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Zipang, GITS, Akira etc because they're not silly.

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The only one I saw over five times now and never bores: Hellsing Ultimate

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I'll say Death Note. Everything there was so wonderfully clever. It was what made me get into anime (and was my first anime after Pokémon). I've seen it five or six times now. Legend of the Galactic Heroes may be a competitor.

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Naruto! Though I havent watched shippuuden as I ended up reading the Manga of shippuuden because the anime was in fillers for 3 years.

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Man, there are so many out there... Ergo Proxy, Ghost In The Shell... But I'm be that guy and recommend Fate Zero. Why? Because it's an amazing Classical Tragedy, with compelling characters and compelling motives. The artwork is amazing, especially the backgrounds and attention to detail. The antics get pretty epic. It's fun to see one character's slow decent into darkness, and the corrupt but understandable philosophy behind hit. He's probably one of the top-10 anime villains, if only because you can understand what made him a villain.

I mean, yes. There's a lot of great anime out there, some it is probably better than Fate Zero. And the rest of the Fate series is questionable. But Fate Zero is a home run, and you should watch it.

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Serial Experiments Lain. I had never seen anything like it! Both in anime and in other mediums. It stuck with me ever since I saw it... in fact, I had a bit of an obsession with it, and I found out that I'm not the only one. When someone says that something has a "cult following" they don't usually mean literally... but that's not the case with SEL. When I say it has a cult following, I mean that they literally made a religion out of it...

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Konosuba simply because it is absolutely hilarious