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Why imitate black "music" though.

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That's a legit question. Here's my rant on this:

There's no such thing as black music. Black music is produced by jews and mixed by jews. Jews design black music to take advantage of the 'hook' part of a song (it's the fruit without the pulp) and design songs in a way to be addictive. Jews know that you will keep coming back for a product if it's addictive (short, sexualized, hypnotic, bass driven). They apply that to all the products they sell. Fast forward to the birth of hip hop in the 80's and gangster rap in the 90's. Literally 90% of white kids in the country were listening to this music. So Mr. Bond has essentially tried to hijack the addictive nature of jew produced pop rap music and use it as a propaganda tool to get young white men into the alt right. Mr. Bond is re-appropriating culture.

Do you really think that Bond would be reaching millions of young white men if he was doing 1950's honk tonk music or classical music? And what's the alternative? What music today is white? Country? Get the fuck out of here. CMT and most of the Tennessee country music producers are owned by Sumner Redstone: a Jew. Sumner Redstone also owns BET. So a jew owns Country Music Television and Black Entertainment Television? What does that tell you?

The other thing I will say is that if jew produced negro beats doesn't appeal to you that's ok. You probably avoided the rap music brainwashing in the 90's and 2000's. Congrats. Many of us didn't though. I remember buying Dre's the Chronic, Bone Thugs, and all of Too $hort's albums. Looking back I was propagandized and I don't listen to most mainstream country or rap music or pop music today. However, I can appreciate what bonds doing and occasionally I do enjoy listening to 'hook' based music (both country and rap) when I run or workout. However, when I do listen I like to listen to dissidents that have changed the lyrics. Dissidents like Bond. Most people that listen to bond also have a wider pro white music palate.

Hopefully that makes sense. And here's one more way to look at it. There's literally zero danger of a young man or women who listens to Mr. Bond or Moonman ever going down the path of negro worship. If anything it tricks your brain in our camp and sends you down a more healthy path of white nationalism, marriage, family, implicitly white religion, etc. You have to propagandize people with things that tickle the senses and exploit the dopamine circuits if you're going to counteract Lucifer's clown world LLC. Pop music does that. Youth are going to listen to this stuff regardless. Might as well get involved fighting the cultural war for the youth. It's stupid to let the Jews be unopposed in manipulating the youth.

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Good comment. Thank you for explaining. I spent the 90's and every decade after that immersed in electronic music specifically BECAUSE that music doesn't send any specific message, and I couldn't find messages I could agree with.

I understand now.

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I spent the 90's and every decade after that immersed in electronic music specifically BECAUSE that music doesn't send any specific message

Yeah and I respect that. A close friend of mine also hates rap and in the 90's he exclusively listened to metal or rock that he thought wasn't negrofied/overproduced. I myself didn't exclusively listen to rap as a teen. I liked a lot of Texas country artists. White blues artists. Classic rock. Jam Bands. etc. I did try to avoid some of the brainwashing. I did play sports though so I was constantly surrounded by blacks and Hispanics that listened to rap. Every dance and party I went to had rap and pop music. I listened to fit in.

I'm glad some whites avoided the pop thing. But it's getting harder and harder for young white men pre redpill to find anything that's not heavily compromised so I don't really fault anyone under 35 who listens to rap or hip hop. It's just part of living in clown world. We are all in some way corrupted by this piss earth.

I just think that what's Mr. Bond is doing has more nuanced and now he's in prison for his work and still never backed down or turned on his people. He deserves respect even if you don't like the music style and that's why I occasionally post or repost some of his songs.

free Mr. Bond

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Why is he in jail? His lyrics aren't worse than a lot of rap or hip-hop...

EDIT: oops he lives in Austria. Well yeah, that would do it.

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Music creates feelings in us. We levitate towards what we want. To reach people, you need to create music in every genre to reach people that desire those feelings.

It is fine to use "black music" to express our ideas.