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I think we reached the high tide mark decades age. Go to a thrift store and examine the quality of ordinary household goods made in the 1950s and 1960s. Many of those things are still good today. I doubt any of the plastic era items will still be functional 10 years from now never mind 50 or 60 years.

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That's a good point. At some juncture people realized it makes more money to sell junk to people than they need to replace rather than something that lasts their entire life.

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Some of the stuff I sell is imported. One of the manufacturing plants I work with can make VERY quality anything out of polypropylene, tarp materials, and the like.

I put together a program to make insanely good winter covers for pools, uv coating for 4 years, reinforced grommets, much better material, and would allow the pool places to sell them for a way higher margin. I did this because I was sick and tired of buying one every year.

I was told by one of the largest pool suppliers in the Midwest, "Why would I do that, then these people wouldn't walk in here with 200 bucks every year." I shit you not. I said, "Oh I don't know, maybe so you can differentiate yourself from your competition by selling them at least one quality item for their pool, which will in turn, raise your reputation for selling dodgy goods, keep people out of your service line, and capture the 30 percent of the consumers that are still discerning about what they buy, all while making more money per piece, and selling them more because you're different."

It was completely lost on him. I bought 200 of them with my money and put them on Amazon and they were gone in one season and I get emails to this day asking me to make more. I made a killing on that deal.

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Everything in my home is being replaced with thrift store USA items my toaster, coffee pot, popcorn maker utensils, furniture, textiles..all of it.

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Only thing I do anymore is lift and run. Also grow food and practice eating the same thing every meal. Lower all expectations and prepare for disappointment. No doubt the current status quo is a frustration.

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Four stashes, bro... four stashes. With everything possible needed to survive for at least a few weeks, i could think of.

Then i'll wait for most of the "believers" to drop dead in the first week after civilization has collapsed. And then i'll wait for the smarter ones to meet their fate. There is no pushing whatsoever on my end needed i suppose. Only patience.

All the "humans" in my region that resonate to a vibe like mine, i mostly know already, i believe.

Else: I do a good old switcheroo.

I then just take what some preppers in my region bunkered "away" thankfully. That supposedly nobody knows of. But most of these people are dumbasses, too.

And i know how to construct some really nasty traps plus "more than" basic chemistry. Nobody fucks with my queen or me in the woods. I made as sure of that, as i possibly can. And i still do it.

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I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, so you can watch me and see if God will let me die in that first week. Meanwhile you are trying to save yourself, but you also will die some day, a day sooner than you think. Death is always a surprise for unbelievers, even though they know they must die, and when they find themselves in the beyond, they realize they still exist.

Many that survive the catastrophic event will wish they had died.

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My gods say otherwise. Because there actually is no death, according to them.

But i can accept your point of view.

"Live and let live, if not necessary to be killed to ensure own survival" is my attitude, so to say.

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A package of organic tea recently arrived at my house, not from Amazon, but from They admit on their website that shipping is slow, but my order came in fast.

Yeah, the world has changed and will never go back to the way it was. It will get far worse than it is today. The world economy is switching over to the new system with the mark of the beast.

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The tea I enjoy I can't get anywhere but China. We will always be able to drink a form of tea, it's even grown domestically. But the best tasting stuff, the ones with actual health benefits, that's been stuck in China while they've been locked down.

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Ebay has too many charges on it. If you want the same stuff on amazon or ebay for even cheaper, try alieexpress. I have bought tonnes of stuff from there and the one time I didn't get what I ordered the platform refunded me. I have also bought stuff from dhgate, but you wont find a lot of smaller items like ebay, its mostly bulk orders.

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Buy American you hypocrite.

Shipping shit around the world is super inefficient. The only reason globalization isn't attacked by climate change activists is because that scam is also run by globalists. If 50% of the cost is shipping then obviously you aren't getting a good deal.

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Buy American you hypocrite.

I would if there were equivalent items produced in America. This is the same thing I've been waiting on when you said that last time.

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What is it? I'll make you one.

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Lithium vape pens w/ 510 connectors, and high altitude tea.

You'd think that last one would be easy, since tea is grown domestically. I actually have some promising leads just today. There's essentially two problems I'm running into, the tea grown domestically is often grown at low elevations, that just doesn't produce the kind of tea I'm looking for, and they don't have the vast selection of varietals that China does -- or usually any selection really.

You order American tea and it's just the tea, often differentiated not by varietals but by blends with tisanes and sometimes a choice of the amount of processing (white, green, oolong, black, puerh). They very rarely show the liqueur or mention a flavor profile.

Tea snobbery aside, it's not just the taste why I want these teas, they have a pronounced effect on my blood pressure. Not every tea does.

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Say no more my friend. I will get to work on the lipton dopped with blood pressure drugs immediately. My brother used to be into vaping, I'm sure I can get one of his custom built vapes and have you looking like Thomas the tank engine in no time.

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Say no more my friend. I will get to work on the lipton dopped with blood pressure drugs immediately.

That sounds truly awful.

My brother used to be into vaping, I'm sure I can get one of his custom built vapes and have you looking like Thomas the tank engine in no time.

Those rigs burn out the vape cartridges, I tried it. This is the kind of thing they need: the problem is that lithium battery isn't made anywhere here and the microchip might be hard to source. Machining the aluminum shouldn't be a problem locally. The US still has machine shops thank god.