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You may want to limit the number of subs any one person can create/control to prevent the typical monopolies and power plays. Ideally people will create subs to create discussions rather then as a land rush to grab territory.

And somewhat related, can just anyone check the top subreddits (subverses) list and then replicate them here? Or any notable site name, for that matter. r/NYTimes? r/DailyStormer?

You may already have policies on this. If not, something to consider. I'll bet you have a fun to do list.

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I agree, I have proposed the same idea to d3rr. I was thinking a person can register only one sub every 48 hours, or something like that.

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Let's make a list of "proposed features and enhancements" somewhere... maybe a sticky in /r/AntiExtremes so people can check it out and vote and provide their own feature requests. You can edit to order everything by priority, so we'll always know what is being worked on or what the next work effort will be.

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Here we go. Apparently we can only have 2 stickies at a time, so the welcome sticky was un-stickied. Something I just learned.

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Yes, this is perfect. Not sure if it should be based on time only or the number of created subs. Also, what is a good way of combating shills that want to compromise a sub by being mods. Thr problem with voat and reddit is that most of the mods are compromised.

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Don't know of any 'good' ways. Basically have to monitor them for a while, just to get a sense of what the person operating the account is like. Still pretty easy for shills to wear a good guy mask while situating themselves.

Let's face it, unpaid positions requiring work need some kind of compensation. It's too easy for that to be the power that comes from controlling the dialog.

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Very true.

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Even if you need to push it longer, I'd rather go through the wait than have to deal with shills en masse. I say push it to a week instead of 6 days, maybe that last day will be the day they forget about the site!

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Yeah I agree. We want the site to be of high quality first and foremost. Hopefully we'll get things straightened out soon.

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Week to 10 days sounds good to me!

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Why stop there? Make it a month! Fake accounts have waited even longer on reddit.

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Well at some point they're just going to have registered a ton of accounts and let them age past the cutoff, so the delay will just deter new users without providing any actual defense.

But I mean, I've been creating subs for anyone who wants one and asks me, and that system seems to be working just fine for now... so maybe a month would be fine, especially since the website is so new. We've got to fill out the subs we already have!

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Create an automod that puts any account with no history after a month in spam. You'll be able to see who created accounts and waited jsut to try to make subs. That, with the automod that detects their names and various patterns will help to identify shills. I do not know how to do this, but you could ask people on voat or mods that are not compromised on reddit.

So, yeah... Have a long waiting time for new users, and have the automoderator detect anyone that created an account with zero history for a month or however long the time limit is to create a sub, wheather 10 days or 2 months.

Then set a weekly limit on the amoutn created after the month has passed, maybe just one followed by a maximum limit. Personally, I WOULD NOT FIND this unreasonable and a highly effective way of combatting shills. Just have to figure out how to program the automoderator to detect these things.

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Create an automod that puts any account with no history after a month in spam. You'll be able to see who created accounts and waited jsut to try to make subs.

Oh wow that's actually a genius idea. Maybe only days where the person comments count toward their 2 weeks, so people can't just create an account, comment once, and then let it age.

I really like your ideas, many thanks for taking the time to share them. I think we will incorporate some of these over the next week or two.

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Your very welcome. Shills and disinfo agents can ruin entire websites, so it is important to get this stuff integrated. I'm learning more about how to do this stuff, so i'll message you later. You should implement this though.