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that has been around forever, its more instrustial dance style

actually thats not a good example

here is better

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I remember finding out about "health goth" a few years ago and thinking it was kind of ridiculous. I think my main issue with it is the name, because I don't see anything healthy or gothic here. The only example out of yours that I think might be able to embody something more goth is this one..

All the others are just very basic sport styles, but in black. Black doesn't make something goth imo. Of course I am not even close to an authority on this but it just kind of rubs the wrong way, like the label doesn't fit. Unfortunately goth has been kind of taken and majorly watered down by the main stream these days.

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Yeah, this looks more like edgy fitness to me. I can't see how it's goth in any way.

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If you prefer old school goth have a look at s/gothic I have been posting lots of old school songs/music videos there. Feel free to post your own music suggestions there so we can kickstart this sub again.

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Thanks! I like most kinds of goth. I have been meaning to add a bunch more alt subs into the sidebar, so thank you for the suggestion!

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You're welcome. I hope you like the music, and again, by all means feel free to share whatever you want. Videos, music, pictures, stories, anything.

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as far as imo, i really dont care... dress how you want to. unless you like 12 year old girl in daisy dukes... exceptions... always is

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