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Perhaps more general than you were looking for, but I like:

  • listening to music
  • chuckling with friends
  • physical affection with partner
  • cooking and enjoying the food cooked
  • the good feelings after a workout
  • the good feelings during meditation
  • someone's reaction when you show them kindness
  • reading a good book
  • a nice hot bath
  • a massage if you can get someone to give it to you!
  • singing
  • sinking into a comfortable and warm bed after a hard day
  • walking in nature

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They all sound solid.

sinking into a comfortable and warm bed after a hard day

This especially. It's good to feel all the tension leave my back.

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-expressions of animals

-sitting in a hot, dry car during the Summer and soaking up the warmth

-the smell of a freshly extinguished match or candle wick.

-the feeling of texture against the paper when using certain pens or art supplies

-the feeling of discovery when I'm hiking or walking around anywhere, there's always something new to see if you look hard enough--even in familiar places

-the satisfaction of fruition with something that I've created (baking, art, etc.). Even if I'm not happy with the end result, I'm always happy that I've finished.

-the anxiety of feeling lost in a place, but underlying smugness that I always manage to find my way back.

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Camels always seem to be smiling to me, do you think the same?

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Camels have shitposter smile. Those little green anoles with people eyes always look like they're perpetually judging you. Capybaras always have a look of apathy to me.

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Dogs. I love dogs. They remind me how easy it can be to be happy in the moment and to be pure.

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Hot shower (really finding a deeper appreciation for this one lately after no water for a week)

Cold brew coffee

A nice computer monitor and keyboard


Plants, which are basically molecular rube goldberg machines that somehow grow and have a vascular system

Thinking about stuff. Did you ever think how nice it is that you have the ability to think about anything? And plan things, and imagine possibilities? It's amazing that we can do it so easily and most animals can't really do it at all.

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Something I definitely need to get more of!

Did you ever think how nice it is that you have the ability to think about anything?

Our ability to contemplate is like a super power in my opinion, I never realised how powerful our conscious could be until I started to really think about it. It can literally be the difference between living a successful life and living a fucked up one. I appreciate the ability to think, I don't appreciate my inability to think of better things though ;(

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YES. The fact that our bodies are created from the ground up from something as simple a concept as molecules that compose our cells, then tissues, organ systems, onward. All of those processes work together to create a functional "machine" that leads to our ability to not only think, but speak and carry out our desires.

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Yeah it's pretty wild when you really step back and think about it, we're like temporary whirlwinds of metabolites

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Standing in the sun to warm up on a cold day.

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-Lying down on some grass and staring at the clouds, stars or whatever. For these few moments I feel like everything is just fine, I fall into an abyss of satisfaction.

-Also some smells make pictures of my childhood flash in front of my eyes. Suddenly I smell something and see the Windows 98 bootup screen, some cartoon show which I forgot even existed, or a Disney's Aladdin or wolfenstein 3d dungeon, or a blue generator. Real comfy.

-Whenever I rev match in my car perfectly

-When something that I put together works (PC builds don't count, they're basically jigsaw puzzles at this point even though I've only built one)

-staring at a fire

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Like many of you, just "being" sometimes. Lying in the grass, running my fingers through and feeling the breeze and the sun overhead. Listening to the birds and movement of the trees. Sitting back on the beach, eyes closed is good, also. More sound to go along with the texture of the sand and feel of the wind and sun. It's something I don't do enough anymore to keep myself grounded. No deep metaphysical thinking. Just hypnotized in the amazement of existence. -sigh- I should get back into camping on a semi-regular schedule.

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Toto - The Little Things

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Playing with pussies.

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    Why you following me around? Part of your troll/shill job?

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      I have two cats. I like women. It was punny with dual meanings.

      There's no shortage of much racier shit to bitch about on SaidIt. I think you're just looking for a fight.

      Usually you guys are homophobic, butt, you wouldn't know it by the way you're riding my ass. (Also punny.)