring her child that she has her unconditional love"

Errrm... excuse me?! Did this Orwellian behavioral guide just misgender the poor trans child?? 🤔

Also, wow, they basically say that if you have a self-IDing "trans child", your job as a parent is done and you're supposed to hand over your baby to the next LGBTQ org. How fucked up is this?

I need your help playing the pronoun game by ArthnoldManacatsaman in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah I'd choose 1, or a version of it. I'd keep it shorter and just say "I don't believe in pronoun sharing", or "I don't feel comfortable with the idea of pronoun sharing". That way, when they get triggered they can't claim that you were intentionally stirring things up. You didn't start the discussion. You could also say "I have male pronouns" or "I'm male". This is a middle way between not making a big scene and calmly making a point about biological sex, your believe that pronouns are sex based language.

Violent Trans Activist Who Kicked Lesbian out of Pride Org. Quietly Detransitions by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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While the fact that this happened in the first place angers me no end, I'm quite happy about these news. It confirms everything we're saying. Let us archive this and make sure people know about it whenever possible.

Trans people act like the fact that they're all "gay" is some big mystery 🙄 by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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Oh I'd love to see his reaction when confronted with a nice female girl-dique :) He better not be a disgusting genital fetishist!

"I wish I wasn't a lesbian" - Lesbian seeking advice on "feeling okay with having sex with women with real penises" by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Hm not gonna lie, this sounds a bit like bait to me. Don't get me wrong, everything she says is true but she acts very self-reflected yet naive at the same time, so I don't quite believe that this is an "honest" question/confession. Maybe I'm too cynical, but I can't believe LGB people actually and honestly think like that about themselves. Anyway, she's holding up a mirror to TRAs, "allies" and the undecided, which is always very important. Because gender ideology IS absurd and regressive, a repackaged form of conservative homophobia.

This is stupid. by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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"Those things are totally different, unless you don't want to, then they're the same uwu" End me.

“What Does LGBTQ Stand For?” Your (Colorful!) LGBTQIA+ Glossary - 😡😡😡😡😡 by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I damaged my eyes from all the rolling.

I'm bi and even I understand how stupid this is by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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Damn, who would've guessed that the "old version" we grew up with was the least offensive version of homophobia and that it'll just get worse the more "progressive" society becomes...

The tale of the legendary she/they clown by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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I guess that's the reasonable way to look at it. But I can't help but fear when generation tiktok eventually grows up and comes into power. The question is will they grow out of their cultish/nihilistic beliefs until then, or will this become the status quo. Are there any young gay guys, normal guys, on youtube or somewhere else who are not on board with identity politics? I'd love to watch those and get my hopes up for the future a little bit, but don't know of anyone.

The tale of the legendary she/they clown by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, You're right! The 60 000 upvotes and those absolutely brainless comments really bother me though... I know I shouldn't overthink stuff like this but the vitriol and contempt for gay people really gets to me. It's scary to think that nowadays you can freely say "gay guys are the worst people" and get applauded by what seems like the majority of "young" people (I'm 30 and I talk like I'm on my death bed lol). Is it crazy to say that I'm scared of gen Z?

The tale of the legendary she/they clown by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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Is that a gay man? If yes I find this really sad. A lost generation.

RSE book produced by HSE, for 1st year students (12/13yrs), teaches that sexuality means attraction to gender; and homosexuality is attraction "mainly" to men/women by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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I'm angry beyond belief seeing how hard they try to slip their crude ideas by the adults and directly misinform and gaslight the next generation. But what I want to point out specifically is their blatant homophobia when it comes to their differentiation between homo- and heterosexuality. They could try to be consistent and also define heterosexuality as "MAINLY attracted to a different gender than your own", but they chose not to. I mean, it's still the wrong definition either way because there's only one opposite gender. But my point is, they didn't even bother and try to portray hetero- and homosexuality equally. No. Only heterosexuality has clear rules as it strictly excludes the "same gender". Homosexuality on the other hand is something where you can pick and choose; something unfathomable without meaning. No gender is off limits for those crazy homos. It's so fucking clear to me that non of these people who write these things are actually homosexual.

I wish - I really really wish - that far right groups realize how close their and the TRA's rigid guidebook to sexuality and gender roles actually are, how their views of homosexuality align. Namely, that it doesn't really exist. And I wish they would start to openly endorse trans activism. Just like islamists do in Iran for example. Just to finally show the mainstream what they're supporting when they shout "TWAW": a classic conservative, homophobic and misogynistic world view.

What are some good ways to support GNC kids? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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I was an extraordinarily big/tall boy in kindergarden and school until puberty. I mean two heads bigger and twice as wide. Very early on, I learned that appearance leads to people having certain expectations of you, and if you don't meet those expectations people are constantly disappointed and even weirded out because there's "something off". And you begin to believe that something's wrong with you, too.

When people heard my soft voice, learned that I liked to have my hair long, saw my timid nature or that I was afraid of the other boys, or witnessed me playing with non-masculine toys instead of beating up smaller kids, they oftentimes voiced their confusion. Adults were actually disappointed that I didn't bully other kids and liked to watch The little Mermaid instead, let that sink in! They let me know that how I looked and how I was acting didn't match up. They pointed out that me playing the soprano flute or holding a little pen and drawing a fairy looked ridiculous. They were angry at me for letting other kids steal my chair or toy, instead of helping me. They treated me differently.

I was never truly "dysphoric" because of that, but I still felt wrong and oftentimes wished to be born a small girl so that expectations and appearance are in sync again, in the opinion of other people. Mostly so that other people would treat me how I wanted/needed to be treated: with respect, with care, with love. If I had to point at one thing that messed with me the most, then it would be the adults' disappointment with me and their (passive) aggressive response to my character. It wasn't my peers asking me if I was a boy or a girl (which was hurtful/stressful, too), it was mostly the adult reaction that profoundly confused me and made me feel insecure. And I think we don't have to overcompensate instead and celebrate everything GNC. Just... let's not point things our kids do out as unusual or special behaviour. Let's not single them out and assign a "GNC identity" to them and treat them differently. Just being calm and fair and supportive of a kid's character is enough I think. No hobby or toy or superficial appearance is gender-locked.

cis gay men are the biggest enemies by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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One day it's the transracist cis gays, the other day it's the terfy lesbians... just say you hate LGB and be done with it! I'd be down for a TDropTheLGB movement :) whatever gets the job done.

Can you help me respond to this homophobic question please? by UWUness in LGBDropTheT

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This line of thinking is the classic conservative version of gender woo woo. A rare breed these days, since their niche got overtaken by woke authoritarians. You can argue all day long with such a person, but the core problem is that their definition of man is the same as a woke person's definition of man: being a man is a performance. It's about behavior, it's a role, it's a certain set of hobbies, it's specific jobs, it's clothes, it's being a gentleman and paying for dinner... and it's about putting your dick into a vagina. The only thing you can say to such a person - doesn't matter if old-fashioned conservative or TRA - is that your definition of "man" (or "woman") is not the same as theirs. Yours is based on biological reality, and theirs is based on a sitcom in the 50s. There isn't even a basis for discussion.

THIS is what asexual looks like... by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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We're moving things backwards but let's shuffle a few terms and definitions around and invent a few new ones along the way so we can pat ourselves on the back and call the whole thing progressive 👍

I finally watched Dave Chappelle’s *The Closer*. Here are my takeaways. by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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"Fuck you and fuck off", because I'm not 120% on board with the Chappelle hype train? If you think this is a non-hostile way to respond to someone, then I don't know what to tell you. This shows a level of worship regarding his persona, otherwise your response makes no sense to me. I mean, you could've presented an argument why my observation was wrong in your opinion. How about you explain what his "eulogy" for Daphne has to do with my criticism of him?

EDIT: just read your edit. "Please explain how I've been hostile". Dude. Quod erat demonstrandum. And you haven't explained shit, you're acting like a TRA. This isn't about Dave Chappelle AS A PERSON, or his personal loss. This is about his comedy, his message about "the gays" and the recent hype around his free speech persona. And his message is lukewarm, badly researched and sometimes hypocritical and not gay friendly.

I finally watched Dave Chappelle’s *The Closer*. Here are my takeaways. by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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Pull yourself together and actually explain to us what your problem is instead of acting like a little boy. What has Dave's friendship with Daphne to do with anything I said? A straight man's friendship and solidarity with another straight man who wants to be treated like the stereotype of a woman, says fuck all about his views on gay people. But it says a lot about you because you're lumping us all together, in LGBdroptheT of all places!

LGB =/= T

For Chapelle, we're all just "the gay community" and if you understood LGBdroptheT, you'd understand that this isn't helpful. "He's not the friend we'd like him to be" is what I said and I assume triggered your response. He jumps at every opportunity to call us butt-fuckers and mannish dykes, but is quick to draw his own oppression card to make a point and shut up his critics. This isn't very different from what woke people do, what TRAs or libfems do. His opportunistic eulogy on a (as close to "sane" as it gets) straight guy with autogynephilia was nice I guess. But what does it have to do with my criticism (which was pretty mild to be fair)?

Sorry for not worshipping Dave Chappelle I guess? Just please don't act like a "straight male feminist/nice guy" for gender critical LGB people, that's not helping anyone, and keep down your hostility if you don't understand the very place you're in. Otherwise, F off yourself :)

I finally watched Dave Chappelle’s *The Closer*. Here are my takeaways. by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah I've also just watched it two days ago and tend to agree with your review. Till then I've only ever seen the infamous 5 minutes about JK Rowling and I did enjoy its effects on TRAs and the fact that he's putting himself out there in solidarity with her. Even though it was quite apparent that he doesn't reeeally understand what he's talking about simply by conflating sex and gender (because Rowling definitely didn't say "gender is fact", quite the opposite) and by totally misinterpreting the current power structures within "LGBTQ+". He also fails to identify gender identity theory as the culprit, separate from homosexuality. BUT we all know what he meant and I guess at this point I'm taking everything I can get.

I am also very happy that the whole thing sparked a discussion. And it even resulted in a mass protest which, until now, looks like an embarrassing and very open attempt at limiting artistic freedom. And for that, I'm thankful.

But, yeah... watching his entire piece made me realize that he really isn't a friend of LGB people in the way we'd like him to be. He's doing "black comedy" (don't know if it's the right term) and I understand that his criticisms and his views are meant for a specific demographic, and he openly made it a point in his show that he's really ever talking about black people/culture/problems in relation to gay people/white people/trans people etc. That's fine with me. I'm not black, I'm not even American or an english native speaker. I really can't relate to a lot of what he says, I sometimes don't even understand it to be honest. In that regard, I feel he is not different from a (radical) feminist who makes it a point to focus on the woman's part of a problem and I can respect that. He's hyper focused on one specific POV, that of a black person within US American society. He does crack jokes about black people, too, but the punchline of his jokes are always "the others". "What does transphobia mean when slavery existed? I can pick fights with gay guys, punch a lesbian woman and call her a man, but when they call the police they've gone too far". I'm paraphrasing. It feels like a big fat rant about other minorities, aimed at like-minded people. In a way, he does kinda play the oppression olympics and I find it a bit hypocritical when he's portrayed as THE voice of reason. "Oh, so you have it hard as a X person? Well let me tell you about my struggle..."

There're a lot of whataboutisms in his jokes and I do feel a lot of people think they now got free passes to be homophobes online through him. Just judging by some comment sections and hot takes from people who claim to be "totally cool with gay people", only to rant about how annoying they are 24/7. Something doesn't add up there.

But I'm glad his show exists. I'm just not willing to throw away my last bit of dignity and pretend that he's the free speech Jesus and laugh and clap at everything he says, just because he doesn't care for (most of the) trans bullshit.

"Gay Killer"'s trans identity gets conveniently ignored by szalinskikid in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah I'll check back later and see if someone is "brave enough" to point it out. But I guess the topic is too horrible and making it about trans hypocrisy will probably not be a good idea. This is just a reminder how easy it is for people to forget their principles, and how opportunistic TRAs and gender ideology is. I mean even the word "homosexuality" normally gets coded as a transphobic dogwhistle by them but they use and accept it so willingly here, in the article and the comments.. it's like gender identity isn't as important as they say ;)

EDIT: Just as I typed this, someone mentioned it! Curious how this will go down. I assume it'll get downvoted and ignored, or it might immediately trigger the TRAs lol

"Gay Killer"'s trans identity gets conveniently ignored by szalinskikid in LGBDropTheT

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Just some casual hypocrisy. The article linked in this Reddit post reports on a gay youth who killed his family for being homophobic. As terrible as it is (and as terrible as some of the takes in the Reddit comments are), I want to point out the fact that everyone ignores the paragraph stating that this guy had gender reassignment plans. We all know how eager people normally are to randomly assign trans identity to homosexuals, especially "our" historical gays and lesbians. And in this case, he actually was planning to transition and his family disapproved. But as soon as news present a trans person as anything other than a victim, biology becomes "real" again. He becomes a "gay killer" who clearly killed because of homophobia instead of a trans killer whose family disagreed with his transition. Suddenly, the nature of his relationship with his partner is correctly described as homosexual regardless of gender identity. Nobody insists on using the "right pronouns". I thought it's an interesting observation, even if it's not a new one.

EDIT: grammar/spelling

The irony - complaining because "online queer folk have decided lesbians can have sex with men for fun" by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Why don't lesbians get to be bi-curious?" Because this really stretches the term 'lesbian', and 'homosexual', until it means nothing anymore. Being bi-curious means you're in a state of questioning; it means your sexual orientation is in limbo. It implies that someone either doesn't understand sexual attraction yet (like kids/teens for example) or that you thought you had your sexual attraction figured out until you found someone attractive whose sex isn't included within this definition, which simply means you used the wrong label/term to describe your feelings until now. Happens to the best.

But you're not a lesbian AND bi-curious. Just like you can't be straight and bi-curious. If someone is really comfortable sexually experimenting with either sex, then this person isn't homo- nor heterosexual.

The problem here is that this woman and maybe you are using 'lesbian' or sexual orientation in general as an identity, and not just a term to describe homosexual women and sexual attraction. And that's straight out of the TRA textbook and queer theory 101. And if you do that, then 'lesbian', 'gay' and 'homosexual' have no sexuality-related meaning at all. What's left is stereotypes.

If a woman, an adult human female, is attracted to a man, then this woman is factually not homosexual. Homosexuality, being attracted to the same sex, is not the right descriptor for the sexual orientation of this particular woman. The question everyone should ask is why she clings to the identity "lesbian"? Why not embrace bisexuality? If society just accepts this kind of entitlement to words because of the "be kind" narrative, what does it mean for lesbians who do not feel the same way as her? Because now we can't actually distinguish anymore between women who are only attracted to women, and women who are attracted to both sexes. What does this accomplish? We will just end up in a society in which homosexual women can't organize or even define themselves anymore. Homosexuals then cease to exist. Among the TRA kind, we're already just "people with a preference". It's Orwellian.

There's nothing wrong with being bi or straight. This woman can still live and identify with all the lesbian stereotypes that she chooses. It doesn't change the meaning of the word homosexual, and it therefore doesn't make her a lesbian.

Wavering by LesbianInExile in LGBDropTheT

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Radical feminism doesn't own gender criticism. It's a huge part of their philosophy, but you don't have to subscribe to the radfem movement as a whole just because you share that one believe. There surely are lots of radfems here that are LGB or allies to LGB people, but radical feminism isn't the sole antithesis to gender ideology and you're in no way obliged to identify with it just because you don't believe in gender woo-woo. I surely am appalled by some of the homophobic voices and the weird theories about male and female homosexuality among some prominent radfems.

Dropping the T is OUR thing: sexual minorities pushing back against gender ideology, woke homophobia and the erasure of our terms, our history and our culture. It's not a branch of radical feminism, it's its own thing. An LGB thing. You don't have to feel aligned to radical feminism just because you're a gender critical lesbian :)

Gender drama story on NPR this morning by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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And the thing is, those people really have no solution for such an imaginary "problem". What is the goal? Are we supposed to ask someone's pronouns every single time before engaging in a conversation? I guarantee you if this was the case and the event manager asked Beckham what her pronouns were, she'd be just as upset because it still implies that people can't tell her sex. If Ash Beckham's sex looks ambiguous then she has to fucking learn to live with it. Maybe we should start normalizing misgendering and teach people to not take it to heart? And teach kids that it's NOT weird or funny if a boy doesn't look masculine or a girl doesn't look feminine. Then misgendering wouldn't be a slur anymore. That's the true solution to this "problem". Normalizing gender nonconformity. And not erasing sex, criminalizing/problematizing misgendering and reinforcing stereotypes.

GC Twitters criticism of Pete & Chasten Buttigiegs Adoption is getting homophobic by Criticallacitirc in LGBDropTheT

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Just like this blatantly science-denying, bigoted article posted by "Lesbian and Gay News"

"Chosen lesbianism"... sounds very similar to "transbians".

GC Twitters criticism of Pete & Chasten Buttigiegs Adoption is getting homophobic by Criticallacitirc in LGBDropTheT

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I'm not an expert but even though "being critical of gender" is definitely part of radical feminism, there's more to it than just that and both aren't synonymous in my opinion. Rad fems believe women are a dominated/oppressed group in a patriarchal society; they claim women's bodies are being objectified by the existence of porn/sex work and surrogacy which need to be abolished; and like jiljol showcased, they have some very radical theses on societal structures and even people's sexualities. And of course since it is feminism, they logically focus on the women part of a problem (which differentiates them from liberal feminism which is kinda about... everything and everyone, and it doesn't make sense). Just to name a few things that are RF, but not GC.

Being critical of gender (roles or identities) first and foremost is not a movement, it's just a belief (as the Maya Forstater case made clear). The fact that we have to band together like that in order to make ourselves heard has kinda turned it into a movement I guess. Radfems share those beliefs but what I can also witness is that their personal spin on this differs from non-radfem GCs. For example, I hear a lot of radfems describing gender ideology as a male problem first and foremost and I don't even fully disagree here. But then they say things like "transmen/trans identified females) are just victims of the patriarchy, and while transwomen are oppressing perverts, transmen are misguided women whose trans identity is a response to the trauma of living in the patriarchy". I, a gay gender-critical non-radfem man, certainly don't feel like the abuse-hurling, yaoi-obsessed, gay-sauna-invading women are victims of the world I am supposed to be responsible for according to radfems. To put it simply.

I think that sums it up. There's overlap between radical feminism and gender criticism but that's it. Just because I don't believe that long hair and a dress makes you a woman, that doesn't mean I think that male homosexuality is a form of misogyny.

GC Twitters criticism of Pete & Chasten Buttigiegs Adoption is getting homophobic by Criticallacitirc in LGBDropTheT

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Wow, your comment kinda opened my eyes and gave me context to a problem I always felt existed in GC/radfem spaces, but I couldn't put my finger on it or saw it spelt out anywhere. I enjoyed GC twitter for a while because it felt like 'winning' for once, if that makes sense. I liked hearing what other gay men who were not enthralled by the gender cult had to say, which is rare enough these days. But after a while, I now noticed the sort of formulaic and affirming behavior which I only ever saw with male TRAs before. The uncompromising attitude when it comes to feminist topics and viewpoints, even though they aren't favorable of gay men or simply just extreme, hypothetical stances. Then there's the self-mortification over things like patriarchy, crime statistics and privilege; which then is indirectly followed by them declaring themselves exemptions from those 'sins'. Which results in them feeling free to attack and ridicule anyone from "the other side". Just like TRAs. I fear self-declared radfem gay men have just as much internalized homophobia as gay male TRAs.

I am gender critical through and through, but I'm distancing myself from radical feminism, or feminism as a whole. Because I'm a man, and no matter which "side" I'm looking at, man + feminist just never feels authentic or healthy. And this isn't meant as an affront to feminism as a whole. Men simply are not part of it and we have our own set of problems and solutions that might clash with feminist ideas, and it's not a question of "right" or "wrong" if I disagree, or agree with feminist stances.

Reddit contemplates the Incel -> Trans pipeline. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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True, but in the end it's the same person no matter what path he takes. I think that's the beauty of this pic.

What is a lesbian - ad placed by the LGB Alliance that will ignite a firestorm or TRAge. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I saw people mention upcoming elections in Scotland and a connection could be construed somehow... anyway, I don't even see how charity orgs can be absolutely apolitical. Aren't trans orgs aggressively commenting on politics and laws all the time? And who could forget the time Mermaids tried to pin trans deaths on JK Rowling. This didn't affect their charity status either, so if a non-specific call to vote somehow gets LGBA in trouble I don't even know anymore.

What is a lesbian - ad placed by the LGB Alliance that will ignite a firestorm or TRAge. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I wish they didn't add the call to vote at the end. I hate how the usual suspects use this as ammo to get their charity status revoked. I'm not too well versed in the laws/rules for charity orgs, but people say they aren't allowed to do political campaigning. Could this have consequences for LGBA or are the TRAs just spouting one-sided nonsense again?

The rapiness never ends: "...try to have a conversation, consider what it is about those genitals that you don’t like, ask how that person likes their genitals played with ..." by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Supersexuality isn't even trans excluding. It just doesn't take gender identity into account and solely focuses on sex (... you know, like how sexuality used to work pre 2015). Trans people have a sex. (Super)straight men and (super)lesbians can still potentially be attracted to "Elliot" Page for example. In theory. Of course surgically altering or obscuring your sex characteristics will automatically exclude you from many people's dating pool, that shouldn't be surprising. Nor is it transphobic. I'm not into botox faces, so why should I be into any other form of "beauty" op? And that's just one of many potentially unattractive aspects that come with being trans.

It's not the "trans" status that people reject. It's appearance, behavior, the believe system, mental and medical problems etc that automatically come with transgenderism in one form or another.

If anything, trans people are "superphobic" because they exclude people on principle who are attracted to them because of their sex and not gender. They call those genuine and available dating options "chasers" and "fetishists" and accuse them of being "invalidating". Supersexuality doesn't exclude them, it just means the "WRONG" people are into them. Just let that sink in.

Is having racial preferences racist? by ukrdude10 in LGBDropTheT

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It's not easy to answer. We're all here partially because we're defending our right to have an "exclusive" dating pool. It's one of our key criticisms of TRA ideology. One might think that consequently, we should defend any form of discriminatory dating practice. I tend to agree with that. Consent is the most important aspect of our sexual self-determination. No form of pressure is "valid", not even morality/ethics.

However... homosexuality is our sexual orientation. Not liking a "race" (sexually), is not. It's a preference if anything. And I think it's different from superficial preferences like hair color, social status, weight etc., because we're talking about a concept rather than a simple visual trait. Not all asian people look/behave/are the same, nor do black people or white people. So how can one exclude them collectively, without seeing them through the (americanized) lense of "race", with stereotypes and biases in mind? I mean, preferring dark skin over white skin or vice versa is one thing to say, but it's different if you say you " prefer black people over white people". You know what I mean? How you say it and how you means it is important. And even if we should be absolutely free to pick and choose and not feel bad about it, it's not asked too much to be considerate. That's all.

A different question: Can your preference be racist and not wrong at the same time? Why one thing OR the other?

One thing is for sure though: trans exclusion and race based exclusion are not the same thing, even if TRAs try to paint it that way to make a moral argument.

Twitter user digs deep into the creepy trans-identified male REDDIT mods, like Challenor. The trans REDDIT mods are way worse than even previously thought - This is a must read if you use REDDIT! by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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Goodness gracious. I must say following that whole affair is more thrilling than what Hollywood has to offer right now. The trans deep state of Reddit. I feel like not enough people know about it, or else we'd have another superstraight moment! A small clique of tumblr types is holding a whole minority group hostage with the power of one of the biggest social media websites. A few fetishists are shaping young LGBs in their image. It's unbelievably sad and mind blowing at the same time.

No biological gay men in our acronym please by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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To cite a certain Mr. Palpatine: DO IT.

For the love of god, please drop us gays, free us 😭in a way, we "cis gays" are privileged compared to the lesbians, because they will NEVER let those go... but for real: I don't care if WE drop the T or the T drops us. I really don't. A separation of sexual orientation and gender identity is the only viable solution to the problem and that's all that matters. Let's go Ls and Bs, show them how nasty and unpleasant we are and let them think it was their idea to break up!

Peak derangement from male impersonators on AGB by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The amount of likes is absolutely disheartening.

And by reading and interacting with this individual, it turns out that he is bi and not even into trans people himself, but has the audacity to lecture gays about their own sexuality and redefine it for them. It's insane. And frightening because same-sex attracted people are in the minority compared to the all-encompassing "queer community".

Bi friends, please don't take that as an offense. I don't mean YOU, the sane ones, but people like the OP on reddit. Could it be that Bis like him cannot fathom the idea of monosexuality? Is that (a huge part of) the basis for the problems and hate for exclusively same sex attracted people? They equate "gayness" and tolerance with sexual indifference, because they are too dense to look past their own sexual experience?

And are the straight "allies" so unconsciously homophobic that they internalized the idea of the "sexually unhinged homosexual"? Therefore, "a gay" with a discriminatory dating pool isn't "a good gay"...? They are more inclined to believe people like the OP who says that gays should basically lust after everyone who breathes. And am I crazy to think that they rub their hands with glee at the thought of being "allowed" to vilify and attack any homosexual who dares to not conform to their logic?


r/egg_irl - "No matter what, if a thought occurs to you that you are trans, and you doubt it, the thought MUST be true." Trans the gay away... by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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One quote from the comments:

"Yeah, sometimes I get really worried this is one of those "vulnerable person joins a cult" stories"

You can't make this shit up.

Charming. by Beryl in LGBDropTheT

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Tempted to add a third panel with the guy in a cheap wig and the lesbian going "WTF I love you now!"

Ellen Page comes out as a trans man named Elliot by LeoneOkada in LGBDropTheT

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Hm... a certain someone who had some shit storms recently should take notes... Elliot Degeneres, anyone?

But seriously... what's going on, guys? I feel like it's finally time for me to go back into the closet. It was a nice ca. 10 years when I could finally enjoy myself and be proud of who I am in public. Now the world is burning down around me. There's no place for gay or lesbian icons, no place to heal or to vent. I finally realize their support has mostly been fake, and it was all about the straight "allies" themselves from the very beginning. They don't support homosexuality, they support "weirdness", "queerness"... "anarchy". They support themselves and their narcissistic urge to be unique. They inserted themselves into minority groups and claimed it for themselves, only to become the worst homophobes of our time in our western culture. Sorry, but it's true. They pick us when we're young, they take control over our reality, convert us and finally erase us and all of that with a f*cking smile on their faces but with the worst, hate-filled slurs coming out of these mouths. Gay culture, gay history? Nobody ever cared for the people behind all that, I'm realizing it now. And now trans and gender theory is where it's at! "Let's all go a step further, let's transition!"

Time to reel in our flags and banners, close our spaces and give up our platforms. Nobody is listening anymore. I'm seriously depressed af and need a break from all of this. Sorry if I'm rambling, it's weird that this (in combination with the public ignorance about the Keira Bell case) is my breaking point (for the moment). F*ck Ellen Page, seriously. Hope she's happy about all the trans roles she'll be playing now.

So... men? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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No Country for Old Non-women


Non-Woman of Steel

Little Non-men

From my point of view, attraction is based on your Impression of the other person. Losing attraction when their good/required qualities are proven wrong is natural. by dilsency in LGBDropTheT

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I am attractosexual. I'm only attracted to people which I find attractive.

Why are TRA's trying to use transwomen/men who pass well as a 'gotcha!' to the whole: "Oh, I'm only attracted to (both) biological males/females." line? by Smolders1 in LGBDropTheT

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For me, finding out that a person I'm sexually attracted to is in fact of the opposite sex (aka trans) would be the same as finding out that the guy I'm dating is a relative. I'd immediately lose all attraction, and on top of that feel repulsed, shocked and emotionally "violated". That's what TRAs don't understand, or don't want to admit. They gaslight us about our instincts.

Is "sexual preference" offensive (to you) by filbs111 in LGBDropTheT

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Preference implies that there're options in the first place, and TRAs (just like religious fundamentalists) use this to undermine the immutability of homosexuality. Which also pushes the idea that homosexuality is a voluntarily chosen identity, and only bigotry (transphobia) keeps us from changing ourselves. Identity is something you can critically examine and challenge, so of course it's in the TRA's best interest to push this new narrative. Don't fall for it. You give them this small change of our definitions and next thing you know they compare the sexual preference for blond hair to our sexual orientation. If you're homosexual, opposite attraction simply isn't an option. What do you "prefer" about your homosexual attraction, and what exactly do you prefer it over? And what does it have to do with you BEING homosexual? I we're talking about the objective state of my existence, then I don't 'prefer' to be a man, I AM a man. I AM gay. Being something and preferring something are two different things, they're not synonymous.

Even their own Team TW+ can’t stand their shit by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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OMG, how dare they exclude straight trans men from lesbianism, and straight trans women from gay identities??? ... I mean, seriously. Everything under the sun is valid according to them, even bi and straight gays/lesbian. But they suddenly draw the line here? "Straight trans men AREN'T lesbians!" Seems kinda gate-keepy to me ;) someone should tell them and see if they implode...

Any other Feminine GNC Men here? (Questions to ask) by Kai_Decadence in LGBDropTheT

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I don't think I'm presenting myself in a non-masculine way, superficially speaking (clothing etc). Honestly, I don't even have a fashion sense, let alone a 'feminine' one, whatever that means. Nor do I have a feminine body type. But my behavior, mannerisms, voice, interests etc seem to clash with masculine stereotypes, at least that's what I've been told. I don't have male friends because of that, or because of my insecurities and fears around men which I developed over the years. I would say that being slightly feminine/GNC as a man ultimately caused more problems in my life than the same-sex attraction part on its own, simply because I couldn't hide it via abstinence.

I'm 30 now, so when I was a kid there were no social media, no TRAs and no gender identity. But I can vividly remember a huge chunk of my childhood when people constantly asked me if I was a boy or a girl. I had longer hair, spoke "differently", didn't play sports and rather sat with the girls and loved to draw. Nothing especially feminine if you ask me. But back then, some kids and adults were genuinely confused, some even angry at me for reasons I couldn't comprehend. I unintentionally and regularly provoked violent behavior because of that. I already knew that I was 'different', because I liked the same pop stars and actors like my (female) friends, and secretly agreed when they talked about how 'cute' those looked. Since I had no concept of homosexuality, I drew my own conclusions based on the terms I knew: I was an unmanly weirdo, a girly boy, a disgusting pervert. Maybe even dangerous. As an 8 year-old child, I already internalized the sad 'truth' that life had nothing in store for me, and that I have no place in society. I wonder if things were different if I was a more typical boy (who happens to be homosexual).

I often wished I was a girl, simply because then everything about me would make sense in my childish mind. I can say with utmost certainty that if an authority figure (a parent, teacher or doctor) chose to talk to me back then, and proposed to me the almost magical possibility to change me, to become a real girl, I would've jumped at that opportunity! For a child like me, it would've been the equivalent of a fairy granting you a wish. And this is why it's so damn dangerous for gay and lesbian kids. Because I think most of us share similar life stories. And for most of us, none of these thoughts persisted when we reached adulthood.

Trying to figure out my sexuality but everywhere else is just steeped in queer theory BS by Constantine in LGBDropTheT

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It's great that you can see through the bullshit that's being spread in LGBTQ+ spaces (by mostly non-LGB people). Sexuality is actually not that mysterious or complicated, and doesn't have to be a 'transformative journey' resulting in some sort of enlightenment. And most important of all: you don't have to challenge yourself or step out of your comfort zone.

If you look at men and their bodies, do you like what you see? Not necessarily any man, of course. But have you ever felt arousal or sexual attraction towards a man, or the longing to be kissed by him? Does it feel good to touch or be touched by a man, or at least the thought of it? Do you find male sex characteristics appealing? If yes to any of that, then you're definitely not a lesbian. If you've ever felt those things in regards to women, too (on top of the attraction to men), then you're bi, and if not then you're hetero. The ability to romantically feel anything for another person, being able to be in a relationship with them or perform actual sexual intercourse, is actually not a defining factor. It can be influenced by many other things outside of your sexual orientation (upbringing, trauma, mental health, (in)experience etc etc). You don't have to have sex to know what you're into, what your "deal" is, and you don't have to have romantic feelings or be in a relationship to have your orientation officially certified.

I'm a gay guy and I've never had a crush on a woman. There's nothing there, no feelings beyond friendship and platonic love. Same goes for lesbians, just the other way around. I can imagine that it's hard for a bisexual person in a monosexual society (with a heteronormative bias) to figure themselves out. It's probably easy to dismiss a slight same-sex attraction when you feel "normal" the other 95% of the time. Only you can know how you feel about men and women, and if your attraction to one or both is of a sexual nature. Trust your instincts.

About trans attraction by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Homo Homo Hetero ✨TRANSBIAN✨ Hetero Hetero Homo Homo Bi

As a heterosexual GC/Radical Feminist, how can I support the LGB community? by _d33n3r_ in LGBDropTheT

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Thank you for the detailed reply! I want to reiterate that I agree with a lot of GC feminist talking points/issues, I understand where you guys are coming from.

It's the conclusions for specific contemporary (and sometimes even historical) questions, especially the trans debate, and the absolutist idea of a universal patriarchy that I think are too narrow to bring radical feminism and the entirety of the LGB community together.

I also understand the difference between radical and liberal feminism, but I think your conclusion that the latter is a "men's rights movement" does three things: It diminishes the complicity and personal agenda of women; it denies the link between intersectional feminism/identity politics and the preceding radfem ideas of a patriarchal system and an existing oppression hierarchy; it ignores the fact that (gay) men are just as much under attack in liberal feminism as they are in radical feminism.

I didn't want to debate radical feminism or the patriarchy in their entirety, but just one thing to think about because you mentioned it: As an example, you talked about your grandmother and restrictive voting rights. Of course this was and in some countries still is a woman's issue. But that's one aspect of many, because while women couldn't vote on principle, many men couldn't either and when they finally could, the price was high. Before all British men were allowed to vote, poor young men had to be wounded in millions and to die in hundreds of thousands in a war from which all women were exempted solely by reason of their gender. Without any voice in the matter, every adult male was subject to military law. If he didn’t go quietly he could be forcibly removed from his home and transported to the front where, if he protested that he couldn’t see any sense in that insane conflict, he might be subjected to a cursory field court martial and executed by firing squad. Roughly 60% of adult men were then entitled to vote. Of course one can argue that wars are a product of the patriarchy, too, which I would disagree with as it's more of a human issue in my mind.

Another thing: You say that almost every man doesn't understand a woman's fear of male violence. I'm not a woman, I can't "truly" know what your POV is like. But I and every man I know, especially but not exclusively gay and gnc men, more than understand the fear of male violence. We experience it first hand since the day we're born. We're men, not fighters, defenders or survivalists.

Do (radical) feminists understand female violence, too? Conflating all men as "THE patriarchy" is a too simple world view that robs vulnerable men of a voice in my opinion. To stay on topic, I think that's an obstacle to overcome in the relationship between Radfems and (L)GBs. Gay men are no less complicit than feminists in enabling sexist gender ideology, don't get me wrong. I definitely see that. But that doesn't mean that gay men have universal power over women, or that they don't have to fear homophobic women and their agendas. More than once in my life I had to suffer violence in many different shapes or forms incited by a homophobic woman. She might not have performed the blow herself, but it was a consequence of her privilege, her power and her hate. Radical feminism does not take that into consideration. I'm ok with that, don't get me wrong: one of the many things I respect is their radical therefore exclusionary definition of feminism. It's not gay (as in: gay men) friendly, and it doesn't have to be because it doesn't act like it is. As long as we respect our very different POVs and problems and therefore recognize that some of our conclusions are bound to clash, we can tackle the issues that we agree upon.

As a heterosexual GC/Radical Feminist, how can I support the LGB community? by _d33n3r_ in LGBDropTheT

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The main point where I tend to disagree with radfems when it comes to the gender/trans debate is the question of blame. It sounds like for them, transgenderism is just another expression of patriarchal privilege, first and foremost. This leads to certain conclusions, for example that trans ideology is solely a women's problem. The main topic in most GC debates are trans women, while trans men don't seem to interest them as much. Some even give them a pass as a form of retaliation ("let the men see what it's like"), accepting the consequences this has for the gay community and ignoring the fact that we already do know "what it's like". I often hear excuses saying that trans men are just women who are broken by men or who want to escape their oppressed class, while saying the opposite about trans women. This gives me some "you go girl" vibes. It's this feminist centric spin on every issue that might clash with the Gs and some Bs.

In my opinion (some!) radfems overlook straight female privilege while focussing so much on patriarchy. FTMs might not pose a physical threat to gay men in general, but they have the same political/societal powers as MTFs. They can shut us up, de-platform us, cancel us, insert themselves into our spaces, trivialize homophobia, twist and appropriate our language and pressure young, impressionable gay men into sexual relationships etc.

I'd like to see more feminists question their role in the whole gender ideology mess we're in at the moment instead of going the easy route of man-blaming. I would argue that intersectional feminism and identity politics are to blame, way more than "male privilege" or "the patriarchy". It's just a thought, but I believe it were mostly female activists who invited anti-patriarchal queer theory to the table in the first place. There's a certain level of complicity that needs to be acknowledged in order to not repeat our mistakes. Hell, best new example is Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson's fiancée, who stopped him from ditching transgender reforms.

Movie about lesbians and gays working together during the AIDS crisis / ACT UP by Innisfree in LGBDropTheT

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Gay men in general aren't the leaders of the LGBT+ community if that's what you're saying. Good luck finding an actual gay (=/=queer) man attending an LGBT club meeting on campus, let alone participating in an activist group. That's definitely more of a women thing. If with "compassion with men has set us back" you mean lesbians were guilty of advocating identity politics and intersectional feminism (which deemed gay men "the literal worst" letter in the community way before lesbians themselves were targeted) - then yeah, I agree. It has set us back.

And apparently gay men either wear tank tops or no shirts at all | Assigned Male(Seriously? Oo) by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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lol I love how the trans man barges in on the conversation, all hairy and manly and being like "how do you do, fellow gays??". The trans version of the Steve Buscemi meme.

I think AskGayBros hit peak trans in this thread by fuck_reddit in LGBDropTheT

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YES it's so refreshing!

I think AskGayBros hit peak trans in this thread by fuck_reddit in LGBDropTheT

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Could this be it?


Because damn, that's a surprising amount of sanity in this thread!

Munroe Bergdorf's six figure deal for Trans Manifesto by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Dude that's hilarious! I wish we could get this trending.

Fujoshi girl wonders why gay sex party isn't as inclusive as her college "queer" group. by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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Sorry but I couldn't find it anymore :/ I'm not 100% sure about the city. I will keep looking and report back!

Fujoshi girl wonders why gay sex party isn't as inclusive as her college "queer" group. by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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Yes, exactly this. Just like the gay sauna incident (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/11/02/gay-sauna-criticised-telling-transgender-man-leave-female/), or that other gay event (I forgot the name or where this happened, maybe Zurich. It was posted to the old LGBDropTheT sub) that had to get canceled because they didn't specifically include trans men and vaginas in the wording of their ad. These were "real world" events, now imagine what'll happen in an American college. They might begin to frame every "cis"-exclusive LGB event as hateful and transphobic, and use this precedent to shut them all down. Or they could protest those events at the very least. In any case, it's a shitty retaliation move in today's anti-LGB atmosphere.

Fujoshi girl wonders why gay sex party isn't as inclusive as her college "queer" group. by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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Oh my, that poor soul. Well, no. Not really. She doesn't respect people's sexualities, she has no insight whatsoever. She thinks all it takes to be a gay man is taking meds for two months. The entitlement is immeasurable. Topped off by her weird blackmail-y idea to report this "incident" to her qUeEr club, knowing full well what'll happen next if she does. This is what happens when we enable LARPers.

Why do people on askgaybros think we were a hatesub? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Because they don't think for themselves, and I know how arrogant that sounds. But most people just repeat what the woke overlords tell them. Also, it's more like "askqueerbros" now. Basically an LGBT extension. So nothing particular homosexual about it.

Why can’t my famous gender non-conforming friends get laid? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Since trans women are male and no amount of make-up will change that, it's objectively normal for a gay man to be attracted to one. If they can ignore the plethora of mental illnesses that come attached with many T and gender identity focused individuals that is. I personally can't relate, but it makes sense that gender identity is irrelevant when it comes to sexual orientation. Another fun fact: for decades, transsexuals/transvestites were mostly gay men. They didn't demand to be regarded as women, and they were just a regular part of the gay community. It's not a new thing that gay men frequently dated transsexual men (NOT "trans men"). It also depends on how far the trans woman has transitioned, I guess. Is "she" just wearing a wig, or did "she" have a sex change? There are also many trans identified females who just look like butch lesbians and their identity alone doesn't remove them from a lesbian's dating pool, either. Then there are also fetishists who like gender bending/role reversal stuff, for lots of reasons. They might not even be gay and just hang out it those clubs in order to date trans women specifically.

I think what really sets us apart from the TRAs and TQ+ is our lack of hate. by annatheginguh in LGBDropTheT

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Ah, but didn't you know? Our arguments, concerns and our friendliness/civility is just an alt-right dog-whistle. What we're actually saying is that trans people don't exist. Which indirectly leads to trans people being killed... by suicide, or... or because of sex work... something like that. You know what I mean. Anyway, that's why TRAs have to cancel, threaten and rape us. It's merely self-defense!

We were banned on Reddit on July 10th, shortly after 11:30am by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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Well, good thing is we don't have to police our speech anymore on here. It's freeing if you think about it.