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It's a new community that got banned from reddit, and came over here. Same with the incels guys. It seems the Ice_poseidon2 people just took that sub off the front page though, which is a sub setting one of the mods must've changed. They say it's mainly about outing fraudulent twitch streamers, or something like that. It's a little confusing for saidit as a whole but the dust will settle, give it a little time

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We've exposed Paul Denino and many more streamers, we discuss about their antics and lies! Even Chris Hansen tried to help us expose him

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Exposed them doing what tho? Also, didn't Chris Hansen get arrested for writing bad checks? Just wondering if Chris is helping from jail or is he out like on the street helping you guys...

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Hansen is streaming on Youtube these days. His channel: Hansen vs. Predators

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yes we decided to take our sub off s/all so it doesn't pollute your front page with unrelated stuff and cause chaos.

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I wondered what happened and I just wanna say I appreciate you guys doing that. I have no beef with you guys and am happy you get to have your thing somewhere. But seeing the front page bombed last night with your sub was hella annoying. That shows a lot more maturity and community on your guys part than the people who banned you on that other site.

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ah, thanks

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Really appreciate that!

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    We do appreciate that choice.

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    Is there a way to not see the s/incel posts? I'm not subscribed to them, but would prefer to not see their posts at all.

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    You can go to your 'preferences' in to the top-right and change your front page to 'subscribed'. Then you will only see the subs you are subscribed to. The current front page is basically /all

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    Ah, I see, thanks for the brief. I'll sit back & enjoy till the dust decides to settle then

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    Ah, I see, thanks for the brief. I'll sit back & enjoy till the dust decides to settle then

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    It's all about KFC managers and a rapper from Cameroon. Our site now homie ;)

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    Correction, ice Poseidon.... my bad...still am confused what any of it has to do with tho

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    I like your version better.

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    I like the name 'Ice Poisoning' too. Its cool (no pun intended)

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    Lol Bijoriano

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    This is probably the only community to have properly transitioned from Reddit to Saidit. That sub seems super active, most communities that make the switch don't usually garner the interest of most the fanbase. So you see places like WPD over here and it's pretty dead which is upsetting really.

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    IP2 on here will make that SJW site Reddit look like the joke it is. Thanks for welcoming our community and everyone join the IP2 fun it's literally the worlds best memes.

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    Incels, a portmanteau of "involuntary celibates", are members of an online subculture[1][2] who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom.

    I'm all for diverse viewpoints and hearing alternative views, but I don't see anything insightful coming from this community. Looks like nothing but feel sorry for yourself and blame it on women banter to me.

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    There are a lot of people who are incels that probably don't realise they are incels, not everybody associates with the toxic community. Incels have been about for years, though these days its just become a blanket insult. I used to frequent a subreddit that were (by definition) incels, you are right in the sense that it was a pity-party but it was interesting hearing their stories and how they felt. Most of them are most likely depressed and want to project their anger onto demographics, some have low-self esteem issues or have aspergers. The majority I had spoken to were nice and I think the issues they're facing are genuine, it's just a case of discerning those who are just here to insult others and those who are going through a struggle. It's basically poor mental health. It's just unfortunant that the loud ones are getting the most attention.