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we have captchas? Where are you seeing these?

Sorry this is news to me

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yeah I flipped that on, I thought it might help. But I did notice the same thing as OP... you can refresh that link to check it... it looks like half of them aren't usable. ugh it's like reddit sabotaged the open source version.

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ugh it's like reddit sabotaged the open source version.

... and the name of the files seem to encode the actual value, in b64, the captcha wants. if you know the key, you could just scan the filename without opening the imagine and get it right. just blocking other bots. (hypothesis!)

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Hm interesting.

I would not be surprised at all if it was deliberately sabotaged to discourage competitors. I also would not be surprised if their open-source revamp was simply so sloppy that it's not really functional without a ton of work. Either way, we're making progress.

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Is that not DHADGC?