From Trolling To Fleecing: Creator Of 'Q' Hoax Explains Its Scary Evolution by useless_aether in conspiracy

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'the great awakening' :-))

yet, its them who are asleep!

What is Ragweed Allergy and What are its Symptoms? by doubleblog in Health

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idk, but i will start eating and collecting some next season and see for myself :-)

Stocks Surge After Latest Poll Shows GOP Retaining The House by useless_aether in politics

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its probably based on software the ipcc uses to predict climate change :-)

Brexit text 'agreed' in talks breakthrough [Leave doesn't really mean leave as it turns out, oh my, what a surprise] by Mnemonic in Europe

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Leading Brexiteers, such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, have urged cabinet ministers to reject the draft agreement, which they claim would keep the UK under EU control, based upon leaked versions of the text.

and i thought airstrip one is breaking free

The Democrats are Running CIA Agents as Candidates by TheJamesRocket in conspiracy

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another well oiled revolving door

The Commos Were Jews - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "Jews Engineered the 1917 Russian Revolution they killed 66 million Christians burnt their churches & built synagogues, at no other time in the history of the world has a country been so saturated with Jewish influence as the Soviet Union 1917 to 1953!" by Dillinger22 in history

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i am not disagreeing. those taking part in the 9/11 attacks should all be brought to justice, no matter who they are. but you should be aware that the mossad, along with the fbi and the cia are all creations of papal orders, specifically the sovereign military order of malta. william donovan, the dulles brothers (cia), charles joseph bonaparte (fbi), and reinhard gehlen (mossad):

Gehlen and Sir William Stephenson helped train the Israeli Mossad which is nothing but an offshoot of British Intelligence (SIS) and the CIA. With commandos trained by SAS.

Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen, chief Intelligence Officer to Hitler, trained and set up Israeli Mossad. Gehlen was also responsible for starting the CIA with fellow Knight of Malta Bill Donovan who headed the OSS.

they are all nazi templar knights, who, as we all know, derive their name from solomons temple in jerusalem.

the papacy today pretty much owns and controls mount zion and the old city in jerusalem with the help of the zionist israeli govt.

edit: check this out: