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When saidit was younger, new users used to be automatically subscribed to all subs. This is no longer the case. That's why there are subs with high user numbers but no content.

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You've been spoiled by placed like reddit that are flooded with bots posting content and making it look alive, turns out that when a website growing organically, it's much more boring.

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This really is the truth. The vote counts are completely fake on Reddit and sometimes it seems like the majority of comments are mindless auto generated or copied quips.

Maybe we should have a few "comfort bots" that post small talk bullshit to make posters feel like they get more engagement.

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There simply aren't that many people regularly visiting the site and interacting with it. There were a couple of waves of new signups that happened corresponding with subreddits being canceled on reddit. But those people need to have a group of people to interact with, to comment on each others posts and other comments. Since that startup threshold wasn't met, they all left (mostly) after being here for a brief time.

The people who are actually here are outcasts of other social media (here and on poal and gab and parler) that have been kicked out or left reddit and twitter due to censorship and cancellation.

This tends to create a feedback loop, as some saw on voat. Only the outcasts were at voat, which means a very small group on a free speech site, and the really vocal, really unpleasant people tended to have extremist positions. As they grew more powerful, they were emboldened and they grew louder. This drove off more "moderate" or "reasonable" free-speech loving folk. Over time, this effect was amplified x 100, until only the true Nazis and scum of the earth were on voat. This has already taken over poal, and is beginning to happen here.

So the most populous sub on this site has about 39,000 subscribers, but almost all of them are gone. Hard to get any good metrics on the engagement each participant has on this site, but I'd bet that there are less than 1,000 people regularly reading and probably less than 500 active participants and commenters. Poal is even smaller. Since the Q people took over, the most populous sub has only 800 subscribers and probably less than 100 active participants.

You have to hit a critical mass early on in order to have a snowball effect of people joining and more people joining because there are people already there. If you don't hit it within a certain amount of time, you're not going to. And I think saidit and poal are both going downhill due to the extremists taking over the political discussion on the site. If you don't pass their purity test, they actively go against you with more than just downvotes. I had my life threatened on multiple occasions on voat, due to having an opinion that did not line up with the purity test. That scares most people off, and the site dies a slow death.

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The people who are actually here are outcasts of other social media

I feel like I was a victim of my own popularity on reddit. Once you hit a certain level you either only say the blandest most neutral inoffensive things ever, or just a small % of people complaining when it's hundreds of thousands of readers means a lot of complaints.

I do still have a reddit account, it's not like I have to be on Saidit. I just find I like it better here.

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It's like a long weekend in Savanna.

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That's super coincidental, there's a stripper with me named Savanna.

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Huh, that's weird. I was just viewing some pics of a furry pussy on savanna.

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That is some fine pussy.

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What does reputation matter on Reddit? Since it's content-centric, it only affects your karma, which is only there for status and doesn't plummet quickly anyway. You may get banned from a couple of subreddits, but you can always make a new account.

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I had half a million karma in a year, not power user status but people recognized me.

You may get banned from a couple of subreddits, but you can always make a new account.

Not when people recognize how you write.

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I'd bet that there are less than 1,000 people regularly reading and probably less than 500 active participants and commenters.

SearchVoat was a nice site statistic resource that daily posted total comments, commenters, comments by sub, and all of that. Were around 1,800 to 2k daily commenters before the Qtard invasion.

I had my life threatened on multiple occasions on voat

Oh, come on. KYS was standard rhetoric, as well as detailing your fate on the DOTR. It was to scare off the weak. Same on poal, but in a less coherent and more retarded manner. Extremism and threats of violence can be good for the right kind of user base, but poal is suffering from an excess of users who present as very low IQ.

You are a capitulating cuckold.

Yes, very insightful... Thanks. When this level of discourse takes over, you're not attracting many with the ability to articulate complex thoughts. It just turns into a troll fest, and more intelligent users begin to leave. If it's an organized attack on poal, it's working.

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I'd bet that there are less than 1,000 people regularly reading and probably less than 500 active participants and commenters.

SearchVoat was a nice site statistic resource that daily posted total comments, commenters, comments by sub, and all of that. Were around 1,800 to 2k daily commenters before the Qtard invasion.

If I wasn't clear, my comment was aimed toward this site (and also poal).

This site's most populous sub has 39,000 subscribers, but very few comments and votes. I suspect that there aren't more than 1000 people actively on the site and less than 500 commenting and voting on a regular basis. I mostly lurk here a couple of times a week for a few minutes, then move on.

Poal is extremely small even in comparison to this site, let alone reddit. Poal's most active sub is a Q sub, with 800 subscribers. Most subs have more like 200. Other than the Q subs, news, and politics, very little active engagement with the site. A handful of new posts a day, and only a small number of votes or comments (other than the Q subs, news, and politics).

Voat had much more active engagement, at least. The Q people had a number of extremely active groups with lots of new posts, comments, and votes. They did tend to stick to those locations, but over time they chased people off.

Like I said, it's hard to get true numbers. Those are just my own anecdotes.

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I mentioned searchvoat because it was a nice solution to you wondering exactly how many are active or commenting here. I would love to see that kind of info for saidit.

On poal, don't take the sub numbers too seriously. Most of us browse s/all. The "Q" subs are pretty inactive in comparison to other subs, which again is separate from subscriber numbers.

Back on voat in the final year, at least half or more of activity on QRV was people calling out or mocking the Qtards. On poal, the most activity from Qultists you see now is from literal Q-shills, which are extremely likely to be some kind of paid or professional shills to keep the hoax going. GodsAngell (sp) and rikki6 (sp) simply can't be real people thinking the things they claim. ("Trump is going to retake office on March 21st!")

CHIRO is the resident brainiac on poal. There used to be more smarties on voat, but like the tower of babel, everyone was dispersed across the lands.

They did tend to stick to those locations, but over time they chased people off.

It was a contest on voat between the pathetically weak-minded Qews, and the trolls of SBBH to drive the most users to other sites. And of course Puttitout helped a lot with that reappearance where he divided users into "Builders", and essentially nogoodniks. But the so called builders were the ones causing issues in the first place...

Did you get pics from this "builder"/Qultist/sub-owner?

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I suggest browsing by s/all.

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Also look through /new/ after you look over the posts front page. I've seen some interesting posts that didn't make it near the top.

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Honestly the best thing to do is post. This site moves fairly slowly so if you make a good post, people are likely to notice it and the sub it was posted to, maybe even post themselves.

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I've been on reddit for several years and just recently found-out about this site, and that was on another alternative site. I don't think nearly enough redditors know about alternatives. Plus there are too many subs for the amount of saiditors we so have so many become ghost-towns.

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There has been some compulsive sub creation happening.

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Lack of publicity. When Voat went under, everyone scattered to 8kun, mewe, gab, poal, and ruqqus. Saidit is almost as unknown as! Same with Reddit expats/exiles. Saidit and ramble are just not on the radar of most. I had sent Reddit my patent-pending FU at least a year or two before I found saidit, and it wasn't til a few months ago that I found ramble. As to how to fix it, get the word out. Namedrop saidit on Reddit and the other sites. Get a mention on or similar sites. Advertise and publicize. Wallflowers don't get noticed, and them that play hard to get don't get got!

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I've namedropped, but most scoff at visiting such a leftist site. You have to admit there are actual reddit users here, but I still like the exposure to non-viable thoughts and opinions.

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Welcome. Find some based memes and share. Like you, I decided to put my mouth where my ideology is and participate.

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too many subs....

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LMFAO, wow, you mean letting the nazi and alt reichers and MAGAts run rampant throughout this site is effectively killing it?

shock face

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Triggered leftists are funny, in a 'point and laugh' kind of way.

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See? That wasn't even a death threat... If you caught that whole TAM episode and his threat to report me to the FBI. Which is probably what got the site ban rolling.

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Most subs are flooded with link bots or people acting like link bots, so I don't bother visiting external links or videos.

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The replies themselves are often more interesting than the link, but some are worth checking out.

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Saidit doesn't have the numbers. It's okay. I post here because I like the reddit interface, which I liked because it seemed to me to be the old PhPBB perfected.

But Gab is hot. If you want notifications and eyes on your posts, go there. Even so, it's not Twitter. However, if you like having a very particular subject-oriented community to be in, you can definitely create that there. They have a Groups feature. I don't use it so I don't know how it works, but I bet you'd get more activity on it there than you would here.

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People are stuck on the mainstream sites (reddit, fb, yt and so on) and prefer to make a new account there instead of participating into something new.