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I will simply boycott any venue, municipality, store, or individual who complies with or enforces any fascist and discriminatory covid edicts. Voting with my money like always. If shit gets uber draconian I will go 100% black market. Tyrants and their spineless followers can take their "new normal/nwo" dystopia and shove it up their ass! I will never comply.

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That's the spirit.

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I quietly follow whatever rules are in place (on masks etc.) and lie and say im vaccinated whenever I actually need to (but not to friends or family that I care about)

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Unless it effects your livelihood... Why lie?

Speak out whenever you can or we're all going to get cornered into this jab or some dark alternative.

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Almost all of my close friends and family know I am unvaccinated and that I think all of this is bullshit. There's just a certain point where being outwardly hostile or outspoken to the restrictions or local business practices is socially abrasive and inconvenient, and conveys no real benefits to me or anyone else (and won't change anything). Luckily my area isn't very restrictive about it so it's not really a big deal 90% of the time

I will never get the vaxx but my company will require proof of one eventually

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I'm sorry to hear the reality of that. And I understand, to an extent. I have blind, delicate(shall I call them), friends whom quietly disagree with my decision to be free of the "vaxx" and I don't press them, nor they I.

But among anyone else I feel it is in my, and everyone else's best interests to voice my opinion AGAINST the vaxx. We will be railroaded into this bullshit as well, if we don't stand up. Speak now or forever be stuck with mystery fluid.

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Nothing at work, but there are some restaurants and music venues around that are requiring proof of vaccination. I wrote an email to one of them that I used to frequent regularly saying how disappointed I am that they are discriminating against people for a personal medical decision and that I won't be visiting until they drop this policy.

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That's the way to do it! They are making it clear that unvaxxed are not welcome, and they should realize the economic impact of that position. Be firm with this commitment. People who lie about their vax status are disgraceful.

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They tried to pressure me into it at work. Instead of arguing with their trust the science logic, I've settled on saying I haven't made up my mind. If they press me I say I'm still doing my research(watching their labrat selves...)
Worked better than I expected.

Outside of work, I boycott and openly speak out on any businesses in the area that still require masks.

PSA- It is illegal for anyone(other than a Dr) to ask you if you're vaccinated, it's your private medical information.

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PSA- It is illegal for anyone(other than a Dr) to ask you if you're vaccinated, it's your private medical information.

Anyone who has taken a 15 minute HIPPA training course is qualified to handle private medication information.

HIPAA does not require employees to complete any specific training program and obtain HIPAA certification. However it is necessary for HIPAA training to be provided “as necessary and appropriate for members of the workforce to carry out their functions.” It is also necessary for the date and nature of the training to be documented, and the documentation maintained for at least six years. (

And the training isn't specified, just a requirement that some sort of training be provided.

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Anyone can refuse that as well...

Qualified to hear it, sure, but aloud to demand my medical info? Never.

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Here in the province of PEI, Canada we have 92% vaccinated. We have no masks, social distancing is pretty much a memory and empty hand sanitizers sit unused. At this time we have 5 active cases all from locals who traveled and returned positive. They are force to self isolate for 2 weeks and are checked on a few times a day to ensure compliance. Things are 99% back to pre covid.


There is a local dollar store that is still in full panic mode. You need a mask, they have someone making sure you sanitize your hands when you walk in. They yell at you if you pick something up and set it back, no cash... it goes on and on.... I used to shop there 1-2 times a month but have not been in there since Christmas. Co workers from my wife's work keep us informed.

More over there parking lot is consistently empty. Not sure what their end game plan is or why they are so determined to carry the torch....but I avoid them "like the plague!"

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Just wait a few years for everyone to drop dead. They won't force you to euthanize yourself after that.

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It may be coming down to that point for me.. but I really hope not. I work in marketing so I'm not in any food/health care category. But their protocol is that all unvaccinated report their temperature on a weekly basis and we must wear a mask at all times when at work. We all must report our vaccination status, but there is an option that says "I do not wish to disclose", and you only do this once and whenever your vaccine status changes. I really hope they wont say I must be vaccinated in order to work, I do not deal with any customers, I'm mostly IT support.