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You mean like a man-Goop?

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It's on reddit, but r/supplements is a good one. Just be careful how much you drink the kool aid, my Aunt recently died treating cancer with diet. There is something to that, but it didn't work.

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I used to like r/nootropics but somehow didn't know r/supplements was a thing. Sorry to hear about your aunt. Which diet did she try?

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Thanks but we weren't close. She ate mostly cottage cheese with tumeric, and took flax oil supplements. It's called the Budwig diet.

Oddly enough I knew she had cancer and her more immediate family didn't. I didn't realize the extent they didn't know. Someone might have been able to talk her into a mastectomy and saved her life. This is what she wanted though, there's something to be said for that.

I like the idea of nootropics myself, but they don't really work.

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I thought I had heard of every fringe diet but Budwig is new to me. And I can sympathize with your aunt; standard cancer treatments sound like absolute hell.

I like the idea of nootropics myself, but they don't really work.

On the whole I have to agree, sadly. There are two that I like (L-Theanine and ashwagandha) but they only seem to work for like a week before I can't notice a difference anymore. Maybe it's better to cycle them.

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A natural remedy for health? Try deadly nightshade!

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You got me. That is even better. Because i know what actually works. :)

Ginger and Gingko. If your issues are likewise unspecific. You can't do nothing wrong with taking these two.

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There are plenty of quack websites on the Internet.

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    My wife has a friend who has gotten into that. She is into the alternative health scene and I like most of what she's into. I'm still not sold on the home blood analysis, though.

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    There are only two. Raise your hammers to them. And get a beer.

    In my case this could be a wine. A red one.