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the video of a suicide on stream, more than anything the sound of the friends

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Not creepy but horrifying. Mafia cuts open the stomach of a man, like, a big rectangle of his abdominal skin. He says something in some language, apparently his last words were calling out his mom. It broke my heart. Every time I recall that video I just want to hug my mother really tight and put my head onto her lap.

The worst part is that a bunch of dudes were just hanging in the background, drinking something, like it's no big deal. This means that it was probably a routine thing that happened in there.

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I know what video you're talking about.

Yeah. He was talking in spanish, he was asking for mercy ("I didn't do anything"), praying to La Virgen de Guadalupe and calling out his mom at the end of the video.

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When the first lockdown started, my wife went to visit her sister (they had planned on a vacation that got cancelled), and so I was up into the AM -- naturally.

Someone posted a meme with the twins from the Shining and something to effect of "I just saw this down the hall. It's going to be a long lockdown."

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tubgirl, the group of old men naked (can't recall the name) and also that guy who had a bottle up his arse, filming himself and it popped. Pulled it out slowly. Bit by broken bit. That last one still hurts me thinking about it.

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Lemon Party, 1 Guy 1 Jar.

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Reading the Carnicom institute's research into Morgellons. It's just some text and some not too graphic pictures. The chilling part is when they try and figure out what it is. It's like a half-done bioweapon that leaked from the lab, so it's not extremely virulent, but it is almost completely novel and unlike any organism that has previously existed. It's essentially a synthetic self replicating nano-bot that has features to prevent it from being studied. It's evidence that an alien race really really hates us or there's some 50 years ahead of our time stuff going on in our bioweapons labs.

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Medical and psychological experimentation (mainly on animals) videos from the 1940s-1960s.
Some of them are highly disturbing.

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why the FUCK would anyone watch helpless animals get tortured?

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That one video on death addict . com I found when the website was still public and I was having my gore phase. It was an Isis video that was a 1st person view of a child going through a building and shooting people with their hands tied behind their backs. Very cinematic, and from the one view you got of the child I would say he was anywhere from 8-12 years old. That was the end of my gore phase.

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The radio signals from a Russian space capsule that apparently malfunctioned and was on a trajectory leaving Earth's orbit. Italian radio operators recorded the occupant's vital signs, like heartbeat and breathing, as they froze to death in space knowing they were leaving Earth forever. That fucking terrifies me.

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I've experienced sleep paralysis twice in my lifetime. Once when I was a kid and just last year. Both times I never felt more immense panic than I did at those times. Something I would never wish on my worst enemy...

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do NOT look at it.

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So mesmerizing...

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