Ex-Capitol Police chief sounds alarm that Jan. 6 was "cover-up" by BlackSun4 in conspiracy

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inb4 he commits suicide by 3 shots to the back of the head

Trump indicted by special counsel Jack Smith over bid to overturn 2020 election by [deleted] in politics

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It's material that he knew that the Democrats didn't fix the election

That will be incredibly hard to prove short of him openly admitting it on record. Someone telling him he's wrong doesn't prove he knows he was wrong nor does it prove he believed he was wrong. This is already a high 1A bar but it's even higher for the POTUS acting in what he believes to be a matter of public interest. 1A protects wrong opinions and even lies (in most cases). You have a right to believe the election was stolen even if you're wrong and even if you've been presented with evidence to the contrary.

These look like the weakest charges against Trump so far in my opinion.

GOP's 'Fiscal Vandalism and Political Sabotage' Prompts Second-Ever US Credit Downgrade:Republicans were warned that their repeated brinksmanship and deficit-funded tax giveaways for the wealthy and big corporations would have consequences by bananahammock in politics

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What a sensational headline. The debt ceiling has literally always been used as leverage by Congress. When the GOP does it it's "vandalism" and "sabotage." If the roles were reversed it would be "heroic" and "brave"

If you want to read the actual reasons for the downgrade instead of partisan quotes about how evil the GOP is, it's the first link in the article:


CDC likely to recommend annual COVID shot similar to flu, director says. by Yggdratruth in conspiracy

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lol. lmao even.

Buy 1, get 1? Discord needs to work on their marketing because there's nothing special about that whatsoever. Literally everything is "buy 1, get 1". by LarrySwinger2 in whatever

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Doesn't buy 1 get 1 usually mean you get 2 for the price of 1? At least that's how I've always understood it. What's the point of having nitro twice though? Maybe you can gift one?

This pro-mask “study” is why you should NEVER “Trust the Science” by zyxzevn in CorruptScience

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There's a ton of bad science regarding the effectiveness of masks that people cite claiming it's proof masks work and mandates were justified. Yet when you present them with good science that concludes that masks most likely have no effect, they claim it's not enough.

One of my favorite "bad science" studies on masks that often gets cited is this one from the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/71/wr/mm7106e1.htm

They even have a nice graphic that shows you the percent increase in safety like it's an RPG and equipping a mask boosts your stats or something. The study itself is complete garbage which is also noted by the tiny barely legible text at the bottom of the image which states "Not statistically significant."

ESRB proposes facial recognition as new form of age verification by [deleted] in privacy

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After the verification, the photo is said to be "immediately, permanently deleted."

Does anyone actually believe this in current year? I'm sure all the other metadata and metrics ripped from the photo will also be deleted and definitely not sold to the highest bidder to train some dystopian facial recognition AI.

Vulptex has decided not to enforce bans on the spam accounts, but he will still ban me for rule violations. This is unacceptable selective enforcement of the rules by DrRaccoon in SaidIt

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I understand where you're coming from, but ultimately they're different beasts. 20 posts about bone conducting headphones is annoying but it isn't going to get saidit taken down. Posting something graphic or inciteful might. I don't know the details of the current hosting arrangement but I know saidit has had issues with that in the past.

If you posted your rule violation test at 2am like the spam bots do it would probably stay up longer.

Vulptex has decided not to enforce bans on the spam accounts, but he will still ban me for rule violations. This is unacceptable selective enforcement of the rules by DrRaccoon in SaidIt

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I don't ban the spam accounts either, it's pointless and it takes a lot longer than just clicking the spam button to remove them. There are hundreds of these accounts and they just make new ones. Vulptex and I and the other content admins are volunteers, we do it for free. We aren't always on to remove the spam immediately (the bulk of it comes in around 1-3am my time). User reports do help though, so thank you for those who report them.

Cervical cancer fund suggests vaginas be refereed to as 'bonus holes' by EternalSunset in NotTheOnion

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I'm going to refer to women as "bonus holes" from now on.

Supreme Court Rules Against Affirmative Action in College Admissions by Drewski in Education

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Finally some good news

Another study shows Ivermectin provides no benefit for treating COVID. [Click here if you want to see it.] ~ But the pharmaceutical companies would benefit financially if people took it. by In-the-clouds in Health

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The title says enough for me

well this explains a lot

they (and you) are trying to get us to ingest

I haven't told you to do anything nor made any medical recommendations.

Another study shows Ivermectin provides no benefit for treating COVID. [Click here if you want to see it.] ~ But the pharmaceutical companies would benefit financially if people took it. by In-the-clouds in Health

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Did you read your own study? The study looks at an outlier country and concludes there could be confounding factors with reporting. That's not evidence of adverse effects from the drug.

When all 34 onchocerciasis-endemic countries are considered together, the incidence of reported SAEs following ivermectin treatment appears to be low: approximately 1 case per 800,000 treatments.

Ivermectin is listed on the WHO's list of essential medicines, one of the criteria is safety:

Essential medicines are those that satisfy the priority health care needs of a population. They are selected with due regard to disease prevalence and public health relevance, evidence of efficacy and safety and comparative cost-effectiveness.

Taking a standard dose of ibuprofen or an mRNA vaccine are both hundreds of times more likely to cause an adverse effect than taking ivermectin.

Another study shows Ivermectin provides no benefit for treating COVID. [Click here if you want to see it.] ~ But the pharmaceutical companies would benefit financially if people took it. by In-the-clouds in Health

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The variants of COVID that would have most likely benefited from Ivermectin are already extinct. This study is from early-mid 2022 when omicron was the dominant variant, which presents in the vast majority of the population as cold-like symptoms. Out of this entire study group only 6 people were hospitalized effectively making this study n=6. By the time most people are calling their doctors for treatment, they already have severe symptoms.

Ivermectin is a generic drug. Anyone can make it and it costs less than $1 to produce. Pharmaceutical companies don't benefit from you buying a generic dose of Walmart brand Ivermectin, but they do stand to lose a lot if that ends up being an effective alternative treatment over their proprietary mRNA vaccines.

I'm not saying ivermectin IS effective, I just don't know. But ultimately ivermectin is an extremely safe drug. The reasoning for using ivermectin is sound, so if you doctor prescribed it to you why not take it to potentially improve your recovery with no downside? Instead we tried to take away their medical licenses and frame it as horse de-wormer.

Jason is right, Saidit will never grow. At least in its current state. by bucetao6969 in SaidIt

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As someone who has been an internet nomad for years now, I can tell you I'd much rather participate in a few small niche communities I enjoy like saidit than a larger one. Not saying we shouldn't try to grow, but keep in mind what you're asking: if you like saidit and the saidit community in its current state, a large influx of new users would likely erase or at least drastically alter the community's identity, as well as raising other issues like hosting and site rule considerations. You may quickly find yourself outnumbered by people who want the community to take a different path than you.

It is confirmed, Said it is compromised. by [deleted] in whatever

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Having bad opinions isn't against the rules - if you don't want them to gain prevalence ignore them and block those who espouse them if you wish.

this site is being brigaded by extremists running ops from your old fork of Notabug

It is confirmed

Just making a claim and stating "it is confirmed" isn't very persuasive. What evidence do you have?

This guy likes to send police to check on people he disagrees with, oh and force his wife to work two jobs by ID10T in TumblrInAction

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Here's an example of him advocating doxxing (and a bunch of others supporting it), didn't take long to find.


Pretty standard stuff from the party of tolerance and inclusion.

Curious about owners of Saidit how do they make any money from this website? by thomastheglassexpert in AskSaidIt

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't make money and /u/magnora7 just pays the hosting costs out of pocket.

Dogs attacked more than 5,300 mail carriers last year, the Postal Service says by [deleted] in USnews

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Ban assault dogs

ATF: Pot Users Can't Legally Own Firearms Regardless Of State Laws by [deleted] in USnews

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I'm sure this won't be used to selectively curtail the rights of otherwise law abiding citizens based on their political ideology.

"I'll beat the shit out of my kids for using a slur" by Keri10 in TumblrInAction

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This is the logical end result of equating speech with violence. Punch a Nazi!! Punch your kid for being edgy!

Trump-appointed judge says Tennessee’s anti-drag law unconstitutional by [deleted] in politics

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The thumbnail of this vid embedded in the article is peak clown world, looks like satire. I agree the wording of the law is probably too broad though.

Who were the best US presidents we never had? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Ron Paul would have been glorious

Biden Wants Sanctions for Uganda Because Its Government Passed Anti-LGBT Laws by [deleted] in LGBT

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Because sanctions worked so well on Russia

Never forget that the lab leak was a “conspiracy theory” that the New York Times’ head Covid reporter called “racist.” If you think I’ll tire of recalling this, my friends, you are wrong. by Chipit in DownTheMemoryHole

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Not just the NYT. The Lancet, which is arguably the most prestigious medical journal in the world called it a racist conspiracy theory as well, in an article signed by 27 scientists (26 of whom just happen to have ties to Wuhan).



CBS News Bans Reporters From Using the Word 'Transgender' To Describe Transgender Nashville Shooter by Oyveygoyim in propaganda

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“The shooter’s gender identity has not been confirmed by CBS News,” the network’s executives insisted in a Tuesday memo obtained by The Post. “As such, we should avoid any mention of it as it has no known relevance to the crime. Should that change, we can and will revisit.”

On principle this approach is fine, but I guarantee if it was a white cis male or a Trump supporter they'd mention it at every opportunity regardless of its relevance to the crime.

Fuck JavaScript by Vulptex in whatever

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Try typescript instead. It compiles to JS and is a lot easier to work with.

Twitter takes its algorithm ‘open-source,’ as Elon Musk promised - The company looks at things like how likely you are to interact with a user in the future and what communities and tweets are trending. by neolib in SocialMedia

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Interesting stuff, some good discussion on HN. Looks like they do have some process for categorizing users as Republican or Democrat. Allegedly this is only for metrics but I'm not exactly convinced. Hopefully we get some more info as people look through it.


Trump indicted in Stormy Daniels hush-money case by Zapped in politics

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If someone tells you commit murder and you do you're still a murderer and it's still a crime.

Transgender shooter's manifesto WILL be released to the public by [deleted] in WorldNews

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At least the White House press secretary isn't claiming any of these groups are under attack days after they shoot up a school.

no right by aaarrgh in whatever

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The whole raise the taxes thing became a complete meme once Congress started printing trillions on a whim. Even if you taxed the 1% at 100% Congress would have spent it all only a few months into the Biden admin. And all that printing has already caused our taxes to go up via the devaluation of our wealth.

Trump indicted in Stormy Daniels hush-money case by Zapped in politics

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If Republicans and Saiditors want to have a shred of authenticity, they should admit to the necessity of the rule of law for everyone.

That would be fine with me, but that's not what we're seeing. Trump, Biden, Obama and Bush haven't been indicted for their war crimes or the deaths of innocent civilians they ordered. Biden is on video openly admitting to a quid pro quo with Ukraine, why isn't he being impeached? Why didn't we impeach him when he distributed covid funds based on race and gender in direct violation of the civil rights act?

Instead we're going after Trump for a clerical error. Not even a federal charge, this is coming from the DA of a state he doesn't even live in.

That's why it looks like a witch hunt. Every past president (including Trump) is a criminal and their crimes are far more egregious that falsifying business records. If you want to indict them all for their war crimes I'm all for it. Instead we seem to be spending an immense amount of time, money, and resources on the only POTUS in my lifetime who didn't involve us in a war.

White House nigger: "Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now." by Oyveygoyim in politics

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Imagine if a white Christian guy shot up a school and killed some trans kids, then planned a "day of vengeance" for Christians just a couple weeks later while the White House openly states that Christians are actually the victims.

They are complicit in any violence that follows from this, they're actively encouraging it.

Trump indicted in Stormy Daniels hush-money case by Zapped in politics

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It's a lose lose.

If Trump wins or the case is dismissed (most likely imo) it's because it was clearly a witch hunt, given the weakness of the charges.

If Trump loses it's because it was clearly a witch hunt, given the weakness of the charges.

Considering every past (and current) president in my lifetime has committed literal war crimes and never been tried, it looks like a witch hunt regardless. Imagine spending 6+ years, including the largest and most expensive federal investigation in history trying to find something to jail Trump over; and the best they can come up with is falsifying a business record which is usually just a misdemeanor and is already past the statute of limitations. Amazing.

Maybe if Bragg focused on crime in his own state instead of Orange Man it wouldn't be such a shithole.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a class action lawsuit against President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and top administration officials and agencies, alleging they “waged a systematic, concerted campaign” to compel the nation’s three largest social media companies to censor constitutionally protected speech. by Orangutan in politics

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I'm interested in why you think so. It seems pretty clear based on the evidence from the Twitter files that they did.

There are a number of examples, but the most egregious to me is the EIP which was later renamed the Virality Project. Multiple high level government agencies worked directly with this entity to suggest what to censor and what actions to take on the speech of US citizens. These requests were then forwarded to Twitter, and invariably acted on. In other words, the government used a private entity as a proxy to subvert the 1st amendment and censor legal (and even factually correct) speech.

The Virality Project was essentially absorbed into Twitter to the extent that they even had direct access to Twitter Jira boards (work tracking/ticketing system). This is not at all dissimilar to how the state controls businesses in China, it's only slightly more complicated due to that pesky constitution we have.

In many cases the government didn't even bother to use a proxy layer through a private entity. They just went directly to Twitter/Facebook/Google and told them what to censor or flag. There are a number of examples of this as well.

If the highest government agencies and officials working directly (or indirectly through proxy) with Twitter to censor legal speech of Americans isn't a violation of the 1st amendment, what do you think is? How does this not amount to inducement or encouragement?

Good news: Bard is somewhat less restricted than ChatGPT, for now. by EternalSunset in technology

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"for now" being the key part. I'm sure Google intends to thoroughly neuter it once they have enough data to do so.

It gave me some unethical advice about an MMORPG when I asked (and just qualified at the end that I shouldn't do it), GPT wouldn't answer the same question. It wrote a positive poem about Trump without complaining. When I asked it for resources for free sheet music it refused until I specified "legally free" sheet music.

It kinda sucks compared to GPT in its current state. I'm just hoping we get a decent LLM AI that allows us to take the training wheels off and get unadulterated replies.

The RESTRICT Act is an internet killer bill, and there's no traction on social media about the danger it poses! by cm18 in Internet

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Why bother fighting it? Even if you can gain enough traction to stop it from passing it will just be slipped in as a rider to another bill a few months later after the talk has died down. Same thing happened with SOPA/CISA. And that was back when free speech was culturally supported.

The only option at this point is to create systems that are inherently censorship resistant.

Substack writer Matt Taibbi says IRS visited his home while he was testifying in Congress: Cruz, Musk weigh in by [deleted] in politics

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That's odd. I was told Biden's 87,000 new IRS agents were only going after the ultra rich, not a journalist testifying before Congress about government malfeasance.

Geneva High School football coach, 51, dies unexpectedly by [deleted] in news

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Impressive, very nice. Let's see his vaccination records.

If you could encapsulate saidit in one comment by Site_rly_sux in whatever

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Sir, this is a Wendys

"Trump is going to prison" by zyxzevn in PoliticalHumor

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The walls are closing in!

Colorado city bans new gas stations due to ‘obligation’ to tackle ‘climate change’ by [deleted] in ClimateChange

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In what sense is this even supposed to fight climate change? No one is going to going to drop $40k+ on an EV because there's a line at the gas station. The same amount of gas will be used. Actually this will probably result in more gas being used while cars wait idling at the pump that they had to drive further to get to.

Trump condemned after calling for partial ‘termination’ of constitution over his election lie by bradlux01 in WorldNews

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Not that I don't believe you, but what context would you add that's missing? I don't have a truth account to check.

Trump's statement on gab didn't do much to clear it up: https://gab.com/realdonaldtrump/posts/109463095044007046

Matt Taibbi releases THE TWITTER FILES. The first installment in a series. This is the greatest election interference in US history. People from Twitter and the media need to be locked up. by Chipit in news

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One can and should actively protect themselves and others from libel, slander and defamation, and can sue those who are guilty of this abuse

That's not true. You can't sue for someone else being defamed. One of the criteria from your source:

  1. The statement caused you injury;

Okay, what is injury? Also from your source:

This means that the statement must have hurt the reputation of the subject of the statement

Those involved with the suppression don't have any standing to sue for defamation.

The government suppressing speech or even coercing a different entity to do so is plainly unconstitutional.

'Republicans [+Manchin &c] fuck regular people over at every single opportunity' by Schwarzenigga in politics

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Dems pushed it through as a separate bill knowing it would fail rather than packaging it with the other one. Empty posturing, they didn't want it to pass either. Keeping it separate to blame Rs is politically expedient and makes an easy trap for ideologs creating headlines like OP. Hell, they didn't even have to bring it to a vote if they didn't want it to happen.

Even r*dditors are able to recognize this:


Your premise isn't wrong, our congress absolutely doesn't give a fuck about us or workers rights. Your mistake is falling for the D vs R paradigm instead of recognizing it's a trap to keep us fighting each other instead of them.

'It was a mistake': Ex-Twitter safety chief FINALLY admits censoring Hunter Biden's laptop story was a huge error by [deleted] in censorship

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Yes - about what is known, not about what the GOP want to claim.

How do you propose we discuss unknowns then, or things that are inherently unknowable? The mechanism by which we would determine if something is known or not is also free discourse. We gain knowledge through experience, not through unelected information aristocrats deciding the truth for us.

It was "known" that the Sun orbited the earth until it wasn't.

Hence we can wait until we have better information.

The current consensus is that it's real. The censors who you are defending for censoring it are no longer censoring it because they no longer classify it as misinformation. Are they correct or not? And if not, why defend the censorship at all when there's such an obvious example of them getting it wrong?

The emails that have been available for a long time were not particularly useful for the GOP misinformation propaganda

I'm not sure what the duration of the availability of the emails has to do with their veracity, but if you know of a way of breaking cryptographically secure email signatures please do tell.

You cheapen your responses by blaming everything on the GOP. Let your arguments stand on their own.

'It was a mistake': Ex-Twitter safety chief FINALLY admits censoring Hunter Biden's laptop story was a huge error by [deleted] in censorship

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AKA: don't spread misinformation!

Free and open discourse is by far the best way to determine if something is true or not. Playing hall monitor by censoring "misinformation" only hinders that process. Twitter's reasoning for the ban had nothing to do with "misinformation" anyway. It had to do with releasing "hacked" info even though no hacking was involved and the laptop was obtained legally.

ALSO: We DON'T know that happened to that laptop BEFORE April 2019.

Why does this matter? If we apply this logic to evidence in general we can dismiss all of it. Generally, we don't know what happened to something before it was obtained. However, we have pretty strong evidence at this point that the laptop is authentic. The FBI subpoenaed it from the shop owner so clearly they thought it was worth looking at. Multiple news organizations have independently verified it, neutral 3rd parties have verified it, timestamps and file system indexes are consistent, journalists have vouched for it, the emails (which are cryptographically signed) have been corroborated with their recipients, it contains personal pictures of Hunter, etc.

San Francisco police can now use robots to kill by [deleted] in news

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What happened to defund the police?

I never knew Saidit had quarantining by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Apparently the mod there kept censoring people in bad faith, lost mod privileges as a result, and subsequently left for poal.co.

There's not much there, here's a peek if you don't want to verify your email: https://i.imgur.com/gGUSBOz.png

U.S. taxpayers gave $400 Billion dollars to cable companies to provide the United States with Fiber Internet. The companies took the money and didn't do shit for the citizens with it. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Don't worry, we gave them even more with Joe's infrastructure bill and I'm sure they'll use it for good this time.

This is bullshit, how did Biden "create" ten million jobs? It's not possible by troubleshooter in whatever

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No you're not missing anything, that's what I was saying. The 10 million "created" jobs is the economy recovering on its own from the lockdowns. He's just trying to take credit for it.

This is bullshit, how did Biden "create" ten million jobs? It's not possible by troubleshooter in whatever

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ten million jobs is a shit ton of jobs..

"The economy shed a record 22.2 million jobs in March and April after large swaths of the U.S. were shut down to curb the spread of Covid-19, according the Labor Department’s survey of business establishments. The survey is considered the most accurate measure of U.S. employment."


what the fuck is biden spending ten billion imaginary dollars per month on?

Uh...nothing because the money from those jobs isn't created by Biden and doesn't go to him anyway...

This is bullshit, how did Biden "create" ten million jobs? It's not possible by troubleshooter in whatever

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It's due to the covid lockdowns. Turn off the economy destroying millions of jobs and small businesses. Then when you turn the economy back on, you get to claim that the jobs that return are your creation, record growth, etc.

Amazon Alexa is a “colossal failure,” on pace to lose $10 billion this year by [deleted] in technology

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Tax write-off and they still get to train their AI with all your private conversations for free.

The logic of the left by [deleted] in politics

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AZ is such a clown show.

If lesbians like strap-ons then they can surely take my (lady) dick by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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Sounds like sexual assault with extra steps.

You need to wake up and realize that was the whole entire point of this plethora of allegations, to stop him from running for office again. None of it is true, not even a little bit. If he was guilty of even one tiny crime, he would absolutely be in jail. by troubleshooter in conspiracy

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Armed insurrection? They were literally unarmed though. And the FBI already told us in the summer of '21 that there was no evidence of it being organized.

I wonder why they never talk about the democrat's May 29th insurrection where over 65 secret service members were harmed and the POTUS and his family had to move into a bunker for their own safety, after "peaceful" protesters burned down a nearby church and breached barricades surrounding the white house.

Musk's freedom of speech by troubleshooter in whatever

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Looks like Elon is moderating based on emotion instead of principle.

Read the comments here on this Twitter by Biden, and you can see that he is not mister popular. by troubleshooter in whatever

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Deflation is at the lowest level in history


Musk reinstates Trump's Twitter account after millions vote in poll by [deleted] in politics

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This is good. However it's important to remember 1) Twitter is still not even close to being a free speech platform, 2) your free speech rights are not up for vote, they are innate and 3) Trump has already stated he won't use Twitter if reinstated. I doubt we'll get more than a handful of tweets followed by a bot that copy/pastes his truthsocial posts.

CNN hosts are PISSED no Jeopardy contestants knew the name of Biden's "history-making" SCOTUS pick by [deleted] in MediaAnalysis

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All I know is she's a black woman and is not a biologist.

Uhmm… What? by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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What a braindead take. No one is contesting the "trans" part of "trans women". They're contesting the "woman" part.

Justin Bieber Paid $1.3 Million for a Bored Ape NFT. It’s Now Worth $69K by [deleted] in cryptocurrency

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Who would have thought that verification of ownership of a digital asset which can be copy/pasted freely isn't actually worth millions of dollars. He should sell it at $69k and cut his losses.

Prediction: Christians in the US will convert en-masse to Islam or Darwinism by Vulptex in politics

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It seems more likely most Christians will convert to atheism, as that's already the trend. Catholicism and Islam don't have much in common and it's probably easier to abandon your beliefs than change them.

Banning a religion like Christianity would be incredibly difficult in the US as it would be wholly unconstitutional on its face. I doubt even the leftoids would fully support it.

The 50 most banned books in America by [deleted] in books

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tl;dr they're all books about sex/rape/idpol and have only been "banned" in the sense that they were removed from school libraries.

Star Trek by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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IIRC the Ferengi were supposed to be a parody of the worst aspects of capitalism, not the Jews. You're not the first to make the comparison though.

'Plus sized models' barred from club because bouncer thought they were 'too big' by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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tiktok """models"""

so basically just fat chicks. based bouncer.

"It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery..." Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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The problem is that everyone wants to be one of the 9,999 getting the free ride from the 1 dude who applied himself, and surely the 1 dude doesn't want to give away what he worked for to a bunch of NEETs who add no value to society.

Should he be forced to give it away? By whom? And if so, what incentive does he or anyone like him have to create a technological breakthrough in the first place?

Also, there are more jobs than there are unemployed people in the US currently, by a large margin. So this logic doesn't really follow. We don't need to invent jobs. There's a labor shortage.

It's easy to make shallow statements about how great it would be if no one had to work and wealth was perfectly distributed in a communist utopia. Getting there without starving your population or severely curtailing their individual rights is the hard part.

‘Linux’ Being Googlebombed by Microsoft as That Devalues the Brand Linux (Putting Off Users) by [deleted] in Linux

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What the fuck is a guy nod? Asking for a guy (me). by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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Nod down for formal acknowledgment, nod up for informal.

Tennessee bill would criminalize drag shows by bb3 in Freedom

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Misleading headline. Importantly, they're only banning them on public property or "In a location where the adult cabaret performance could be viewed by a person who is not an adult".

Why Society Needs Conspiracy Theories & Conspiracy Theorists by zyxzevn in conspiracy

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Nowadays conspiracy theorist is synonymous with free thinker.

Authoritative sources are limited to small mostly homogenous groups of information aristocrats, who only allow a narrow band of acceptable thought and discourse.

Conspiracy theorists are free to get their information from anywhere and test those ideas against the collective knowledge and discourse of everyone else.

Jason is link spamming the front page by Musky in SaidIt

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Just block him then?

US midterm elections 2022: ‘Red wave’ fails to materialise as Fetterman clinches crucial Senate seat for Democrats [liveblog] by neolib in USPolitics

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Record inflation, record gas prices, energy crisis, record cost of living, record corporate profits, wages lagging behind inflation, multiple (and open) attempts to subvert the separation of powers and the constitution, 72k new armed IRS agents, collusion between the state and social media to control speech, taking kids to drag shows, the Disinformation Governance Board, quid pro quo with Ukraine, labeling US citizens domestic terrorists, raiding journalists, open borders, bailouts for college students by the working class: I sleep

Orange man endorsed candidate: real shit

What happened? by Musky in cryptocurrency

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Joy Reid Claims Republicans 'Have Taught People the Word Inflation' For Political Gain: 'Not Part of the Normal Lexicon' by [deleted] in MediaAnalysis

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Reid tacitly admitting she didn't know what that word meant before Republicans taught it to her.

GOP disinformation campaigns are working. by [deleted] in politics

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are told regularly that satan worshipping pedophiles have taken over the public schools

Well that's not what your headline says. It says the gov is run by pedos, which isn't farfetched at all considering Epstein was a thing. The push against public schools probably stems from the fact that people who claim to be on the left constantly defend pedos with terms like MAP and misrepresent bills that protect young children from being taught about sex in a school setting as "don't say gay".

GOP campaign in lock-step with the reduction of education funding, teachers leaving their jobs because of low pay

The dems currently control the house and the executive and have for 2 years now, not the GOP. Shame they did nothing about this except attempt to label any concerned parent a domestic terrorist.

What's missing from this picture? by [deleted] in politics

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brain cells

Rumble.com disables access for users in France by [deleted] in Internet

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Decent first test of their stance on censorship. Would have been better if they just told France to fuck off though. Let France build their own firewall if they don't want to participate in the internet.

All Joe Rogan Podcasts removed from Spotify? by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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It's definitely a weird coincidence. Maybe related to the content warnings they were talking about adding.

All Joe Rogan Podcasts removed from Spotify? by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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I'm guessing it's a mistake or a rogue employee, I don't see any announcement about it or anything. As of right now, the episodes are all gone.

edit: apparently it's a technical glitch https://nitter.moomoo.me/zerohedge/status/1494722887957286912#m

edit2: and it's back

Canada's Trudeau Enacts Emergencies Act, and Crypto Is Included by Maria88800 in cryptocurrency

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Incredibly short-sighted take. Imagine someone you hate gets elected and when you try to protest against them for something you believe in they just freeze your bank accounts, label you a terrorist, and seize funds donated by supporters of your cause. And when you cry out against it they just point to this event, which you and others cheered for, and say if they could do it for the truckers they can surely do it for you too.

Dear CNN: Nigger by Tarrock in politics

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Normalizing the use of the word removes its power. We should normalize its use.

It reminds me of an episode of Star Trek TOS when space Abraham Lincoln calls Uhura a negress and she just laughs it off because the word has no meaning anymore. That's what we should be striving for. Not ruining someone's life or livelihood over its utterance.

The short sightedness is staggering. Ever feel like you're surrounded by idiots? by [deleted] in whatever

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If anyone ever asks you why cryptocurrency should be a thing, this is a prime example.

Anyone want to help be content admin for saidit? by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I wouldn't mind helping out on those terms, though I would probably need some clarifications on the rules first. I browse /new frequently.

Did they just classify everyone in this sub as a terrorist? by Orangutan in conspiracy

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I do not trust the US government and neither should you.

Anyone want to help be content admin for saidit? by magnora7 in SaidIt

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What is involved exactly? How many hours/day would someone be expected to devote?

I might be willing to help out though I doubt you want me based on my recent post.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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The horse is dead. It's in many pieces. Now you're just beating it into horse paste (not the good kind).

You're free to not continue participating in this discussion if you think there's nothing more to say. Your continued participation comes with the implication that you wish to continue it.

I have 2 strikes, for name-calling, 1 objectively, 1 allegedly. You can't explain these without understanding that it is, and always has been a thing here.

Sure I can, because name calling has always been against the rules IF it was dragging the discussion down the POD. So you getting strikes for name calling isn't at odds with what I'm saying necessarily.

Look at these discussions and links within, including coverage of this topic:

I only glanced through these threads but they are just examples of targeted harassment from you against specific users and calls for more censorship? What am I supposed to be seeing here?

Maybe. Or maybe I'm just trying to make light of your repetitive tediousness which is dragging things downward. You see how problematic subjective content is - now imagine having to be admin over all this shit. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just trying to make light of your repetitive tediousness which is dragging things downward. You see how problematic subjective content is - now imagine having to be admin over all this shit.

Tediousness and repetition aren't on the POD. Repetition is a powerful argumentative tool. And no, I'm pretty sure bringing my mother into the convo with a strong implication that I am a whiner (name calling) is pretty objectively dragging down the POD. But if subjectivity is the concern then this rule does little to change that since the entire sphere of free speech outside of explicit direct name calling is still subjectively moderated.

Clear objective rules are easier to regulate.

Sure, but a clear objective rule can still be enforced subjectively. I think your argument is going in circles a bit here. You claim it's largely unenforced, then give examples of it being enforced - so even if the rule is objective, it's clearly being enforced subjectively. You also stated nothing will change. If that's the case it will continue to be enforced subjectively. And if it's not the case, something will have to change.

You also see how this applies with wishy-washy bullshit lockdown mandates, etc.

No I don't really see how a name calling rule or subjective moderation on saidit applies to covid lockdowns and mandates.

My advice: quit bitching until there's something to bitch about.

Invariably, waiting until censorship is already occurring to bitch about it is too late.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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Things won't change (as you're insisting for unnecessary drama), but it will be easier for admins.

So things won't change but things will change for the admins (since it will be easier). Which is it, both statements can't be true.

(as you're insisting for unnecessary drama)

ad hominem, don't assume my motivations or make baseless attacks on me. We're talking about saidit and its rules.

It's always been there.

This is misleading. Repeating it doesn't make it true. You stated yourself that the rule was unwritten and unenforced. So effectively and practically and for all intents and purposes, it didn't exist.

Let's have a conversation about your momma raising whiners

Mentioning my mother which is irrelevant to this discussion seems like it would constitute dragging down on the pyramid.

Name-calling is now against Saidit Rules by thoughtcriminal in whatever

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This rule has been in existence for almost 4 years, largely unenforced.

If the rule wasn't enforced or documented for the last 4 years it effectively didn't exist. I'm not sure how you can in good faith call my post misinformed or in error based on an undocumented rule that was never enforced that apparently you already knew about.

It still is.

POD dragging isn't the standard anymore. The bottom tier is now outright banned.

We've already had Opie & Anthonie, Ice Poseidon 2, etc.

IP2 was forcibly removed due to Saidit's host iirc, not a specific rule violation.

So far as I know "leaders" and public figures are fair game.

Cool interpretation, I hope it's right. Would be nice if the rule explicitly clarified it.

IMO, you're trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I think there's a significant difference between allowing discourse at any tier of the POD and banning dragging down, versus just straight up banning any discourse in the bottom tier regardless of context. The former is an imperfect but effective way to control discourse. The latter bans an entire category of speech, a category which is allowed even on r*ddit, without taking context into account.