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the fascination with ethnicity is a concept created by the financial elite and spoon fed to idiots like you

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Race was invented by jews to create a smokescreen to hide the fact that they are the most wealthy, powerful and nepotistic group of people. So now instead of everyone knowing that 90% of wealth is owned by jews the headlines read 90% of wealth is owned by white people. And despite the vast majority of slave owners and merchants being Jewish the history books claim that white people were the slavers and slave owners.

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Because they are all a mixture so don't have a proper ethnicity.

Also most Americans are descended from the British and no one wants to call themselves British American for old political reasons.

In fact "American" often stands in for British ancestry, if an someone called themselves Irish American but has only one Irish grandmother where do you think all their other grandparent's roots lie?

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The US has a long history of discriminating racially against subsets of "white" people. The easiest and most overt example is found with legal immigrants. Systematic discrimination of Italian and Polish immigrants, as well as many others. Right now systematic governmental discrimination of Russian people, without trial, is super popular.

The current efforts of trivialize and strip the racial and ethnic identities of people, based loosely on the color of their skin, mainly if that color is "white", is a form of systematic racism, which is currently thriving in our government.