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I'm not a big anime fan, but we watched this older one we really enjoyed called Ergot Proxy, but it ends after just 1 season and at a cliff hanger. Really disappointing because it's so good.

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I haven't seen Ergo Proxy, it has a neat synopsis from what I've read, I just can't deal with the cel animation style. I might give it a watch though, since you've mentioned it. We finished Bungou Stray Dogs (which was great--humor and wit to break up the tension and overlying seriousness) tonight, so there's time for something new.

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I only liked death note

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Thou must expand thy (thine? Fuck ye olde English) options.

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If you liked Death Note, the following anime are also recommended:

  • Code Geass (tactical warfare and intelligent use of a supernatural power; be warned of some plot contrivances)

  • One Outs (if Light Yagami was a baseball pitcher)

  • The Promised Neverland (season one is a battle of wits just like Death Note, although the manga it is adapted from is better)

  • Talentless Nana (despite the OP advertising it, the cat and mouse game between Nana and Kyoya is not the series' best point; it is watching Nana puzzle out what the Talented's supernatural powers are, their weaknesses and finding a clever way to kill them. Also, the first episode disguises the series' true nature, so watch the first two episodes to find out if it is for you. Be warned that the finale is utter garbage.)

  • No Game No Life (some of the plots were ridiculous, but some were really impressive; I should also warn you of heavy fanservice)

  • Kaiji (gambling)

  • Akagi (mah-jong)

  • Moriarty The Patriot (I have heard this is a battle of wits but have never watched it, will do so soon)

  • Hyouka (a mystery show with a completely different tone from Death Note but good mysteries)

I'll link you to here, here, here, here and here.

By the way, although it is not an anime, I would highly recommend you read the Liar Game manga. Read it scanlated online, for it is not available for purchase in English.

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Thank you very very much, I will watch all of them except code geass

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Start with Arakawa Under the Bridge first. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything the other guy mentioned. It's just great.

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I think I have seen it. I spammed animes in 2019 when anime was popular. What is your favourite anime comatoast? 🙂

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I've got a few. Arakawa is probably my favorite, but Konosuba, Mononoke, and Beyond the Boundary kind of tie closely behind it.

What are yours?

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Beside from death note, I liked Tokyo ghoul, samurai champalo, sword art and some others. I logged in mal and I see, I spammed animes in 2017. I have also seen arakawa.

Is kissanime still a goöd site?

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Samurai Champloo was pretty good, though I haven't seen all of it yet. Only parts of Tokyo Ghoul as well.

Iirc it does. We've got crunchyroll and usually use 9anime.

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I feel obliged to emphasise Talentless Nana in particular because it is a direct spiritual inversion of Death Note. Marketing and the first episode disguise it as something else and the series' true premise is revealed as a twist at episode one's (or chapter one's, for the manga) end, but the story is far more interesting (and original) than the marketing's disguise. In a world where people with supernatural abilities have been declared dangerous, the government sends them to isolated islands disguised as what are essentially superhero schools (they made up an enemy which they call 'enemies of humanity' to justify these schools and sending them off) so they can send assassins to kill them. The show follows Nana, one of these assassins, as she tries to complete her mission. The inversion is that while Death Note follows a man who has a single supernatural power and he uses that single power, exclusive to him and a few others, to fight against the government with vastly more powerful realistic resources (Light only had a few underlings, L had the entire police force, L had the power to make a T.V. broadcast whereas Light didn't (until he used his supernatural power to make T.V. stations air his message, with the police's approval)), Talentless Nana follows a woman who has the government on her side and has the realistic resources on her side (she is a trained assassin, has poisoned needles given to her and can psychologically profile and observe people) which she uses in order to deduce her targets' supernatural powers, their weaknesses and then cleverly figures out how to kill them.

With regards to my point about the cat and mouse game; like Death Note's early episodes, the cat and mouse game between Nana and Kyoya (an intelligent student attending the fake superhero school) isn't very good. There is one epic confrontation between Nana and Kyoya, like there is between Light and L in episode two, but then the cat and mouse game declines in quality. Like Death Note, the cat and mouse game is at its best after Light kills the F.B.I. agents; before that the main entertainment comes from Light using his Death Note to try and figure out how to deal with the F.B.I. agents. While L made some cool deductions in the early stages, they were too few and far between, and only in reaction to Light's actions, if I recall correctly. This is much like the cat and mouse game between Nana and Kyoya, while Kyoya does make some smart deductions, they are few and far between and only after Nana has done something. The show's main entertainment, as I mentioned above, comes from Nana puzzling through her targets' supernatural abilities and weaknesses.

I must also emphasise that the finale, as in the final few episodes, are utter garbage.

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Which are you watching now and what are your thoughts?

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Sorry for late reply, I have downloaded some hyouka episodes, will watch them later when I have downloaded most of them :)

And thank you again for the suggestions, I have not watched animes since 2018

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I would say Hyouka is probably the anime least like Death Note on that list (with the exception of Moriarty the Patriot, which I cannot speak of since I did not watch it). The animes on that list most similar to Death Note are One Outs, The Promised Neverland and Talentless Nana, in my view. But the most similar thing to Death Note is Liar Game, and it's better than Death Note's manga.

Why did you stop watching anime in or after 2018?

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Will watch liar game next then :)

Got busy with studies and job. Still kinda am.

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I cannot vouch for the Liar Game live action because I did not watch it and there is no anime of it. As I said, I highly recommend reading the manga.

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Have you watched any more and if so what are your thoughts? Are you an autistic weeb yet?

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Finished talentless nana like one month ago. Got no time for being a weeb yet :)

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What were your thoughts?

I'd recommend you next watch One Outs, The Promised Neverland or Kaiji. If you're willing to read manga, Liar Game is absolutely phenomenal, to the point where I'd recommend reading it later to save the best for last. I should also note that the most recommended anime for those who liked Moriarty The Patriot is Death Note, although I myself cannot vouch for the similarity since I haven't watched it.

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Seriously interested in your thoughts on Talentless Nana. I'm not bothered to type out my full thoughts, but I think episode one is a drab then it gets really good until the show turns to focus on Nana's tRaGiC AnD EmOtIoNaL BaCkStOrY ThAt's tOtalLy oRiGiNaL and her starting to care about Michiru instead of a battle of wits against whoever she's trying to kill and Kyoya, then it becomes quite bad.

If you want the anime most like Death Note next, I'd recommend watching One Outs or Kaiji next. One Outs is available on Twist and on YouTube (without the opening song) and Kaiji is available on Crunchyroll and Twist (separated into season one and two).

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You are welcome. Why are you skipping Code Geass?

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Already watched it

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Okay. Thank you.