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In under five minutes it feels like this video's script repeated itself multiple times, and used unnecessary generic spooky youtube or reddit storytelling tropes to pad it out. This could easily have been generated text itself, and why the fuck does it have a follow-up video? It's already half an hour long.

You're updooting in a ghost town because you can't express the simplest concepts without taking hours, And for some reason, hundreds of thousands of something or somebody consume it, and come to expect it. This is eternal september so far down the shit chute that we don't remember what clear water tastes like. This waste of time makes me less inclined to participate in the future, which just makes the problem worse for everybody.

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    I'm trying to explain the point of the video by using it as an example. It's shitty writing presented in a shitty way.

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      lol, calm down

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      Thank you - I really enjoyed that! I watched Part 2 - Also very good -

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      bleep boop nice try rerbot....

      jk :P

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      Made me feel real bad, thanks. Oh and I’m also not a robot.

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      But don't you sometimes wonder: what if I am!?

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      Never, it would be too much effort for this to be the result

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      it seems the only send the lamest bots to saidit, they just post articles and never reply to comments even though I know the AI exists to do so.

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      I mean we have socks, and that one that says "shalom"

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      If you're a conspiracy analyst saying that StinkySocks and Shallot are shillbot assets paid by CIA and Mossad, I can guarantee you they'd have a much more profound effect on me if they'd just hire some skanky junky THOT to tickle my ego in person to distract, drunkify (as now), and tow my ass around town "helping" in pathetic hopes of hooking up. But instead, I'm simply helping old hoarder farts the scamdemic is hoping to annihilate, but their lack of smell, hygiene and natural gross immunity might end up saving those of us who might buy into their new alt-community we're trying to build (curious details, maybe coming soon). (I fucking hate bad smells, and this may be a deal breaker.) I don't buy into woo much, and certainly question my own decisions, often, but I do wonder if, by chance, "The Universe is conspiring in your favour." That was one of my favourite quotes from someone that would use masking tape on sidewalks that would last weeks if not months, when I lived in Manhattan from 1996-2001. I used to walk everywhere, hoping I would cross the wisdom of that person (I forget their signature alias, if any).

      As naive, and stupid, and futile as you might think that sounds, I would agree. Simultaneously, I suspect I might be tapping into generally written-off potential. Not only has this 71 year old (and a few others we're helping) said that he finally has previously unexperienced purpose and vigour fighting tyranny, I feel similar. Whether it will lead anywhere is more interesting with the recent sudden opportunity and lucrative potential to "sell out" and do banal normie animation shit - for a personal game changer. Maybe I can alternate that and my activism - or maybe I'm wishful thinking, or full or shit, or just drunk. We may see.

      Fuck compassion, sensitively, with heart.

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      There is no dead internet. There is dead management. Everyone I know in a management position is on social media all day. That is all they do. I can walk into anyone's office at any time of day and they are either on their phone texting or on their computer making meme's and posting on facebook etc.

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      feel like it was censored to death

      the only thing left are the copy-cat fucktards with zero talent .. the ones that don't say anything .. but want you to watch and give them money .. the fakers

      the 'real' people are no longer allowed

      the few that did remain 'joe rogan' .. bought up and shut up

      hmm.. who else is real.. so few these days remain


      having said that.. with the lack of real content creators I do think many bots are now making up for lost real interactions

      aka .. many many paid fake fans or bot generated fans of this shitty fake or paid actor/singer whatevers