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It's a good time to sell gold, it's near a 10 year high right now, that coin is going for $2k now.

I suggest getting into wine making now, it's really easy. You don't need much to get started, you really don't need an upfront investment. Not that having modern equipment isn't nice, but man has been making wine since before we had writing. I'm fermenting some grape juice I was given since nobody here likes grape juice with some EC-1118 yeast, and previously I had made tepache from pineapple scraps.

If you mess up making wine you can also try your hand at making vinegar. I have a banana vinegar I made by accident.

I think that's great you're using the money to support your convictions. I'm not sure what you should spend the money on honestly. Wanna lend it to me for cocaine?

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Gold will go higher. So will silver. Silver has been increasing in value radically the last few years. The last time we saw this happen to silver was in 2011-2012, and it made some people millionaires (either through inheriting a shit ton of silver from a grandfather or something, or having invested in silver stocks).

Silver stacking is good. Silver is always valuable. Silver can always be used for something, whether it be medically, in tech or wiring, and people collect it as a hobby. If shtf, you could use silver to trade. silver is good for a lot.

I started silver stacking when silver was worth 14 dollars an ounce. It’s gone up to 29 dollars, and has been bouncing around in the 20’s now - it’s now at 24 dollars an ounce. That’s 10 dollars more than what I paid for an ounce (people who bought silver in the 80s had to wait 30 years for silver to increase 10 dollars).

I’d buy one or two ounces of silver every month when it was at its low, if I were to sell what I have now, I’d easily make a profit without heckling lol. I have some rare silver coins from official mints that there are only 300 of, for example and come numbered with a CoA; those go for much more than silvers actual asking price, as collectors love them.

When the new star wars movie came out, the New Zealand mint started to mint Star Wars coins that came in collectors boxes with coas and were numbered. I got two for 40 a piece when one site had them on sale as a promotion, sold one this year on eBay for 235 dollars. I made my original investment back (80 dollars for the two coins, only sold one), and then some.

You just gotta know what the collectors are looking for. Officially minted Star Wars and James Bond coins are hot right now, in gold or silver (I have a gilded James Bond coin with a collectors box and COA that has the golden gun on it, the gilded part which is only .13 of an ounce of gold so it isn’t much gold, but still, it goes for a lot; I’m not selling that yet).

The latest series of officially minted silver coins that collectors are going in on, are the musical hall of fame series that just started and comes in gold and silver. Their first release (the first release of any series is valuable) was Queen, which boosted its value even more. If you have a whole set of coins and sell them together, you can seriously make a profit. You just need to buy when it’s at low. Silver stocks are also a good investment, imho.

Just don’t go crazy and become a silver coin collector; stack slowly, and only buy what’s reasonable. Don’t get lost in the sauce.

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I love silver, I have a small stack myself. I read though that the silver production is normally not run at capacity. There's more supply than demand. So I wonder if it won't just drop back down to $17/oz when covid passes.

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You honestly can’t go wrong with stacking silver as long as you look at it as a long-term investment and not a “get rich quick scheme” imho.

Others and myself have noticed a cycle that started becoming seriously obvious with silver 2~ years ago; Silver would reach a new high that it hadnt got near since 2011/2012 (and it took from the 1970s for silver just to go over 10 dollars per ounce before its last large boom in 2012), and then it would drop, sometimes radically, but it would never drop below at least two dollars above its last all-time high.

This happened to silver every 1-3 months in 2019 which is why silver is at where it is now, and what it’s still doing; it’s a weird cycle, it’ll slowly reach a new high, appear to crash, but cease crashing at least 2 dollars above it’s previous highest value, and that would become its new, “permanent” bottom or the lowest it would transcend, until the cycle repeated and it reached a new high. This often happened in smaller increments than not, but compared to in the past, silver has been increasing in value rapidly.

Many stock experts were really skeptical about silver in 2019 and some even wrote it off completely - now the same people are interested and fascinated in silver’s movement. Some conversative experts who people really look up to and have made a lot, almost like “celebrities” in the stock world, were really doubtful about silver, but now a good amount of them are estimating silver will hit 50-60 dollars an ounce before it collapses like it did in 2011/2012. But even if the cycle doesn’t complete, we’re already at a point where if you bought 10-15 ozs of the right silver coins for the right price at the right times throughout 2019, you could easily potentially make a 500-1k profit depending on the silver coin and appeal. Someone who was collecting silver in the early 80’s and late 70’s hoping things would reach the level they’re at now, would probably bang their heads on the wall watching how quickly the silver cycles are going and increasing now, vs nothing happening with silver for a couple of generations.

Btw, do you like to stack bars, or coins? For me it’s coins, I love Canadian .9999 silver coins, a lot of people trust the Canadian mint and it’s purity, and Canada also releases collections and “series” like the “wild life series” that’s a normal silver coin on one side, but has an animal or some other artwork/design on the other in great detail done in collaboration with artists (even street artists!), which there are only 5-10,000 of and especially a couple of years ago, cost just as much from websites as the standard Canadian Maple Leaf (which was the cheapest, most trusted and purest one ounce silver coin). They also had the odd occasion for things like movie releases like Batman vs Superman, and have a coin that had Superman’s emblem on the back instead of the standard maple leaf that cost just as much as a standard maple leaf and was limited to 5k coins iirc.

So basically, I was stacking coins part of a series for the same price as a standard candian maple leaf (the candian version of our standard gold/silver lady liberty coin), and completing limited edition sets people buy, at the same cost of buying regular silver, and if it came down to it, I’d have no problem making a profit with a collector, or someone who just wants to melt the coin for its silver content. A collector would be ideal though lol.

I first stacked bars, and I felt it was a mistake. I only felt comfortable buying officially minted bars (the sloppy bars are the cheapest), and those usually contained security features which increased its sale price because bars are much simpler to counterfeit than coins; like if you shine a black light on a side of the bar, it’s exact serial number would pop up and you could enter that on the mint’s website and you’d see its number and that it’s authentic - some sites sell silver with a high premium, there’s special taxes for some officially minted silver, and by the time you added the security features the price wasn’t worth the cost or what it was imho. A queen music collector will collect an official, limited in number silver hall of fame series queen coin which also happened to be the first in the musical hall of fame series even if they don’t give a fuck about silver, it’s about queen, the coins backstory, the rarity, and having a diverse, official and rare queen item to add to their musical collection. This is why I like silver so much - it has so many uses, is the best out of all precious metals as a conductor of electricity, and transcends multiple fan bases and collectors (down to fan bases who normally wouldn’t give a fuck about silver coins, but like to collect all official and rare releases relating to the rest of their collection)

Bars with security features seemed like a gimmic to me (as people are fishy of bars to begin with, which is why they’re difficult to sell online as well as why the multiple security features exist, and they don’t cross pollinate like coins with collectors of things who especially don’t give a fuck about silver, but will buy silver at an extreme premium if it’s an official, rare and limited item relating to their collection), when I could buy officially minted Germania or Candian coins that would come with coas minus the collectors box, but still would also attract collectors (like the Canadian Superman 2017~ coin), but cost just as much as the cheapest regular officially minted one ounce silver coin.

Sorry about the silver essays. I never talked to anyone about silver, ever, since I got into it cuz it seemed like a lot to explain and I doubt it’d interest most normal people who either don’t even think of investing in something, or who think silver itself is a gimmick when it has so many real world uses.

Edit: I bought this from the same website (I have two of them from jm) for 25 dollars per coin when they had it on sale as a promotion (every Monday they have certain coins on sale as a promotion, and if silver is dipping and it’s the right coin, it can seriously be a good buy). Keep in mind, at the time, the cheapest one ounce pure silver coin was 19 dollars after jm’s high premiums, despite silvers ask being maybe 15 or 16 at the time. Also keep in mind this is a 2 ounce pure silver coin, not one ounce:

That’s 60 dollars per ounce despite the fact that silver’s ask is 24 dollars right now, and you won’t find this coin much cheaper from any other vendor; I got it at the right time and selling it on the second hand market, can make a profit if it’s set as an auction and collectors are allowed to bid against people who only care about silver content. It goes for even more now on the second hand market with collectors.

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Sounds like (((they))) are pumping the silver markets.

Thanks for the interesting silver surfing. (I don't have a lot of comics, but I do have some, including both of the Silver Surfer, Moebius Limited Series (1988). Not remotely similar to real silver. Interested?)

Would it be worth trading the gold for silver? (ie. sell the gold and immediately reinvest in silver and crypto) Or just keep the gold as Horrux said.

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silver surfing

🧐 That's the username I use for silver related things; TheSilverSurfer lmfaoooo! I love the comics mayne!

Would it be worth trading the gold for silver? (ie. sell the gold and immediately reinvest in silver and crypto) Or just keep the gold as Horrux said.

That's completely up to you. Tbh, if I had the money to invest in Gold I would, but I'd also continue investing in Silver when the time was right because of how cheap it is, and it's potential to rise incredibly high and make an extreme profit like those did in 2011-2012~. Some people do sell gold to re-invest in Silver. I've sold 1 troy oz of silver before that I previously bought at a cheap price, that I had numerous copy coins of & didn't see much collector's value in, and sold them for a 100-200 dollar profit, to purposefully use half of the profit to invest in more silver (and turn one ounce into 2-5 ounces~), with some cash to use or save on the side; I just sold the coin I had previously bought for cheap, & when silver was peaking I usually always do an auction (ebay) to allow people to bid against each other and drive the price up - people are willing to pay a different premium depending on what they collect, and people bidding against each other drives the price up. I also noticed, for some reason (I believe this is due to old silver collectors, like those in their 70's or 80's who find ebay simple and easy and possibly fun or exciting to use), that coins that are available elsewhere from official vendors for say 100 dollars - they'll bid way over and drive the price up on it and actually pay for it. I don't fully understand that, but that's my theory on that.

I was lucky I learned about Silver when I did tbh, it was the right time before it went above 20 dollars. Silver was floating between the upper 13 and 14 dollars when I had found out about it, so I was able to get rare things for cheap if there was a promotion or silver looked like it was crashing, and I was able to get regular silver coins from official mints (like the Canadian and New Zealand/Perth mints) too for cheap.

I don't buy silver much anymore since the price has increased and the premiums from vendors are high (maybe once every 4-5 months), as I've stacked up a nice enough of collection in the amount of time I was silver stacking. I usually only buy when I sell a coin and then wait for things to dip (which I don't do often, as I don't believe Silver is done rising). I don't think it's too late though for someone to do the same if they're patient; I think you can still get into silver at this price range, and if you wait a few-6 months, you'll see the silver you bought before is much more expensive to buy and harder to find (as well as notice the cycle I've been discussing), and if you bought a coin collector's love, you'll make a nice profit and be able to turn a 1-2 oz coin into 5 ounces buying standard silver coins and keep some money on the side.

But no one knows for sure; just because 2011/2012 happened, doesn't mean it will happen again even if Silver is doing something incredibly odd. I take into consideration world events as well, which is why I personally believe Silver will continue rising.

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I have mostly bars and rounds, and just a few numismatics. Pretty much exactly the same thought process you went through about security issues. Although bars have a potential to be divisible in a way you wouldn't want to do with numismatics, say if you ever found yourself needing to buy a loaf of bread of a tank of gas with silver.

Although one quick tangent. When hurricane Katrina hit, the infrastructure did collapse for a bit. There was no gas coming in because the roads were flooded. Electricity was out. Not everyone had water. We managed to scrounge a little gas from a motorcycle, and we were absolutely induated with offers of goods for a ride. And we turned everybody down because what good is a gold watch when fuel was priceless. That's some real SHTF currency right there. Too bad gasoline doesn't store well.

It's not a big collection. I was very enthusiastic about the silver market when I first got in, and it certainly hasn't lost me anything, but as far as investments go, accidentally leaving change in bitcoin from a transaction totally eclipsed any potential silver returns.

That's when I decided it was smart to have a cache of silver but it wasn't going to make me much money.

I do have a 2 oz Canadian bison coin that's awesome. I have read of Canadian silver having a problem with milk spots, that's kept me a little wary of buying Canadian.

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Sage advice. Thank you.

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I suggest getting into wine making now, it's really easy.

My father did that with my siblings & I. I have many fond memories of squishing grapes in the driveway in the summertime. He even ordered custom wine bottle labels with our family photo on it. The worst part about it was sourcing the wine bottles.

They make great gifts too.

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My uncles did their own wine too. Yes bottling is an issue. I might need to start drinking wine to collect the bottles.

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It's a good time to sell gold, it's near a 10 year high right now, that coin is going for $2k now.

When the economy officially collapse, and investors are fleeing the market then this coin will be worth 10x.

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A dozen years ago, cocaine and ketamine were more per gram than gold, in some regions/markets. I'd get some for now and some for down the road if I could. Both are handy for medical, mental, and of course recreational purposes.

Now I have 2 reasons to do wine before beer. I'd forgotten about vinegar as a backup, and the other is because all my old neighbours drink beer like water and I'd run out in no time. I guess I should learn some vinegar recipes.

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Don't know how long a backup coke stash would last :P

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That's why I'd need 2 batches. One to abuse and remember what a hangover feels like. The other to hide and forget.

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Keep it. It will be worth $40,000 soon enough.

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I fear you're correct. A sign of bad times ahead.

I'm currently in tight times.

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Or sell it, and buy silver with half the proceeds. Silver will outperform gold significantly, and you may well end up having the same value as if you had kept the Krugerrand, in a few years.

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    How about converting the old computers to Linux boxes?

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    Congrats! If you want to host a website from home etc, seems like a great resource.

    I keep meaning to do something like this, but the TODO list has other things on it too...

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    Thanks for that link!!! It will come in handy soon.

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    My new/secondhand/refurbished Linux Mint (unless persuaded otherwise) box wouldn't be too fancy other than more RAM for many tabs and a better video card for more monitors.

    I promise, Linux Mint can run on anything. I installed it onto my 20 year-old laptop my mom got scammed into buying me when I was like 13 (I'll spare you the story), and it runs perfect. Which edition do you use? I just use Cinnamon.

    I have never set up a server before so I don't even know where to start.

    It's actually pretty simple. As long as you have hardware that can handle the load, you can usually just download some software for whatever purpose you intend, port-forward, and get to work. (Though it's best you either buy a static IP address or use a name service like no-ip.) I set up servers all the time, and the only problem I've ever had is related to software. (Though the first time was a real pain, due my inexperience.)

    I don't have much of a plan for it other than I want to be of service. Does this mean some kind of archive, PeerTube instance, or SaidIt or WikiSpooks mirror backup? Maybe I should learn Mastodon or other federated things. You tell me what we need.

    Good on you! Really think about if what you want to do will actually be of any utility, and if you can actually do it. Archives require a lot of storage space, especially for social media websites with tons of user-generated content. Also, Saidit already has a mirror on NAB, so the utility of another one could be disputed.

    Good luck, man! I don't have any answers, but at least I can wish you well.

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    Great insights! Yes, Cinnamon was the one I was planning on. I already have it on a thumbdrive, but my 2 old computers don't boot up from USB easily. It may be time to make it permanent.

    If they can censor SaidIt then they can censor NAB, and of course me. The more of us there are the wider the target. I don't need to nor intend to build another community so much as be an alternative federated backup option when under attack. I just want to be a backup, in case. The SaidIt database is not big - less than 10 gb, much like WikiSpooks is 6.4gb. Being a SaidIt backup might be an option, but it's not really my priority.

    IMO, hosting at home, storage space is not as much of a problem as bandwidth assuming there are many users. If few people actually visit the archive at any one time then my world is their oyster. Hosting services limit your website storage. I guess what I'm offering is vast space, less bandwidth, and personalize accessibility - with a modicum of personal accountability.

    Whatever "I do" I won't be able to do it alone. I'll need advice, assistance, co-admins, and maybe even a little special coding. Most importantly as a community we'll need to develop clear goals and organized functionality to be useful and meaningful. If we don't find something obvious now, maybe just keep the potential in mind, so that if something comes up down the road we can develop it.

    Thanks for the good vibes.

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    You're welcome :P

    Does the database include all the posts and stuff? I didn't think it would be that small (still not small, though) but I guess since Saidit is mostly just text it's not a big deal. It's also only a few years old, so that helps. That size, as you said, would still be an issue bandwidth-wise, though.

    Yeah, you'd obviously need some help with certain things. There are a lot of resources online, and that's got me through most trials (plus a bit of trial and error).

    I'm not the person you want to quote about these kind of things, but I do have some basic experience with running servers and websites, and I do a fair bit of coding in Python, HTML, and Javascript. My code is functional, but not great. Feel free to shoot me a message if all else fails. At the very least I should be able to find a webpage for you to read.

    Good luck!

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    New simple idea without all the tech: I could make stuff (or get it made) for a SaidIt/WikiSpooks web store. ie. T-shirts, etc. Or buy a 3D printer to make things. Or...

    I heard these fine folks can print whatever u want on a t-shirt. Just give'm an email. Them t-shirt printers are thirty grand a pop but if we got a few official saidit then we can start handling contracts from Eastern Mountain Sports or Arctery' or whichever

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    Great feedback to keep in mind (saved & bookmarked). What do you know about Zips and why the recommend (besides the obvious quality/durable stuff that's not too expensive)?

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    I dunno. choco-dipped starberries or whatvr

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    I need advice.

    Crypto could be digital gold.

    Real gold is better.

    It looks like you only have 1, so you won't want to barter with it.

    You may want to consider trading it for junk silver. Coins with silver content that are below collector grade in quality.

    Example: pre '64 us coins were ~72% silver.

    So $1.40 in junk silver coins = 1oz silver.
    Junk Silver is currently ~$30/oz.

    When fiat currency collapses then junk silver value will skyrocket.

    Digital wallets aren't required.

    Junk silver is ideal for battering.

    Also, don't forget privacy coin "Pirate Coin" (ARRR).