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Multisubs are curated combination subsaidit lists compiled to provide a categorization, classification, and organization of SaidIt.

This is an open wiki. You are free to improve it. Respect others' work.

SaidIt Custom User Multisubs

To create your own public multisubs that are visible on your profile:

  1. Hover over the subscribe button in any sub and an entry box will appear
  2. Type in your new multisub name and enter
  3. It will refresh and you may click the arrow right of your new multisub name
  4. It opens a new tab with a sidebar interface to build up your multisub list

Examples: ◀ sidebox, below "Moderator Of" is "Public Multireddits" and within:


If you like someone else's multisub you may "create a copy", toggle public/private, rename, and/or edit it as you like.

SaidIt Multisubs As Links

The "Custom User Multisubs" in the section above are created by very different means than the "Linked Multisubs" in the sections below - though the results are nearly identical, with some exceptions.

Creating Linked Multisubs

Linking multisubs (may not be the correct technical term) means that you may add subs together.

For example, if you have 3 subs like /s/DIY, /s/Sex, and /s/wtf (selected only because they are short) you can add them like this: /s/DIY+Sex+wtf to combine them into a single feed for you to peruse.

You may also subtract. For example, /s/all-OpieAndAnthony will show you everything on SaidIt except the OnA content.

Using the [link title](link address) markdown code you may create a link that embeds your /s/DIY+Sex+wtf multisub address within it.

This comes in handy for longer lists, like the many lists below. For example, all subs minus all the politics subs up to the end of 2018:

Can be long uncoded: /s/all-911truth-Antiwar-Freedom-Geopolitics-greatawakening-LaborRights-LateStageCapitalism-Libertarian-onguardforthee-politics-privacy-Republican-SandersForPresident-Security-The_Donald-WarWatch-WayOfTheBern-WhoOwnsTheWorld-WorldPolitics

Or embedded in a short link: SaidIt Without 2017-2018 Politics Subs

SaidIt Multisubs By Broad Categories

NOTE: These "Broad Category" lists feature the WAY OUTDATED categorizations of this SaidIt Subs Ending 2018 list on InfoGalactic and does not include new subsaidits since 2018, with some possibly missing as early as November 2018. That list only has one sub per category BUT here each subsaidit may be listed in as many categories as apply. These multisubs are almost like a way of meta-tagging.


Anarkikomunismolando, AntiExtremes, antinatalism, beta, C_S_T (Critical "Shower" Thoughts), ChattyKathys, collapse, ddddddddddddddddgee, DDLC, EldersOfTheUniverse, esperanto, EvolveFishGame, fringe, frontpage, FuckedBrain, gonewild, help, Homeless, JunkFoodReviewer, newSubreddit, OldAccount29, PhysicalRemoval, ProjectMayhem2, sacredgeometry, SierraKiloBravo, Soulnexus, SundogsPlace, takedowns, test, thegreatawakening, TheRedPill, TIL, TodayILearned, TrutherTop20s, truthleaks, Undoublespeak, UniversalConsensus, vandwellers, whatever, whoadude, YoungerDryas


AnthonyBourdain, JordanPeterson


Collusion, CollusionHypothesis, conspiracy, ConspiracyHeadlines, ConspiracyPhilosophy, ConspiracyTheory, conspiracyundone, corruption, Crime, pedogate, pizzagate, PoliceMisconduct


BasicIncome, Billionaires, bitcoin, business, cryptocurrency, DeadMalls, dogecoin, economics, EconomicsTheory, finance, PublicPolicy, Rothschilds


Energy, Hydrogen, Solar


Antipsychiatry, dreams, environment, Fitness, Food, gardening, GetMotivated, Health, kratom, Lyme, Marijuana, Meditation, onions, opiates, Preppers, Psychology, Psychonaut, realfood, Relationships, ResearchChemicals, SanctionedSuicide, trees, Water


AlternativeHistory, Archeology, askhistorians, history, HistoryVideos


atheism, Christianity, Communism, communismwatch, Jesuits, Jews, LeftHandPath, MGTOW, Philosophy, Socialism, Voluntarism


DecentralizeAllThings, InfoGalactic, Internet


11MRadio, ads, AnimatedShorts, Anime, Art, Aww, Bollywood, books, BritishComedy, BritishTV, censorship, comedy, Comics, Covers, Documentaries, Entertainment, FakeNews, FishEvolutionGame, funny, Gaming, gifs, guitar, hardcorepunk, images, JapaneseTelevision, Klezmer, magnora7, MeanwhileOnReddit, MeanwhileOnVoat, MediaAnalysis, memes, Minecraft, Movies, music, MUSICUNKNOWN, MusicVideos, news, NotTheOnion, PCGaming, pics, podcasts, propaganda, PUBATTLEGROUNDS, quotes, ScienceFiction, Television, TVepisodes, videos, Vlogs, WikiLeaks, Wordplay, WorldNews, Writing


911truth, Antiwar, Freedom, Geopolitics, greatawakening, LaborRights, LateStageCapitalism, Libertarian, onguardforthee, politics, privacy, Republican, SandersForPresident, Security, The_Donald, WarWatch, WayOfTheBern, WhoOwnsTheWorld, WorldPolitics


Afghanistan, Africa, Angola, baltimore, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cameroon, canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Europe, Honduras, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Libya, Mali, maps, metacanada, Mexico, Micronations, Nigeria, NYC, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, SouthKorea, SouthSudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, TheGambia, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, VictoriaBC, Yemen, Zimbabwe


AntiExtremes, AskSaidIt, frontpage, IdeasForSaidIt, RESAnnouncements, SaidIt, SaiditCanary, SaiditCSSthemes, SaidItSurveys, slideforsaidit




Kayaking, NBA, Tennis


analog, Apple, Automotive, ballistics, DownTheMemoryHole, Futurology, Internet, languagelearning, Linux, MachineLearning, programming, python, RTLSDR (Software Defined Radio), science, space, SYSADMIN, technology

SaidIt Multisubs By Topic

All Music

blackmetal, BossmanTracks, BubbleBathTunes, ComedyMusic, Covers, Cyberpunk, hardcorepunk, Hardstyle, housemusic, JustDuet, Klezmer, metal, music, MUSICUNKNOWN, MusicVideos, PeachyTang, Soundaemonic

[Bot Feeds]


BritishComedy, Comedy, ComedyMusic, OpieAndAnthony






Glossed And Profound Projects

BittersweetSeeds, GlossedAndProfound, GlossedOver, Trutherism101, TrutherTop20s


iOSJailbreaking, jailbreak, MMA, piracy, streaming

JasonCarswell Subsaidits

AlternativeMedia, AnimatedShorts, Architecture, BittersweetSeeds, canada, CorporateMedia, Crime, DecentralizeAllThings, ElectionsUSA2020, Energy, FLOSS, GlossedAndProfound, GlossedOver, IdeasForSaidIt, InfoGalactic, PoliticalAnalysis, PsyOps, Race_DivisionByElites, Radiation, SaiditCSSthemes, SaidItSurveys, Sex, SocialMedia, TinFoilHat, Trutherism101, TrutherTop20s, USAmerica, USIsrael, VaccineSkepticism, ZoonPolitikon

Why is this user's multisub list here?

  1. As an example to others, to be inspired to do something similar.
  2. This combination list of all my subs permits me to better monitor and moderate them.
  3. It turns out custom user multisubs are also available. I created this one: by following the instructions in the "SaidIt Custom User Multisubs" section at the top of this page



[Independent Journalism]


Reddit Banned

casualChildAbuse, CringeAnarchy, gore, OpieAndAnthony, piracy, SanctionedSuicide, WatchPeopleDie, WATERNIGGAS

[Reddit Doppelgangers] (same as Reddit, but better)

[Self Reliance]


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