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Improper Overreach by a single admin - One of our mods was Unilaterally Removed on a brand new rule, questionably enforced. Admin refused to provide an explanation. (self.ModSupport)

submitted 13 minutes ago by archelogy

However, in a recent case, an Admin unilaterally removed one of our mods on questionable grounds, and on a rule that was ONLY ~1 week old at the time. The admin has refused to respond in good faith to our inquiry as to the reason for this draconian action.

The admin requested we add several mods to our team (despite there being no evidence the sub is improperly moderated) and requested we clean up the mod queue by the end of the day. Which we do. But keep in mind we are not paid employees of Reddit- and shouldn't be treated that way.

Fucking laughable street shitter fuck. Sold out aiNCELs only to get slapped around by the (((admins))). nO EvIDEncE of ImPropER mOdDing. This is why you don't let xm run Asian subs. This is why you don't EVER listen to lying leftist f&gg0ts.