A large state is beneficial for its citizens by roc in unpopularopinion

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I live in Austria/EU and we already have most of the points you listed to an extend and most partys are trying to expand further on these points (except the far right).

The economic success of the US is, I think at least in part, caused by the low taxes and the freedom you are always so proud of. But the success comes to a price that imo outweighs the benefits!

Posts in English are allowed and appreciated. But pleas keep it to Austrian and English. by zeno in austria

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Hmm... ja hast recht. Aber als ich Gestern (um Mitternacht) geposted habe, habe ich mich sehr Patriotisch gefühlt und weil ich kurtz davor in die Regeln des subs geschrieben hatte, dass man uns nicht mit den nördlichen freunden verwechseln sollte wollte ich nicht im ersten post schon ihren Namen schreiben.

Keys to Intimacy &/or Sex Tips - For older folks to pass on their wisdom, regrets, and would-do-differently, or would-do-it-all-again stories. For younger folks seeking answers, wanting insights, more from life, hook ups, partners, and fulfillment. Check your egos. Be kind. SaidIt, discuss... by JasonCarswell in Sex

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I think that it is not healthy to always think of the person you are with as some sort of sextoy that you have to try and win over. You should, of course, be nice to her. But imo you should be a friend first and try not to think of her as a collection of holes all the time. The sex will come automatically some day.

I think it was Christina P. on the Your moms house podcast who said: "You should marry your best friend."

Anyways I am probably talking some major bs rn...

Servus Jungs! by zeno in austria

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Kommentar Nr.1!