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Yes, in general I am pro choice. I don't think I really want the state deciding this moral issue for people.

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Or medical decisions.

Many of the state anti-abortion bills have clearly been written by not very intelligent people who have no idea what kinds of things can go wrong in pregnancy.

Taking out and reimplanting ectopic pregnancies? FFS.

Pregnancy is very dangerous.

Doctors need to be able to act quickly when there's a risk to the woman's life and not stand around debating the law or wait for it to get bad enough to act without risk of prosecution.

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Or medical decisions.

Yes, I 100% agree. You are right, it is not even just a moral decision, it is a medical decision as well.

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So if we agree that ectopic pregnancies can be the edge case scenario in shock an abortion can be obtained, you'll agree to been abortion in all other circumstances?...

I'm gonna guess no.. because it's a religion

people have been giving birth for thousands of years. They'll be fine.

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But if a moral issue, it is a moral issue on the subject of murder. I'm about as libertarian as it gets but the government if it has any right to exist at all has authority over restricting murder. Or there is no argument for government at all, which I could be convinced of. A government that says you shouldn't be able to drink a soda too large or should be expected to wear a seat belt, but says you can murder a not yet visible child for reasons of body autonomy is backwards as fuck. Every other issue can be described as body autonomy.

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      All of these sources are obviously extremely biased and their poll numbers are isolated to rabid extreme right-wing nutjobs who want everyone to live in medieval conditions:

      Knights of Columbus (Catholic) poll

      The FACT is that more than 50% of Americans "support abortion without condition.". Whereas many do want restrictions, as do I (to the 1st trimester), this should not be arranged by the church or politicians. It is a matter for the mother and her doctor, and it must be legal in order to reduce undue hardship on the mother. And there should be free healthcare in a rich country like the US, but that's another matter.

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      I do, mostly because of all the things you've listed above. There are too many variables to make abortion completely illegal. Also, there's a lot of suffering in this world and if a child would be born with horrendous disabilities...not even thinking of myself as a possible parent, why would I do that to another human being if there is an option to stop that suffering?

      However, I recognize there's definitely a moral gray area and I am flabbergasted at the "shout your abortion" trend.

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      Within the 1st trimester, but not after, unless the mother's life is in danger.

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      The irony, of course, is that all the “my body, my choice” people support vax mandates.

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      I saw some people still using that chant. They were phasing it out since people were appropriately using it for vaccine mandates too.

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      Amazing how quickly the religious fundamentalists went from demanding the right to control other people's bodies, to shouting "my body my choice", and then back again; and likewise amazing how the illiberal "left" went from "my body my choice" to "you will take this experimental drug and like it, under pain of losing all your rights as a citizen" and back to "my body my choice" again.

      Fucking hypocrites the lot of them.

      Body autonomy is the fundamental right. If you don't have body autonomy, you aren't free.

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      I argued once with a feminist that couldn't comprehend that this logic is actually MORE applicable to jab mandates than it is to pregnancies. She left the discussion still believing in the "my body my choice" for abortions, but "you're endangering the public by not taking the jab, so you must be forced to take it".

      And the feminists still can't comprehend people don't like their "movement" and think only people who "don't understand feminism/never talked to feminists" don't like it.

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      Conceptually, I think mothers may choose to abort their pregnancy. Just as there are many reasons to have a child, there are many reasons not to. Whichever reasons that may be, I don't judge.

      I strongly disapprove of the corporate and commercial nature of American healthcare; the sale or commercial use of aborted remains. At any point, when someone profits from human death, including war, lethal injection, or abortion, the situation is sketchy in my opinion.

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      Do I believe women should have abortions? No.

      Do I believe women should be able to have abortions? This is a moral question that should be considered by the people in each state with equal representation for all.

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      Yes, females may pursue other harmful methods otherwise. I think abortion is wrong but I think it should be legal.

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      This is the lamest arguments in favour of abortions people use. The point of making something illegal is to make it happen less, and send a clear message that this behaviour is not welcome in that society. Can we also remember that human fetus is still an alive human? What makes the moment of birth so magical that the fetus suddenly gains "the right to live" and killing it becomes a crime?

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      The point of laws is to make society a better place. Not to be some moral code.

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      Instead of fighting about this subject, it would be better to create a society where abortion would not be necessary.

      In the US it seems to be encouraged to enrage religious people. Just to create more division between the left and right.

      But why would I care what other people do with their bodies?
      They should have consultation, and if it damages their bodies (or their babies) they should be hindered but not stopped.

      How much do these people that care about the unborn, care about bombing people in other countries (like Yemen) or arming ISIS or Saudi Arabia?
      Or about people that starve because of Monsanto or Nestle? Or who get born in a drug tortured family?
      Usually they do not care. Because each life is full of hazards and we all have a personal path here. Some people go through hell, and others have it far easier. And for many life ends far earlier than we would like, but we can not stop it.

      We can't stop people cutting their own dicks off. In similar sense we can not stop women from stopping the pregnancy. The consequences of their choice should be made clear. We can tell them: It can be a stain on your psyche or soul, so be careful. But at the same time, trying to change someone's life's decision can be a stain on our own psyche and soul. We are not here to control other people's decisions.

      A lot of mothers stop the pregnancy, because it is not the right time or the right partner. Abusive men or psychological dominant men are very capable of making women pregnant against their will, even if the women say "yes".. But in what I have seen, they never get the chance to say no. Just look at Epstein's Island how common this is. Or look in an average city how difficult it is for a normal girl to find a decent man. And a girl who is not mentally stable or mentally dependent usually attracts the worst men.

      Now about "killing" a fetus.
      Just as a comparison. At what time is a fetus more conscious than a puppy or a lamb or a calve?
      This difference is not scientific but cultural. I think all have a soul. Calves are holy in India. Lambs are eaten. Puppies are eaten in China. Atheists do not care much about life.
      Certain Buddhists avoid stepping on a bug.

      Humans develop very slowly. And why can we kill one and not the other? People used to kill born babies when they had severe disabilities, but it is still very common to abort pregnancies of disabled babies. And rape-cultures like Saudi Arabia forbid abortions (and being raped).

      I do not think we should use humans for consumption or medicine production, but the termination of a pregnancy is something else and is that should be a personal choice.

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      Instead of fighting about this subject, it would be better to create a society where abortion would not be necessary.

      This is the only way to make abortion unnecessary. Until then, there will always be cases where abortion is necessary.

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      How much do these people that care about the unborn, care about bombing people in other countries (like Yemen) or arming ISIS or Saudi Arabia? Or about people that starve because of Monsanto or Nestle? Or who get born in a drug tortured family?

      What happens in other societies is those societies problem. It perfectly normal to be opposed to some practices in YOUR society.

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      For some children, it is more humane that they be aborted vs born into a life with a shitty parent that didnt want them who would abuse or sell them instead of giving them up for adoption.

      Also, the govt is NOT there to help us, but to only control and hurt us, so why would anyone allow them to have a say in their medical decisions or what anyone does with their bodies? We need less govt involvement in all aspects. Even if abortion is morally wrong, the govt has proven repeatedly that they are a depraved, corrupt institution so they have no business being involved.

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      Who is any man to judge this however? Who has the inner scoop on the reasons for being born of any being?

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      No. Keep your legs closed and stay in church and you'll be fine.

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      Let me introduce you to the doggy position and pervert priests.

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      Actually going to church is more likely to get a woman pregnant. Because despite what their own book teaches churches always pressure you to get married and raise a family as fast as you can, above all else.

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      Churches are hotbeds of infidelity and sex abuse.

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      They really are. Pedo priests are rampant. Protestants slam Catholics for this and it turns out they're doing the same thing. Most talks about "sexual morality" have nothing to do with morals and everything to do with whatever fetish the pastor has. This is why they're so obsessed with gender roles and putting women in their place, because it's the pastor's sexual fantasy and he wants all the women to give him sexual excitement. You can tell because they bash deviants under the guise of sexual morality, but in practice don't care about sexual immorality as long as its a kind the pastor likes. So things like divorce, cheating, and sometimes polygamy are de-facto permitted, even though they may publicly speak against them so they can have an excuse to bash other things. Funny how the former things are the ones Jesus would've been against.

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      Don't forget muslims, jews and buddhists... and literally all monks/priests of almost any religion.

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      Which is good so what's the problem?

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      It's a pointless pursuit, unless you actually want to do it. Which you'll find more than enough people do.

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      It's not a pointless pursuit. Married people are statistically happier and more stable/productive and their children even more so, adding to the overall health and stability of society that will permeate into future generations. I can't think of anything less objectively pointless.

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      Because they happen to fit nature's mold. Of course they'll be happier, because they're able to do what makes them happy. But not everyone does fit that mold, and these are unable to do what would make them happy. And doing what would make another person happy may not make them happy.

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      It's not a pointless pursuit. You are an automaton naturally-selected for that very purpose.

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      I don't care.

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      despite what their own book teaches churches always pressure you to get married and raise a family as fast as you can

      That's exactly what their own book teaches.

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      Matthew 19:

      10 The disciples said to Jesus, “If the relationship of the man with his wife is like this, it is better not to marry.” 11 But He said to them, “Not all men can accept this statement, but only those to whom it has been given. 12 For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb; and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by people; and there are also eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who is able to accept this, let him accept it.”

      1 Corinthians 7:

      1 Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for a man not to touch a woman. [2-5 INTERPOLATION] 6 But this I say by way of concession, not of command. 7 Yet I wish that all men were even as I myself am. However, each has his own gift from God, one in this way, and another in that...28 But if you marry, you have not sinned; Yet such people as yourselves will have trouble in this life, and I am trying to spare you...32 One who is unmarried is concerned about the things of the Lord, how he may please the Lord; 33 but one who is married is concerned about the things of the world, how he may please his wife, 34 he is divided. The woman who is unmarried is concerned about the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and spirit; but one who is married is concerned about [the things of the world,] how she may please her husband. 35 I say this for your own benefit, not to put a restraint on you, but to promote what is appropriate and to secure undistracted devotion to the Lord.

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      LOL another so-called Christian who doesn't know what their own "holy" book says.

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      I'm in favour of abortion for medical reasons, but not as a form of contraception. There are many forms of contraception available, like condoms, IUDs, morning after pills and the woman measuring her cycle. You'd have to be very careless at this point in time to get pregnant by mistake.

      Abortion should be allowed if the pregnancy could kill or permanently injure the mother, or if the baby could die no matter what, or be born without arms or eyes or other serious defects. I also support abortion in cases of rape, incest and underage pregnancies. But not as a form of contraception. Wear a condom and take the pill.

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      No, never. It is literally murdering babies, the most heinous of crimes bar none.

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      I support abortion. Kill unborn modern scum.

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      I've changed my tune to consider the right to an abortion for those in cases of rape or incest. Even then this is tough as I know many of these cases are some claiming to have been raped or a victim of incest just so they can get that abortion. I listen to one lady give an interview a couple years ago who worked at an abortion clinic in intake. She felt that maybe 10-20% of those coming in for an abortion were lying about how they got pregnant by claiming the rape/incest angle. No clue how accurate these numbers were but it is concerning just a little.

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      it is concerning just a little

      Why? What fucking business of yours is it?

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      Because abortion should not be the main form of birth control for a small segment of society. Use a rubber.

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      That's hilarious 😊

      Abortion is not the main form of birth control for any segment of any country anywhere in the world. Even in places where all other forms of contraception have been banned, abortion is still a fall back for when the rhythm method or withdrawal method fail.

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      My sister got pregnant at age 15. She went to have an abortion behind my parents back. But on the day she was going to have it my father figured out want was happening and put a stop to it. My father has passed now and my niece does not know that he saved her life before she was even born.

      My sister's "child" is now 26 years old and a mother of her own and I'm pretty sure she is quite happy to be alive.

      My sister is an example of someone who just wanted a problem to go away and an abortion was an easy and quick solution. Shame on her. I wonder if she will ever look into her daughters eyes and tell her she was suppose to be an abortion? I wonder what she thinks when she sees her grand kids? This is my problem with the way abortion is administered.

      Rape, incest, defects that should come down to the mother.

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      This always gets framed as a moral issue, but lately for me the issue is- I think all those fetuses get sold to somebody, and the flow of those unborn baby body parts is what’s most important to pro-choice politicians.

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      Best way to prevent abortions is comprehensive sex education. The US has an abnormally high rate for a western country, likely due to their poor sex education. Abortion should always be a last resort and not used as a form of birth control.

      It should obviously be available for cases of rape, incest, or when the mother's health is at risk. Only a sociopath would think otherwise.

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      I reject consequentialism. You cannot murder people for a supposed good reason..

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      Yes, the midterms are going to be about abortions instead of these pesky annoyances of the economy, lockdowns, mandates, war against Russia. Much safer issue to make elections about, really. Just put all the rest under the rug.

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      Women make terrible choices given the political options. That's been know for thousands of years.

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      Is a word which no longer has any specific meaning.


      Abortions should be mandatory here.

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      Obese jewess Andrea Dworkin liked to say that "all heterosexual sex is rape," and she's not entirely wrong here. Women never psychologically advance beyond the level of a 14 year old boy. Therefore, by current standards, they are never capable of giving meaningful consent.

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      That's because none of them are thrown into mines, or factories....

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      yes. this is a drunk rant. i am drinking a margarita and i do not often drink. scotus is corrupt and stupid. this is their reputation to me and many others and while i do not speak for many others, in my view there is nothing they can do to improve their reputation. there is no voting out of this. people could form parrallel societies and make their own 'highest court', that is the only option, in my opinion. and i think their should be hundreds of 'highest courts' all different but generally avoiding conflicts and getting along respectfully. the agenda to appoint a one world government is just a side hobby for the satanic-ritual-abuse-culture-program, along with the side-hobby to do general abuse and murder. their main agenda is a common one: to survive and increase wealth. with some of their agenda's they are like a cat chasing a shadow, they simply will not catch it, for example: conquering the world is an abstract idea. if all the souls leave the world have they conquered it? are they trying to conquer all the souls that are alive on the earth? has that not already happened? do they just need to look more slave like and oppressed? if one soul is still free and having fun have they conquered the world? do they need to stomp on all the butterflies and poison every bee? git a grip. christians need to get a grip also, stop being so scared of christianity disappearing, it is a strong and proud religion and culture that is not in any way threatened. have some self-confidence ffs. end of rant.

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      The only reason this topic has come up is that Democrats are desperate for a win. They play on women's emotions to vote for these fucks. RvW was a bad decision and it would have no effect on anything if it were overturned.

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      Interestingly the libs of Twitter seem to think a Conservative leaked it "because they can't imagine how this could help liberals." Super common opinion I am seeing everywhere. I don't understand how the hell they can't see the benefit and incentive for their party to leak this.

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      It's a state issue and each state should have their own laws based on the opinion of that state's residents.

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      Yes. I grew up being super aware both my parents didn't want me and I fucked up their lives. It had the consequences you'd imagine. I'll most likely kill myself one day.

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      Thats unfortunate that you've had crappy parents. Sometimes, you have to make your own family. I hope that you can overcome the difficulties and bad upbringing to find actual happiness.

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      Hello, who are you? You seem interesting. Who cares if your parents suffered. It sucks you suffered. But whatever. Adapt or die.

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      I think if Republicans are going to force women to have children then the government should foot the bill.

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      defects, when the mothers life is in danger

      maybe in those situations, but in general I think it only should be allowed if there's some VERY good reason to abort. Because, you know, the fetus is human and is alive, this is about as basic biology as it gets. Killing a fetus = killing a human.

      father's rights

      and this is just plain weird perspective. Shouldn't have anything to do with it.

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      father's rights

      and this is just plain weird perspective. Shouldn't have anything to do with it.

      You don't think the man should have any say over his child?

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      The consequences of him "having a say over his (unborn) child" would result in something similar to Islam imo. My perspective is simple actually: abortion only allowed for health reasons. 2 corpses is worse than 1. Maaaayyybbeee extreme defects would qualify too, but I think if people choose to fuck and a child is created they should take responsibility for it, not ask some doctor to kill it for them.

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      The consequences of him "having a say over his (unborn) child" would result in something similar to Islam imo.

      The popular idea I hear bandied about is that if a woman wants to have a child without a man she is fiscally responsible for its upbringing, and a woman cannot abort a wanted baby.

      Most abortions are black though and their crime rate is awful. I think I should buy some stock in private prisons.

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      Yeah, I know that trivia 'bout US, but that's a US exclusive problem, I'm thinking about it in general.

      Tho this bit about "black" abortions in US makes for a great test if someone's beliefs are truly consistent. Both shitlibs and non-shitlibs refuse to talk about the black numbers as its inconvenient for them. Only some more consistent racists are all like "hell yeah, that keeps the nigger population in check!".