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In no particular order:

  • Google maps

  • Noice (background noise generator)

  • Pleco (look up Chinese characters by drawing them or OCR)

  • The NextCloud App (to sync data to my selfhosted NextCloud)

  • Notification Log (from FDroid). In most messengers, when someone deletes a message, the push-notification is taken out of the message queue ... but if you have a third party app that logs it, you can still see it. Has come in really useful once.

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I don't know about useful, but I really like sky guide. You can point it at anything in the sky and it will identify it.

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Newpipe is BY FAR the most useful app. It's a YouTube client, you can download videos, and I'm one of those weird people who likes to listen to songs on youtube. Which is where the background play feature comes in handy.

Also, no ads, no sign in, no API tokens, and no money given to YouTube.

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Aurora Store, Block This (personalDNSfilter is also great), Bouncer, F-Droid, Flud, Hacker's Keyboard, MiXplorer, Musicolet, ProtonVPN, QuickEdit, ReadEra, RedMoon, Task Killer, XPlayer

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  • Librera Pro to read books
  • Newpipe to scrape Youtube
  • Signal for secure communication
  • Retroarch to play games
  • NetGuard to only
  • F-Droid to find apps knowing they're FOSS
  • Aurora Store as a FOSS client to the Play Store. (I heard the Play Store sends your location to Google, so I disable it.)
  • Island to isolate suspicious apps from my main contact list / storage
  • Pilfershush Jammer to block unauthorized microphone access
  • Calengoo as my calendar
  • Todoist for GTD methodology.

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My most useful app I use is called Photopills which I use for my photography. It basically helps line up shots that involve any astronomy objects (sun, moon, milky way, etc) so it's nice for that.

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Duolingo even though they push the diversity is our strength lie. I've been learning Japanese for years before my studies really took off.

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Google Rewards! It asks you simple questions randomly and gives you a little bit of actual money. It really helps out when I don't want to pay for a micro transaction I actually do want! Usually it's dumb pay only power ups when I'm in a tight spot or stickers for photos but it has vastly improved my experience on all apps that require money sometimes. I started in 2017 and have earned $78 so far. All of it has been spent on microtransactions, but I believe there is the option to transfer somewhere.

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TextNow. Free number, talk and text, ad supported. It's my backup number and actually sends and receives pictures better than my actual number.