AutoModerator changelog

June 1, 2015

  • Fixed a bug with action: approve on parent_submission: that would cause AutoModerator to approve even if it had previously been removed by a mod.

May 18, 2015

  • Added the filter action, which removes the post but keeps it in the modqueue and unmoderated pages for review.
  • Replaced report_reason with action_reason, which will still be used as a report reason for action: report rules, but will also display in the moderation log on approve or remove actions.
  • Added ?context=3 to comment permalinks if it's not a top-level comment.
  • Changed the behavior of the {{permalink}} placeholder (which is automatically included in all modmails and messages) to print a full link instead of a relative one ("" instead of just "/s/...").
  • Fixed a bug with multiple {{match}} placeholders in the same message not being replaced correctly.

May 13, 2015

  • Fixed a bug with placeholders (like {{title}}) not handling unicode replacement text correctly in some cases.
  • Made it so that compound checks including a media check (like title+media_title) don't wait for media data before being checked, so a rule with a compound check like that will be checked against the item's title only initially, then re-checked against the title and the media title when (if) media data becomes available for the submission.

May 12, 2015

  • Added ability to set submission's suggested comment sort through set_suggested_sort - see the "Actions" section of the documentation for details
  • Added a link to the AutoModerator config wiki page in the "moderation tools" box in the sidebar (only displays if the wiki page already exists)
  • Changed how AutoModerator checks user flair so that it sees blank flair if the user has disabled their flair in the sub (matches behavior of external version)

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