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I am not a "Redditor". I came to SaidIt for freedom and truth seeking.

About /u/JasonCarswell :

Jason's article on SaidIt :

Jason's graphics for SaidIt :

FYI, Jason Carswell is just a huge fan and supporter of SaidIt, not an admin. /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr (aka M7D3) are the founders and admins.

Jason Carswell's SaidIt projects & to do lists

  • 2019-04-04 Tigole collection share.

  • draft Decentralize open project - to take all of IPFS Corbett Report max resolution and best audio content and x265 HEVC max-quality max-compress multi-pass it or [best lossless audio compressor] - then offer it.

  • draft SaidIt feature sponsoring idea 2019-04-06

  • draft new-sub-alert feature wish (S icon between message alert and mod alert?) 2019-04-12

  • draft FAQ auto subbed all 2019-04-13

  • draft filter/search for site(s), videos, images, links, texts 2019-04-13

  • draft Top Twenty ways to promote SaidIt

    • post on SaidIt then link to SaidIt from Reddit
    • -
  • draft /r/ /wp/ /ig/ /ws/ functionality

  • Does PeerTube do x265 support?

  • scrape chat for old good ideas not documented.

  • /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/

  • add Social media decentralization : /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki/

  • relocate : SaidIt mascot ideas to this wiki from

  • Brave Rewards - check and adjust as necessary.

  • To Post:

    • animated short of the day/week
    • architecture of the day/week
    • classical painting of the day/week [make /s/Painting(s)?]
    • modern illustrator of the day/week [make /s/Illustration(s)?]
    • bookmarked folder "SaidIt To Post" - empty it
    • - bookmarks - organize
    • improve TT20

  • /s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/drafts - Draft policy idea posts then get folks to review and improve them before posting.

    • Design - SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New 2019 Logo? - mock up side by side of logos
    • Design - SaidIt Survey: Adopt/Apply New CSS?
    • Features - SaidIt Survey: Top 3 IdeasForSaidIt Features
    • Multi-Issue - SaidIt Survey: NSFW Policy Ideas + Default Configs
    • Policy - SaidIt Survey: Empty Subs Policy Ideas
    • Policy - SaidIt Survey: Bot Transparency Policy Ideas


  • make videos and upload to DownTheMemoryHole PeerTube

    • - audio - CatFive political album
    • - audio - CatFive content from YouTube
    • - audio - JasonCarswell as WickedSunshine GCBEC score
    • - audio - JasonCarswell as WickedSunshine compilations
    • - old JasonCarswell animation?
    • - old JasonCarswell live action art direction?
    • - new JasonCarswell animation
    • - A+++ videos
    • - A++ videos
    • - misc other

Jason Carswell's CSS projects

  • CSS To Do list:

    • design alt day/night SVG icon
    • design lightbulb/smiley vote SVG icons
    • banners - design new : Architecture, Canada, ElectionsUSA2020, Tin Foil Hat, USAmerica,
    • impossible : On posts only, I want "# comments" on the left, a large space between, and all other flat-list items on the right. Similarly and "domain" on the far right.
    • merge old + new CSS
    • - First subsaidit where I actively develop my nearly finished "Ergonomix Subsaidit CSS Theme" that I apply to most of my subs. It's primarily designed to be as practical as possible with distinct colours indicating different functionality and be easily read, both day and night versions: /s/DecentralizeAllThings/about/stylesheet/
    • - Second subsaidit has a slightly older "Ergonomic CSS Beta Version" with different header menus. Intend to merge this older code back into the newer code as a hidden option for future CSS users: /s/TrutherTop20s/about/stylesheet/

NSFW header CSS treatment for proposal to show people to see and discuss the pros and cons, improvements, suggestions, etc. Maybe people will want safe policies, maybe not:

My banner designs:



  • The Lounge (chat) 2019-03-23 :

    • 07:13:19 sawboss #truthernetics
    • 07:16:26 JasonCarswell #truthernetics where do I sign up?
    • 07:16:43 sawboss If you make it, they will come.
    • 07:17:12 JasonCarswell Trutherism is the religion Truthernetics is the LLC
    • 07:19:31 sawboss "The lips of the righteous know what finds favor,
    • 07:19:31 sawboss but the mouth of the wicked only what is perverse." -- Proverbs 10:32
    • 07:23:27 JasonCarswell I was Wicked Sunshine for a dozen years.
    • 07:24:01 JasonCarswell Not because I got sunburns but because sunshine is the best disinfectant for corruption.
    • 07:24:42 JasonCarswell But seriously my nickname was Sunshine and I was Wicked, and in 1999 the was already taken by a record label. So I was from ~2000-2010.

Personal schedule / routine?:

  • 2x daily : YouTube channels (frequent shows) + messages

    • Fri : bonus YouTube channels (fewer shows)
  • Mon + Wed + Fri : animation + design + painting + writing

  • Tue + Thu + Sat : catchup reading

  • Sunday : decentralization + open source research, InfoGalactic articles, home system

Personal budget planning:

  • May - get domains + sponsor SaidIt chat server ?

  • June - find/get used monitor + sponsor SaidIt chat server ?

  • July - get hard drive, swap WD disks, then Linux Mint old PC + sponsor SaidIt chat/wiki/PeerTube ?

  • August - ???

Gear wish list:

  • 2 or 3 Linux Mint boxes to replace Caprice, Desiré, Epiphany and Felicity

  • home server system

    • FreeNAS based DIY router
    • 1 8-bay box to restore FreeNAS
    • more 8-bay boxes to make FreeNAS
    • better "auto"-torrenting config
    • Mastodon, PeerTube, IPFS, Holochain, ZeroNet, VPN, etc
  • home animation studio

    • classical animation desk
    • proper scanning set up
    • proper tabletop set up
    • proper system + workstation(s)
  • 1 full 1 empty FreeNAS 4U 24-bay (I would put all current full drives in the empty NAS to transfer to the full NAS, then wipe the old drives and reformat as new NAS)

  • electric bicycle + trailer

  • grow room for pot and veggies

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