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That's pretty much how exploitation works. If it's not China, it'll be India next if the country ever gets their shit together.

India and China should technically both surpass the US in economy if they were well-managed without outside interference. I don't think American pedos would allow any country to surpass them though, given they fucked over their own ally in Japan for even thinking about catching up to them economically and continuously steal tech from European companies.

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I don't think American pedos would allow any country to surpass them though

They certainly won't give it up easy, but every empire crumbles, even this one. American Exceptionalism is a hell of a drug. There are still tons of fake Republicans who think that won't and can't happen here. They are so bad at drawing parallels to how a system becomes subverted, and sometimes even advocate for it, it's mind-numbing.

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To be fair, there was over a billion dollar profit made here, made by a lot of locals too, still the hard cost of the fireworks this year exceeded a billion dollars, straight to China.

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And? If it bothers you, start a fireworks business and sell where you live.

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What does that have to with it? It doesn't bother me and I don't need a side hustle, I do just fine.

Where did I say it bothers me? I'm having a hard time figuring out your point, because there isn't one.

I find it comical, that's all. I said that above. Get it now?

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It doesn't bother me

You have made the comment multiple times, it bothers you. Even if its subconsciously.

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Well you said it, so it must be true.