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      do you use feminie hygeen products to keep your balls fresh?

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        I have not washed my balls for almost ten days now.. they are now coated in a slick oily film.. hey... maybe i am transgendered! i feel so free now.

        btw, i am available for late night sexting, if that is your sort of thing..

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        What do you think it is that makes you a woman, or wanting to identify as one? Do you think you have a “female brain”? Im in to scientific explanations and not feelings, if that helps you understand what Im asking. Is there something that might be medically observable eventually like brain structure or hormones.

        Do you think there might be more than one cause for “trans”, i.e. Is it really more than one condition.

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          behaviors and social roles align with what society labels as a "woman" — which does differ between cultures. I like to wear feminine clothing and makeup, I do things like cleaning and setting the table, I act pretty feminine, but not flamboyant, I have a lot of feminine mannerisms, etc. In Southern culture: cleaning and setting the table are seen as more womanly roles than they are up North, which is why I mention them.

          So you’re a woman because you perform femininity as it’s prescribed by your culture? How is this not plain old sexism?

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            Lmao. You clearly have zero idea what feminism is. It exists outside of America but sure, it’s all to take down American traditions.

            If you think you’re a woman because you wear a dress and set the table, you’re enforcing sexist gender roles and implying woman is an act that is performed not a person.

            Typical men

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              Hilarious my man.

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              And there you have it.

              Sorry, dude. You want acceptance for being you, and yet you have just penned the most classic example of intolerance I can imagine.

              The above statement is textbook (and very male, I might note) arrogance, narcissism, and sexism. What you give to the world will come right back at you. Don't be surprised.

              Hypocrisy, we live and dine on it...

              edit to add: The more I read what you have written, the more male it sounds to me. This is remarkable. Like all in our world, I have had a lifetime of exposure to the two sexes, and I have a sense of what I perceive as male and female. I cannot imagine a female I know writing what you have written above. It sounds absolutely male to me. Think about that... What game are you playing here?

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              Extremely masculine, alt-right male here. Do not agree with this trans person.

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              As a relatively non-masculine while very comfortable with my maleness male, the point I was trying to make is not that all men think alike or that all women think alike. There are differences in perspective within any grouping. But even with that said, something about the manner in which TAM defined women struck me as something I have heard sometimes in male conversation (not among all males, but among some subsets), but never from females. Perhaps there exist some females that hold such rigid definitions of what "female" means that they would categorically exclude some with whom they share biology based on their behavior, but if that is the case, I have not met them. That's where my comment came from.

              As I said above, I respect TAM for backing away from the original statement. It takes intelligence and strength of character to admit when we're wrong. Good on TAM for doing so.

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                You have backed off an untenable position. That shows maturity.

                I felt no insult in the least, not considering myself a feminist, so my comment was not in defense of anything. Rather it was pointing out that our human instinct to lash out at those we disagree with rather than recognize our common humanity leads us to precisely the situation you have just wisely backed away from.

                I too am a hypocrite, by the way, in several areas. We all have our places where if someone looks at our life and then looks at the arguments we make, they will find we are not in the position to state what we do. I believe this is a universal human experience.

                Consider this second comment, however, a polite invitation to consider the odd juxtaposition of considering yourself to be an authority of the definition of an experience which you have adopted but billions of humans have no option but to experience. This is my primary problem with transgender ideology. Particularly for women - who are biologically physically weaker than men (not at all mentally weaker, note) - they don't have a choice in this matter when it comes to force. For we - as men (and biologically, you were born with a physical form that inherently informs your experience) - to judge an experience we have never had, currently do not have, and will never have, strikes me as hubris.

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                I truly am sorry for insulting you, and the other feminists here

                It wasn't just feminists, what you said was against all women.

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                  You're explaining to a woman which people are and aren't women lol.

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                  Why do you think you, of all people, are entitled to decide what defines a woman?

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                  they both seek the disintegration of the traditional family, and the destruction of the Nation

                  Stalin fixed that though

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                  I think you have a very distorted view of what feminism is. I think you hung around libfems and intersectional fems too much. Granted they are bonkers, but there are a lot of different kinds of feminism and most of it is not libfem/intersectionals those are mostly american imho

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                    How can you be wrong with every word in that sentence?

                    It was originally and still is a movement by women, for women. None of that equal rights shit thats libfem talk, libfems the same ones that think sex work is work. Feminism is about equity not equality.

                    No actual feminist thinks they are above moral standards but abortion IS a big part of women's rights to not be forced into unwanted pregnancies and be chained to awful men.

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                      Are you adequating actual infanticide, the murder of millions of baby girls in India and China to women aborting pregnancies from rape or that have severe health risks to both mother and child?

                      It's no surprise a man acts ignorant and high an mighty about women's bodies and does not give an absolute fuck about the severe physical, emotional and hormonal trauma an unwanted pregnancy is to a woman.

                      Have a nice day dude.

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                        Hahaha none of that makes you a woman, dude. Just a sexist and a misogynist. Probably sick on porn, too. Gross.

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                          I don’t promote any of that. So much for your pyramid of debate.

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                          This is from many decades of personal experience: I never met a "trans woman" who actually acted like a real woman, only like a cartoon parody of one. I never met a "trans man" who actually acted like a man but actually acted like some toxic, super-macho cartoon character. So, until ALL OF YOU LEARN WHAT REAL MEN AND WOMEN ACT LIKE DON'T TRY TO BE ONE!

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                          medically observable eventually

                          The fact that there is a male and female brain was already shown and studied decades ago. Ironically it has been buried and denied by modern academia in order to push the narrative that men and women are equal in that they are the same in every way possible.

                          It is now being resurrected in order to give trans claims scientific credibility, however there is zero evidence that gender dysphoria has anything to do with male/female brain differences. FMRIs are trivial to do and would have been headline news if they showed brain structure and gender dysphoria had a link.

                          It is just another leftist lie. That is why they always stop short of making that claim directly and try to only infer it by asking loaded questions like "did you know that there is a male and a female brain?". They want to lie to you while maintaining an out on case they get called out.

                          If transgenderism were diagnosed with science there would not be any controversy. But it can't be because it is a mental disorder. At best you could find mild schizophrenia. The trans propaganda requires a denial of science.

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                          We have no good understanding of how things like “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” are implemented on a neurological level. But thats where they are implemented— we don’t have male or female souls imo. There may be a lot of parallel circuitry for maleness/femaleness so perhaps a neurological abnormality would be subtle and difficult to observe from an MRI (one small structural defect could engage the wrong circuitry)

                          What seems salient to me with trans and gay people is that many seem to have other behavioral anomalies. I have run across some trans people that are very erratic and prone to violence and suicide. Alot of LGBT folks are heavy drug users. I could go on but you have probably noticed these things yourself.

                          I dont think gays and trans have the brain of the opposite sex in their skull. But I do think some of them might have an abnormality in the typical dimorphism one sees in male and female brains. This might be due to hormonal dysfunction in utero, or some sort of maternal immune reaction as some suggest.

                          Or it might be one symptom of a larger neurological condition.

                          I really believe we will discover multiple underlying neurological causes of lgbt behaviors. As well as a few that just had sub-optimal cultural experiences.

                          I was actually reading some study the other day that said the sexual dimorphism in brains was not even the same from race to race. E.g some groups have larger differences in the size and structure of the corpus collosum.

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                          How do you not squish your cock n balls in your panties? They don't have that pouch like male underwear.

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                            How does repositioning your genitals make you any more of a woman?

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                              Gender is supposed to be a construct. Therefore when a woman wears any clothing it is, by definition, feminine clothing.

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                              But what are you supposed to do with it if it gets.. blood flow? I know that penises do retarded shit, ie: get hard when you have to pee really bad or stretch. It seems like they should make some kind of underwear made up of a network of elastic straps that goes under underwear to wrangle it down.

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                              That sounds awful. I'm just wearing a big comfy robe. Putting on clothes at all today was pretty unappealing. You feel compelled to do this?

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                              What was/is your favorite childhood fictional character?

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                              Serious question. Was there a familial systemic dysfunction with your upbringing. What I mean did you have sibling and did one get treated better. Did mom or dad favor boys or girls more. If so there is more to my questions.

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                                Do you actually have OCD, or are you appropriating an illness in a trendy manner?

                                Did your mother use chemical birth control before your birth?

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                                  That sounds super leftist, but whatever. I have minor OCD, which I assume is genetic, considering how it runs in my family.

                                  OCD is a horrible disease that fucks up a lot of lives. Saying you have OCD cause you're particular about punctuation some feel makes light of a serious ailment. My brother used to wash his hands compulsively for hours every day until they bled. That's OCD, not just liking things orderly.

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                                    Mental illness and addiction are categorized as a disease in order to facilitate societal acceptance, it doesn't follow the same model. Not to be pedantic but I'm sure you see how that makes direct comparisons problematic.

                                    Could you legitimately have a little ocd? Fuck if I know, but I'm just telling you why people are offended by it. Like complaining you're a little bit handicap to a person confined in a wheelchair. Yeah sure, maybe, but they probably still ain't gonna appreciate it.

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                                      It wasn't my punctuation, my punctuation is generally immaculate. That was someone else.

                                      just because you already dislike me and want another reason to attack me.

                                      I'm not particularly happy with you atm, but I've never attacked you and I don't dislike you. You actually did something for me you may not realize that I really appreciate.

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                                        He means chemical birth control as in hormonal contraceptives previous to attempting pregnancy. I assume he's trying to draw correlations between the use of hormonal contraceptives and transgender alignment (or perhaps just feminine behavior in the male sex?), which is odd considering that women have been using them for several decades now and there hasn't been a major increase in transgender people til much more recently. Testosterone levels, however, are and have been decreasing everywhere-- not just Western areas where hormonal contraceptives have been used for so long. **Not saying they're great, I think they fuck up natural cycles among other things. Digressions.

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                                        Testosterone levels, however, are and have been decreasing everywhere

                                        These are both (xenoestrogens and the trans movement) deliberate attacks on maleness.

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                                        Yeah I really think there is something going on in the environment, either birth control or pesticides or platics or some other drug like antidepressants. It seems epidemic. It could be a cultural shift but I think its something else

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                                        I was researching tagamet and I found similar problems with that too. And I know there’s some prostate meds that are anti-androgenic. How much of this shit gets in to the water supply? And the food?

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                                        More studies have to be done to really understand what's going and why. That's going to take more research that's invested in finding direct solutions: whether it's a particular type of estrogen that's involved in stimulating those pathways, or purely androgenic, or something else. The issue lies in that we're not exactly a carbon copy of one another, so while we have a basic anatomical guide to go by and understand processes to happen in a typical way-- there's a spectrum of what is considered normal. Having large study groups helps to find an average, but you can't just dissect everyone down to a molecular level and monitor each individual physiological action and pathway for each person to find their particular cause (but that would be pretty fucking neat to see a program that could do that).

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                                        Exposure to xenoestrogens has impacts on both sexes, ultimately.

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                                        Is teflon fry pan bad for both genders?

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                                        Oh, damn. Teflon. Keeping even test levels from sticking.

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                                        More to the point I think what u/DivisionISillusion and I are asking about is if there causal event for being transgender. Were you abused, broken family, I believe there's drug and alcohol issues, that kind of thing.

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                                        When did you start living life as a female?

                                        Was there an age where you "knew" this is how you wanted to live?

                                        What are your thoughts on minors getting reassignment surgery?

                                        What age do you believe someone should be before being able to get reassignment surgery?

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                                        Are you really trans (post-op), or are you just a cross-dresser?

                                        I've already pissed off most people here already.

                                        Stop self-deprecating and don't care so much about the opinion of keyboard warriors on the internet.

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                                          just wrote an article that explains what I mean.)

                                          I don't feel like you explained anything for me, except this bit

                                          and to those of us, like me, who have a religious obligation to abstinence, and thus: refuse to have sex until marriage.

                                          Made me curious if your religion happens to hate homosexuals. Do you want to be a woman because then your homosexual desires wouldn't be a sin?

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                                            You ever worry that one day you'll look back on this as a fad? Like Vanns in the 90s or eating Tide Pods?

                                            That's not why; I'm only romantically interested in women (though, it doesn't matter if they're trans, since I don't care about genitals).

                                            So you consider yourself a lesbian?

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                                              I think that makes you a gynosexual not a lesbian.

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                                              My definition of cross-dressing includes those who always present themselves as the opposite gender. Regardless, thank you for your answer.

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                                                It's similar to meat-eater. People who only eat meat are meat-eaters. People who only eat meat 2 days a year, can still be referred to as meat-eaters.

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                                                Are you autistic? Why do you think autistics are overrepresented among transgenders?

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                                                  I wonder where does stat come from, but most people who claim to have autism don't actually have it or are self diagnostises which is nearly the same as not having it. Most autistic person want to not have it because they want to be normal.

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                                                    I feel you with the doctor part. Some of them are clearly incompetent.

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                                                    Would you consider your current state "normal" or just an urge you can't stop like snack binging?

                                                    Do you believe that if you had grown up in another environment where things like having a tidy home are not considered "unmanly" your outcome would have been different?

                                                    Some of my questions are obviously affected by the rest of the thread, but does the thought of a naked woman have any effect on you?

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                                                      I think that what you describe is a step towards channeling your creativity somewhere and not a definite state.

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                                                      Why have you decided to keep your penis ?

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                                                        Isn't that the very premises of what you're doing? Trying to modify yourself into a woman?

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                                                        Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done?

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                                                        When will you seek help for your mental illness?

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                                                        Why do all of you absolutely insist on PROCLAIMING to the whole world that you're "trans". If you're typical, which is to say an ugly man trying to be a 'beautiful' woman and failing epically then there's no need to proclaim it! Everyone can see it! In my way of thinking what you're doing is nothing more than the same insecure, self-doubt ridden BS that women used to do when they used to go on 4chan and say, "FEMANON HERE!" So, are you hoping to gain some kind of special privilege or status by proclaiming this to everyone or is it strictly just for the attention you hope to get?