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Support, or support the right to exist? I do not support the Taliban even in the context of Afghanistan. Ultimately, it is up to the Afghan peoples to deal with. I look at the Taliban like any other colonizing force, bringing different groups of people under one, small ruling, imperialist group.

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Ultimately, it is up to the Afghan peoples to deal with.

Not any neighbouring countries?

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Oh, I'm sure they will. Pakistan probably has more to say with what happens there than any nation. It's been that way since Musharraf.

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I have deep respect and admire Pashtun Mujahedeen warriors.

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Isn't it funny that if one were to say "sure", even in a vague or ironic sense, that would be enough pretense for the NWO deep state (reminder: they write and interpret laws and loopholes) to justify persecution of a western citizen using the full weight of the deep state and to add him/her to black-box-level blacklists that strip citizens of rights without a trial, at the pure whims of the deep state under the duplicitous banner of "fighting terrorism", which itself proves the point: who are the good guys, really?

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When i were somewhere else I'd click: It's complicated. But i am here. So it's even more complicated to explain than it actually is.

When i had some people on my ass the suggestion of a Kirgisian friend of mine was to leave EU, go to to any -stan country and then hide and learn better Urdu and Arabic.

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Little China Girl - David Bowie

Since putting more effort in this bs of op would leave me in a classical twainian dilemma.