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Neuronal Network. Thanks for informing the far right on saidit on that one.

It is easy to compute.

You don't know any Haskell now, do you ?

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Searching for it my search engine suggests I meant neural network instead. I know quite a bit about those, but I'm not quite seeing how to use one for this purpose.

The amount of Haskell I know could be summed up to having read some basic code written in it once. It made sense, but I've never created anything in it.

What did I inform the far right of? Maybe I missed some detail somewhere.

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Thankfully this straw of thought is short so far so i don't have to look up all that i already forgot. :)

Since the Cambridge Anal-itica scandal we all got to see what these concepts can be used for. Political manipulation and micro-targeting are already an higher level and since they never disclosed their algorithms we may never know what they actually did.

Tensorflow is a simple man's drill in python while big tech surely has some tunnel-drillers, i'm quite sure.

But on the other hand since you could buy your required data mine for cash money and amazon happily will accept your credit card to either give you pure processing power or their mturk-network of low-wage-slaves: You know ?

A lot of shit is possible, if you can imagine it.

This is kinda like the sword of damocles hanging above and each and everyone of us till the point we get some legislation on this daytime b&e committed repeatedly by these so called entrepeneurs. Imho it is law of force. That is why these guys oppose any privacy laws.

Haskell also works excellent in defensive regards on this private front of each user: It is stateless. That means: All sideeffects (e.g. changing a file) are handled with way more care than c or java e.g. .

Fascinating times we live in, aren't they ?

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Are you GPT-3? Because I asked about voxel consolidation and you've injected nonsense about tensorflow and political manipulation. If you aren't GPT-3, then holy cow has the standard been lowered for exceding the rationality of a human being.

Get some meds.